Mar 30, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe (2) reacts in the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. The Lakers defeated the Suns 115-99. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The fallout of LeBron James choosing the Cavaliers hits Suns

A parade in Cleveland and a riot in the streets of Miami might be at the two epicenters of LeBron James’ decision, but the aftershocks will certainly reach Phoenix.

This is a complicated NBA free agency period, but the train has finally left the station with James leaving South Beach to return home. The Phoenix Suns can finally get deep into contract talks with Eric Bledsoe now that his agent, Rich Paul, has done his work in bringing James back to their home state of Ohio.

Suns general manager Ryan McDonough has a clearer picture of who else he can target.

The small forward crop of free agents that no longer includes P.J. Tucker is still of interest to Phoenix, according to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger. He reported on Friday that people believe Cavaliers free agent Luol Deng could land with the Suns. Nothing is decided, and Deng has other appealing options if he wants to help a playoff squad.

The Rockets’ failed bid to land forward Chris Bosh to a max deal affects the Suns. Bosh was likewise tempted to return to his home state, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski is instead choosing to remain with the Heat.

The Rockets wanted to ship off Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin to open enough cap space for Bosh’s max; if and when those go through now that he’s remaining a Heat player will determine a bit.

Houston had planned on matching a three-year, $46 million deal that Parsons signed with the Dallas Mavericks. It’s unclear if the Rockets would still match Parsons’ offer sheet if Bosh indeed returns to Miami. Should Parsons return to the Rockets, the Mavs could be a threat to land Deng.

Ariza is also an X-factor as far as the Suns are concerned. He’s been linked to everyone from Miami to Washington to Dallas to the Lakers.

Now to the Lin trade: The Lakers pulling in a point guard might hinder their ability or desire to chase after two Suns free agent targets, as Paul Coro points out.

Houston agreed upon sending Lin to the Los Angeles Lakers. That’s good news for the Suns on a few accounts.

  • Los Angeles was a rumored threat to sign Bledsoe away from the Suns. But the Lakers and their limited cap space seemingly wouldn’t go after Bledsoe with Lin in the fold. The Lakers are apparently still holding out hope on landing Carmelo Anthony, and waiting on him could delay an offer to Bledsoe.
  • Phoenix’s interest in Isaiah Thomas is also a factor here, as Los Angeles was also reportedly interested in the speedy Kings point guard.

So much of this is guessing what’s in a number of players’ guts. The Lakers theoretically have enough money to sign Anthony to a max deal if they renounce the rights to all their minor players and stretch Steve Nash. That means they still would have enough money to target Bledsoe, but it would hamper them in filling out the frontcourt with a player like Pau Gasol.

Overall, what we have here is a massive flow chart where one reaction to LeBron’s decision leads to another. All we know now is that it’s flowing.

  • DBreezy

    Leon Dong wants a lot of money for a guy who typically misses about 20 games a season, is a poor 3pt shooter, and hasn’t shot above 45% since the 2010-2011 season.

    • 4everis2long

      What the heck, let’s sign more misfits. This reminds me of Amare’s exit, just sign anyone who wants to play in Phoenix despite the fact very few if any other teams want them. Someone has blown a fuse on Planet Orange.

  • DBreezy

    Crap, Wojo is reporting the Suns have agreed to an offer sheet with Thomas.

  • DBreezy

    And it’s a sign and trade on a 27M/4 deal for Thomas. Ex-Lax please.

    • 4everis2long

      Who is making these decisions? Why don’t we just donate the extra cap money to charity since it does not appear the Suns know what to do with it?

      • DBreezy

        Looks like it’s a trade exception and the rights to Oriakhi. That’s not the end of the world, but it’s still far from clear why they’re doing this. Bright Side can try and say it makes sense, but not including Ish the Suns will be paying in the neighborhood of 31M for pg’s this season if Bledsoe gets a max deal. That would increase by at least 5M next season to keep Goran.

        • JT3

          Please man, You sound like a someone who knows there stuff, Please don’t tell me you are actually entertaining the idea Ryan McD’s plan to rebuild the Suns with an all 6’4 and under back court do you?? I understand something about assuming and what it makes you, but the corner Ryan and Babby are backed into now is as much an axiom as 2×2. Or maybe, maybe I just had a stroke and I’m in hell watching an endless loop of Suns guards being held off for a rebound with one out stretched arm from Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, and Blake Griffin.

