Toronto Raptors 98, Phoenix Suns 71 – Crashing down

PHOENIX – A three-game winning streak went to the Phoenix Suns players’ heads. And as Phoenix fell at home, 98-71, in a blowout loss on Wednesday night to the Toronto Raptors, coach Lindsey Hunter’s biggest worry before the game – a five-day break doing more bad than good – became very real.

“We won three close games, I felt like that had a lot to do with how we came out,” forward Michael Beasley said. “We practiced hard for four days straight but that winning streak pumped us up.”

As a result, the Suns came crashing down.

And to beat those Suns, who needs Rudy Gay when you’ve got Sebastian Telfair?

While both Toronto players have been publicly jabbing their former teams this week, it was the latter who made the bigger mark on Wednesday as his Raptors faced his former team and nearly coaxed Phoenix into a historically bad night.

Only a Marcus Morris three-pointer with 23 seconds left brought the Suns over the franchise record-low 68 point threshold. The otherwise meaningless bucket gave Morris 12 points, making him the only Phoenix player to score in double-digits. Meanwhile, Toronto had six players in double-figures – Gay wasn’t one of them and only scored five points – with no performance being more obvious a story-line than Telfair’s big night.

After saying he was bitter about how the Suns decided to trade him to the Raptors for Hamed Haddadi and a second-round pick, Telfair outplayed Toronto starter Kyle Lowry to score 13 points, dish out seven assists and pick up four steals.

“I wouldn’t call it personal, but you got to go out there and compete,” Telfair said, meaning it was definitely personal.

Telfair, after all, cranked up nine threes and played five more minutes than Lowry while gunning every passing lane and loose handle by a Phoenix ball handler.

Adding to the eventual blowout was a right foot injury to Marcin Gortat. X-rays on Gortat’s right foot didn’t show any breaks but the Suns center will undergo an MRI on Thursday. That compounded the absence of Jermaine O’Neal, who is taking off to spend time as his daughter undergoes heart surgery.

Haddadi was the next man up, and he made his Phoenix debut with nine minutes of play.

Phoenix trailed 28-24 after the first quarter, but Gortat left with 36 seconds left following an eight-point, four-rebound 11-plus minutes. The pick-and-roll game – also known as the only semblance of efficient offense for this Suns roster – suffered mightily. Point guard Goran Dragic had six first-quarter assists, but didn’t record another once his pick-and-roll mate left the game.

It was a night of admissions followed up by locker room speak.

“It’s a huge kink (in the plan) because Jermaine isn’t here,” guard Jared Dudley said of missing Gortat, then adding the usual veil that there shouldn’t be excuses. “You’re throwing in (Hamed) Haddadi, he’s practiced, looked pretty good in practice. Markieff played at the five where he’s seen very little minutes. We tried to put Beasley at the four, the three and the four, I think we went to a two point guard lineup.

“The tough thing for us is you have to be ready because you don’t know at any time when you’re going to go in. We play a lot of different lineups, a lot of different stuff. As a pro, as a professional, you have to be ready for everything.”

Suns scored their 34th point with 7:48 left in the first half but didn’t score for another four minutes as Toronto opened up a 14-point lead.

Trailing 54-40 at the half, the Suns put in a 15-point third quarter as the offensive anemia continued. They scored 16, 15 and then 16 points in the second, third and fourth quarters. Phoenix finished the game shooting 37.8 percent from the floor while turning the ball over 29 times that led to 39 points for the Raptors.

“I do not see one bright spot to take from that game other than it’s over,” Hunter said. “Twenty-nine turnovers, Marcin going down. It doesn’t get much worse that it did for us tonight.”

And that’s especially the case if Gortat is out for any extended period of time. If Wednesday was any indication, Phoenix’s roster nor its coaching staff was capable of scripting a new game-plan once the Dragic-Gortat pick-and-roll was lost in addition to the recent low-post offensive operation of O’Neal.

“They were better in every aspect of the game,” Dragic said. “They had a lot of weapons. We’re late in rotations, they scored easy baskets. We didn’t know what we were doing on offense. Maybe the first quarter we played OK, but after that everybody was holding the ball too much.”

Lakers rally to drop New Orleans

On a night the Los Angeles Lakers came to within a measly 1.5 games of the Utah Jazz, who appear to be floundering the final playoff spot and thus the Suns’ chances to pick up two lottery selections, the Houston Rockets also lost their buffer to Steve Nash’s new squad.

