Philadelphia 76ers 103, Phoenix Suns 83 — Offensive offense

PHOENIX — The 76ers throttled the Suns in US Airways Center for the second consecutive season days before New Year’s, but the two losses could not have been more different.

Last season’s defeat stemmed from a pitiful defensive effort that frustrated new center Marcin Gortat so much he spewed a verbal postgame rampage bemoaning the kind of feeble resistance that so often plagued the Nash era.

But to score 34 points in the first half and then go scoreless the first 6:12 of the third? That’s not the way the Phoenix Suns are supposed to lose.

“What can I say?” head coach Alvin Gentry asked. “Obviously it’s not what we anticipated. We’re struggling mightily right now offensively, and because of it everything is just kind of so hard for us to get a shot off and so hard for us to get into any kind of a rhythm.”

The Suns have lost games many ways over the years, but I can’t remember a time when the offense looked less potent than in Phoenix’s 103-83 loss to the Sixers Wednesday night.

After a 19-0 Sixers run to begin the third Phoenix trailed 67-34, and it seemed possible that the Suns could score a franchise-low point total (68, in case you’re wondering).

The starters could not buy a bucket, bricking their way to 24 combined points (including 14 from Grant Hill) on 7-for-35 shooting. Channing Frye continued his slump with an 0-for-4 night, Jared Dudley did not score in 24 minutes and Gortat was quiet with a 1-for-6, but as is the case with most things for the Suns’ offense tonight’s struggles began with Steve Nash.

Nash scored just four points on 2-for-11 shooting and dished one assist to six turnovers in 17 minutes of play before Gentry pulled him when the game got out of hand.

Nash said the way the Sixers played the pick-and-roll made it important for him to make them pay as that would have opened up the defense and created openings for his teammates.

“If I don’t make them pay when they’re playing us that way, they are just going to feel more entitled to play that way,” Nash said. “There were some openings there that I didn’t make the most of, and I think that hurt us.

“That was about as bad a game as I’ve had personally, and team-wise it’s obviously as well. It’s shown over the two games we’re just struggling offensively to find a connectivity and rhythm together.”

The Suns once again found no consistency from deep, hitting just 2-of-11 three-pointers on the game. Phoenix shot also just 41.3 percent, including 30 percent from beyond nine feet.

The bench came in and played well during garbage time when the game was long decided.

After earning a dreaded DNP-CD in the opener, Hakim Warrick provided a nice offensive boost with 14 points on 7-for-13 shooting, and Ronnie Price matched a career high with 16 points on identical 7-for-13 marksmanship.

“There were a few bright spots. I thought Hakim Warrick and Ronnie Price and Robin and those guys, they did a good job,” Gentry said.

Now the Suns must go back to the drawing board to figure out how to jumpstart an offense that’s lagging for the first time in the Nash era.

A game after recording an unimpressive 93.3 offensive efficiency, the Suns were even worse by averaging 90.2 points per 100 possessions in this one. Phoenix’s defense will never be good enough to combat that kind of lack of offensive execution.

“I believe the guys in this locker room can shoot better from the field and finish at the rim,” Hill said. “Sometimes when it rains it pours, and certainly it was pouring out there tonight. I’m not sophisticated enough to figure out why, we just weren’t in a good rhythm and our offense is rhythm based. We’ve just got to do a better job of finding it.”

Nash feels the Suns’ struggles are a combination of many things, including the shortened training camp and a lack of familiarity.

Gentry cautioned not to blame the offensive ineptitude on the team’s focus on defense, as ideally the Suns want to push the tempo as they have in previous seasons.

The Suns are used to doing what they had to do after the last Philly home loss, which is to return to practice to figure out a way hold down opponents just enough for their elite offense to prove victorious.

With the defense still a work in progress (112 defensive efficiency tonight), the Suns for once must figure out a way to score without a dominant unit on the other side of the ball to mask their deficiencies.

“I’m really disappointed, but you can’t stay there,” Gentry said. “I’ve got to start thinking about what we are going to do in the next game and try to build from there. We don’t have time to linger in pity or anything like that. We’ve got to regroup and figure out what we can do.”

Suns expected to sign Michael Redd

The Phoenix Suns worked out Michael Redd on Wednesday and are expected to sign him on Thursday, according to The Arizona Republic.

