Questions remain about Josh Childress acquisition, but overall the Suns made a good deal

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns’ acquisition of Josh Childress seemed to come out of left field.

While many fans expected the Suns to use the bulk of their trade exception to replace Amare Stoudemire with a similar power forward, they instead used a chunk of it to bolster their perimeter defense by acquiring a guy who figures to make them a better basketball team.

The Childress sign-and-trade has been lauded around the league as a good move at an affordable price, but many questions still remain as it pertains to the move.

The first concerns the army of small forwards the Suns have now compiled and how they have plan to unleash them. Of course, most of these so-called threes like Childress are multi-positional players on both ends of the floor, which should mitigate some of those concerns, but the fact remains the Suns boast a plethora of threes and few interior power players.

I asked Childress what he expects his role to be, and he gave exactly the kind of answer you would want to hear in most situations.

“Really to just kind of help anchor the bench,” he said. “I know that with the starting five they’re kind of set, and coach Gentry although he didn’t say as much I realize I’ll probably be coming off the bench. The bench is a key part of this team as well, and I’m excited for the opportunity.”

Childress also spoke favorably of the way Gentry will often play the hot hand at the end of a game and should fit in seamlessly with the bench culture the Suns have established.

The only issue is the Suns already have a defense/energy small forward who anchors the bench and sometimes finishes games by the name of Jared Dudley.

Responding to a Bill Simmons tweet, Dudley jokingly tweeted, “They might be forcing me out lol Will see what happens.”

After Phoenix fans presumably started freaking out to Dudley, he clarified that he’d love to spend his whole career in Phoenix, but the point remains that even Dudley is on alert to how this move will affect him. You can only pay so many reserve forwards $6-plus mil a year.

I suppose it’s a good problem to have for the Suns to be able to throw a pair of quality defenders who can score and are unselfish team guys off the bench. You just have to wonder what Childress’ addition does to Dudley’s role on the team and how those guys will share minutes with all the other wings on the roster.

The next question about Childress is his three-point shooting. He’s a career 36.0 percent three-point shooter. He shot 49.2 percent on 65 attempts in 2005-06 but otherwise has been a below average shooter from distance.

Of course, Dudley came to the Suns as a guy who shot 22.0 percent from three as a rookie and was shooting 37.5 percent his second year before behind dealt to the Valley.

Childress said Gentry did mention shooting threes when they spoke before his acquisition and that he knew coming in “that’s kind of a given playing for Phoenix.”

“I think that that comes with confidence and playing with guys who kind of help that confidence and just help breed that mentality obviously helps that so much,” Childress said. “I think shooting is just a mentality, it’s something that’s kind of learned. Everybody kind of makes fun of my form, but if I’m able to knock shots down it shouldn’t be an issue.

“I’ve had years where I’ve shot 50 percent,” he continued, speaking of his second season. “I haven’t shot a ton of them. It’s not that I can’t, it’s just a matter of me constantly shooting.”

The reason Dudley morphed from a throw-in to an integral part of last year’s team is because he became a deadly three-point shooter. If Childress puts in the time this summer that Dudley did last summer, he will go from a nice value player who can help defensively to one of the most critical members of the rotation.

My final question revolved around the implication that Lon Babby is just bringing in his former clients since he represents Turkoglu and used to represent Childress.

However, when I brought up Babby, Childress immediately seemed sheepish and chuckled while saying, “I was wondering when I was going to hear that question.”

Childress had been with Babby’s agency for the past six years, where Jim Tanner represented him, but he recently left for Octagon’s Chris Emens.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be him coming here. I’m not really sure, but when I changed agents it was a business decision, and hopefully he understands that and he respects that,” Childress said. “We both made two business decisions, and I look forward to working with him again.”

Since Childress just left Babby’s firm, you can’t exactly call this a case of him getting “his guy.”