Los Angeles came from 25 points down against the Hornets, and behind Kobe Bryant’s 42 points and 12 assists outscored New Orleans 33-9 in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the Rockets lost 112-108 to the Dallas Mavericks.

Garrett sees more time

Diante Garrett saw the backup point guard minutes rather than Kendall Marshall in the second half. While he struggled with turnover issues in forcing passes and as a victim of Telfair’s defense, he did show some solid playmaking. He scored five points, had four assists and four steals to go with four turnovers. He displayed a pretty three-point stroke as well.

Hunter said Garrett seeing time over Marshall was for a “change-up” in pace by utilizing Garrett’s length as a ball-pressurer.

Brown continues to sit

Shooting guard Shannon Brown didn’t leave the Phoenix bench despite the game being easily out of hand for a good portion of the fourth quarter.

  • DBreezy
  • SkyBill40

    I’m elated that the Suns got their asses kicked. They deserved it, and I’m sure no one relished being a part of it more than Telfair. I’m also glad he spoke his mind rather adamantly about what he felt went down in relation to the trade.
    What an utter joke this team has become. Time to say goodbye to that other first round pick, too. Looks like the Lakers are going to follow through on Bryant’s promise. It never fails that he always seems to find a way to kill the Suns. However, this year it was a team effort… Bryant, the Suns’ FO, Sarver, and all the quitters on the Suns’ roster.

    • IowaPhXfan

      @SkyBill40 Telfair is a loser. You want Phx to try to win as many games as possible from here on out? So we can get the 10th pick in draft instead of 5th? Sorry but you know absolutely nothing about running/rebuilding an NBA team if you don’t understand why Phx traded him. (HINT HINT: Phx had a 21 yr old pg & 24 yr old pg sitting on the bench, neither one given a chance to play yet)
      Back to over the phone customer service for you, SkyBill! Bye Bye :)

      • SkyBill40

        @IowaPhXfan Telfair was a winner last night, that much was clear. He’s surely better than Marshall and Haddadi as well.
        So, what you’re saying is we should continue to tank instead of at least trying to win? That’s what this is about now? Spare me. I know why they traded him, but it was a bad choice as Telfair was better than either of the two bench guards you referenced.
        Stockpiling high picks or picks in general is great and all, but it’s a moot factor when the team has shown time and again that they haven’t a clue as to what should be done with them. Selling them off or trading them to other teams doesn’t help THIS team at all. What it helps is Sarver keep costs low since that’s all he’s interested in.
        Rebuilding the team? Right. No free agents of any merit want to come here. NONE. You can’t do it with young players alone and if you try, it’s going to take years upon years before you make any progress if any progress is made at all. This FO is not the same as what they’ve got in OKC, so quit trying to make it souns as though it’s all going to suddenly come together overnight. I don’t recall ever hearing your name mentioned as a GM, either. Time to get over yourself.

        • IowaPhXfan

          @SkyBill40 Telfair was a winner on the court last night, but a loser with what came out of his mouth. Bashing a team for trading for you when it makes perfect sense puts a red flag on you for rest of career.
          They traded him to get another draft pick and to let two young pgs get the chance to play and see what they got. What the heck does Telfair give you? We’re talking about a 2nd-3rd string pg here….
          Sarver only cares bout keeping costs low? Telfair and Haddadi are making almost same amount…and Telfair was expiring…. soooo you are 100% false. Congrats.
          Highest pick we’ve had in last 10 yrs is the 9th pick which was Amare.
          HUGE difference between top 5 pick and a 10th-15th pick. HUGE.
          By the way, players like playing in Phoenix. Nash re-signed here few years ago when everyone knew he should’ve left. Training staff is best in the league. Is Phx a top 5 destination? No. But they certainly aren’t in the bottom 10. I’d say middle of the pack, at least it’s warm climate, and very close to West Coast and Vegas.
          Never did I say it was going to “suddenly come together overnight”. So please don’t put words in my mouth. Go read previous posts and I am the front runner for 2-3 year rebuilding process. It’s going to take as many top draft picks as possible, plus a couple max contract free agents.
          Possible lineup next year:
          Ben McLemore
          O.J. Mayo
          Josh Smith
          Isiah Austin/Jeff Withey
          Play the young guys, let them learn on the court, and pray you land a top 3 pick for 2014 draft, when Wiggins, Parker, and Randle will all be franchise changers.
          I have nothing to do with being a GM, but I DO understand business and can see the big picture instead of focusing on trying to win games when you’re 20 under .500 and have hardly any young talent.
          Time to learn how to be successful. Game. Set. Match.