I’ve been on the Redd bandwagon for quite some time because he’s a former 20 ppg scorer, and the Suns clearly need somebody who can stroke it as we’ve learned in the first two games. We don’t know how much he has left in the tank after his knee surgeries, but it’s hard to see how taking a shot at catching lightning in a bottle with Redd could hurt.

And 1

  • The Suns are now 0-2 for the first time since 1996-97, when they started a franchise-worst 0-13 but reached the playoffs anyway. They have reached the playoffs five of the previous eight times they began a year 0-2 and even reached the conference finals twice.  … The Suns also lost by 20 or more during the first week of the 2007-08 and 2009-10 seasons and ended up qualifying for the playoffs both years. … Philly has won two straight in Phoenix for the first time since 1984-85.
  • Dudley recorded a -32 +/- in 24 minutes. Nash and Hill were both -22, and Markieff Morris was plus five in 27 minutes. The rookie from Philly scored nine points and hit 4-of-5 shots.
  • Hill said Philly beat the Suns “in all facets of the game” and that the Suns at least “competed for a half.”
  • Nash moved into fourth on the franchise’s all-time games played list (684) on Wednesday. He’s one behind Dick Van Arsdale for third.

  • shazam

    we are so not even going to waste my time with vitriol.

  • Josh

    My goal for this season was to look for something positive in every recap….

    Struggling with that today. Glad Warrick played well offensively. We could have used that yesterday instead of his DNP-CD.

    My seven year old who watches every game with me (and has since he was very small) summed it up perfectly. “Dad, we are terrible.”


  • Josh

    Morris played well again too–he is fun to watch.

  • A-ROCK

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAAAAAH the Suns lost to who……the 76ers! Really I don’t see the Suns getting better with this group or coach, was is dudley the only starter on the floor at the end of the 1st quarter lol all the other starters just pooped hahahahaha, why is French Fry playing and don’t say anything about his rebounds because anyone could have gotten them they weren’t tough rebounds or game changers, he did box out though with his week self hahahaha why did he try to lay the ball up 4 times in a row and missed all 4 times 2 feet from the basket, a dunk would have saved him 3 trys lol Nash keep shooting, I’d rather the team loose because of Nash missing shots than any other person on that team, and when did grant become a brick layer hahahaha that guy is the new vince carter 6 years his senior hahahahaha, why didn’t morris get in with the 2nd unit or 1st unit, another gentry loss, his contracted should end soon, maybe before they loose Nash lol…… for all those upset due to this post soon I will no longer be posting anything because this teams effort tonight isn’t worth my effort even commenting! Sorry Sarver your plan to continue the lockout back fired now the stands are half empty with fans moving down from the top seats to sit in the bottom :)

  • Scott

    The offense really stank this game. But I’m glad Warrick got in, and I’m glad both Price and Telfair looked good. Frye’s not scoring, but he did get some rebounds.

    I’m still looking for Warrick to play at SF, and I’m still looking for Frye to return to playing center for the 2nd unit.

    I also feel it is justified to play Childress instead of Brown at SG. Childress is a veteran and he’s making twice the money of Brown. Brown needs to show he can outplay Childress for the spot.

  • Cam

    I agree with the previous posts, this team looks bad. The positive I did see, Lopez looked good in the second half, he and Morris seemed to work well together on the floor. In the 4th quarter the bench played and hustled all the way to the end, that was nice to see. Dudley is struggling but Brown is playing just as bad. If we get many more nights like this I think Nash and Hill might be traded sooner than later. I know a guy like monta Ellis is a high usage guy but maybe the suns should see what it will take to get someone like him. Dudley might just be the perrenial bench spark plug, which would be just fine with me. If the suns don’t get some scoring soon it won’t matter how well they play defense. Go Suns.

  • bob_s

    I give up !!!

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Monta doesn’t fix any of the team’s problems nor does he make the team’s rebuilding effort any shorter. He isn’t the answer.

    At one point in the first half, Phoenix was 2 for 24 across the starter attempts. You can’t win that way.
    In a shrug-of-the-shoulders type of opinion on the game and the season so far, it’s about what I’d expect.

    The Suns are a jump-shooting team. They space it, move the ball, hit the open guy, and that guy drains it. The lockout took away any sort of preparation period and what you’re seeing really are heavy legs out there.

