Preview: Portland Trail Blazers (28-33) at Phoenix Suns (31-29)

Phoenix Suns 125, Portland Trail Blazers 107

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After a brutal stretch of road games, the Phoenix Suns have returned home with a chance to move into eighth in the Western Conference standings. With a win tonight over the Portland Trail Blazers and a Houston loss to Denver, the Suns and Rockets would have identical 32-29 records. The Suns would take the higher seed because of their better record in the Western Conference. Before Phoenix can make that jump in the standings, however, they must take care of business against the Blazers.

On paper, this game should be an easy win for the Suns. Since the last time these two teams played, Portland has traded away or lost to injury its entire starting frontcourt. LaMarcus Aldridge is set to undergo arthoscopic hip surgery and will miss the rest of the season. Marcus Camby was dealt to the Houston Rockets, and Gerald Wallace was sent to the New Jersey Nets. In addition, Nic Batum has been ruled out of the game with a quad injury CSNNW reports. Ray Felton will be sitting as well. Luke Babbitt and Nolan Smith will start in their place.

This is a totally different team than the Suns faced earlier this year, but that doesn’t make them any less capable of derailing the Suns’ playoff push. Phoenix must continue to do what it has done consistently since the All-Star break: beat bad teams.

The Suns have not lost a game since the All-Star break to a team with a sub-.500 record. Since then, Phoenix has refused to play down to the level of lesser opponents and has come up with 17 wins in 26 games. To get win number 18, the Suns will have to shake off a bad loss at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs.

If not for a strong bench effort, the final score of Saturday night’s game might have had a 30-point margin of defeat instead of the misleading 105-91 final score. Steve Nash played less than six minutes, and the starting five were basically run off the court by a San Antonio team still hoping to catch the Oklahoma City Thunder for the top seed in the West. Nash, Grant Hill, and Marcin Gortat should be well rested after playing reduced minutes on Saturday and a day off on Sunday. They’ll need fresh legs and a short memory against a group in Portland playing for contracts and pride.

Jamal Crawford, Ray Felton, Nic Batum, and J.J. Hickson will all be free agents next year. Crawford has a player option he is likely to have opt out of, and Batum will be a restricted free agent who will likely garner attention outside of Portland. Portland’s young guys, who are likely to see a lot of action in the next five games, will also be trying to prove themselves worthy of playing time next season. With many of their best players not playing, the time to shine is now for everyone on the roster. Though Phoenix has been playing better basketball than Portland for nearly two months and the Blazers are on the second night of a back-to-back, the Suns cannot afford to look past this game and this team to their more daunting opponents later in this homestand.

Three Keys to Victory

  1. Pound the post. After a dreadful performance on both ends of the floor against Tim Duncan and the Spurs, Marcin Gortat has a decidedly easier matchup tonight against Joel Przybilla and J.J. Hickson. Gortat’s two worst games this year were against Minnesota on Match 12 and Orlando on March 21. He responded in the games following those two performances with 25 and 23 points, respectively. I expect him to bounce back with a big night. Channing Frye also needs to work in the post tonight. According to mySynergySports, Frye ranks 15th in the entire NBA in points per post-up possession. Frye has been incredibly efficient scoring in the post, especially against smaller defenders. He simply has not posted up very much at all this year. He might do well over the final six games to post as a means of opening up his outside shot as opposed to posting only when his jumper isn’t falling.
  2. A double-double for Two Time. After what amounts to a healthy scratch on Saturday, both Nash and the Suns need a big game from the point guard spot tonight. For the team, it would be a big confidence boost to know their leader is locked in and ready for the final six games. For Nash, these could be his final games in a Phoenix uniform, so he needs to make every one count.
  3. Contain Portland’s backcourt. Though Portland was a frontcourt dominant team for the first half of the season, Wesley Matthews and Jamal Crawford (who sat out last night’s game against Sacramento) carry the scoring load now. Grant Hill, Shannon Brown, Jared Dudley, and Nash will have to work as a unit to contain these guys. Crawford and Matthews have three 30-point games between them in April. The Suns will have to close out strong and cut off driving lanes to keep these guys in check.

And 1

The Arizona Republic reported that Nash’s hip feels good and thus the Suns’ All-Star plans on playing tonight. Grant Hill is sitting out to rest his knee but is expected back Wednesday.

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  • Tim from British Columbia

    I really hope that the Suns can pull this one off because it doesn’t get easier for them the rest of the week having to play OKC and the Clippers. I wonder if the Suns could get Batum or Hickson for next season?
    (I really enjoy reading Valley of the Suns as the articles are well written, usually quite positive and I learn stuff about the team and the game…thanks!)

  • A-ROCK

    That would be tight if we got hickson and played him at small forward like a Lebron james since they are about the same size, that would remind me of a marion at that position. Hickson is even a inch taller than bron bron, with a normal hairline haha

  • Tim from British Columbia

    That would be cool if we got him and I hear the GM knew him from his Cleveland days so should go after him at season end. Good to hear about his normal hairline too and he doesn’t have the funny labron beard!

  • Grover

    Heard on sports radio at lunch that Nash was probable and Hill was a game time decision for tonight. I hadn’t heard there was any question but they would play and assumed their low minutes vs the Spurs were just an issue of throwing in the towel in a sure loss. Anyone heard any cooberating stories suggesting injury for these two?

    As bad as Portland’s lineup looks, I could understand taking it as an opportunity to rest starters I this were earlier in the season or the Suns had some cushion. Since every game from here on out is so critical, I hope this isn’t a case where the Suns are assuming the win is in the bag. I’d play our best five, hope to run out to a commanding lead, and then give key starters a rest. Can’t take a chance of losing games like tonight where you are supposed to win.

  • A-ROCK

    As long as Gentry made plays for backup pg to play with 1st unit and not all pick and roll because Nash owns that, then they will be playing their best 5.

  • JZ

    This game is in the bag, unless…Phoenix starts the game like they did against the Spurs on Saturday, because that was just horrible. Bet Steve didn’t even get hurt in that game; he just freaked out and forced shots and figured he should act hurt to save face. Whatever happened to that Evan Turner defense that held opposing teams to under 40%? It seems opposing teams start shooting 70% against the suns now a days. Better not screw up, because next game will be a potential preview of the first round.

  • steve

    On my way there right now.

  • A-ROCK

    Hahaha I heard that…. What did happen to that evan turner D it’s like the suns did a 360 because they where playing decent defense and now it has gone lame.

  • A-ROCK

    Why is this board so lame, even when I just talk about a player not being injured they want to not allow the comment, grow up!

  • GoSuns

    Hey guys you mean elson not mr. evan turner sg for the sixers