        • SkyBill40

          @IowaPhXfan Didn’t know we switched to tennis. Interesting.
          Could Telfair used language that conveyed the message in a more tactful manner? Sure. However, he’s human and reacted honestly to his feelings with regard to the situation. I do believe he was cheated out of his time. Marshall has shown next to nothing. He’s certainly not justified being a lottery pick. Garrett is a toss in. He’s got talent and can score, but he’s unlikely to ever be the number two guy. No matter what you say, Marshall was a waste as far better talent was available with that pick.
          Funny you should mention Telfair and being a number two or three guy. What the hell do you think Marshall and Garrett are? Telfair is still better than both and got bumped out of the rotation since sitting their lottery pick makes the management look like fools. Then again, they don’t have to sit someone for that.
          Sarver IS about cutting costs. The trade was made to get the pick. Haddadi won’t be on the roster long and was merely filler. If this trade had occurred earlier into the season, he would have been cut by now. If you don’t believe Sarver to be about cutting costs, I don’t know what team you’re watching. He’s utterly gutted a contender and replaced it with a laughingstock during his ownership tenure. He makes Donald Sterling look like he’s giving money away. Sarver’s ownership has definitely affected the free agent market and potential players to come here. If they do, it’s all about the money since winning isn’t realistic. Do you HONESTLY think that Eric Gordon wanted to be here? Hell no. He wanted the money and used PHX’s offer to set up the one he got from NO.
          The team as constructed or even as you’ve mentioned isn’t anywhere close to being a playoff team. While high picks are nice, they often don’t pan out. There have been several that were thought to be difference makers… and the only difference they’re making is on the bench.. or overseas. That much is truth.
          Lastly, I, too can see the “big picture” when looking towards the future. The issue with continually playing poorly to get picks sets up a bad precedent and ruins the culture of the team. The team doesn’t have hardly ANY talent let alone young talent. Who is at fault for that? Sarver and his merry band of morons.
          When you try and serve this time, try hitting it over the net.

        • IowaPhXfan

          @SkyBill40 Agree Marshall pick was horrible. Go see my past rants about that. Still, at least there’s a tiny upside to playing Marshall/Garrett, because they haven’t been given a chance yet. So why not see what they got.
          Eric Gordon wanted to be in Phx more than NO –
          Do you pay attention to ANYTHING?
          How exactly has Sarver gutted the franchise? You wanted to re-sign Amare to max deal? Look how that worked out for NY. You wanted to sign 38 yr old Nash to $10M/yr so we could battle for 10th best in the West?
          Sorry but I just don’t see any gutting and major cost cutting….please show me where/when/who!
          Right now it’s a very tough time to compete for championship with Lebron n Durant at their peaks for the next 5 yrs still. It’s going to take a methodical patient effort to build a team that can compete with Mia/OKC.
          By the way, PHX hasn’t tanked a season in forever just to help rebuild. So “continually playing poorly to get picks sets up a bad precedent and ruins the culture of the team” hasn’t happened here. We’re allowed to do it for 1-2 yrs in order to try to land top talent to compete again aren’t we? Sorry but there aren’t Lebrons and Durants floating around in free agency every year. You have to hope you can find one in the draft, which most likely would be a top 3 pick.
          Sorry about the tennis analogy. I didn’t know it was illegal to mix sports phrases. How about baseball? Cause from my count in this debate…I’m pitching a shutout.
          Sit down.

        • john manhole

          @IowaPhXfan  @SkyBill40
           IowaPhXfan - Home.  Run.
          Couldn’t agree more.  Telfair = bad.  Picks = good (who cares if Telfair is better than Haddadi, neither Telfair or Haddadi would have survived in PHX past this season regardless.  The Suns turned an expiring worthless vet into a low second-round pick.  That’s a good deal any day of the week).
          Btw, as far as tanking is concerned, I don’t agree whatsoever with the concept of tanking intentionally.  I do agree that the Suns should play the young guys to see what they have, but in no way, shape or form should any player or squad step onto the court with the intention of NOT winning.  There’s a subtle difference, in my opinion, but a very important one.

