Apr 16, 2014; Sacramento, CA, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Archie Goodwin (20) dunks the ball between Sacramento Kings forward Quincy Acy (5) and Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore (16) during the second quarter at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: Who are you most excited to see in Summer League?

Following LeBron’s decision to return to Cleveland, the other dominoes are falling in free agency. Now the focus is on Vegas and the Summer League.

Phoenix has their starting center Miles Plumlee leading the charge. Alex Len is finally getting to play after missing last seasons’ summer league due to injury. Archie Goodwin will make an impact as a second-year player. The rookies will be intriguing. We get to see how Tyler Ennis will run the offense, how T.J. Warren will score in the halfcourt and how Alec Brown will space the floor as a shooting big man.

But who are you most excited to see?

which Sun are you most excited to see during Summer League play?

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  • Swaq

    I’m really excited to see Goodwin. I know he has the talent to put up big numbers and he showed it in the last game. Problem is we have too many guards so he won’t get as many minutes to blossom.

  • Eric

    TJ Warren had a nice first half played solid D. Got his hands on a few passes and hit a nice jumper and a few strong takes to the rack.

  • Eric

    Ennis looked good running the team and had a nice and 1. PLumblee looks disinterested. Len had a few nice blocks early and played solid D but no rebounding again. Brown 0 for 4 from 3.

  • Eric

    Christmas cost us the first game w his poor D terrible shot selection and lack of boxing out. Warren was outstanding. Len looked good but shot needs work still. Ennis had a great 2nd half. Would have liked to see him in at the end instead of Curry to see him run the team in the pressure time but he had some nice drives. Both draft picks look like they can make it in the league. Brown was brick city though lol. Goodwin was good on defense and offense. No one shot very well. Do not think we made one 3. Warren was player of the game fore game 1 though.

    • DBreezy

      Yeah Thomas will likely cost Ish his roster spot and early on it looks like Christmas will lose his to Ennis. Idk what his ceiling is, but Ennis is NOT Kendall Marshall. In the first half he played a bit like he was still in college, which isn’t exactly surprising, but he seemed to start figuring things out in the second. He’s nowhere near as timid dribbling near defenders as Marshall was, and while he’s a pass first guy he’s not afraid to try and score. He also has an idea how to score unlike Kendall. He’s got work to do on D which wasn’t surprising, but he competes and doesn’t look like a lost cause. He definitely needs to understand that NBA athletes are so quick in transition that you have to get back right away. He doesn’t take chances with the ball like Kendall, but Kendall had a better understanding of the pace the Suns want to play-he just couldn’t do it effectively. Ennis needs to pick up the pace, but I didn’t get the sense that he was unable to, just unfamiliar.

      TJ Buckets can score and he doesn’t necessarily need a play drawn for him to do so. He looks lost on D and plays too straight up, but he was giving effort on that end. Archie was smooth with that same cool demeanor. It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t create minutes for him to develop next season. Len looks like he’s happy to be healthy and getting steady mins. He’s good at using his length defensively and remains active on the O boards. It was nice to see plays that were tip outs last season turn into putbacks or putback attempts. I think Longo views him as the potential defensive anchor for the squad in the future. Alec Brown? Well in the immortal words of J.Peterman: congratulations on a job…….done.

      • Eric

        Archie will get minutes Green is trade bait. And I thought Warren was just fine on D got his hands in passing lanes several times not a great one on one defender but just fine team defense.

        • DBreezy

          I don’t think TJ got torched or anything, I just saw some correctible things that will hurt him defensively once the season starts. He was jumpy and unsure on the weak side on several plays, which is understandable given that this level is new to him. He also doesn’t get low enough in his stance. Depending on the opponent that might not hurt him much in SL, but he’s not a freak athlete like say a Wiggins. Drew has the ability to quickly recover from getting beaten and did it a couple of times in his first game. TJ’s best bet is being in a good stance and anticipating though. It’s typical rookie/young player stuff and nowhere near the end of the world. He keeps scoring like this though he’ll work his way into the rotation and we’ll be talking about it more.

  • kdeem

    Christmas and Curry were terrible. They need to do a lot more if they are hoping some team will pick them up….

  • 4everis2long

    Missed the game so I enjoy reading the opinions. I will definitely catch the Suns tomorrow.