Phoenix Suns Salaries

Total salaries:$53,788,716$30,441,207$15,353,241$7,694,376$107,277,540
Emeka Okafor$14,487,500 $14,487,500
Goran Dragic$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Channing Frye$6,400,000$6,800,000
Michael Beasley$4,670,000$776,667$776,667$776,666$7,000,000
Gerald Green$3,500,000$3,500,000$7,000,000
Alex Len$3,492,720$3,649,920$3,807,120
Eric Bledsoe$2,626,473$3,726,966
Markieff Morris$2,091,840$2,989,239$4,134,118
Marcus Morris$1,987,320$2,943,221$4,094,020
Viacheslav Kravtsov$1,500,000$1,500,000
Miles Plumlee$1,121,520$1,169,880$2,109,294
Archie Goodwin$1,064,400$1,112,280$1,160,160
Ish Smith$951,463$992,435
P.J. Tucker$884,293$1,148,163
Leandro Barbosa$514,970 $514,970
Dionte Christmas$490,180$816,482
Shavlik Randolph$306,037$306,037
Hamed Haddadi$200,000$200,000

2013-14 salary cap: $58.679 million

2013-14 luxury tax threshold: $71.748 million

T = Team Option

P = Player Option

Q = Qualifying Offer

N = Non-Guaranteed

ETO = Early Termination Option


-  The team option years for all players on rookie contracts are counted in the above salary calculations because they are likely to be picked up, but their qualifying offers aren’t.

- The Suns can make Len a $6,396,122 qualifying offer for 2017-18 and Goodwin a $3,141,133 qualifying offer for that same year.

-  Goran Dragic will receive a $1 million bonus each season he makes the All-Star Game. This bonus is not accounted for in the above calculations but it would count against the Suns’ luxury tax figure if reached.

- Emeka Okafor’s contract contains $300,000 worth of performance bonuses, half of which is listed as “unlikely.”

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