        • TySun

          @SkyBill40  @IowaPhXfan  Telfair has peaked.  He has little or no upside left.  Marshall and Garrett still have potential.  Getting a 2nd round pick and Haddadi for him was a good deal.
          Haddadi certainly isn’t part of the Suns’ future but considering the FO knew that JO was going to miss several games when his daughter had heart surgery, he was a fairly good pickup to hopefully at least give Gortat some rest while JO was out.  Now with Gortat out for who knows how long, Haddadi is still a good pickup because, well, what other 7 footer is available that is really much better than him?  But, with that being said, the Suns will still probably wind up playing a lot of small-ball lineups with Haddadi coming of the bench occasionally until JO returns.
          And sure no free agents “of any merit” don’t want to come to Phoenix.  They didn’t last year either.  The don’t want to go to ANY team that isn’t already winning.  The want to form “super teams” like Miami did and stack the deck to win.  And the best way for Phoenix (and any other sub-500 team) to begin looking attractive to top free agents is to bring in some good talent through the draft.  Yeah, the Suns’ FO isn’t the same as OKC’s FO but to get an impact player outside of the top ten picks is mostly luck and, as IowaPhxfan pointed out, the Suns have only had one top ten pick in the last 10 years.  Could they have made a better pick than taking Marshall last year?  Yeah, but not much better.  Could they have done better than taking Morris in 2011?  Yeah, but not much better.  No one pick after either of them has turned out to be anything near an all star player and a few players taken before either of them have yet to make more of an impact than either of them.  When the Suns get a top 5 draft pick and blow it THEN you and everyone else will have some real ammo to back up the claim that the Suns have no idea how to draft.

        • SkyBill40

          @IowaPhXfan What should be shutout is your mouth. Seriously.
          Have YOU been paying any attention to anything I’ve said? At least we agree on the Marshall pick. If there’s a silver lining to this cloud, that’s it. As far as Gordon and that article, he changed his tune and has since stated that he was never really that into PHX. It was and will always be about money. That much is evident.
          Sarver began the show by spurning Joe Johnson. He followed that by selling off picks that amounted to Luol Deng and Rajon Rondo. He sold off another pick that was Rudy Fernandez. That’s two all star level players and a solid rotation guy. He followed that with the atrocious Marion/O’Neal deal and then closed with the Stoudemire mess. So, again, tell me how that hasn’t gutted the franchise? I wasn’t a fan of Amare for the max nor Nash for the $10M per you’ve stated. There was no guarantee that Amare would have had further injuries. That’s why you play the games. I suppose he leveraged risk over potential reward and came out on top. Still, no guarantee that his woes would have continued had he played on here. As for Nash, he probably would have taken the “home team” discount but it was clear Sarver wanted him gone. I appreciate all he’s done here to keep them competitive, but he should have been moved prior to last off season.
          Regardless of PHX tanking, it’s something that should NEVER be done. It’s poor sportsmanship, period. If the team just blows despite a solid roster, then that’s something else. Purposely constructing a team with the sole purpose of failure is nonsense. At this rate, they’ll be drafting somewhere between 5-7. Will they move up? Maybe. With Gortat now out and them potentially holding out Dragic et al, that chance increases somewhat.
          Go ahead and throw another one into the dirt… because you sure can’t seem to find the strike zone.

        • IowaPhXfan

          @SkyBill40 How’s the dirt taste? :)
          Gordon changed his tune once he realized he was stuck in NO? Wow shocking…
          Joe Johnson – really wish we could be paying him $20M/yr right now…
          Rondo – yes obviously it would be great to have Rondo right now, but we had Nash for the first 5 years of his career…. so not sure what you wanted Phx to do… draft another position at 21st pick I guess
          Deng – would’ve been great – would still love him – but again we had a young Amare/Marion/Johnson at the 3 & 4… not really sure where he fits in – pry should’ve just drafted a diff position
          I don’t blame Sarver for running away from contracts that were getting WAY out of hand. See what happened in the new CBA? The owners reminded the players why they’re getting paid so much to play a game.
          According to you, you wish we signed Amare to 5 yrs/$100M & Joe Johnson to 5 yrs/$100M. If that was the case then we’d be filling out the roster with you and me! Yikes. We have a new CBA and Phx is ahead of a lot of teams because they don’t have a crazy contract or two with yrs remaining still. I don’t agree with spending money just to spend money. 
          I don’t agree with purposely not trying as a player. But I have no problem if management is secretly hoping to tank AND at the same time gaining valuable knowledge on young talent and gaining them experience. If the young players happen to overachieve and start winning a bunch of games, well then you have great trade value in them or have just found a good player.
          Hope you’re wearing your helmet, cause that pitch hit you square in the head.
          SEE YA.

