Alan Williams: Highest Rebound Percentage in NBA History

Alan Williams is a great rebounder. In fact, in every opportunity he has been offered, he has been by far the best rebounder.

At the University of California, Santa Barbara, Williams led the nation in rebounding his senior season, was second his junior year, and sixth his sophomore year.

When Williams went to play in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), he finished as the leading rebound in the league at 15.4 rebounds per game.

During the last two Las Vegas Summer Leagues, can you guess what Williams did? He led the event in rebound both times, with the Houston Rockets the first time, and the Phoenix Suns in 2016.

Seeing a trend yet?

For the 2015-16 Phoenix Suns, Alan Williams played in just 10 games, totaling 68 minutes. However, he made the most of his minutes.

When on the floor, Alan Williams vacuumed up rebounds at an all-time mark. His 30.3% total rebound percentage in 2015-16 is the highest in NBA history (minimum 48 minutes played).

The next best mark is Dennis Rodman, with the San Antonio Spurs in 1994-95, when he had a total rebound percentage of 29.7% over 49 games, averaging 16.8 boards per game in just 32 minutes (translation: Rodman was an absolute beast).

As with all manipulation of statistics, there is the arbitrary cut off of 48 minutes, or 1 full NBA game. If you drop the minimum down to just 10 minutes, Williams still sits fourth in NBA history. Everyone is still trying to match the immortal Etdrick Bohannon‘s 32.8% total rebound percentage from 1997-98.

Of course this is a tiny sample size. Williams’ minutes are close to two games for a starter or three games for a role player. He won’t do this over a full season.

But what is truly amazing, is that no player in the long history of the NBA, has ever dominated the glass on such a limited opportunity. Williams knew he would have to show of his best skill, and he did that in a way that nobody has ever matched in the NBA. 

Being elite at anything is an asset for a basketball team. Alan Williams is an elite rebounder.

Data is from unless otherwise cited.