Apr 2, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul (3) is defended by Phoenix Suns forward Channing Frye (8) during the first quarter at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Poll of the week: How should the Suns replace Channing Frye?

Channing Frye missed ALL of the 2012-13 season due to a heart condition, then started ALL 82 games of the regular season at power forward for the Phoenix Suns last season. Now he and the Orlando Magic have agreed to a $32 million, four-deal that brings the veteran sharpshooter to Florida.

Frye really stretched the floor for the Suns, and now will bring that talent and his wisdom as a 31-year-old veteran to a young, rebuilding Magic franchise. Frye also reunites with his cousin Tobias Harris, who currently plays for Orlando.

Who could replace Frye as the Suns starting power forward?

The ideal plan would be to either sign perennial All-Stars Chris Bosh or Pau Gasol, though both seemingly are only considering ready-made playoff contenders at this point. Phoenix could also look deeper into trading for Kevin Love. If the Suns want to promote from inside while preserving cap space, they could make Markieff Morris the full-time starter. He certainly took a big leap during the 2013-14 season and could even improve upon last year’s success.

Other options could include players like Ed Davis, Mike Scott and Anthony Tolliver.

What do you think they should do?

Who do you want to replace Channing Frye as the Suns starting power forward?

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  • Worried Fan

    I feel like we are wasting time on LeBron to make up his mind while other players are getting snatched up. C’mon Phoenix, let’s devote our time on realistic add-ons to our team. I’m not saying LeBron to Phoenix may not happen but at the same time FA’s may feel inclined to sign elsewhere because we haven’t shown interest.

    • Adam

      Stephenson is a joke…the Pacers players don’t want him back. He will be WAY overpaid by someone..but it will not be the Suns…and thank goodness for that.

      Hayward would be a good fit here, but a max deal will be required to get him away from the Jazz. If we can’t land Lebron or Love…which is unlikely…then getting either Hayward, Parsons, or Monroe would be a nice get. They will be overpaid..but all are young enough that you would hope they would continue to improve.

    • http://www.valleyofthesuns.com Kevin Zimmerman

      The thinking goes that the Suns shouldn’t overpay for players this season. There will be a lot more upper-tier FAs next offseason that are worth waiting for.

  • TNA

    They should have reworded the question to “Who do you think will/could replace Frye?” Not who do you want. Realistically you can throw out Gasol, and Bosh from the list. Love is a longshot I think. Minny seems pretty content on trying to keep him, I don’t see him moving before the season starts. Anyone willing to give them what they are asking for is going to be giving them too much. The smart thing to do is to not make any rash moves in FA and keep working with the young talent we have now. We’re not going to attract many superstars. Use the Spurs model. Build through the draft, use cap space to resign players, and look for key pieces that fit in with the coaches system. No need to sell the farm for Love.

  • 4everis2long

    C. Parsons would be an excellent addition at small forward to give us a really nice athletic shooter to help spread the floor in Frye’s absence. You add Parsons and E. Davis, you get 2 guys 25 years old or younger and with the likely development of Len and Goodwin, the Suns will really like the finished product come playoff time. The Suns remain in excellent position to improve on last years performance.

    • DBreezy

      Parsons is a RFA and that market is slow developing as usual. I’d say HOU has a pretty good shot of keeping him. He’s repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to leave and potentially adding Bosh will only make that more so. If they have $$$ issues I’m sure they go through with that standing Lin trade to PHI. If Morey pulls this off, what an amazing 3 year run it would be for him as exec. Hopefully McD is just beginning his big run.

      • 4everis2long

        Yeah DB there is no dispute Parsons is a RFA but Houston would be in a very uncomfortable position should they sign Bosh to go with Howard and Harden. If Morey can keep Howard, Harden and Parsons and sign Bosh, my hat is off to him. My guess is Parsons at $10m plus/yr becomes expendable if Bosh signs for $22m/yr.

        • DBreezy

          I think he just moves Lin Foreveris. Morey’s original goal was to go after Melo and Lowry, which probably would have meant the end of Parsons. If he can get the money for those two, why wouldn’t he be able to pull off Bosh and Parsons? Parsons has 3 seasons in, so I believe they have Bird rights on him.

