Amare Stoudemire rumors roundtable: Part 2


Michael Schwartz, Mike Schmitz and Tyler Lockman are back at you for Part 2 of our Amare Stoudemire rumors roundtable. After discussing Amare’s value and his replacement options in Part 1, we tackle Channing Frye and make predictions for what the Suns will do this summer in Part 2.

Tyler Lockman: So, it seems though that we all think Amare is gone?

Mike Schmitz: Yes, no doubt in my mind. I would bet the ranch Amare is gone.

Tyler Lockman: Haha, glad you went with ranch — Phoenix appropriate.

Michael Schwartz: I wouldn’t bet the ranch, but maybe a big screen TV. I think there’s a shot, but not a very good one. I doubt Sarver splurges with the max (as he shouldn’t) and I bet somebody gives it to him.

Tyler Lockman: I’m with you, Amare’s gone.

Michael Schwartz: Of course, the Suns will be courting free agents at the same time they court GMs. How does that affect things?

Mike Schmitz: It’s sounding like Sarver just doesn’t want to give up control just yet. He wants to be involved, and I think that’s somewhat slowing things down.

Tyler Lockman: Could be a big issue, but it just depends on how much control Alvin Gentry gets.

Michael Schwartz: I just hate going into this crucial time without a captain leading the ship (unless you count Sarver as that……).

Mike Schmitz: I just don’t trust Sarver’s basketball mind (or lack thereof), especially without Kerr and Griffin in his ear.

Tyler Lockman: Gentry is a better face for the Suns than the often-maligned owner. Gentry is also a players’ coach who connects well and is on the rise right now after a surprise season.

Michael Schwartz: But Gentry’s not a GM, and has said he doesn’t want to be one.

Mike Schmitz: But he also said he will do what needs to be done.

Tyler Lockman: Gentry should be steering the ship right now. … Sarver would probably crash it into a giant rock.

Michael Schwartz: All the hype is around Amare, but how important is Channing Frye to bring back?

Mike Schmitz: It all depends on who the Suns could realistically get in free agency I think.

Tyler Lockman: Frye is replaceable

Mike Schmitz: If you can’t make a stab at David Lee or a bigger name guy, than is Frye and Lopez really that bad of a front line? It obviously wouldn’t be a team to take you to the West Finals, but it’s really not BAD.

Michael Schwartz: It’s not, but I think you need one more big guy, especially with Clark almost more of a three than a four.

Tyler Lockman: They won’t have to worry as much about center with Lopez starting, and there are a decent number of big men out there to play backup … or shooters to replace that presence. So would you rather replace his shooting or his size?

Mike Schmitz: Well, it’s just the mismatches he creates on the floor, not really one thing in particular. You can’t really replace that.

Michael Schwartz: His shooting is what makes him different. The shooting with that size is one of the things that made the Suns so tough to guard this season.

Tyler Lockman: Frye is certainly unique. But again, do you pay him the kind of money he’ll want?

Michael Schwartz: I’d give him the full mid-level. Not sure if that gets it done, but that’s what I would do.

Mike Schmitz: Again depends on the options. But I really think he’ll get a better deal than the Suns will give him and bolt.

Tyler Lockman: I agree, I think he likes Phoenix, but will go where the best money is … which is likely elsewhere.

Mike Schmitz: And honestly, I think the Suns’ draft picks could fill a void down low to a certain degree.

Michael Schwartz: Yes, we will certainly see how much his heart is in Phoenix. I agree that if he gets a big offer somewhere else he’s gone. Now before we wrap things up, what would be your dream scenario and what do you think will end up happening?

Mike Schmitz: My dream scenario: Amare leaves for Miami or somewhere and the Suns sign David Lee.

Tyler Lockman: Dream scenario: Dirk and Nash reunite in Phoenix and the Suns sign a solid bench guy.

Michael Schwartz: I was going to agree with Schmitz until I saw Lockman’s. I think Schmitz’s is more of a realistic dream scenario, though. … But what ends up happening?

Mike Schmitz: Yeah, I just thought Dirk and a bench player would kind of be out of the question, but that would be great.

Tyler Lockman: Hey, you said DREAM! That wasn’t my “what will happen.”

Mike Schmitz: What does happen: Amare leaves and the Suns sign David Lee. I’m saying it, the dream scenario does happen. Lee comes to Phoenix, maybe a sign-and-trade or maybe a straight signing.

Tyler Lockman: What I think will happen: Suns end up signing a second-tier power forward (Tyson Chandler, Udonis Haslem, etc ….), overpay Frye to match outside offers and make a couple minor pickups or sign someone like Scottie Reynolds off the summer team. Not an ideal situation, but not unrealistic

Mike Schmitz: Yeah, I can definitely see that happening, especially with Sarver in control. What about you, Schwartz?

Michael Schwartz: I kind of think they’ll get somebody. This is too good of a situation for somebody to not jump at it, and I think there’s a good chance that ends up being David Lee. At the same time, Lockman’s scenario almost sounds more realistic.

Mike Schmitz: Yeah, but it’s not like the Suns are broke. They have some money to blow. But will Sarver spend?

Michael Schwartz: Believe it or not, I think Sarver wants to win. He wants to win at a price, but the Suns HAVE paid the tax the past few years. I just hope the Suns are smart with their money. Don’t give Amare a max deal and don’t make a panic signing. If they do that, I can live with the results.

Mike Schmitz: Exactly. Bring David Lee to Phoenix!

Tyler Lockman: I can get behind that

Michael Schwartz: Strike up the bandwagon!

Mike Schmitz: OK, that’s enough David Lee love haha.

Michael Schwartz: Whether it’s Amare, David Lee or anyone else, this will certainly be quite the interesting month on Planet Orange (and, of course, the league at large). Brace yourself, because the Suns might not be the Suns anymore when it’s all said and done.