    All the teams with winning records right now have guys who can take it to the basket constantly and get to the foul line. That, or they’ve got 3 all-stars on their teams. Everybody else is struggling.

    Until conditioning catches up, I’d put ‘Keef in the starting lineup to give Nash two guys who are a bit more versatile to work with. RoLo seems to be back to what he was prior to last season so let Frye keep the floor spaced for him with the second unit.

    Outside of that, it is what it is. If the shots are falling in both of these games, we win in blowout fashion. It’ll get there after 3 or 4 more ugly games. Hopefully some of those can be wins.

  • Geo

    I didnt see the game, but from the what im reading its sounds like most of the starters are under performing. Gentry should try switching the starters like Warrick instead of Hill, like most of you are saying. Also Childress instead of Dudley since JChill is getting paid why not try use him more with nash and see if we could get create a spark on offense, Just saying….

  • Tony

    Wow, this was the worst Suns game I’ve seen since part 2 of the Nash era and once again we have one man to thank for it, Robert Sarver. The morons out there, i.e., Steve and Sun Also Rises among others, actually believe Sarver is just clearing cap space to make a big splash in free agency next season. What these dummies fail to realize is that no superstar player is going to sign on to such a pathetic team run by the worst owner in the NBA.
    The reason why I blame Sarver is look at the roster he’s assembled. It’s Nash and Gortat followed by a bunch of D-Leaguers. It wasn’t so long ago that the Suns had the offensive weapons making them the best offensive team in the league, but now…? How pathetic.

    The most pathetic part of this is that the dummies out there will believe Sarver, that he’s going to sign WIlliams and/or Howard and will continue to spend money buying tickets to Suns games, thereby generating income for Sarver. Wake up morons! Boycott this team until Sarver sells them. The guy is only concerned about his bottom line, and since he’s already hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, let’s run it up further by not purchasing tickets. His revenue stream will decline even more and then hopefully he’s forced to sell the franchise.

    The darkest day of this Suns franchise is when Colangelo sold it to Sarver. This guy never had to earn any money himself, he inherited it all. He overpaid for the Suns organization, going into $200 million in debt to purchase the team. Then his banking business would have failed if not for the federal government’s bailout. This guy is a failure period! The worst part of it is that he still takes no responsibility for what he’s done to this once great franchise. Shame on Sarver.

  • Tony

    And Gentry, take Dudley and Frye out of the starting lineup!!!! Both are unathletic spotup shooters and right now, they can’t make a shot. Start Morris and even though Brown has also done poorly, at least he has some athleticism. Right now the starting lineup looks old and slow.

  • sun also rises

    And there you go again, trying to give me a lap dance. The funniest thing about having long haul cred on this board is the fact that Tony’s one track moron act has been the only consistent thing about our boys for the last year. When the Suns shine, we get creepy stalker posts about Sarver. When the Suns lose, we get creepy stalker posts about Sarver.

    For the record, I have never once claimed cap dump or defended Robbie boy, but it’s not like logic or intelligence are your strong points. Like all pathetic headjobs, you can’t fathom that there are fans who stand by the team out of loyalty and who don’t take every step backwards as an excuse to kick the franchise while it’s down.

    I said it a million times, and I’ll say it again…. sad little scrubs like you are the absolute dregs of fan culture, Tony. You’ve been slapped down by so many people on this board at so many points that it’s almost a bad joke, yet you stick around… typing with one hand while fantasizing about pouring hot candle wax on $arver’s naked thighs or whatever sick fix you get from constantly mentioning the guy every five words.

    I’d say that the team tanking will have the upside of running fair weather losers like you and A-HOLE (aka your second coming) off of the boards, but let’s face it: you need this too much. You tug on my nuts and try to bait guys like KJL and Steve, but what separates us is that we objectively love our team and stand by them. Dime a dozen scabs and “armchair GMs” like you don’t get what what means, and so you lash out like my five-year-old daughter does…. until the team stabilizes, at which point we’ll see you in the front row seats at Hooters, your fat face dripping in BBQ sauce and your too-small Joe Johnson shirt barely covering your midriff. lolol.

  • steve

    i don’t think i can take six more months of this stuff. get a room, ladies.

  • KeZ

    It´s not fun to be a Phx fan these days…….

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Michael Redd.

    I’m not certain what the signing is supposed to accomplish. Also, if he’s coming in, does that mean somebody else is going out via trade? Perhaps two people?

