Sep 21, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Alex Len of the Phoenix Suns watches the Phoenix Mercury and Los Angeles Sparks play in Game 2 of a WNBA basketball Western Conference semifinal series at US Airways Center. The Sparks defeated the Mercury 82-73. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Len won't need surgery on broken finger

Suns center Alex Len won’t need surgery on his broken right pinky and will be in a splint for a month, according to Arizona Sports’ Craig Grialou.

When the splint comes off, Len presumably can begin working out again and will likely be able to participate in casual the team’s workouts in September. Likely, the risk of re-injuring the finger would be low so long as Len’s range of motion doesn’t lead to more jamming while catching the ball.

Obviously, this is a setback for Len in terms of both keeping his conditioning in check — you would imagine he’ll be able to continue running on a treadmill — and getting more comfortable on the court. The loss will hurt Phoenix’s team-centric plans as well. Coach Mike Longabardi hardly got to toy with lineups involving the second-year big man out of Maryland during the Summer League, and the Suns will continue forward with Miles Plumlee leading the charge in Las Vegas.

If there’s any good news out of the injury, it’s that 50th overall pick Alec Brown will likely see more playing time. He finally brushed off the nerves toward the end of the Suns’ 93-82 win against the Golden State Warriors. Elias Harris, who took the open starting spot after Len’s injury, also was quick to grab opportunity by the horns. As Paul Coro writes from Vegas, Harris showed off his shooting range but most importantly locked up offensive juggernaut Jabari Parker on Sunday.

Len received an exam upon a return to the Valley on Monday.

  • 4everis2long

    That is excellent news. Thanks

  • Raffi_D

    Throw this guy and plumlee away. We need Greg Monroe. Maybe even make a trade for pekovic.

    • Milliken Steeler

      Throw Len away? That doesn’t make sense at all. Plumlee either,

  • coachj

    Why is it taking so long to get Bledsoe signed?

    • DBreezy

      I was reading some of the latest on Monroe who is also a RFA on hoops hype. Monroe’s agent, Darth Falk, has been stating Monroe will get the max since before last season. The Pistons have a standing 12M per offer on the table and Stan Van Gundy says the deadline to do something is October when he would have to make a decision on his qualifying offer. Bledsoe has a similar max contract desire and it’s likely that he has a standing offer from the Suns which is below the max.

      I suspect the problem for both is that they can’t find a safe harbor to sign an offer sheet with and without that, there is no reason for the Pistons or Suns to make a max offer. Bledsoe, for example, could sign an offer sheet with the Bucks who have been rumored to have interest in him. However I doubt he wants to risk the Suns not matching that offer sheet and having to play for 4 or 5 years in Milwaukee. Gordon Hayward was just fine playing in Charlotte if it came to it, same with Parsons and Dallas. With so much activity on the market right now, teams don’t want to have their money tied up for even 3 days right now on players whose current teams are likely to retain them. So we sit. In the end I suspect Bledsoe returns as I can’t see the Suns not matching without getting a ton of serious assets in return. The Suns could even win big if they find a way to get Bledsoe in without a max deal. Not only would it save them cap space, it would likely help in next summer’s Dragic negotiations.

      • coachj

        With what Hayward and Parsons just got, along with guys like Ariza and Gortat making the cash they are, someone will offer Bledsoe this week, that is unless the rest of the league believes that the Suns will match anything and they don’t want to bother. Maybe they are serious, but my guess is that Sarver won’t max him out…

        If I was Houston, I would forget about Rondo and offer Bledsoe a 3 year, $48M with a Player option in year 3… Why not run at Bledsoe rather than a Rondo trade? Suns would probably match that deal, but there is a chance Sarver doesn’t want to max out Bledsoe and the Rockets can call their bluff. They already did this with Bosh, might as well try with Bledsoe…Not sure if they have room, but that would be a great move by them…

        • DBreezy

          It has to be a team that Bledsoe’s willing to sign the offer sheet for, just in case Sarver doesn’t match and there aren’t a lot of viable options for him or Monroe at the moment. I’m sure the Suns have an offer on the table that’s in the neighborhood of 12M a year to start. According to Coro that’s about the most Milwaukee could offer despite their interest. What incentive does Bledsoe have to even take a max offer from that team, let alone one that’s less than that and probably pretty close to what he can already get from the Suns? Same goes with teams like Philly. Houston could make a deal, but the Suns likely would match and Morey wants another star, preferably Love. While you could certainly make the case for Bledsoe in general or over Rondo, I’m not sure the league is sold on that after 39 games starting.

