Amare hath spoketh

On the first official day of free agency, while teams around the league excitedly unveiled free agents like kids opening Christmas presents, Suns fans were treated to Amare Stoudemire unplugged.

You really should check out Paul Coro’s story to get the full flavor of it, but here are a few snippets of the quotes, via The Republic.

On whether he would sign with a mediocre team: “I’ll sign an extension with a team that has a future. The ball is in midcourt right now. It’s on both sides. We have to come to an (agreement) here and figure out what’s best for both of us. If I had to re-sign with a mediocre team, it would be here. Because I’m here. I’ve been here my whole career. And I would love to bring the Suns back to where we once were.

“That’s my ultimate goal, a la Paul Pierce. He did it with Boston. He stuck around. Boston took care of him. They made the right decision to bring in Garnett and a few other players and they won a championship. Hopefully, we can do the same here.”

On whether he deserves a max contract: “I think my game itself deserves maximum level. I’m top 10 in the NBA. I’m top 10 for the past six years. I’m just going to improve. I’m 26 years old, going into the prime of my career so I think I deserve a maximum extension.”

On whether he can be a centerpiece player: “It’s not really about being a centerpiece. It’s about whether the Suns have confidence in me or not. If they don’t want to sign an extension, then that explains the confidence level that they have in me. If they do, then that explains it as well, as far as they do have confidence in me.”

On Golden State: “It’s all about winning. Why go to Golden State and try to rebuild there when I can stay here and rebuild here? The situation didn’t make total sense to me. I think the Suns are trying to make the best decision for them, so I’ve got to deal with it.”

Amare said a whole lot more, but those were his most interesting comments.

My take is what we all assumed: he just really wants to be a max player. Stoudemire has long talked about measuring himself against the best of the best, like when STAT complained to Stephen A. Smith about wanting to be featured like the LeBrons, D-Wades and Dwights of the world.

Amare’s a good guy at heart, but “Sun Tzu” has an ego to fill the Grand Canyon. I don’t think it’s so much the money but what the money represents status-wide that STAT craves so badly.

As he said, he believes he’s been a top-10 player for a number of years and he just wants that to be reflected in his paycheck.

The counterargument says that Amare has never been close to a top-10 player on both ends of the floor, which is why I would love Amare in the $14-15 million range but am hesitant about locking him up as the future of the franchise with a cap-crippling max deal. I’m also petrified of losing him for nothing or in a lopsided trade.

Kerr has never given any indication of planning on offering Amare a max deal. He completely passed on that question in the final regular season press conference by saying he (Kerr) would like a max deal himself but that he doesn’t think that will happen after his past season, although in that same presser he talked about wanting to extend Nash.

It’s interesting that Amare wouldn’t mind rebuilding with a “mediocre” Phoenix team, but he wouldn’t want to do so in Golden State. That about shuts the door on the Curry deal, if Curry signing his rookie deal with the Warriors didn’t already.

I like what Amare said about the Paul Pierce comparison. Pierce played on some putrid Boston teams, stuck it out, and won it all when Ainge got him some help. It’s nice to see Amare at least pondering that possibility.

Like I’ve written before, Amare is a player who just needs to be shown that his organization loves him. The Suns don’t seem to want to do that in the form of a max deal, which is why we don’t figure to have heard the end of Amare trade rumors.

Besides Amare opening his mouth, not much else came out of Suns camp on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Dallas appears to be finalizing a confusing four-team trade for the Matrix

Unfortunately, Mark Cuban’s pocketbook appears to have foiled Phoenix Stan’s TweetTrix campaign. What a shock.

It’s frustrating to see the Suns not even make a real serious attempt at bringing back a player like Marion when even my buddy McGinty, who is about the most pessimistic Suns fan you’ll ever meet, agrees it would be a great move.

It’s also frustrating to see a similarly fading team like Dallas make the kind of moves that possibly will put Dirk and the Mavs in position for one final run while the Suns sit idly by.

In the same breath, it doesn’t seem like Grant Hill will be back, and with Cleveland making Channing Frye a priority, it would be no surprise to see him become a Cavalier.

On the bright side, the Suns won’t have to pay any 2008-09 luxury tax because of a league-wide escrow payment.

Where is all that money going again?

The Suns’ offseson is starting to shape up much like last season played out: they don’t know what they want to be.

In the past few weeks, we’ve debated moves that could make the Suns a quasi-contender, and we’ve talked about moves that could set them up for a painless as possible rebuilding process.

Right now, it’s hard to see what their master plan is and what direction they seem intent on taking.