    I mean, If you’re looking at Redd as an alternative [solution] to some of the scoring problems, and he comes in and performs, then who is getting dumped in terms of minutes?

    He has to play the 2. So either JMZ or Brown are going to sit on the bench for extended minutes. Either that, or he is an emergency sub if either of them are cold so he won’t get much run. I don’t understand it, unless somebody is leaving.

    To add to that, if you’re going to bring him in now, why not add him in the first place and refrain from giving money to Brown? He’s a better fit if he’s coming off of the bench anyway.
    It’s all so strange to me. All of the moves since STAT walked to New York seem a little bit bizarre and they seem executed without much long-term thought. Kind of like somebody is playing NBA 2K 12 doing a bunch of trades and signings.

    All you’ve done, really, over that time frame is replace players who knew the system and were giving you more effort and a less-stressful offensive / defensive balance with players who don’t know the system so well, don’t fit the system that well, and aren’t even playing that much. What’s the point?

    Telfair? Price? Brooks, (who isn’t even here), Redd? Brown? I’d gladly give ALL that combined playing time to Dragon off the bench so that Chilly could finally get some run at the 2 beside him with Warrick / RoLo / Frye, (or Morris), running it with them. That’s so much better.

    I’m really not feeling this revolving-door type team lately especially when the players coming in are inferior to the players that left.

  • Tony

    Sun also Rises aka Sarver’s bf,

    tell me once how I have been wrong commenting on the Suns???? Give me one example dummy. You have your head too far up Sarver’s ass to be objective.

    There’s a difference between being a sap, of which you are, and being a true fan. When the main problem with a particular team is not the players but the ownership, true support means criticizing the owner. I don’t criticize the players because they are trying and it’s not their fault they are on such a crummy team. Players like Shannon Brown are only good when they’re surrounded by top talent. The fundamental problem is Sarver and until he sells the franchise, this team will NEVER compete again, guaranteed. The only reason the team was at all successful during Sarver’s early days was due to Colangelo and what he set up for Sarver to ruin. People like you, on the contrary, are saps because you enable people like Sarver to continue doing such an inept job because they have no incentive to change. As long as you Sarver-enablers continue to spend money going to see the Suns play, as long as Sarver pockets your money, he won’t change one iota in how he operates the franchise. So, you’re just a sap.

    For the record, all Sarver had to do was to freaking keep the same team he had that made it to the WCFs 2 years ago!!!!! Or at the very least, replace Amare with another star. It wasn’t a complicated situation. There were other first-tier power forwards that were free agents, such as Lee or Bosh. Sarver didn’t even make a move to try to bring them in.

  • Tony


    you’re absolutely spot on. This is once again another example of Sarver’s ineptitude and his reactionary nature. Instead of being a responsible owner and looking at the roster prior to the season, on paper, it was very clear this team had no scorers and that scoring, besides defense, was going to be an issue. So now, Sarver and Blanks are probably in panic mode and are placing their hope in a guy who has barely played in years. It makes no sense. Sarver’s either traded away or let walk via free agency all of the Suns trade assets, so it’s not as if they can acquire a stud scorer through a trade. So once again, Sarver and his minions, Babby and Blanks, go the cheap route and place their bets on Redd. It’s so pathetic, but not surprising considering Sarver owns the team.

  • Zak

    @Rich – The Suns still have an open roster spot so they don’t have to let anyone go to bring in Redd. That said, I doubt it will do more than create even more confusion in establishing player rotation at this point… just what the Suns need.

    But looking around the NBA, I see other teams struggling early that I didn’t expect to see struggle. The lack of a proper training camp seems to be hurting quite a few teams. Yeah, the Suns have more problems than that but I have to at least consider that as an added factor in their poor play so far.

  • elnumero33

    Good morning, I´m a Phoenix Suns fan from Spain, because of that I´m sorry if my english is not good. I think it is not going to be an easy season for the Suns fans. The team is an “rebuiliding” season, all the trades that have been done, have only a goal, prepaer the future. The quesiton is when is going to be this “future”. Our only hope is the 2012 draft and the next summer free agency,but this season… Beside, it ´s going to be a very phisicaly hard season with 60 mathches in only 6 months, our best players, Nash and Hill are 35 and 39 years old. Will be they able to finish the season?
    God luck for the team.