          Bledsoe and Monroe will get paid, maybe even the max, but it appears that they along with Stephenson are just in the wrong place at the wrong time money wise when it comes to finding a fit. Steph Curry knows about that.

          • coachj

            I am not so sure the Suns have actually tendered a number to Bledsoe. They have no incentive to do such a thing. What they have probably done is tell Eric that they love him, they see him as the future of this franchise, and are willing to see what they can do. But i doubt they put a number in front of him because it paints them into that number. As you have eloquently stated previously, the Suns know that they can put it out there to teams that they will match anything, which puts them in the driver seat. They also got lucky that Bledsoe is a RFA in the same summer that Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Melo are free agents and when Love is being floated around for a trade. Having all of those guys as tantalizing opportunities put everyone on hold to attempt to get into the mix. by doing so, other teams that actually had cap space but no chance at any of those guys, moved on and made their moves, minor as they might be, but those moves moved enough pieces of the puzzle around [Kyle Lowry, Collison, etc] where it took those teams out of the Bledsoe market. Bottom line is that Sarver got real lucky because in another market, Bledsoe probably gets a Max offer from someone.

            I am not so sure he will get one now. Certainly I don’t believe that Bledsoe has interest in playing in Milwaukee, which is probably why no offer has been made. Again, Houston is the most logical choice. They need a point guard badly, and Bledsoe puts them back into contention. However, it would seem that they are focusing again on Love, which is good for us. BTW, they aren’t getting Love. He either goes to CLE, GSW or PHX or stays in MIN and becomes a FA next year and signs with LA straight out [they can't trade now because they have nothing to trade].

            I am also guessing that most agents, especially Bledsoe’s, are pushing for short term deals that expire when the CBA expires [that is why you are seeing all these 2 year deals with one year opt outs. They are waiting both for the new TV revenue to kick in [bigger max numbers] and for their players [big names] to be free agents and unsigned when the next lockout/strike happens [and I will bet you $10 that there will absolutely be a player strike]. With several big names unsigned, they have the ability to threaten to go overseas and play for a year while the owners sit in their empty arenas watching DL players play ball.

          • DBreezy

            I tend to think they’ve tendered a number to Bledsoe for the same reason the Pistons did with Monroe: to make them feel respected in the process as both teams wish to keep their players in the end. While I think this is business and that Eric Gordon has been sort of a baby since before he even went to Indiana, part of the problem he had with New Orleans is how they handled negotiations. According to him, they broke off negotiations midseason and never made any kind of offer to him just telling to go find something for them to match. He took that as a lack of respect, belief in him as a leader, etc, etc.

            Stuff like that isn’t worth it if you really intend to keep a guy, so I can see why a team like Detroit floats a 12M offer to Monroe which is fair to both sides, but below what his agent might get. I expect the Suns have done the same. Even if you hope for the max, you really can’t feel disrespected if they offer him something in the 10-12M range that guys like Curry and Lowry are getting. I agree with you that the agents and players are gearing up for another lockout, although I think the shorter deals are here to stay. Big name vet guys like Gasol, Deng, Marion, etc basically have a choice these days. Take the salary you desire but we’ll only give it to you for two years or if you want a long term deal you have to not only come down in annual salary, you have to a deescalating salary scale as opposed to the traditional escalating scale.

            As for Love, I think the teams you mentioned are the most likely destinations and it all comes down to Lebron right now. If he wants them to clear out all of their young players including Wiggins to land Love now, then they’ll probably do it. My best guess is that he ultimately decides against it as nothing he wrote in that letter talked about having to win this season or that the Cavs need to make moves. That’s been more the media talking thus far. If CLE keeps Wiggins off the table then Flip probably folds his tent until February because thus far he has nothing to leverage the offers with. He can’t get Thompson, Wiggins, Dragic, or Bledsoe on the table. History says that he probably should just take whatever the best offer is this summer. That’s basically what Orlando and OKC learned. Then again teams don’t seem to care about losing stars for nothing under this cba as they did before.