Although the questions of how Childress’ acquisition affects Dudley and whether he can become the kind of three-point shooter that would make him so effective in Phoenix remain to be answered, overall I’m high on the deal.

He spoke of being attracted to how the Suns always play like a team that genuinely cheers each other on, and when some media members let him cut in line to grab a sandwich before rushing off to the airport he seemed almost embarrassed about that, showing to me he’s not the kind of athlete who feels entitled to special privileges.

He’s also a vastly underrated player whom the Wages of Wins guys pegged as a guy who produced about as many wins as Amare did from 2004-05 to 2007-08.

Childress could be the long-term answer at small forward when Grant Hill retires, and he will team up with Hill and Dudley to give the Suns a trio of quality perimeter defenders at a reasonable price. His acquisition could also provide the Suns with the flexibility to move a J-Rich or a Dudley to acquire more help inside.

Josh Childress’ efficient offensive game and athletic defense will make the Phoenix Suns a better team next season, and if he develops that three-point stroke and Gentry finds a way to keep all his wings happy and productive then this deal will be seen as quite the pleasant surprise for the Suns.

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  • PK

    Maybe they are planning for Grant Hill to retire at the end of the year? Then you'd have Childress & Dudley splitting SF minutes (assuming Hedo is a 4) …

  • Bob

    If Hill retires (and I hope it's an actual retirement, not Suns pushing him out) then Childress can be backup SG and Dudley backup SF. Hedo can start at the 3 and we can start looking for an actual replacement PF. Depending on how Warrick develops we might be able to just use him next years.

    Or if Hedo has a good season and Hill still doesn't seem to be slowing down we can sign Hill again for a low price and trade Hedo for a PF. And if Hill is only slowing down a little bit we can just put more minutes on Dudley and Childress.

  • joe

    I think the suns have an absolute steal in Gani Lawal. He reminds me of Elton Brand and i think he's going to be a very good player in the next year or two. Grant Hill looks like he can play past 40 so the suns will probably keep him since his contract is cheap. To me either Clark, Dudley or Warrick has to go in a trade. I would hate to see Dudley go but it seems that the Suns value Childress more so he might be the guy to go. They just signed Warrick so it's very unlikely he'll be traded and I think they're going to give Clark another year or two and see if he developes into a starting 3. They have to do something because they can't beat L.A. with 3 small forwards on the floor

  • ghost of Darko

    I appreciate the willingness to believe, especially in the face of mounting evidence that the Suns are going backwards quickly. assuming a starting 5 of Nash, J-Rich, Hill, Turk & Lopez, the avg age of 4 of the 5 starters will be 34. how could this possibly go well?

  • me


  • Martin

    I’d hate to see Dudley go, but maybe he’ll never have a greater value than now … we just have too many small forwards.

    I don’t see EC55 developing, so maybe Dudley/Clark/Trade Exception for a bonafide PF?

    If we get a “real” PF we still don’t know wheter to start Hill or Hedo … both are starters playing the same position …

    I’d love to see Warrick getting a lot of time with Nash in the pick and roll … that would mean bring Hedo of the bench as the sixt guy, which means we should have frye instead of RoLo to spread the floor …

    rotation seems to be tough with the current roster, unless hedo is our new PF …

  • justin

    if we trade dudley i will no longer be a suns fan. anyone who thinks trading dudley is a good idea just to have a good season this year is dumb. he is our future. why would we let go of a guy that we know can produce and stick with a guy that has all sorts of questions in him. theres a reason he went to europe.

  • Steve

    Dudley is the guy to get rid of at the moment. He has higher value now than I believe he will have at the end of next season. The biggest problem is that there are still no legitimate 4′s or 5′s out there for us to snag.

    I think the Suns are going to hold onto Dudley until the middle of the season, then reassess their needs depending on their playoff hopes, and use Richardson and Dudley as trade pieces to acquire what they feel they need the most (an elite 2, which isn’t happening, or an elite 4 or 5, which is slightly more likely, but still not happening)

  • Suns68

    Leave it alone and keep the rest of our core together. We're already looking at integrating four new players into the rotation. Any more and we'll be looking at a sure recipe for disaster.

