Mar 28, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns center Alex Len (21) is defended by New York Knicks center Cole Aldrich (45) during the fourth quarter at US Airways Center. The Suns won 112-88. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Len injury: Center breaks finger, out for Summer League

Center Alex Len won’t participate in the rest of the Las Vegas Summer League after breaking his right pinky finger in the Phoenix Suns’ summer opener, the team announced on Sunday. Len will be examined when he is back in Phoenix.

The news is obviously disconcerting with Len finally looking confident in himself. His stat line in the 74-72 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Saturday wasn’t overwhelming — six points and six boards — but his activity, size and awareness seemed much improved from his rookie season.

Len missed the 2013 Summer League after undergoing multiple ankle surgeries. Summer Suns head coach Mike Longabardi said the biggest thing needed from Len during the Summer League was simply his availability, but this injury has derailed the second-year center from coming through in that respect.

The good news is that Len’s broken finger, a result of his hand getting caught in a jersey, according to Paul Coro, isn’t a result of anything other than bad luck. It’s more than likely he’ll be ready for training camp with proper rehab unless the damage is worse than expected. Kobe Bryant played a large chunk of the 2007-08 season with a similar injury that resulted in a broken pinky and torn ligament (and if it matters at all, I had the same injury as Bryant to my right ring and pinky fingers).

For the Suns’ Summer League team, this means more time for Alec Brown to shake off the nerves. The stretch big man went 0-for-7 from the floor in his pro debut. Forward T.J. Warren could also see more time at the power forward slot.

  • coachj

    I have broken the same pinky finger 13 times. I have very skinny fingers. I play within a few days [taped] and then in three weeks it is fine… He should be fine, depending upon how he broke it.

    • Kevin Zimmerman

      I also wouldn’t throw this into the injury-prone narrative. Freak injury that can happen to anyone. Again, depends on the final examination but I wouldn’t expect this to be that serious. There’s no reason to push him through summer league and have him start the regular season off banged up.

  • Worried Fan

    Really, this is the soft pick the Suns picked! Can’t even stay healthy, this is frustrating because he can’t even develop into the player the Suns thought he was. Where’s Monroe?

    • Adam

      Come on…this is not Len being soft. I bet he would play if they would let him. It’s summer league! They would much rather have him be ready for training camp and the real season. It’s bad luck…but at least it’s not bad ankle luck, or bad knee luck. A broken pinky finger is not a huge cause of concern.

      Now about Monroe…that is another story. I think he would be solid here. He can’t stretch the floor…but getting another young big man that has actually produced in the league would not be a bad thing. If we are really not going to keep Bledsoe, then I would much rather S&T for Monroe than some clown like Stephenson

      • MyMets

        If we are not going to keep Bledsoe we will be taking a step backwards this upcoming season.

        • Voqar

          With the lackluster signings we’ve made so far I’d be surprised if we can even match last season. I’m kind of disappointed in the lack of moves and it feels like we’re back to $arver $avings mode again – get bodies for cheap and wallow in mediocrity.

  • Len Nunes

    the caller ID on the phone says Philadelphia 76ers, trade him!

    • Adam

      For what? 76ers have nothing to offer us….plus losing Len would create another hole.

      • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

        A healthy Nerlen Noels who has looked very good thus far.

        • Adam

          You think the 76ers would give us Noel for Len? We would have to include something else. I think I would rather keep Len.

          This injury is not a big deal. If it were something with his ankles again, I would be worried. This is a fluke thing.

          • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

            That isn’t the point know is it? Read your own post. Of course a broken finger isn’t a big deal. Lets see, Len missed the summer league, training camp and half of last season because of his ankles. This year he has already started down the same path.

            Nerlen Noels is currently healthy and playing. You will see him tonight while Len sits.

            Robin Lopez had several “fluke” injuries during his career with Phoenix. Portland loves him.

        • MyMets

          Why would the 76ers trade Noels to the Suns for Len? Especially considering how high they were on him by taking him last year knowing full well he will sit out at least a year with an injury.

          • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

            The comment Adam made is: ” For what? 76ers have nothing to offer us….plus losing Len would create another hole”

            You obviously beleive as I do that Nerlen Noels is something the 76ers have to offer Phoenix for Len.

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    Len apears to be Robin Lopez 2.0 with all the injuries.

    • MyMets

      Lopez was more productive in the early stages.

      • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

        Well if you call what Lopez did in Phoenix “productive” than Len is a huge disaapointment thus far.

  • JT3

    It takes most big men a few good years to really mature and come into their own in the NBA anyway. If you thought any different about Alex Len then think again. He could end up Tyson Chandler, He’s not going to hit the L like Shaq. Maybe now he can nit the weight’s hard, b/c he’s still going to have a hard time getting pushed around in the paint until he develops some lower body strength.

  • 4everis2long

    Tough break for Len but freak injuries are part of the game. The time off will allow him to gain a few more pounds and probably work on his left hand. He will likely be fine for the opening of camp.

    Not much from Brown in the 1st half tonight. Plumlee looks sharp as does Archie. S. Curry even looked good in brief minutes along with Harris from Gonzaga. I cannot believe TJ has to sit the rest of the night.