More Amare to Cleveland rumors on All-Star Day

The Phoenix Suns are the only NBA team to boast a pair of starters in tonight’s All-Star Game, and my how different has this week been for the two of them?

While Steve Nash has been running the Olympic torch, lighting the Olympic cauldron and winning the Skills Challenge at the age of 36 (rumors unconfirmed on if he also cured cancer), Amare Stoudemire has just been the subject of constantly swirling trade rumors. Nash is having the kind of weekend he’ll never forget; Amare likely just can’t wait for this week to be over and the Feb. 18 deadline to come so all the talk will stop.

Before we get to all the Amare to Cleveland talk, let’s spend a moment on tonight’s All-Star Game, which starts at 6 p.m. MST on TNT in the spectacle known as Cowboys Stadium.

It will be a special time again for Nash, playing in the city where he first established himself as an NBA star for six seasons. His two main career one-two punch partners will join him in the starting lineup — Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki and Amare — and Nash will likely put on a show getting other people the basketball. I would not be surprised to see Nash go for no points and 10 assists in the first quarter as he strives to get all his All-Star teammates involved.

It’s special that Dirk snuck into the starting lineup due to Kobe’s injury to make this Nash-Dirk pairing happen. As much as I’m normally lukewarm on All-Star games, having those two former teammates spin their old magic in their city will be something special.

It certainly means something extra for Nash to be able to play potentially his final All-Star Game and only his second as a starter in front of these fans, especially when Michael Jordan was the last player to start at his age.

“I have great memories of my time in Dallas,” Nash said. “The fans were fantastic to me, our team went from one of the worst teams to the best, so it was a very impressionable and important time in my career, and to go back there and represent my team as an All-Star will be fun.”

I do wonder how the defensive matchups will go after Joe Johnson replaced Allen Iverson and Dirk replaced Kobe. Nash will have to guard either D-Wade or JJ (gulp!) and apparently Dirk will get the assignment on LeBron. Since nobody was planning on playing defense anyway, I suppose this might not be a bad thing.

As for the Amare rumors, today ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that the Suns and Cavs were in serious talks about a deal that would send Big Z and Hickson for Amare.

This deal sucks, plain and simple, and from what I’ve seen on Twitter and the ValleyoftheSuns comments, most fans agree with that as well. Even Jared Dudley, ever the good company man, tweeted this: “I’m starting the Campaign now.. Don’t trade Amare..we need him to make this playoff run.. Are u with me?”

I suppose if you know you can’t sign Amare to an extension and you expect to lose him for nothing anyway then J.J. Hickson is better than nothing, but I can’t believe that’s the best offer out there. It just can’t be. The guy has played well of late, potentially with the Cavs showcasing him for a deal, but he averages 7.4 and 4.4 on the season!

The Suns would be better off playing this season out and seeing what happens this offseason than making their move now with Hickson, a move that could still be there in a sign-and-trade this offseason.

According to Broussard, the Suns’ top target in an Amare deal remains Andre Iguodala, and isn’t it amazing that they would go from asking for Iggy to J.J. Hickson?

So long as the Suns are talking about ridiculous deals, I’m going to throw out this hypothetical trade that could (emphasis on could) make everyone happy:

Suns get: Iggy and Dalembert from Philly

Cavs get: Amare and J-Rich

Sixers get: Hickson, Big Z’s contract, Wally Sczerbiak’s sign-and-trade contract

According to Trade Machine, the Cavs would have to trade an additional $13.4 million to make this work, which I believe they can do with Wally World’s deal because he made $13 million last year.

This scenario gives the Suns their optimal deal in acquiring Iggy and Dalembert while getting rid of J-Rich’s contract. This deal would save the Suns about $4.5 mil next year while creating lots of flexibility when Dalembert expires the following season.

The Cavs would be loaded for their title run and their subsequent run at keeping LeBron, albeit going way over the cap to do so, and the Sixers would shed a ton of salary while acquiring the great J.J. Hickson.

But really, with what appears to be on the table, I think the Suns would be wise to keep their All-Star starting center and play this game again in the offseason.

