Shannon Brown deal could provide minimal future cap pain

PHOENIX — At this point in the offseason the Phoenix Suns desperately needed a shooting guard and Shannon Brown badly needed a team.

And thus one of the most polarizing Suns players (based on this site’s comments section at least) will return on a two-year, $7 million contract in which only half of the second-year salary is guaranteed.

When I first heard about the deal I was pretty bummed because I felt the Suns needed to do better at the two guard spot than a player who shot 42 percent and made some of his most played-in lineups significantly worse, as I wrote in my season review of Brown.

However, I was most disappointed about the second season that Brown said he was seeking in his exit interview. After learning only half of the $3.5 mil in that year is guaranteed I still don’t love this, but I’m not quite as down on the deal.

First off, if Brown impresses this season they either have him locked in at $3.5 mil for another year or have a decent piece of trade bait in that some teams could be willing to acquire a cheap scorer like him. Other teams may not mind trading for Brown to cut salary since they could cut him for half his price tag.

Moreover, due to the new stretch provision, if the Suns waive Brown between July 1-August 31 of next year, “then his remaining salary is paid over twice the number of years remaining on his contract, plus one,” in equal installments, according to Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ.

This means that Brown’s salary could be paid over three seasons, and if the reported numbers are correct he would only count $583,333 against the cap each year. This is such a miniscule part of the salary cap that in essence this is a one-year deal with just a modicum of pain paid out if the Suns don’t want him back next season.

With that in mind, as much as I have been on the “no multi-year contract” warpath ever since the Hornets matched on Gordon, this is essentially a one-year deal that pacifies Brown’s desire for a “multi-year deal.”

I understand Brown’s talent but just don’t feel he will ever stop being a ball stopper and jacking up so many bad shots. I’m sure he will be better in his second year in the system and he’s not such a terrible choice when considering the other possibilities left at the wing.

Obviously, I’d much, much rather have O.J. Mayo on a two-year deal with a player option that starts at $4 million, but reports have stated he wanted more money than that to play for the Suns, money that might not have been wise to hand out.

As much as I wanted Courtney Lee, I didn’t want the Suns to pay him $21.5 mil over four years when he’s really just another role player. I’d rather sign Brown to this glorified one-year deal than make that kind of commitment to Lee.

With the signing the Suns now have just over $10 million to do things like re-sign Robin Lopez and make lopsided trades during the season, and most importantly their cap space next season is largely preserved with potentially less than $600K coming off next year’s cap for Brown.

Now let’s hope Shannon takes better shots next season.

Hill wanted to be a Sun

Even after his good friend Steve Nash departed for Los Angeles, Grant Hill wanted to finish his career in the Valley, according to an Arizona Republic report.

Instead Hill signed a two-year, $4 mil deal from the Clippers after the Suns only offered a one-year, veteran-minimum deal at $1.35 million.

“Going into the free-agency period, I thought I’d be back in Phoenix,” Hill told the paper. “It’s safe to say the organization is in a rebuilding mode, and that’s a good thing.

“I didn’t think it’d happen this way. I guess I’m surprised that I’m gone. I’ve learned that when one door closes, another opens, and I’m excited about going to LA, but there’s a sadness about leaving this team and this community.”

This is kind of surprising after Suns PBO Lon Babby, Hill’s former agent, said in May that he’d “be extremely disappointed” if Hill played elsewhere.

I would be vehemently against a multi-year deal for the soon-to-be 40-year-old Hill, but with the Suns’ depth at small forward so thin and with all the remaining cap space this year, I would love Hill back for one year at say $3 mil right now to provide defense and leadership.

Suns shower Beasley with love from the outset of FA

As the clock struck midnight Eastern on July 1, teams around the Association were placing calls to stud free agents like Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Eric Gordon.

The Suns’ first call went to Michael Beasley, and that went a long way in getting Beasley to eventually sign with the Suns.

“It was very important to me,” Beasley said. “It made me feel wanted. It made me feel like I was still one of the best basketball players even though I know in my heart I am. Just to have that confidence from someone else, it just makes you feel good about yourself.”

Beasley said he had a couple other offers but didn’t meet with any other teams after being wowed by the Suns.

“They embraced not only me but they embraced my past and all they talk about is the future,” Beasley said. “Coach Gentry first thing he says to me is, ‘I understand you messed up, but I don’t care about that. I care about the steps you’re taking forward to move on.’ The meeting I had with them really made me feel good about myself, and that’s all a player wants.”