    This isn't fantasy league where the players exist in a vaccuum.

    Teamwork matters. Familiarity with each other and the system matters. Trust matters.

    I can't believe anybody's serious about trading Dudley after the breakout season he had for us.

    PS. Clark's a stiff, with a bad attitude. After last season and the summer league, getting schooled by scrubs and draftees, I simply can't imagine why any team would trade for him.

  • Mike Meez

    I’m generally opposed to trading J-Duds unless a great opportunity comes by. He brings a lot to the team and I don’t think we’ll get back what he’s worth. Yes, we are loaded with middling 3s and 4s but they are all fairly versatile as far as what position they play. Dudley can easily play the 2 behind J-Rich and we actually need him here because otherwise we have no backup 2. And I’d rather have Dudley here than Childress. Unless Suns get a 5, Frye will seemingly have to be the backup center again. Send Clark and/or Griffin to the D-League and give Lawal a shot on the bench as a utility guy like Amundson. That leaves Turk and Warrick. I’d like to see Warrick get a chance to start with Nash as well. It’d also be good for the 2nd unit to have a vet like Turk with them who could be relied upon to pick up some scoring when guys like Goran and Frye are in a funk.


    Nash (Dragic)
    Richardson (Dudley)
    Hill (Childress)
    Warrick (Turkoglu) (Lawal)
    Lopez (Frye)

    We’re thin on defense but nothing to be done about that unless we pull off a trade and I don’t know who’s even available at this point. Ultimately, guys will have to step up their rebounding efforts.

  • Mike Meez

    One option at the 4: Richard Jefferson. Personally, I would rather stick with what we’ve got. Jefferson was not that impressive last year and I’d rather keep a younger guy like Dudley and even Earl Clark in case he actually develops into an NBA player.

  • KyonoRocks

    I know why people think we should trade Dudley but I still can’t believe I’m hearing it haha.

    The energy he brings, the big threes, the defense… I don’t know how we could replace that. Childress will have to be the greatest guy in the world. When Hill is gone, we’ll need him more than ever.

    I don’t know why we haven’t traded Clark already. Before we do anything with Dudley we should see what the situation is without Clark. I just feel Dudz is too important to our team.

  • charlene

    we dont need to trade dudley he brings a lot of energy to the game let clark go dudley is more important.

  • Zak

    I like the team and I can see a lot of potential for next season. Turkoglu will have some problems defending at the 4 spot but he will give other teams' bigs fits because they'll have to follow him out to the 3 point line to guard him. I love having Hill on the team but facts are facts and age will force him to retire or to the bench soon so moving either Dudley or Childress doesn't make any sense especially since both can play the 2, 3 and even the 4 (if the Suns go small). I like the reports I've been hearing from the summer league on Lawal and I think we'll see him getting minutes at the 4 this season too. Clark has been a disappointment and may wind up in the d-league instead of keeping the end of the bench warm this year. That might be the best thing for him as he'll at least get some actual playing time to try and develop his game to the NBA level.

  • Jon

    I agree. Do Not Trade Dudley!!!!!

  • PHZ-Sicks

    It was under my impression that the line up would probably be this for the bench of the Suns:

    Childress (he can play 2 well)

    As far as bench goes, that is really solid and only leaves a rookie out and a player that might meet the same fate as Alando Tucker.

  • ghost of Darko

    people – let's stop the crazy talk.

    @Mike Meez: there's no way on earth Hedo's coming off the bench. (ask Toronto how well that went.) Richard Jefferson opted out of $15M in San An – PHX can't afford him AND he's not remotely a 4.

    @KJ – Lawal & Clark are improvements over Amare…I'm sure Gentry shares your sentiments there. that '06 roster minus Amare was much stronger than this one AND Nash was 5 years younger.