          • DBreezy

            I guess i’m entertaining it as much as any fan who has zero control of what the team does can! Seriously though, I don’t really know what McD is up to. The party line is that they love the two pg stuff, needed an upgrade from Ish, Ennis is slated for Bakersfield already, and Thomas agreed to an offer sheet this quickly to be a 6th man type backup. I also expect some commentary from the team about Thomas’ presence absorbing some of the scoring lost with Frye. We’ll see if that’s true or it’s a precursor to something else as there is more to come. At a minimum they’ll be adding another body to the front court. The move doesn’t make them worse for sure, but I’m not sure it improves them enough to make the playoffs either.

          • JT3

            Well I sure understand but I guess I have little patience for head scratching and just sort of mentally moved on from Bledso like to a safe place in my mind with my spirit animal.

            Learned this trick long ago from a Kings fan..But as much as we don’t know.., we really do. At least SOME things are a changin, and I like the team mostly but the only chance this team presently constructed makes it a playoff team is if the Refs just outlaw defending the paint altogether. And I know McD must know that.

          • DBreezy

            Yeah it’s gonna be tough to make the playoffs. Both Dallas and Memphis have gained separation on the Suns this summer and no one else has gotten bad enough to not make the playoffs again. Also, the Nugs have had a nice summer and will likely be back again as they get their players back. The Suns should be exciting and pretty successful but it’s gonna be tough to get those 50-50 W’s for a spot in the playoffs.

          • 4everis2long

            JT3 DBreezy is actually Dave 32 or Big Dave from the Coro board.

          • JT3

            Oh man, I knew , I knew he sounded familiar , I even thought of AZC but I just couldn’t grasp it. Like a word on the back of your tongue, and just yesterday I was talking to EBJM. Allright, I’m here to stay. Iv grown tired of the Golden state of mind anyway. lol

            Thanks Forev! That was cool to know.

      • JT3

        Can we get a mulligan on the draft and FA??? What do you mean it doesn’t work like that ??
        I think it’s still Ryan making deals but he’s on the phone with one arm tied behind hid back like When Steve Kerr had to deal Matrix and delt KT PLUS two picks.

        YES I do believe we are getting Sarvered again, and after such a lovely Summer we had this time last year.

  • Cameron Hughes

    McMiracle has to have something up his sleeve. The Suns can’t keep Bledsoe, Dragic, Goodwin, Thomas, Ennis, and Gerald Green, not including Ish and Christmas. There is only one basketball! They already told Dragic he isn’t going anywhere according to reports. The only thing I can think of is a sign and trade with Bledsoe

  • JT3

    So I get on here and see the writers are all going to pretend that the Suns are going to be the first all gsmall ball team. When you keep asking which PG may the Suns want to keep all Summer and then the Suns draft one then FA starts and they target yet another one and Bledso’s agent is looking for a Max deal and we have an owner who is allergic to max deals and.welll..C’mon man! lol…Suns are likely collaborating with Rich Paul about which teams who have a PF to deal, would Bledso agree to play for. I know Bled doesn’t have to be asked but likely any team that’s going to trade for him will likely need him to want to be there Id reason.

    I figure that’s where our PF will come from now I guess. Maybe like a Mill Deal for John Henson perhaps? Could this mean you could trade maybe Bled and the Twins to Minny for Love if Cle won’t deal Wiggins??

    Lot’s of deals to be made but why all the false pretense that Suns would pay Bled the max to keep him when they now have 3 other PG’s already?? Remember Suns only really promised they would match any offer made to Eric, only thing they said about keeping him was that they liked the idea and “willing’ not the same as We “Will” match any offer. Besides didn’t Sarver promise to keep Marion then deal him like 4 months later at the deadline. If they were keeping Bled they would’ve at the least made him a nice offer “that low balls him like Joe Johnson and we trade him away and replace him with a solid Raja Bell but no all-Star. Eh that Punk Isiah Thomas isn’t near the defender, or can draw fouls like Bled which actually made that 2 guard experiment work. But nope, not here, not us, Max offers to Sarver are like Metal to a metal detector. As soon as he hears Max deal, Alarm Bells go ringing off like *Sigh well I still hold out hope McD can work out something for a PF.