There has been some fear about how the Suns will be able to attract free agents to Phoenix without Nash, yet their success this offseason of nailing down commitments from their top targets (Gordon, Beasley and Dragic) should allay some of those concerns going forward.

Their “cornerstone” presentation to Gordon, the “coming home” theme for Dragic and the love they showed Beasley with made for smashing successes.

And 1

The Suns’ 2015 pick from the Lakers is only top-five protected. If it makes it to 2016 (doubtful, I know), it will be top-three protected.

Babby said the emotion must be taken out of decisions like the heart-wrenching Nash trade, and with only a 41-year-old Nash under contract for that 2014-15 season who knows if that selection could turn into a gem.

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  • Grant

    So if we waive Brown and stretch his salary will those 1.75 million count against the cap for one season (and we pay him 583,333 over three) or will those 583,333 count against the cap for three seasons?

    • Michael Schwartz

      @Grant I have clarified that in the article now. It will only count $583,333 against the cap in each of the three seasons.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    I am at the office (a slow day of selling insurance) and have the dummies at 1060 on the radio.

    They are blasting the Suns for not rebuilding by signing Hill instead of Beasley. (I can see adding Hill as a good wing and a good veteran presence for Beasley, but, the dummies say that the Suns should rebuild with Hill and not Beassley.) Huh???? How is that getting younger while rebuilding?

    In looking at the Suns moves: Dragic is a good young PG. Beasley is a young 23 year old second pick in the draft. He may or may not pan out, but a good risk. Morris and Marshall should be very good young players as well. Scola was a heck of a pick up.

    The Suns were smart to get Brown for the money, leaving them with enough room to perhaps make a run at Harden or another free agent next year.

    The upcoming draft is rated as a weak one by many. What are the Suns supposed to do? Sign bad young players with no upside to get a lottery pick in a weak draft? Wouldn’t young players like Dragic and Beasley be very high draft picks in the coming weak draft?

    What the Suns have done is gotten very young, and potentially a shot at the 7th or 8th seed, and kept cap space for either a trade or a run at a top free agent.

    Good thing that the dummies on 1060 are not in charge of the rebuilding process. They prefer signing young players with no upside to get a top pick in a weak draft, which may or may not bring young players with as much upside as a Dragic or Beasley.

    At least guys like Gambo, Burns, Doug, Wolf and Bickley have good input. The guys on 1060 should go into another line of work.

  • bk

    @Micheal, an average NBA player is about $4M/year salary. Signing a $3.5M/year on a productive player is a steal. Specially that is a spot this team is very thin at. It is not bad at all.

  • Lovegirl

    It’s funny how so many ppl have so much 2 say about Shannon but what did the rest of the team do…I feel he did better than alot of the players on the sun team. I think he started off slow but after all star break he did very well. he was new 2 the team last year but JD & Fyre been there with Steve & Hill what did they do. I know this year he will do much better & if the Suns trade him it will b there lost. I wish he would have stayed in LA but I understand he wanted more $ he has 2 rings and have played with the best. Trust rather he with the suns or another team he will do fine. Instead of dissing him u should check the rest of the players that been on this team & have done nothing even with Nash they haven’t won a Championship thats why he went to LA…..and 4 whom wrote this article get a life. Very negative and disrespectful. Shannon gave y’all some life because the rest of the team is boring as hell. Shannon has areas that he need 2 grow but I think he will do just that. In 2 years u regret this article…..

  • Bill_Thomas

    Now, after hearing that Grant really wanted to finish his career here, I am deeply disappointed that we didn’t retain him and that he went to a divisional rival. Their was no need to cut off our nose to spite our face.
    Several veteran players have been retained by teams in the very waning years of their career, while playing minimal minutes. I feel we could have gotten at least 15 quality minutes per game from him, and his presence in the final 2-3 minutes of close games could easily help us win several of those. We could easily have afforded the money the Clippers are paying him. When will we ever learn?

  • Ron

    Even the full 3.5 guaranteed for both years would have been a steal considering the willingness to dish out 4X as much for a player who has only made it through one full season without being sidelined by injuries and only played 9 games last season.

  • Greg

    @ love girl

    wow. seriously? please never post on here again.

