Apr 16, 2014; Sacramento, CA, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Archie Goodwin (20) dunks the ball between Sacramento Kings forward Quincy Acy (5) and Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore (16) during the second quarter at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Suns Mailbag: Will there be minutes for Archie Goodwin next year?

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Valley of the Suns. Every Friday, I will answer reader questions from the week in a mailbag form. You can leave your questions for next week in the comments section below in this post or you can look for a Tuesday post that will ask for your questions. Great questions from everyone this week, and we appreciate all the reader interaction.

JBAY38: With the crowded backcourt that the Suns already have, so you think that there is a plan in place to give Archie more consistent minutes than last year? Especially with the possibility that he might assume Eric Bledsoe’s role next year if Bled is gone.

Fantastic question JBAY. Archie Goodwin is in a tough spot. With Bledsoe, that leaves six guards along with Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas, Gerald Green and Tyler Ennis. We assume Ennis will spend most of the year at Bakersfield and Green will take the time at the three spot. But that still leaves a very crowded backcourt for Goodwin to crack.

If Bledsoe is gone then I do see a way for Goodwin to get consistent minutes. The thing with Archie is that he is so young, just turned 20, that playing the same role as he was last year could still benefit him. His outside shot is still raw, though improving and his defense is still in question. With the depth at guard there is no need to rush Goodwin’s development this season and that is something that could pay huge dividends for the Suns if they manage him correctly.

SUNSFANATIC24: What do you think the significance is, if any, of the last minute discussions with the Timberwolves to sign and trade for Kevin Love, especially in regards to Bledsoe’s ongoing free agency debacle?

I think the significance is very little. The Suns had nothing to lose with trying, but there was no way Minnesota was going to back out of the deal they had in place with Cleveland for who knows how long. The significance that I am taking out of this is the situation between Bledsoe and the Suns is as bad as imagined. A move I would be looking out for is a swap of disgruntled restricted free agents with the Detroit Pistons and Greg Monroe. It just makes sense on many levels.

Ethan Bradford: Do you think there will be a package of some sort, maybe Tyler Ennis, Alex Len, and a first rounder for a star PF so we can have Markieff coming off the bench with his brother?

I will throw this scenario out there for you Ethan. The Suns trade those three plus Marcus Morris for salary cap purposes to the New York Knicks for Amar’e Stoudemire and his expiring contract. The Knicks make the deal to acquire young players for an aging veteran. The Suns make that deal because they have the cap room to take on that contract for only one year, while still keeping all of their cap room for next year and beyond. Maybe Stoudemire finds the fountain of youth with the Suns training staff and can play 25 minutes a game while giving you around 15 a night. Extremely unlikely scenario, but just some food for thought.

CZOLOTOR: Why would the Suns sign Earl Barron for training camp? The Suns need talented players even for training camp and Barron has already had a not very successful stint with the Suns a few years ago. There are young players out there such as Blatche and the ASU center who is 7’1″. Sorry I did not know how to spell his name.

First off, let’s not get crazy. Jordan Bachynski is not a NBA center. He had a very nice career at Arizona State, but so did Jahii Carson and look where he is at.

The Suns signed Barron to give them a big veteran body in training camp. He is a longshot to make the team as is whoever they would’ve brought in for this role. Miles Plumlee and Alex Len are going to be the two centers that get playing time, Barron is just an insurance signing in case of an injury for camp.

RED7037: How many minutes a game, and how many points a game do you think T.J. Warren will put up this year? I think he has a chance to be real impact player, perfect system for his floater.

Warren’s game minutes will probably be in the 15-20 minute range. It will be hard for him to crack the rotation as he is battling with PJ Tucker, Gerald Green and Marcus Morris for minutes at the three spot. What he has going for him is his strong Summer League and Tucker’s early season suspension that could give him momentum to cracking a permanent role in the rotation early. If he does that it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets 10 or more a game.


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