Phoenix Suns 112, New York Knicks 88 -- Burning hot

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns (44-29) shot, ran and dunked their way to a 112-88 victory on Friday night over the defensively uninterested New York Knicks (30-43). The win gave the Suns their sixth in a row, the second longest winning streak in the NBA, only behind the 16 straight by the San Antonio Spurs.

Suns coach Jeff Hornacek called the game their, “best overall win of the year.”

It truly was a dominant game from start to finish for the Suns. The Suns won every statistical category including a whopping 19 rebound edge on the Knicks led my Miles Plumlee’s 12 boards.

For the highlight of the game? Well, you can take your pick with that.

Any one of the multiple Plumlee dunks would be up for nomination — my vote would be his halfcourt reverse ally-opp from Eric Bledsoe, narrowly beating out his put-back one-handed slam with his off hand. Bledsoe’s clean block on the 7-foot-1 Tyson Chandler is not a bad option either. Or how about the lucky fan that hit hit a half court shot, winning $77,777? It was just that kind of night for the Suns.

Guard Goran Dragic got the Suns going early by scoring 18 first quarter points, hitting all three of his three point attempts. He finished the game with 32 points, and five stitches. He received the stitches above his eye after being on the wrong end of an accidental Chandler elbow late in the second quarter.

“We tell the guys that if you play hard, which Goran does, that your going to get hurt a few times,” Hornacek said. “And that is alright, there is nothing wrong with getting a couple knocks on your head.

“That is Goran, he ran off the court because I knew he wanted to get back into the game. He played a great game and got us off to a great start.”

Dragic hit seven of his first eight shots and credited a lazy Knicks defense for the hot start.

“They were not contested shots, so I just spot up and just shoot it. I think that every time they are going to do that then I am going to have a good game,” Dragic said.

The Suns broke the game open in the second quarter thanks to an 18-3 run to close out the first half, out-running and out-hustling a Knicks team that showed disinterest for most of the first half. A quick start to the second half gave the Suns a 32-point lead, their largest of the game.

Forward PJ Tucker was pleased with the complete performance tonight.

“I told the guys, let us put a game together,” Tucker said. “I feel like this is the first game that we played from start to finish a complete game.”

The Knicks started showing some interest late in the third and cut the lead down to 17 early in the fourth quarter before a Bledsoe three and a Dragic and-one layup quickly boosted the Suns lead and catapulted them to a 12-0 run.


Does Amare Stoudemire continue his resurgent play?

Stoudemire has returned to full health, and with that, has returned to being a good NBA player again. Early on, the former six-time All-Star and former Sun showed athleticism offensively, making a couple strong and physical moves to the basket in scoring eight points in the first half. The forward finished the game 19 points and six rebounds, his 12th straight game in double figures.

“You definitely want to win the game,” Stoudemire said on coming back to Phoenix. “On a positive note I saw my mom, nephew, cousins and friends. So on a positive note that was cool, but other than that I definitely wanted to get this win.”

Do the Suns contain Carmelo Anthony?

Yes. Anthony still got his points, 21, but was never a factor in the game. PJ Tucker and a Morris brother did a solid job of being physical with Melo every time he touched the ball on offense. The physical style of play seemed to get into Anthony’s head. At one point in the third quarter after a Anthony miss in front of the Suns bench, the Morris brothers — on the bench at the time — and Tucker were jawing at Anthony.

“He might be the best scorer in the NBA,” Tucker said. “I have been going against him since we were kids, so since then we have been battling. He goes so hard and I love going against him because he is such a competitive guy.”

Defensively, Anthony was pretty much non-existent. Multiple times he stood and allowed a player to drive by him, or a player to grab an offensive rebound. There is no doubt he is a marquee player in this league, but I am not seeing him being the best player on a championship team.

Can Markieff Morris continue to be the go-to player in the post?

Morris, like the rest of the Suns, was doing what he wanted on offense in the first half. The forward had 14 points at halftime and six rebounds; three were offensive and all of of those led to Suns points. Morris was showing his skill on his outside shot, hitting both of the three point attempts, and inside the paint tonight. The forward from Kansas finished with 16 points, eight rebounds and a technical, giving him 13 on the year. He will be suspended for a game when he reaches 16, so it is something to keep an eye on.

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  • Luka

    Dragic torched Felton. Not much else to say really. Suns took care of business easily. On to the next one.

  • sunsn7

    50 wins?

  • sunsn7

    Hey Steve Nash?

    Be VERY afraid

  • Rengaw

    Wow….ahead of Dallas and Memphis in the playoff battle.
    Markieff has got to be a front runner for sixth man of the year.

  • Sunsfansince90

    7th place!!!

    Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

  • vtsunrise

    The first half – all that I saw – was an absolute thing of beauty. Goran was like an NBA all star playing high schoolers, and definitely schooling them.

    And to see him dash off the court to get stitches!? When in your life have you seen that? That alone says so much about Goran and about this team’s attitude. Seriously.

    Bledsoe back. Night and day difference.

    Plumlee? Holy jumpin’ dunkin’ ton-of-fun. Nice game!!!

    Doubter Dave f:32, that’s 6 W’s… but who’s counting? How do you like them Big Apples!?

    Overall, I’d have to say this is a team that is probably going to make people stand up and take notice throughout the stretch run and then in the playoffs.

    If they can get a decent match-up, I’d say they could get a first round upset. But first they need to get there. What’s really cool is that they don’t just have a chance at getting in the playoffs, despite the tough schedule ahead. They have a chance of finishing 6th or even higher, which would mean not facing the Spurs or Thunder, and that means all the better chance at getting in the second round.

    And if – IF – they did that – this is a team that is playing so lights out STUUPID that it doesn’t know that it can’t win against any team on any given night or heck, in any given series.

    But, one game at a time.


  • vtsunrise

    These are my predictions for final standings for Phoenix, Memphis and Dallas, based on game-by-game predictions for each team the rest of the way:

    Phoenix: 50-32
    Memphis: 49-33
    Dallas: 47-35

    Phoenix will win against the 3 weaker teams it has to play – LAL, NOP, SAC.
    Phoenix will take 2 out of 3 at home vs. LAC, OKC, MEM.
    Phoenix will win 1 of the three toughest games – away vs. POR, SAS, DAL.
    Overall, 6-3 the rest of the way.

    And 6th place in the final standings, playing #3 LAC or HOU in the first round.

  • vtsunrise

    Oops – that would be 7th place. Two of those three teams are in and one out. Suns would have 7th spot in that scenario, for what it’s worth.

  • EBJM

    Suns @7th get the Thunder.
    Suns @ 8th get Spurs.

    I like their chances against the old guys of S.A.

    Best play of the game! My Man, Frye, swatted Amare’s shot into the 3rd role. That earned you a little more time.

  • Go5uns

    Six game win streak! Playoffs here we come. Let’s keep it going against LA.

  • Scott

    Dragic is continuing his morph into Steve Nash (with defense).

    And you know who is watching? Archie Goodwin.

  • sunsn7

    Was thinking the same thing last night Scott. If not next season, Archie’s 3rd year will certainly be a breakout season. Under the coaching and tutelage of Hornacek and staff, no doubt this will happen

  • BCrayZ

    This makes 27 out of 28.

    Each time (except once – a one possession loss to the Rockets without Eric & the Brazilian Blur) during the last 28 times the Suns have scored 110 points or more, we have won the game.

    Even Hawki has got to like those odds. This also makes 7 out of 8 games, since Gogi has started with Eric. Suns lost 7 out of 10 after Barbosa broke his hand, just before that. Keep in mind that we won 11 out of 15 without Eric, before Barbosa broke his hand. Just imagine how powerful, scary & fast we will be with Gogi & Eric in the playoffs, once LB comes back. With a 3 guard line up of them all together finishing the game with tiny ball, our Suns can go very deep.

    MUST keep scoring 110 or more each game. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • Al

    The Dragon is fierce! The DRAGON is STRONG!!! Let’s keep this Dragon for a very long time. Dragic will definitely command $11-12 million when he opts out next year. I saw that the Suns let go of the gas pedal when Dragic sat on the bench. Bledsoe by himself was unable to get the offense going.
    I think the offense goes like this: Dragic & Bledsoe together = hard to guard. Dragic by himself = still difficult to contain. Bledsoe by himself = manageable.
    On another note, it felt really good watching Phoenix out rebound the opposing team. (By 19!!!) If only they could do that in a consistent basis.
    Also, Plumlee seems to be getting out of his slump. It appears that Plumlee and Bledsoe play very well along side one another.
    Next game is going to be a good one!

  • Foreveris2long

    Last night was a classic beat down and a reminder how real basketball is played in the West from top to bottom. The Suns should be the poster child for how to play the season and not tank. While some teams tanked by having poor personnel others by not putting the best players on the court to succeed, for what, a slightly better than average draft that is probably lacking a potential superstar.?Philly my bet is you will suck for a long time.

    The Suns are doing it the right way and should be making the NBA proud. These guys are balling and are really believing they can beat anyone when healthy. If I were the Spurs or Thunder, I would not want to play the Suns in the first round. Then again I do not think I would want Memphis either.

  • Lance

    Gogi super performing engine. Great attitude, really tuff guy, one and only The Dragon.
    Just stay so amazing, game after game whole long season.