    Nash has 2-3 years left – that means win now, but there's not enough in the cupboard to get there. Lakers, Spurs, OKC, Blazers, Jazz, Rockets, Mavs are all better than PHX. that leaves Nuggets, Clippers, Grizz & possibly Hornets fighting with PHX for that last playoff spot.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Darko that sounds like last year's chatter. Actually I'd bet you copied and pasted that.

    '06 was stronger? '06 was dead in late May because Mike D' ran 6 guys into the ground. '06 didn't have a servicable, (and nearly ready to start), backup point guard who, when in the game, improves the defense.

    Nash being older doesn't hold as much weight as it used to because, once again, Dragon is ready to feast when called upon.

    Lawal and Clark may as well take up that time. Amare didn't want to be in PHX. Amare didn't want to put the team on his back at any time like the other stars have. he got his in cerain series because the teams designed it to be that way.

    He never actually took it upon himself to obliterate teams in the playoffs because he didn't have the heart for it. maybe he will in New York, (this coming from a devout Stoudemire fan but facts are facts).

    The scoing Amare brought to the table will easily be made in in the Suns system. There won't be as many disgusting and disrespectful dunks but the points will be there. The defense on the weakside will improve because, at the 4, almost anybody in the league will actually D up the weakside harder than STAT and again. I love the guy.

    That list of teams you mentioned:

    Spurs: demolished by the Suns, (without anything really significant from STAT).

    Blazers: beat them too AND they chose to take STAT away. They'll be healthier, but we'll be ready. Not scared of them.

    OKC: Durantula is nice, but they need more.

    Nuggets: I'll believe it when I see it. Melo lacks that killer's mentality and Billups is another year older too.

    Jazz: While Sloan commands that team they will always be respected but hardly ever feared, by anyone.

    Dallas: While Dirk is their number one guy, they will continue to fall. We've traded important playoff series and we match up with them a lot better.

    Rockets: haha.

    Clippers: see rockets.

    Grizzlies: see Clippers

    Hornets: Will Paul even be there come opening day?

    Just like last year, people are leaving the Suns for dead. Only the Lakers are clear favorites if they're healthy. Everybody else out west can be beaten.

  • Steve

    @ghost- I'm not sure why you think you're such an authority on the matter. Nobody likes a hater, especially considering that you were probably a hater on this team last year.

    Your "average age" analysis is a joke.

    The '06 roster was not stronger than this one. Instead of just blindly saying something, I'll throw in some names. Here are the useful players from the '05-'06 roster:






    Tim Thomas

    Kurt Thomas

    Eddie House

    James Jones

    And let's not forget… Pat Burke

    HOW is that a better squad? For the life of me, I can't understand how you could think that is a better squad than this one. I think they might have played WORSE defense than this squad can play, and they're certainly not more potent offensively. This squad is 10 deep. That squad was 7 deep, 8 if you stretched it. That's a ridiculous comment to say that the '06 squad was stronger. What you might have meant, which would have made more sense (but you didn't really mean it, I'm just rationalizing your completely off-base comment for you), is that the '06 squad was strong relative to their competition. The West wasn't the Wild West that it is today. You didn't have eight teams winning 50 games a year in '06.

    Now, for your teams that are better than PHX:

    Lakers- absolutely

    Spurs- 4-0. It wasn't an accident. Amare didn't win that series.

    OKC- We don't match up well with them, I'll agree with that. In no way are they a "better" team, but they matchup probably favors OKC because of their strength at PG and Durant is far longer than any of our nimble defenders

    Blazers- 4-2. And again, Amare didn't win that one.

    Jazz- The Jazz are a good team, but what basis do you use for calling them better than the Suns? The fact that we spanked them twice last year (and blew two huge leads in the other two games). We also beat them in the finale of the season, a game that was crucial for them to win. So, how are the Jazz "better?"