  • Elviro (Italy)

    I have not seen the game but, as my usual, I saw the pictures on the main site of action of the team: we were on the pitch?
    In Italy, will see the game against the San Antonio Spurs Jan. 16 … I hope that by that time the team starts playing well!
    But my only hope I do not think there could be many improvements.
    We will begin to win when all of their contributions will now turn in some games Warrick in other games Lopez: so you do not go anywhere!
    I read that polti hoping Childress: If these are our hopes are doomed! In Europe it was a failure: I do not think NBA can do better!
    The only positive in two games: Markieff Morris!
    Market: With Redd open a home for elderly people: we are at the barrel of gas! Can not can do better?
    I hope that with the salary cap space in the few stars to be in Phoenix but I doubt that Howard or Williams arrive in the valley ….
    But if we continue in this way certainly a good pick in the draft!
    Poor us, I console myself with NBA 2k12 …

    P.S.: Sorry for the English but I use a translator online.

  • Kyle Fleeger

    Honestly Tony and guys who are responding to Tony, stop being so aggressive as if posting on this website makes you big men. Some people enjoy discussing fun theoretical things the Suns can do to improve. Being crude is boring and I am surprised Michael doesn’t just delete the posts where you too go at it. Get each others email and argue that way.

    First, The shooting percentage will naturally increase over the course of the season as players adjust to the lack of training camp and chemistry.

    Second, Tony you may be right about Sarver being a true problem in the Suns future but the Suns were just in the western conference finals and a bad rebound away from potentially having been in the NBA finals. Clearly, it is not impossible for Sarver to put together a winning team… However, this team isn’t one. There is going to need to be drastic changes to the starting line-up and unfortunately if things continue down a similar path it could be sending Grant and Steve somewhere else. (Something I never thought was a good idea)

    On the bright side, if ESPN and other analysts are right about where the Suns are destined to finish the year it could present the Suns with a serious draft class. I would look to develop some value to RoLo, Channing, Childress, Warrick and if all else fails, Grant and Steve to acquire more picks. This will be one of the deepest draft classes (especially at PF and C) in recent history and the Suns have a lot of needs.

    However, I am not selling the Suns stock yet. Sure we haven’t been able to put the ball in the basket, but if we can open up more three point attempts through the pick ‘n roll and actually make them, the Suns have some size and potential to at least make a mediocre playoff run. Either way, the Suns don’t look good. But I expect a win in New Orleans. I think we can count on Steve and the shooters to find their groove after a long off-season… I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  • bobby martins

    A Suns fan from India. Frankly I dont know what to say about Stoudmire leaving cos I was one of the many frustrated guys on here who hated seeing the defensive effort from Stoudmire. The way he used to get dominated by the front line of Lakers and Celtics. It would have made sense if Sarver signed some like boozer that summer than get a sg like turgulo to play power forward. I

  • Cam

    If the Suns are going to take a chance on a player why not bring in Agent Zero (Arenas). He is a Zona alum and he could use a fresh start. He may play the PG spot but he plays like a SG so throw him in the backcourt with Nash. He is 6’4″ so it wouldn’t be that crazy to put him with Nash in the backcourt. I’d much rather see the Suns take a chance on him then on Redd. Arenas can still put up decent numbers and would offer the suns a possible player that could help the team after Nash retires/is traded. Who cares if he is a head case. Give him a one year tender and go from there. Go Suns.

  • Ryan

    The way Nash and Hill are playing no one will be willing to give up anything for these old guys for anything that would be worth building around. Looks like the only positive tradeable piece is Gortat once his hand heals.

    Suns are going to have to rebuild with the draft and get lucky by finding a new “Amare” to build around for example but the way the Suns have drafted the last 5-7 years that is probably very unlikely.

    RIP Suns

  • George Z.

    Nash, Hill and Lopez for Westbrook?????As much as I like these 3 players, Nash and Hill go to a contending team that can win it before they retire. The Suns can get that scoring leader. I only throw in Lopez because I think the Thunder would want someone young with potential for the future. What do you guys think?

  • steve

    Hmmm, there’s another “Steve.” fyi, the regular steve didn’t tell anyone to get a room.