  • Greg

    Difference between Gordon and Shannon is that Gordon has star potential and can take over games on high percentages, he has star talent. he makes them a playoff team. thats why he cost 4X as much. at 23 and a great training staff theres no reason to think he will constantly be hurt.

    shannon is a good deal for the short term, and as the article states, he is a minimal expense if the Suns choose to part ways. He is a nice scorer and has some talent, but he isnt gonna take over games on high efficiency scoring. he rarely gets to the free throw line and he doesnt finish inside a whole lot, something gordon is elite at doing. I like the signing, he is a nice role piece at low cost. If he can improve some of his inconsistencies it will be a really nice move.

  • sturmtank

    i guess grant wanted 2 years and that just doesnt match the suns plans in preserving cap space for next years.
    if people complain about the sb steal (what it is in my opinion) which will only count 583k against the cap space next year how does 2 mil for a 42year old grant fit?

  • sturmtank

    what do you see happening with rolo and what do you think would be good for the suns?
    i think a 3 years for 12-15 millions would be fair. shouldnt paymore. thats a good price for a 7feet backup C but also a good trade asset should a franchise player be available at the trade deadline.

    i really liked this offseason so far. the sinings of goran and beasley, especially liked the pickup of scola, the asset we got for mvsteve and not overpaying for anybody. also the brown deal is a steal. happy to not get gordon because hes not a max player to me. would have liked mayo but the price was too high so TO ME THE FO MADE A FANTASTIC JOB!!

    there are 3 ways to get our franchise player. draft, free agency or trade. since the next draft(s) seems to be weak me might have to think about getting our franchise player via free agency or trade. butanyway, we are more or less prepared for all three.
    we’ll have a lot of cap space again next year to sign a franchise player. we also have cap space and good trade assets this year and who knows who will be available at the deadline. and we have 5 1st rounders the next 3 years, although late picks hardlynet franchise players.

    after the shock that steve left (he was just so much fun to watch) I am really exited about the future! rebuilding does not happen in 1 summer so i ask you guys for some patience. and maybe we will be successful in rebuilding without tanking but still somehow staying competitive which i think we’ll be this year with the current roster!

  • bk

    I will admit Eric Gordon as a star MAX player only if he can take clippers or hornets to the playoff as the main piece there. Simply a 20 PPG resume is not qualified as a star. I can only see Eric Gordon as a shorter and more injured version of Joe Johnson. Suns are lucky that the hornets matched their offer.

  • Ty-Sun

    For the first time in a while the Suns need more wings! I’ve been looking at the Summer League stats and it looks like Marcus Landry should at least earn himself an invite to the Suns training camp. 10 ppg, 3.3 rpg and .400 shooting from the 3. Good size too at 6′ 7″ and 225 lbs. He might be worth a look as a bench player especially since he’s shooting the 3 pretty well.

  • Lovegirl

    @Greg I can & will comment because some of the fans act like the Suns is this elite team like the celtics & the lakers. When was the last time they won a championship. Never in my comment didn’t say Shannon was better than Gordon. Trust Shannon will be better because he had something 2 prove 2 the Haters and something 2 prove 2 a team that will appreciate him & pay him. When the Sun trade him in that 2nd year he be ready for that new team. Like the Sun got him at a steal know he’s going 2 get better on the Suns dime and move on and help another team win…lol that how it goes when u don’t value ppl.

  • Cuso

    I think it is too early to say for sure next years draft is a weak class, as many of the great college players leave for the draft early, some after only one year in college, so who knows who we may be able to pick up. dont be so pessimistic already.

  • Shane

    @Lovegirl Is Shannon your man or something because your the only one who actually thinks Shannon is a good player. I hate to burst your bubble but Shannon is a bench player at best and the only reason he has those two rings are because of Kobe. If Shannon was such a good player like you say, why where there no “Elite Teams” interested in him? How do Suns fans act like we have an “Elite Team”?

  • nashty

    T-Will o Rush please!!!

  • Scott

    @Shane -

    Some of the Lakers fans are fond of Shannon and believe in him.

    However, the telling sign of Brown’s quality as a player is that the Lakers have not tried to get him back: not last year or this one.

    It’s okay for fans to like this or that player, and to believe they have special qualities. But Brown isn’t appreciated by the management of his old club, that’s clear.

  • steve

    Shannon Brown’s mom is good at the internet.

