Josh Jackson goes Hollywood with recent commercial

So you thought Josh Jackson was a bust huh? You thought “man, McDonough really dropped the ball drafting him.” “Was Alex Len not bad enough?” you questioned. Well, boy are you going to feel silly after you watch this commercial.

Basically, Josh Jackson teamed up with Under Armour and the rap group Migos to bring a shoe commercial loosely based on ice cream. What does it mean? I have no idea.

Most expected Josh Jackson to perform much better than he did in his rookie campaign. In my opinion his first year was a good but not great start. However, someone taken with the fourth pick has much higher expectations.

It started with a haircut, and now a shoe commercial featuring the Migos.

It appears Josh Jackson is on the rise.

What do Jackson and players like Shaq, Kobe, and LeBron have in common? They all had shoe commercials. Shaq had Reebok, Kobe and LeBron had Nike.

Before a player can become truly great he has to have a shoe commercial. Having actual skills, playing great and making the All-Star team?

No sir. Great players have shoe commercials.

Oh boy, there goes Matthew with his poor analysis and subpar jokes man.

You caught me.

I just have to do it. It warms my little heart to see a Sun on TV – I mean, other than during a game.

Basically, I just want to shout out the man on getting a commercial.

Jackson has been in the gym a lot this summer and I feel this commercial is a great little sneak peek for the type of year he will have.

With a year under his belt and more talent added to the team, things are looking up for Josh Jackson and the Phoenix Suns.

Will there be more Josh Jackson commercials in the future? I hope so because it means he is killing it on the court.