    Tony, will you just give it up? No one cares what you say. Sarver is not the devil. We had MANY bad years with JC and BC, you’re probably just too young to remember. You can count on one hand the number of big traded and signings JC made in his entire tenure here. You constantly give JC credit for being a great owner when the suns have never been more valuable/watched/relevant/winning than they have been on Sarve’s watch. You’re being ridiculous, and it’s obviously quite annoying to a lot of people here. Just give it up. You’re not changing anyone’s mind.

  • Mel.

    Yeah, I’m pretty much right there with steve (Both of ‘em, actually). It’s not like Tony’s some new and exciting addition to the posting community on here–he’s been belching out his schizoid manifestos against Sarver and whoever else for at least a full season–so it’s safe to say that the usual, repetitive efforts to talk sense or trash at him are pretty much a waste of finger strength.

    His interest in rational discussion makes up about 13% of his posting output (And, admittedly, he is capable of making some salient points), but there’s absolutely no proactive reason to react to his troll-like Sarver obsession. All it does it gum up the works, make for boring and puerile exchanges, and take the focus away from actual discussions about–you know–the Suns.

    Likewise, his incessant board-spamming DID actually result in tighter security measures for posters being implemented last Spring (In response to Kyle’s comment), as he and a couple of other attention-hungry dopes turned the blog into a profanity-riddled bathroom wall during the Suns’ losing streaks. I’m not sure how practical it is to “flip the switch” on those safeguards, but if it prevents another meltdown–and gimmicky, flame-baiting nonsense that’s clearly more about inciting retribution than conversation–then I wouldn’t mind seeing it come back.

    Honestly, like the season ain’t gonna be tough enough as-is. I’d rather huddle up and accentuate the minor positives with the true fans than have to yawn through the same tiresome jabbering until May comes around.

  • Zak

    Well, it’s done. Redd has been signed. Hopefully he can eventually help the Suns but I’m not holding my breath…

  • Tony


    I guess you are also a proud member of the support the Sarver crowd. You’re dribble, or what you call your posts, are so pointless and pathetic, I’m not surprised you are another Sarver-supporter. Stop pretending like you are a true fan. True Suns fans recognize how this team became what they are and instead of acting like sheep and saying, “oh well, they only got beat by 20 so they’re making improvements,” true fans demand some level of accountability from the primary culprits of this pathetic team. True accountability lies at the hands of the freaking owner moron, Sarver, the guy who freaking owns the team. So you duche bag along with Sun ALso Rises, and Steve are sheep and pathetic.

  • Scott

    I think the Redd signing is a rational move. He’s a shooter, and the Suns need shooters. He’s a crunch time player, and due to injuries, he’s at bargain prices.

    They evaluated him physically, so they believe he at least has a chance at getting on the court. They’re not over-paying him; they’re giving him the vet minimum, like they did with Hill when he first signed, but only for 1 year, not 2. That either means they have less confidence in him playing than Hill, or it means Redd didn’t want to give the Suns a 2nd year at vet minimum, team’s choice.

    Redd will need time to get up to speed before he can get court time. But meanwhile he’ll add pressure to the current players at the SG position. Hopefully someone will break out and start to perform.

  • sun also rises

    Didn’t bother reading Tony’s ten page post above, but this one had me cracking up at my desk. Lil doggie not only proves the point made by everybody above but looks like he’s so mad that his spelling is even worse than usual.

    Unless he meant to post as A-BOMB and forgot which “character” he was playing

  • steve

    Hopefully redd will be a shot in the arm for this team. I would also be intrigued by Gilbert arenas as someone mentioned above, but surely that option must be out of the question for some reason because i haven’t heard his name once involved in talks with the suns.

  • Zak

    @steve – I read on the ESPN site that Arenas had a “wish list” of teams he was willing to sign with. I assume the Suns weren’t on that list.

  • yazee

    i only watch the suns because of nash if he gets traded who cares about fry and bunch role players. no one in the team average 20 com on

  • Chince

    This blog is crazy. Its just a game of throwing a ball into an elevated flat circle with strings. I understand that people love their teams to death but sheesh come on guys pull it together. Sarver is really bad but so is Steve nash”s defense. Stop overreacting we had a run of several successful teams that were so fun to watch. A true fan follows their team not to watch them win but to see them lace up everynight and give it all they got

  • steve

    Chince has got it right. You can’t stay on top forever. I actually like seasons like this in a way because it means cheap tickets. The real fans can afford to be there.

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