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  • OuttaTownClowns

    Love the post, check ours out as well:


    Is that the real Jared Dudley who left that comment

  • Stan

    I'll start by saying I am from Cleveland. But you guys just don't know about JJ. He's 21 and playing his 1st full season. He had back injuries all last year. This kid's practically a rookie. And he would be a good fit in your system with his explosiveness. If this trade goes down he will be sincerely missed in Cleveland

  • Stan

    Oh yea, Big Z has a trade kicker, the deal works as is

  • ross
  • Andrew

    These proposals are an abomination to Suns fans. We probably could have got Hickson in the shack deal. We do not have a 1st round draft pick this year and this move may take us out of the playoffs in all likely hood. Do a sign and trade in the offseason or resign Amare and in 2011-2012 we can get another free agent when J Rich is off the books and maybe a Barbosa trade. Kerr will go down as one of the worst GMs ever if it is Hickson for Amare. I do not even understand iggy since he is a shooting guard. Until Lopez fully develops we will have a whole at the PF and C position. Not good that=lottery team with no lottery pick. What is wrong with this organization. If this deal goes down all that is left of D'Antoni era is Nash, Barbosa, Hill partially and…..Gentry(gulp).

  • Mike

    At this point I’d just keep him and take my chances. There always the offseason to make any other moves. Of course the Suns could just end this and sign him to a near-max contract worth about what he’s making now.

  • Jared

    Can’t take JJ and Big Z for STAT. Not only woud the team be dramatically weakened but no one in the league would take the Suns front office seriously again. They’re barganing position would be destroyed in future deals. It is just bad business.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Thanks, figured as such since it’s been so widely reported. I understand Hickson’s potential, but I think I speak for most Phoenix fans when I say the Suns should still be able to get more than him for Amare Stoudemire.

  • Matt Fuerst

    I sincerely hope that trade doesn’t happen. Amare has made enough overtones to lead me to believe he’d be willing to simply exercise his option for next season. Really the only negative on his mind about it would be how the Suns front office really didn’t do much to dull the trade talk for months now, so if he re-upped he would simply have to go through this again next year.

    I researched JJ some, and he may well be a good talent. However, I don’t think anyone would propose he’s a $17M+ per year player, which is the salary space Amare will leave if he ups and leaves without any compensation. So, even if he leaves, we can end up with something better than JJ from the free market.

    I’d love to see Amare stay for a little less dough and try the Nash-Amare combo for 1 or 2 more years. I think the team is moving in the right direction.. Lopez is much better this year than I and most thought he could be, Frye is a great fit and there are a lot of great role players in Dudley and Amundson. Bring in a few other guys and I think the core team could work.

  • Matt Fuerst

    Just checked out Ross’ post which reminded me..

    All my Amare love being said, a deal for Igudala would make me a much happier camper (than for Z and JJ).

    I can’t see any reason in the world the 76ers would take Ross’ trade though….

  • Tim Ross

    i think u guys r crazy really cuz if u look at it this way shaq and amare played on the same team the past 2 years and made really goood starting center and power forwoard combo now look if we get amare and as good as shaq has been latley we could go all the wway

  • Mike Meez

    Another terrible deal on the horizon. The only potential trade I like is Amare for Beasley.

  • joseph

    i am a cavs fan but i like the suns as well i think a 3-way deal with philly iggy suns amare j-rich to cavs z – jj-draft pick and or wally to philly

  • Mike Schaeferle

    Why is Steve Kerr trying to make this trade? He traded Shaq to Cleveland for nothing, and now Cleveland is trying to get Amare for a has been center in Zydrunas Ilgauskas who they intend to cut if the deal goes through, and a rookie that will take a few years to develop. If this trade goes through, then the next move the Suns should make is to get rid of Kerr. Kerr must not get the concept of trading a player, is to get a player or players back of at least equal value. Its funny how in just a few years the Suns, have gone from being the top team in Phoenix to the worst. And the Cardinals have gone from being the worst in Phoenix, to the top team here. The Suns are becoming the new LA. Clippers of old, and will be the basement dweelers for years to come. I know that Danny Ferry is your friend Kerr, but quit giving the Cavs our players at rock bottom prices. MAKE THE SUNS WINNERS, before the fans run you out of town!!!

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  • Nick

    If the trade goes down and we only get J.J. out of it Steve Kerr will be losing a good amount of Phoenix’s fan base. It will truly piss me off I do know that.