        • TySun

          @SkyBill40  @IowaPhXfan To keep bringing up Rondo is just silly.  He was drafted with the 21st pick after the season that Steve Nash won his second MVP.  The Suns did not need him at that time nor was there any reason to think that he would develop into the player he is today.  If there was, he wouldn’t have slipped all the way back to the 21st pick in the 1st round.  Don’t you think that the Bulls are still kicking themselves in the ass over trading LaMarcus Aldridge (whom they picked 2nd in the very same draft that Phoenix picked Rondo at 21) to Portland?  Or that Minnesota regretted selecting Brandon Roy with the #6 pick in 2006 and then traded him to Portland before he ever put on a T-wolves uni?  And that was also the year that Paul Millsap was taken by the Jazz at the 47th pick in the second round.  How many teams could we call stupid for passing up on him until then?  A LOT.  In fact, PJ Tucker was selected by Toronto with the 35th pick that year before Millsap.  I do love PJ but taking him before Millsap?  It’s all easy to judge in hindsight.  Same thing about Rondo.

        • TySun

          @IowaPhXfan  @SkyBill40 Yep, if the Suns had given Joe Johnson the contract that he wanted then there would have been no way to give Amare a max contract AND keep Steve Nash or anyone else worth keeping.  I hated loosing Amare but after all the injuries he had that kept him sidelined in his last two years in Phoenix, I could understand why the Suns refused to offer him a fully guaranteed contract and I think that his time with the Knicks has proved that decision to be correct.  The Suns offered him basically the same amount of money but wouldn’t guarantee the full contract.  The Knicks did and that’s why Amare went to NY  The Suns’ choices to try and replace him sucked, not the decision to let him go.

        • IowaPhXfan

          @TySun  @SkyBill40 In the NBA, it’s easier to luck into 1 great player than it is to build an entire team.
          In the last 25 yrs, ask the Bulls, Rockets, Spurs, Lakers, Cavs/Mia, OKC
          No, Phx probably can’t do like Mia, LA, or Bos and attract 2 or 3 top free agents. It’s very very difficult to do what Detroit or Dallas did to win a championship.
          Sorry maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather suck for a few years in hopes of landing our Lebron/Durant/Duncan to build around and compete for a championship an entire decade. Rather than being stuck in mediocrity and praying a top free agent wants to come here or we strike gold with a 13th pick of draft.
          If the goal is to win a championship…. then history shows your best chances are landing a top 5 pick. (MJ, Hakeem, Duncan, Shaq, Lebron, Wade, Durant, Rose)
          You find the star, then build around them. Seldom ever works the other way around.

        • SkyBill40

          @IowaPhXfan Psssh. Another toss in the dirt. C’mon, man. At least give me something to swing at. :/
          Gordon never really changed his tune. As I said, he used PHX as leverage and nothing more. Him going from a poor but much more promising situation in NO to the craptacular situation we have here? Bwahahahaha! Spare me. Besides, NO stated from the get go they would match any offer. He knew he wasn’t going anywhere from the start. Stop trying to pretend his words were anything more than a charade.
          Johnson was playing well here. There is no reason to think he wouldn’t have continued to develop given the talent around him at the time. As for Stoudemire, I’ve never once suggested he be signed to a max deal. That’s your assumption. He obviously felt he was worth one, but that doesn’t mean he deserved it. He should have been smarter about things and just signed here. He had a good thing going and instead screwed it. Sarver wasn’t keen on overpaying and to that I can understand, but he didn’t need to blatantly lowball him either.
          You put so much into max contracts. It’s not a guarantee a player gets one and if an owner overpays just to keep said player, that’s on them. As I said before, this league and its players are all about the money. Yes, the new CBA is changing things. We’ll see how things pan out from here.
          Looks like we agree on the tanking issue. Perhaps we can play in the same sandbox after all. LOL
          Look, let’s save the nonsense sports jabs and just say that we disagree in this aspect. While I do appreciate the debate, it does get tiresome. That is in no manner an admission of defeat as there was never a contest to begin with.