Suns fans can only hope that plan begins to surface in the coming weeks.

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  • Artur Baguete Mascar

    Instead of demanding some "money love", Amare should demand a competitive team. Wanna be like Paul Pierce? So stop whinning and work the backstages to bring some talent to the team.

    People seem to forget that despite all Sarver cheapness, Joe Johnson and Marion left also because of Amare's ego and his "alpha-dog-needness".

    I miss JJ and Marion.

    Gosh, I hate this guy…

  • jay thatch

    stat basically just blew the suns "poker game" by saying he wouldn't resign with golden state. anything this guy is to benifit himself. there is no team in amare, on the court, off the court, where ever. if he had to choose between making 2$ of feeding some hungry kid, he'd probably take the 2$. This guy is never going to win a championship as "the number one guy" and he won't be happy unless he is the number one guy, so there you go. as for the suns plan, it is try to win as many regular season games as possible while spending as little money as possible, with a facade of title contenders. their current path is win regular season games and maybe make the playoffs every now and again and maybe take a first round series. there is no feasible championship here for the next 5-7 years with this management style.

  • jay thatch

    here's an intro to a similar blog spot for the sanantonio spurs.

    "This last week has been exciting for Spurs fans. Between trading for Richard Jefferson and drafting DeJuan Blair, most of us have been caught in a state of exuberance that borders on delirium."

    Must be nice!!! maybe i'll convert to a damn spurs fan just to feel good about my team for a change!!!!!!

  • jay thatch

    How about a peek at another non-playoff team? frustrated and stagnant like the suns right?

    From Tronto:

    "Let it not be said that BryCo doesn’t do work. In what is the craziest trade this franchise ever made, B.C. Colangelo turned Marion, Humphries and Uni-brow (Douby) into Hedo (don’t call me Hedu) Turkoglu, Devean George, Antoine Wright while being able to keep our mid-level exception (actually they have just under $8mil to sign whoever they want "

    Must be really nice to have a Colangelo in the organization!!! Man I really really miss those days!

  • Chad

    Good point. I use to love the guy but you gotta wonder if the suns can bring anyone in that can truly work with him. I think steve kerr is doing the right thing by being cautious and fielding offers. Man, i just want the suns to make some moves! It seems as if we’re in no mans land!

  • king fahd

    I have to give disagree (with almost everyone) that Amar’e is still DEFINITELY a top 10 player in this league. Going back to the 1st time the Suns were introduced in the NBA, they always lucked out to have that dominate big man, who is in their prime and an impact player, which could take them to contention. It is very hard to find that big man, and Amar’e is one of them. He has always expressed his desire and dedication to this team. He deserves a max contract, even more than Nash. Whether the Suns want to give another shot at contention, or rebuild for the future, it only makes sense that they do it around STAT.

  • rw26bailey

    what a minute here folks, i think that we are all forgetting that joe jonhson and the matrix also wanted to be then number 1 gut so they were outed. as far as amare is concerned, he should be given the same treatment. he absolutely refuses to play defense or rebound. he himself cannot will his team to victory like the elite players can. one cannot complain about his lack of recruiting on the suns behalf howver, cuz lets face it, where the hell are we going. i have mixed emotins about keeping him. as for the sund in general, they need just that a general. steve kerr is the one that absolutely needs to go this guy is the biggest bonehead in gm history. he blew up a great team that just needed a little tweeking, and everyone knew that. fire him and get someone in there that has a plan. and for better or worse, sign amare and bite the bullet and bring in the help he needs (tyson chandler for a start) or trade him now get what we can and rebuild now!

  • jay thatch

    Heck , it is worth reading the entire article from Toronto. Here’s the link:

    It is just oooozzzzing with optimism. I think the suns fan in me will go and cry somewhere in a dark closet now.

  • D. Hayden

    I don’t know if you guys really watch the suns play or not but if you do you will see a pattern. When Amar’e is involved in the game we rarely ever lose point blank. There have been games where they don’t give him the ball enough I think he has every right to want the ball over Marion and Joe Johnson. Marion as much as i liked him was as inconsistent as it gets when it came to the playoffs. Stoudamire is the best big man in the league anyone who can average 37 points on Tim Duncan is a beast. Kerr better do his damnest to sign this man because if he gets with Wade or Lebron they will never stop winning championships. Kerr go out there and get this team so help what are you waiting for? You have screwed the team and the fans i refuse to order the nba package again to look at the suns unless this man gets some help. I have a suggestion look at a real backup point guard and get big men that is all we need