Young Suns Face Ultimate Test in Warriors

The young Suns have showed some significant signs of growth.

Tonight, that growth likely won’t show, as the 58-6 Golden State Warriors might be the greatest team ever, and even better at home.

The Suns have finally given the keys over to the young players. They need to take another step forward to compete in this game.

Of course it doesn’t really matter if the Suns win – it is better for the draft if they don’t win.

What does matter is that these young players come out and compete, and can at least show that they belong on the court against the Warriors.

I am speaking in particular of Alex Len and Devin Booker. Both have played the best basketball of their careers recently. They’re young guys getting a lot of minutes and taking full advantage of it.

If they are able to continue their strong play tonight, it will be a true testament to their great potential. Even if the Suns lose by 30, Booker and Len can still grow from this game.

Devin Booker has started shooting at the rate of a great offensive player. Prior to March, he had never attempted 20 shots in a game – he has done that 3 times already in march.

He should look across the floor and see two players he should emulate as much as possible: Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

In their rookie seasons, Thompson and Curry both were above 40% from three. That is an incredible feat, and Booker won’t match that this season (.379% so far).

Curry and Thompson were both 21 in their rookie season, while Booker is just 19. He should embrace this opportunity to show his sharp shooting skills. Just like he did in the Three Point Contest, I expect Booker to step up to the challenge.

Devin Booker has the potential to be a great guard/wing player, but will need to mirror the work ethics of the stars on the Warrior.

For Alex Len, the Warriors will present some extremely unorthodox match ups. He will need to use his size to punish the Warriors when they run their small ball lineup.

If he is not able to get easy baskets on the offensive end, he won’t be able to stay on the court. Against the Warriors smaller lineups, Alex Len will almost always be a defensive liability.

The Suns need Alex Len to be a force with his size, or else he won’t be able to break 20 minutes against the Warriors.

I’ll be watching to see how these two young Suns (potential) stars react to the challenge.