Devin Booker: Top 10 Plays From His Rookie Season

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Devin Booker

Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Booker was the one bright spot in what was a long and loss-filled 2015-2016 season for the Phoenix Suns.

The rookie sensation Booker left us wanting more at the end of the season.

With two months still in between now and the start of the NBA regular season, the wait is not much longer for more Booker highlight reels. Booker averaged 13.8 PPG and 2.6 APG on 42.3 percent shooting in his rookie campaign, but what should be valued over his statistics on a bad team is how much he improved over six months.

Booker scored double-digit points in all but four games after December of 2015, and we saw Booker beginning to score in a variety of ways.

Here are the top 10 plays from his rookie year.

10.) Doing it on both ends

It’s tough to say what you like to see more in your first-round draft pick on this play, his athletic ability or hustle. Booker raced down the floor after a quick basket, and not only blocked the shot, but followed the ball for the rebound and saved it before going out-of-bounds.

Booker has shown he can score, but nobody wants to be a liability on one end of the floor, and Booker can be a decent defender if he continues to hustle like this.

9.) From distance

In every good shooter comes confidence. No matter the situation, if someone leaves a good shooter open, he will take the shot. Booker did that just here, showing that he can hit from way beyond the arc, but he is not afraid of any shot either.

8.) With the left hand

Not the only finish with Booker’s off-hand on this list, it shows that the rookie is not complacent with just being a spot-up shooter and can score on the inside as well.

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