        • SkyBill40

          @TySun  It’s easy to judge in hindsight, yes… but the point was that Sarver sold off picks we could have used to strengthen the team instead of hamstringing us into the situation we now face. That’s all.
          As I said before, the draft is a lot like Forrest Gump’s classic line relating to chocolates. You might get a star, but you might also get a bust. You just never can tell.

        • IowaPhXfan

          ADIOS BILLY. Go root for the Spurs. BYE.

        • SkyBill40

          @IowaPhXfan Juvenile yet unsurprising. I guess you expect more of someone after a lengthy debate, but no matter. Fucks given? NONE.

        • IowaPhXfan

          @SkyBill40 lol @ fucks given. good debating.

        • TySun

          @SkyBill40 But you MUST look at those “sold off picks” in context with the team the Suns had at the time.  As I’ve already pointed out, Nash was a two time MVP when the Suns drafted and then traded Rondo as the 21st pick.  EVERY team has made dumb moves in hindsight.  Sarver sold off picks because he didn’t need/want the players he could get at the time.  In hindsight some of those moves seem dumb.  At the time, no one screamed about us giving up Rondo.  No one cared a bout it until Rondo proved his value years later.  Now somehow it’s become a big deal to somehow prove that the Suns can’t judge talent in the draft.

  • RickLoomis1

    I hope the Suns are smart and lose the rest of their games. It’s not that hard to tank. Just play the young players the majority of minutes. Play Marshall, the Morris twins, And Beasley most of the game. They need to get the 3rd pick.

  • DBreezy

    I’m very interested to see how Lindsey handles Goran from here on out.  Goran is not only the best player on the squad, he clearly represents the kind of hard work and hustling culture that Lindsey and the front office envisions(Yes, him starring in that role makes Blanks’ comment when he was traded to Houston ironic!)  That said, the Suns have been in a lot more blowouts since Lindsey took over.  Games like last night that get away pretty quickly, seem like great opportunities to sit a guy like Goran for the majority of the game. 
    Not because he can’t handle minutes or because he lacked rest, but because the guy goes so hard all the time in games that are pretty much meaningless at this point.  He’s gotten himself nicked up a bunch of times already this season and despite several days off, he still clearly had no lift from his injury from the last game.  Why have him out there, especially when Lindsey has and will continue to run these guys hard in practice all the time between games?  Whenever the Suns turn it around, I’d like Goran to still be Goran not some lesser version of himself due to getting banged up in games that didn’t mean much for the franchise.  Look at the Nets.  At least Joe Johnson got himself banged up in games that meant something for the Suns and Hawks.  Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace are shadows of themselves partly due to playing big minutes and going all out in games that meant nothing in Brooklyn and Charlotte.  No need to treat Goran like a Faberge egg, but extend his useful life a little in games that get away from them.

    • IowaPhXfan

      @DBreezy AGREE.

      • DBreezy

        @IowaPhXfan Also just saw that Gortat said that the doctors told him at least a few days, probably a few weeks.   Hope he doesn’t come back too soon and lower his trade value even further.

        • IowaPhXfan

          @DBreezy Yeah he’s done. No point in playing. You see so many veterans get a mild injury this time of year on losing teams and just shut it down. It’s win-win for team tanking to get better pick and for the player to not lower his value by playing through injuries. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Dragic’s minutes gradually decrease….Marshall/Garrett will be running the show. There’s zero plus side to playing Dragic right now, he’s not going to be playing with half these guys next year anyway.