    Mavs- Not sure why everyone was on the Mavs bandwagon last year. I called that the Spurs would beat them in five. I think it ended up taking them six. The Mavs are garbage. They have Nowitzki, who is a stud of a finisher. But other than that, they're a mediocre team. And again, I don't see how they're "better" than the Suns. I was there for the end of the TNT curse. A game in which Amare sat out the entire fourth quarter, then the bench (which is still in tact) came in and beat the Dallas Mavericks down.

    There is a clear number one in the West. The Lakers are the best team. But other than that, I think the case could easily be made that the Suns are the second best team. I don't think they'll finish as the two seed. I think that the Mavs will probably end up with a better record (in the regular season, no one cares about games, so they're close till the fourth, then one of the best finishers in the game, like Nowitzki, can win a lousy game with six good minutes). And I think one other team will likely end up with a better record. The Suns will end up with the four or five. But in no way do I think they'll be sitting at home once May rolls around. The only way that's possible is if 50 wins isn't good enough to get to the playoffs this year.

  • Jeremiah

    Justin, There aren’t really any questions about Josh’s game right now, he wasn’t forced to the euroleague he went there because he got a fat paycheck, that’s all.

  • Steve

    Ha, I like how KJ and I said basically the same exact thing within minutes of each other. Good call, KJ.

    @ghost- I agree with you about the wages of wins thing. It works in baseball (I can't recall the name of the stat right now, but there is a stat that basically tracks how many wins a given player adds to his team based off the average performance at his position). That list is filled with guys like Pujols, Hamilton, Cabrera, Youkilis, etc etc etc. That one works. With basketball, not so much. The best measure of individual talent, ability, skill, etc etc etc, is PER, and that really only accounts for the offensive aspect of the game.

    I realize that accounting only for offense does a severe injustice to guys like Shane Battier, who I believe to be one of the top 30 players in the association, but there really isn't a good way to track "defensive efficiency" to create some category of overall efficiency. The reason why stats in baseball are so accurately descriptive of what is actually true (virtually all stats point to the fact that Pujols is the best player in baseball) is because baseball is mostly an individual sport. Basketball is much more of a team game, especially on the defensive end of the court.

  • ghost of Darko

    @Steve – what part of (37+38+32+31)/4 = 34 is a joke? I'm not a Suns hater. I've rooted for them for years. I just wish they would've stuck with (and improved) last year's group.

    @Steve & KJ – D'Antoni ran all his teams (not just '06) into the ground with his short rotations. Gentry's approach is much better in this regard. 4 of the '06 starting 5 had career years (Nash, Diaw, Marion, Bell). Tim Thomas, Jim Jackson & Eddie House had big moments in the playoffs. neither Suns team (06 or next year's) is gonna defend anybody.

    the issue is they've lost two of their most explosive scorers (Amare & LB) which reduces spacing for the rest of the group – which are primarily spot up shooters.

    the Rockets are getting an All-NBA center back, the Blazers best player was 5 days outta knee surgery in last year's playoffs. the current Suns roster wouldn't have swept the Spurs.

    you guys are far more optimistic than me on the Suns upcoming season. we'll see what happens.

  • ghost of Darko

    …I meant to add to the 2nd paragraph above: similar career years will need to come from Frye, Dragic, Lopez, Warwick, Childress for the '11 team to match that team. and, yes, the West is much tougher now than in 06.

    don't sleep on the Clippers.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Everybody thought we were dead when Amare went down with the knee. WCF.

    Everybody thought we were no better than the 8 or 9 seed this year even WITH Sun Tzu. WCF.

    People seem to want to think the sky is falling in PHX but those people keep forgetting that the team never revolved around Marion, or STAT, or Joe Johnson. Two Time sets the tone. Last I checked, he was still in house and, unlike seasons past, he has a Dragon coming up ready to feast when he needs a rest and / or when he hangs them up.

    There is no reason to get rid of Dudley. His defense, (the way he plays defense is like Raja Bell plus he stuffs himself in the passing lanes), and his shooting make him valuable enough to keep.