  • http://none Michael

    GO SUNS!! F*** laker and celtic fans!

  • http://none Michael

    Its all about the PHX SUNS!!! Go suns!

  • Lovegirl

    @Shane Shannon doesn’t have 2 b my man 4 me to like him as a player. I’m not a Laker fan. Its my opinion. Which we all have. My point was with or without Shannon the Suns have not won anything thats why Nash left because he wanted 2 win. Yes Shannon is a bench player (fact) but was was the problem b4 Shannon got 2 PHX cause u didn’t win then either. And having a good bench win championships because the starters cant do everything. Yes Shannon won 2 rings playing with Kobe but its a team effort same reason Nash went 2 play with Kobe cause he wasn’t going 2 get a ring in PHX….I’m done nothing like a healthy debate. This is my opinion and I respect the fact u love team because I love mine. Boston4Life but I like certain players and Shannon happen 2 b one of them. Better b glad u didn’t say sumthing bout Boston….lol

  • Shane

    @Lovegirl You still did not answer my last two questions.

    Anyways I think we can both agree Shannon Brown is a good player to have off the bench. Nobody is blaming Shannon on Suns inability to make the playoffs or win a championship. The truth is that a lot Suns fans just do not like Shannon Brown. He is a good dunker and a good 3 point shooter but still needs to work on his decision making.

    Yes Nash did not give us a championship but he did give us 8 wonderful years of entertaining basketball as well as great leadership. Nash will go down as one of the best Phoenix Suns players in history and an NBA hall of famer once he retires.

    I would have never guessed you where a Celtics fan. They are very good team and I am still angry at the Suns front office for trading away Rondo to them. Lol

  • MVP818

    @Lovegirl… Your the worst! Shannon Brown is very athletic but its a a shame to be athletic and suck so much. And that says alot about a person who is a Celtic fan and is posting on a SUNs sight about the Lakers Championships.

  • PennyAnd1


    I agree. Being athletic doesn’t mean a sh!T if you don’t have the brains to use it. The same can be said likewise concerning Marshall being a brain won’t get you much unless you use some athleticism. Marshall is still young, I hope he learns more and develops physically.

    I don’t understand why the Suns just can’t pay Hill a 4-mill$ for 2-year contract? Hill deserves those money and yes is more important now than ever since Nash left especially with a bunch of young guys. Besides.. other than the injury, Hill competed way better than the young guys, and was a critical defensive player for the team. I really hate Babby in how he deceives us Suns fans like we’re bunch of trolls. He needs to man up.

    • Michael Schwartz

      @Penny Like I’ve said, I wouldn’t have given two years to a guy who will be 40 before the season starts, but definitely would have made sense to use some of the cap room to give him a decent deal for one year. His veteran leadership will be missed, and the Suns could really use a backup small forward about now.

  • Jon J

    Brown and Beasley both have some serious potential… but Beasley is the guy who I think is really going to step up. He just seems more mature than before, and if he’s ready to work hard to help the Suns rebuild, maybe he can finally become the player he was supposed to become.

  • Lovegirl

    @MVP my comments wasnt about the Laker championship my comments was about Shannon Brown.I replied 2 Shane who stated Shannon only won rings because of Kobe that’s how championships was even spoken of. I’m a proud fan of the Celtics and I can have a opinion regarding any team in the NBA. Your the worst because instead of comment on the topic at hand u commenting on my opinion which does change because u have something 2 say. At the end of day we chasing banner #18. I only comment on this site at all because alot of the Suns fan has so much beef with Shannon. Shane clear that up that the fans don’t like him. Like I said a heathy debate on sum BS. I love my Celtics so if your trying 2 question my loyalty Try that somewhere else….

  • Lovegirl

    I’m give u Sun fans a little free advice…instead of wasting your time hating on a player that’s on your team u should support them and make them feel welcome and they will play harder 4 your team. Like I stated early I’m a Boston fan and no matter which player puts on that green I will support them and respect what they bring 2 the table. You get more with love than hate or disrespect. Now I’m going 2 exit your Sun site and I wont return… Hope y’all have a better season! Much Love!

  • Scott

    Watched 2 Suns Summer League games today. The first was the usual butt-whipping by the D-League Select squad.

    However, the 2nd (which is now in the 3rd quarter) has been close right along, despite being against the strong Memphis team.