  • IowaPhXfan

    Dear Sebastian Telfair,
    I hope you like Canadian Bacon, Cold Weather, Hockey, & Maple Syrup.
    Because with the bitter butthurt comments regarding your departure from Phx, no other team is going to want that severe lack of professionalism and understanding of the NBA business.
    “It sucks for me,” Telfair said of how it felt to be traded. “I feel like I’ve done everything they asked me to do. I’ve been professional. I just don’t see how with all the guys on the team we have and the way the season went, how does making the Suns better by trading me right now. I understand Kendall had to get an opportunity to play but (expletive) this is a man’s league. You’ve got to be able to just compete. You’ve got to be able to be competitive with your teammates and other guys. I think I brought that to the table and I was cheated out of that.”
    You’ve BEEN professional. Welp, not anymore. You understand Kendall needs playing time since the season is over…….but–> “sh** this is a man’s league”<–………UHHH WHAT? That’s the angle you’re going to take? Don’t think about how the FO is trying to rebuild a $500 million franchise, and don’t think about how you should feel blessed to be given $18MILLION in the past 8 yrs to play a game for 7 months out of every year.
    Oh and over your career you average: 21mpg, 7.5ppg, 3.5apg, 39%fg, 32%3pt
    And don’t get me started about how pissed you are because you have to leave your kids in Phx. You don’t think most other players have same issue when they’re traded?? I never hear them say that….probably because they get it’s a business and are getting way overpaid to play a game. You know what you can do with $18MILLION, Sebastian? HIRE A FREAKING NANNY, HECK HIRE A NANNY, BUTLER, CHEF, DRIVER, AND SECURITY for your kids. You act like they were left all alone in a house by themselves. It’s weird the way you said it.
    Dude the season is over in a little over ONE month. Then you can move back to Phx with your family and figure out where to sign a contract way over priced. It’s worth $1.5MILLION freakin dollars this year to live in Toronto for 2 months…..I assume? No? Oh…it is? You LIKE making a ridiculous amount of money for barely playing? I see.
    Time for Math Class!
    Telfair makes $1,567,500 this year. (top 1% in the US)
    Telfair is on pace to play in only 68 games.
    Telfair averages 17 minutes per game.
    Telfair will make approximately $1,355 per minute played this year.
    Telfair will make approximately $23,050 per game played this year. (above poverty line)
    Telfair will make approximately $3,550 per POINT this year.
    Now….considering these FACTS…..let me ask you Sebastian….is moving away from your family to Toronto for 2 months really THAT bad?
    Should feel lucky the NBA let’s anything go and you basically have to commit murder to get kicked out of the league, even then I’m sure they’d love a comeback from prison story.
    I don’t forget your multiple gun issues. Bringing a loaded gun on a plane in a pillowcase? And then lying saying you grabbed the wrong ‘bag’? WTF. And then not learning your lesson and having illegal possession of handgun in your car with no driver’s license. Again…..WTF.
    PHOENIX was just emptying the garbage when they shipped you to Toronto. Obviously still haven’t matured even though you’re considered a veteran now, obviously you didn’t learn a thing from a guy like Dudley.
    Ungrateful, immature, whiner, self-centered, bitter, butthurt, overpaid, crybaby.

    • DBreezy

      @IowaPhXfan Tell us what you really think!  I’m not surprised by Bassy’s comments or feelings.  The front office billed this team as something other than what it’s become.  Even when they were last in the West, mired in near back to back long losing streaks there was an article on AZC where the front office said that tanking isn’t the plan and that they’re still trying to be competitive while rebuilding.  Guys like Wes Johnson and Marshall were buried.  Guys like Beasley and Kieff got themselves benched when they didn’t perform in individual games.  Hard workers like PJ Tucker and Bassy got burn and that was pretty consistent with how the team was run in recent seasons.
      I have no problem with the front office moving to look at the young guys and future plans, it’s about time.  However after selling a different vision both internally and externally for so long, some backlash seems inevitable when you keep so many veterans around-especially after letting Gentry go.  I can understand Blanks wanting his own guy in there and someone younger to work with the youth movement, but there are consequences.  I don’t know if Gentry would have been better with the young guys or not, but I do think he and his staff (or Turner or Majerle) probably would have been better able to massage egos of veterans losing time to young guys.  Especially when the young guys don’t clearly show that they have more talent than the guys that they’re putting on the bench either mentally like Beasley or talent wise with guys like Kieff, Marshall, and Johnson on the offensive end. 
      Bassy said what he felt out loud and Shannon Brown came very close before zipping his mouth(so far), but you can see it with others too.  You can see it in Dudley’s body language at times along with some of his ‘discussions’ with Lindsey.  You can see it in Scola’s slow walks to the bench at times and the fact that it seems like he doesn’t want to be anywhere near a microphone these days.  I also think that there was more to O’Neal’s blowup with Blanks than they claimed in the cleanup story.  To their credit they moved Bassy and tried to move or buyout O’Neal.  However who’s left is who’s left and there will be some ego massaging to be done to keep things quiet externally.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t more leaks or outburst from vets around this team between now and summer time.  At least it gives us something to read!