    Also, people keep talking about all the SF’s we have. When did that ever stop us before? We’ve had SF’s playing PF’s and PF’s playing center and SG’s playing SF’s. That’s what we do in PHX. The difference now is that when we do it, we can actually play good enough defense to protect Nash AND Stoudemire will probably end up being replaced, down the line, by Lawal or EC – both guys being improvements over Amare, (which won’t be hard to do).

    Personally I feel like J Rich is the guy in the sniper’s scope. Childress can play the 2 and start there. Hill is a lock at the 3. RoLo is the 5. Turk can be ‘Dirk 33%’ at the 4 and in the PHX system, that’s 20 a night plus a disgusting nightmare for the other team’s 4 or 3, (on a switch).

    **Assuming J Rich is dealt**



    Lawal / Clark, (Duke of Earl – like it?)

    *Frye could easily crack the starting 5 if Hill slides to the 2 and they want Childress coming off the bench – Either way that’s very scary.

    Those scenarios are obviously set in regards to our team on this day and J Rich sent away.

    As far as EC and Lawal go, especially EC, we were saying the same things about Dragon last off season when it still seemed like he wasn’t getting it.

    Clark needs that game time. That NBA game time.
    I kind of like Clark and Lawal coming up together – the banger and the guy with a pretty silky game that just needs time to mature.

    And yeah, Childress didn’t run away because he couldn’t ball in the NBA. He went over there for a fat check and, well really. He was playing for the Atlanta Hawks. You’d get out of town if you could too.

  • Steve

    The age is a joke because it's irrelevant to their performance on the court. I agree that they're old. That's indisputable. What is disputable is whether or not their age will diminish their play in THIS season. Eventually Hill and Nash will break down. Everyone knows this. I just haven't seen any indication that this year will be the year when Nash and Hill decline. I don't get how thinking we'll get the 4 or 5 is overly optimistic.

    I know how hopeless it is to be a Suns fan. I've been one my whole life. I know we'll probably never win a championship, just because we're the Suns and it never seems to happen for us. But hoping for the 4 or 5 is hardly the same as hoping for a championship.

    And as far as the Clippers go, I realize they have some talent, but don't they always? Once the Clippers do ANYTHING significant, we can start giving them some credit.

  • jfelton18

    i honestly love grant hill as a player but i think we should trade grant hill and hakim warrick for david west of the hornets then we will be ready david west whos use 2 playing with chris paul and has a jump shot he also averages 9 rebounds a game i think its a good move and it would make us younger and better i would say starters would be

    steve nash (goran dragic)

    j-rich(josh childress)

    hedo turkgolu(jared dudley)

    david west (lawal)

    robin lozpez(cnanning frye)

    with this lineup we would be a championship ready team

  • Auggie

    Blah Blah Blah… some of you fans sound like a cheap GM, "Trade Dudley while he's worth something"

    Gimme a break!!

  • ghost of Darko

    @Schwartz: I don’t know who’s running the ‘Wages of Wins’ site you reference. but if you, like they, truly believe Childress has as much impact on winning as Amare, you should just stop watching basketball.

    this ‘wins produced’ metric is garbage. reminder: for Childress’ 4 years in ATL they won 13, 26, 30 & 37 games. by their measure a rookie bench player scoring 1o pts/game produced 10 of ATL’s 13 wins in ’05. also, they skewed their own data by not accounting for Amare’s missed season. so actually even by their own ridiculous measure Amare produced in 3 seasons more wins than Childress did in 4. nevermind that with the Hawks low win totals in those years no one on that team produced much of anything.

