Suns celebration matrix: Goran Dragic does the big balls dance


Thanks to a bit of boredom and inspiration from Shea Serrano’s NBA Celebrations Matrix on Grantland, I’ve used some awful cut-and-paste skills above to investigate which Phoenix Suns players in the past decade had the best celebrations. It felt necessary to consider them in context to the four variables that Serrano used in his matrix. More generally, I was just hoping to rehash some of the best Suns celebration techniques.

Yesterday, I remembered Stephon Marbury’s funny face that followed the dunk that put Amare Stoudemire on the map and was a well-remembered lowlight for Michael Olowokandi‘s career.

Now we turn to a more recent celebration.

Goran Dragic is one polite dude. He’s pretty quiet, too, and only on rare occasion do we see the competitiveness inside him bubble to the surface. When he’s dropping 40 points on the Pelicans, he might show a little emotion. But there’s nothing like watching the Phoenix Suns point guard play for his national team.

Ryan McDonough and Jeff Hornacek saw something in Dragic last summer, when he helped Slovenia to a successful EuroBasket event. Dragic was the main man playing with brother Zoran and some buddies he’s known for quite a long time. So national pride, plus some familiarity with his teammates, made him comfortable playing with emotion on his sleeve.

Production-wise, it’s the same thing Dragic displays with the Suns. But there’s nothing like watching him on a close-knit national team that’s fighting for a World Cup spot.

Seriously, these guys looked insanely invested in those games last summer. When Slovenia was in a tough battle with an Italian squad that was the only team in group play that went undefeated, it meant quite a bit that Dragic and crew were making big plays down the stretch to win. And so we got to see the more raw version of Goran Dragic, the one whose rock star status allowed him to do what he wanted.

We assume that Dragic was familiar with Sam Cassell‘s big balls dance, one he most famously pulled out against the Suns in 2006. We’re thankful for that.



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