    • john manhole

       Agreed.  I can’t stand Bassy.  I hated the signing when it happened, and hated it the whole time he was here.  He proved his worth (very little) while he was on the court, and he proved his classiness (very little) in his departure.  Bassy needs to grow up and learn that the NBA is a business and his bosses don’t owe it to him to give him everything he wants.

  • Lon_Babby

    I just first want to say that we handled the blowout last night to Toronto with the utmost class and professionalism. With Jermaine, and then Marcin to go out, I felt the team competed as best it could given the circumstances. We still are steadfast in our plan of developing our young players. After talking with Robert earlier today, he still feels we’re a playoff team. I would tend to agree. One thing you can’t do in this business is lose sight of the big picture. We have our plan in place, and we will show perseverance and poise in implimenting that plan. I ask the fans to give us time to allow us to “cultivate the soil” as Lance likes to put it.

  • 4everis2long

    The one thing that is clear is that the Suns power forwards have to be the least athletic ones in the league. No hops and no extreme length are a glowing problem for them on defense. Markieff continues to struggle in the low post on offense. We need so much talent I guess it doesn’t matter who we draft as long as they can ball (please not another Marshall). I will never understand why Paeyne at Michigan State isn’t even listed as a potential draftee at 6’10″ great hops, long reach and improving defensive and rebounding skills. I hope he is available with our likely near the end of the 1st round pick and the Suns take him. Actually I think he has underperformed most of his college career which is likely the cause he remains under the radar.
    On another note I saw most of the Lakers Hornets game. While my boy Lopez overall played well against Dwight last night in recording a double double, he absolutely fell apart in the 4th quarter. He mishandled 2 passes in the key where he did not score, missed a dunk and had his dunk at the end of the game blocked by Dwight. I doubt New Orleans hit more than one or two field goals in the last 8 minutes of the game. The Lakers really are not playing that great it is just that Utah and Houston are choking.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    Really disappointing game from the Suns. Toronto just seems to have way more athletes, that’s what it boils down to.
    I agree about Markieff Morris’ weak post game. I’m sick of him jacking up shots from 20 feet. I really think it’s time to consider packaging him in a deal with Gortat this summer to loosen some cap space.
    The Suns are in a real predicament. You think they have all this cap room. But realistically, it’s not as much as it should be. Beasley at $6 million is already a waste. Frye is still being paid at $6 million.
    The only hope you can have is that Babby is able to move Gortat, and Scola this summer and sign a scorer such as Monta Ellis. Then hopefully get lucky and draft a solid 4/5 in the draft. Even these moves don’t guarantee a playoff berth. But I’d be intrigued to see an Ellis, Dragic backcourt.
    Hopefully with Gortat out now, we can officially tank hard now. Maybe Dragic should pull a Gilbert Arenas, and fake an injury to get Marshall more playing time.

    • TySun

      @BoomShakaLuka Signing someone like Monta Ellis would be a big mistake.  It would be another big contract for a scorer that might bring the Suns back to an 8th seed in the playoffs but little else.  GS traded him because they knew he wasn’t a player that could take them far into the playoffs.  If the Suns could get him cheap then I’d be for it but that won’t happen.
      There just are NO free agents or restricted free agents this off-season that are worth the Suns going after with big contract offers.  The Suns should just gut out the rest of this season, hope for the best in the draft and make the best off-season trades that they can.

      • Lon_Babby

        I just wonder how bad things get before Sarver gets fed up and sells.

      • DBreezy

        @TySun  @BoomShakaLuka Yup

  • Thunder Dan Smith

    You are an imbecile, Bassy has every right to be pissed.  The Suns organization is a sinking ship full of morons.  Why else would they treat decent players on their team with zero professionalism themselves?  Just like Sir Charles said, not only does this team really stink, they have no plan or direction to try to fix it.  What they were doing to Telfair, is the exact same thing they’re doing to Brown now.  Brown might not be the most efficient guy in the league, but nobody can say he’s not busting his ass and doesn’t have a desire to win.  IMO, him and Telfair were huge bench guys last year when they were making their run for the playoffs.  I know this season is over, you have to develop young guys, give them time to see what they have.  But give them a fair amount of minutes gradually  to showcase.  You don’t completely shut down your vets and not play them any longer.