  • ghost of Darko

    @Schwartz: here’s some of the 4s & 5s ‘wages of wins’ rated higher than Amare (Gentry’s post-All Star league MVP) last season:

    Troy Murphy
    Kevin Love
    David Lee (#2 big man in league behind Dwight Howard!)
    Joakim Noah
    Samuel Dalembert
    Ben Wallace
    Chris Andersen
    Udonis Haslem

    this same group PLUS Emeka Okafor, Luis Scola & Anderson Varejao were rated higher than Dirk Nowitzki. clearly the people who put Dirk & Amare on the All-NBA team have no idea what they’re doing.

  • ghost of Darko

    @Steve: Dirk would be fantastic in PHX…curious that he didn't look around at all during free agency. Melo…at the 4? he'd score plenty in PHX, but the team would be so undersized.

  • Mike Meez

    Turkoglu coming off the bench actually makes sense here, very different from Toronto. Did they really start Demar DeRozan there? haha My point is simple: Warrick seems like he would greatly benefit from playing with Nash on the pick and roll and fastbreak whereas I believe Turkoglu is pretty good at making his own shots and shooting over guys. Plus, get some youth and energy out with the starters and some vet experience with the second unite. I'm envisioning something where Warrick would start but Turk would come in off the bench for plenty of minutes, some with starters but most with bench. Keep in mind that Turk has never been a 40+ minutes/game player anyway and he's now 31. Just an idea, talent-wise Turkoglu is definitely a starter over Warrick.

  • Zane


  • ghost of Darko

    @jfelton: the numbers on your suggested trade are within $1M, so I could work if PHX threw in some spare parts. I can’t see why the Hornets would do this unless they want CP3 to force his way outta town. besides I don’t think West’s style really fits the Suns. he’s more Kurt Thomas than Amare.

  • Steve

    I don’t like West for PHX either. He’s better than our current PF options, but we’d be paying him as such. There are only a couple of guys I think would fit our system better than Amare that have the ability to play the 4, and that would be Dirk and Melo. I don’t think either one of those guys are coming here any time soon.

  • jfelton18

    i was just making a trade suggestion but david west would work in are system he has the jm shot he plays defense and has good post up skills and we know he can run so i think it would work plus hes young and if it doesnt all we would have gave up was grant hill and hakim warrick

  • Evan

    Anyone who thinks we are getting another 4 or 5 is crazy, Lawal and Clark will battle for the 3rd bonified big , Hedo will start at PF which is just as intimidaing as when we had Marion at PF accept Hedo can hadle the ball and consistantly shoot, and is clutch. Trading Dudley would be the worst thing we could do, he is so important to the suns chemestry, and did you see the playoffs, he is always in the right place at the right time. Face it grant wont play for ever dudly is the perfect replacment, he might even start some games next season. the fact is that the suns will be the suns, high scoring, fun to watch, deep run in the playoffs before loosing in the confrence finals to the Lakers.

  • Most Illustrious

    You Dum Dums lol

    The starting line up will be

    The Bench

    Lawal, Clark will be deep on the bench for the first part of the season unless they blow people away in training camp…

    But the sneaky play sarver should make next is hit up Tracy McGrady and tell him to drink from the fountain of youth in Phoenix…

    You see, in the NBA there are really 3-4 monsters, most power forwards and centers range between 6’9 and 6’11 anyways, and guys like Dudley, Warrick, Turk, Clark, Lawal, power forward and even Hill did at times last season… McGrady is another 6’9 guy that could potentially play multiple positions… You would really long, really deep teem that can pour in buckets!

  • Real 2K Insider

    Turkoglu can't be any worse at PF than Rashard Lewis.

    All the Suns role players are going to decrease in value because teams had to respect Amare's inside scoring. Without Amare, they are all going to post lower 3pt%.

    Right now it would seem the only available bigs would be Zach Randolph, Emeka Okafor, and Chris Kaman, all of whom aren't exactly ideal fits.

    Detroit has a lot of parts they're looking to move (Hamilton or Gordon, Villanueva, Maxiell or Wilcox)but what the Suns could offer them isn't very obvious. Grant Hill actually has value to Detroit because he might put butts in the seats during a terrible economic time.