    The difference? Marshall has awakened! While not entirely without error, his play in this game was like a bright summer day versus the previous dark night (which was arctic winter style).

    Marshall scored from 3 and inside on layups. He still was not penetrating before dishing, and he was not attempting midrange shots, but his taking and making shots instead of playing 4 on 5 made a huge difference.

    In this game, finally, the team play was clearly better under Marshall and not as good when under Garrett.

    Yay! :D

  • Scott

    Okay … the game’s over now, and the Suns won. Marshall was 6 rebounds shy of a triple double … he needs to work on that. ;)

    Another key to this game was Lighty’s defense on Selby. Whenever Selby was not defended by Lighty, he scored.

    I continue to recommend that the Suns make sure they have a defensive SG as well as a defensive SF; in other words, a defensive wingman in addition to Dudley.

    I know Beasley says he’s committed to becoming known for his defense, and Brown probably says the same thing, but I doubt the Suns can do well playing both Brown and Beasley together on the wing. They need to pair each low defense ballhog type player with an offensively efficient defensive player.

    I still recommend “he who must not be named,” but I’m sure there’s other wings out there who can play pesky defense.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Lovegirl -

    A little less time posting and more time spent on your writing skills…….please.

  • @ Lloyd I. Cadle- Thank You!

  • JE

    I also would like to have seen GHill be given a one-year contract for this year with the understanding that he would come back as a reserve.

    I do not buy the Hill “babysitting for Beasley theme.” It would be demeaning to Hill who wants to play as a player.

    Hill’s presence likely would not have materially helped Beasley who is at the point in his career where he needs minutes and the confidence of the team to play through a slump if he is to mature and be responsible for himself and his play. He needs to feel the pressure and responsibility to his teammates of having to produce in every game if he wants to become a winner and hopefully a star. He has never had that in his career. Having Grant Hill looking over his shoulder for playing time is not what Beasley needs at this juncture.

    Similarly, the Suns really needs Beasley to develop and become one of the mainstays. They do not need the short-term crutch of having Hill waiting in the wings to rescue it if Beasley makes an error or has a slump.

  • Jimi

    @Lovegirl. If you base what teams you like on how many championships they have won, you are absolutely the worst kind of fan. Your grammar and shallow views on basketball are exceedingly boring. I know I’m feeding the troll here, I’m sorry.

  • Scott

    @ JE -

    IMO, the Suns do need another defensive wing. If you have Beasley and Brown as offensive players, you need to balance them with defensive players who can score but who don’t need the ball.

    Dudley is one of the wings, but the Suns need either another wing or a specific SG or SF player who is defensively sound and preferably a hustler.

  • Grover

    Has anyone seen a projection of the Suns committed salaries for the next couple with all these recent deals? I know the dust hasn’t settled… Trying to get a picture ad what the FO truly did. All these opinions of whether the FO did a good or bad job are missing the point if it’s not also considering what ability we have next year or the year after that to sign additional talent.

    From what I can see, every deal the Suns have done this summer makes sense when taken by itself, but the totality of the deals leaves me extremely disappointed. There isn’t a single player on the roster you’d say has a high chance of making the all star team. I bet you could count on your fingers the number of teams in the last 20 years that have won a single playoff game without an all star on the roster.

    • Michael Schwartz

      @Grover I updated the VotS salary page this weekend: I have not yet confirmed all the new figures with the Suns because I was going to wait until the dust settles to do that, but this is a basic picture of where the team stands salary-wise. I just don’t know exactly how some of the new guys’ money will be distributed year by year, that’s just an educated guess.

      Basically the Suns have about $42 mil committed to nine players already for 2013-14, and with the two first-rounders that will be roughly $45 mil to 11. Of course, they can waive Brown and save a mil off that projection (if they keep him it will be just short of $47 mil for 11 players because I am already assuming the Brown waiving in that calculation). We still don’t know if Robin will get a long-term deal and the team could always make a trade to either get them a bit more room or cut into it significantly.

      2014-15 shows $34.5 mil to 7 (Gortat will be a UFA). By then there will be 3 more first-rounders adding a bit to that if PHX keeps all of them.

      I’ll do a story on all this once I have official figures. I do share the same concern. Once Gordon was lost, I’ve been advocating saving future cap space for a shot at the next big star.

  • Grover

    Forgot you had a salary page. I’ll check it out. Thanks.