The Phoenix Suns TRIED to make a trade for Aaron Gordon? Yet they failed – again

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Aaron Gordon Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

According to Shams Charania, the Phoenix Suns attempted to acquire Aaron Gordon at the trade deadline. But once again, management failed to find a way to make a deal.

Fans of all professional sports know that somewhere around 1% of all proposed trades actually come to fruition. For every rumor that actually makes it public, there have been dozens upon dozens of other offers that will never see the light of day – and only a handful of those public trade rumors ever come to be as well.

So when news of Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones making a late trade deadline attempt to acquire Aaron Gordon makes it public (a player who we have written about numerous times here at Valley of the Suns as a perfect target), it isn’t shocking, and the fact that it failed, is once again, disappointing.

Rumors are worthless. They’re fun and exciting when they potentially positively affect your team. But in the end, a fan begun trade rumor can be just as effective a means of getting a deal done as an actual general managers calling another one and making a trade offer.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, James Jones made a “late push” to acquire Gordon.

He, of course, failed.

Why though was the attempt such a “late push?”

The Phoenix Suns need a legitimate power forward in the worst way; they need a jolt of energy and excitement; and Gordon is a hometown player who would have brought more fans to seats and eyes to screens.

While Robert Sarver making some extra money makes little difference to fans, the players would have been well aware that the arena is a bit more full and that there is greater excitement around the team than had been. While we’d like to think  that that sort of thing wouldn’t need to occur to elevate their play at all, there is no doubt that it does, and something that absolutely should have been kept in consideration.

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