          • 4everis2long

            Even with moving Lin they could have 4 players essentially eating up the entire cap space if they sign Parsons which is unheard of.

          • DBreezy

            True, but that’s essentially what they planned to do at the outset of free agency. Perhaps Alexander is willing to spend big for a few years?

          • coachj

            HOU is at $59.4 with cap holds. They get to 51 ridding themselves of Lin. They would then need to shed an additional 7.8 M to sign bosh to a max 20.02 first year deal. They can waive and renounce Beverly, Covington, Casspi and Powell [unguaranteed] freeing up 4.1. They could decline Daniels team option and Garcia’s QO getting an additional 2.13, leaving them 1.57 Short. They would then have to trade Terrance Jones for a future pick, or Montiejunas and their pick this year for future picks to get them under. Pick the first, clearing 1.618 , getting you under the cap… BUT, you now have only 5 players under contract, and are required to be at 12. You would then have to find 7 free agent rookies at the lowest minimum salary you can pay putting 3.55 M total back into your cap on a roster charge. That means you have to actually clear that as well [which decreases your players, adding more roster charge].

            I am not exactly sure how the heck Houston can give Bosh the Max. Yeah, they are floating it in the media, but can they actually do it. Which brings us to Parsons. If they can, then Hou will simply re-sign using bird rights. If they cannot, Parsons will get picked off on an offer sheet by someone. Bottom line is that HOU may not be in the driver seat in terms of Parsons contract value. I think that will be determined by the market, as I believe whoever offers him the most money will actually get him away from HOU. BTW Parsons is eligible for 1st year Max of $14.88 [same as Bledsoe]…What would you pay him?

          • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

            So know you are using the market value on Parsons but not Channing Frye? Jeremy Lin will make $14.9 million this season but if they trade him the Rockets will only get $8.4 million in salary cap relief? What happened to the other $6.5 million? Rockets would be around $40 million after moving Lin and renouncing their FA/RFA and still keeping T- Jones Donatas. After signing Bosh they sign Parsons. Not nearly as hard as you claim.

          • DBreezy

            Good stuff, I really haven’t looked at the Rox cap situation. I just knew that Morey went into things going after Melo and Lowry with the intention of salary dumping Asik and Lin, so I assumed he had it figured it out. I thought they were floating 97M to Anthony so I figured they’d be good with offering Bosh 88M. I’m sure they would have to make some trades as you say, the Suns will too if Lebron and another big FA commit to them.

            Parsons has played 3 seasons for the Rockets and he wasn’t waived, so from my understanding he has Bird rights. That was a pretty slick move by Morey as it keeps him from being unrestricted next summer while allowing him to go over the cap to retain him as he chases big fish free agents. All of this stuff really highlights the task in front of McD and others. Just getting into that top 4 category out West is a tall order.

          • 4everis2long

            Coach J, I like Parsons a lot at the 3 spot and would consider going to $13m/yr. If I am going to slightly overpay someone he is going to be 25 and under with a lot of potential. I like his attitude (plays with an edge), defense, ball handling skills and shooting range. I actually like him more than Harden because he seems to play off the ball well. I think he would thrive with Bled and Dragic.

          • coachj

            I love Parsons, and since Hayward just got a max offer, I would suspect Parsons will too.

          • 4everis2long

            In addition to Hayward receiving a max offer, with Cleveland and Dallas both having interest in Parsons I too am convinced Parsons will receive a max deal. If Bosh goes to Houston, I would make Parsons a max offer. I believe we have a younger and more promising roster with a multitude of 1st round picks next summer than the Mavs or Cavs.

          • coachj

            Only way i would do that is to look ahead into next year’s free agency and determining if there isn’t another MAX BIG available [or maybe even two year's out]. We still have to sign Bledsoe AND Dragic. Locking up 3 close to max deals on the perimeter without a Big is a tough thing to swallow. It may be the best move, but I would have to look into it more before I commit to that. If they knew Len or Plumlee were for real, then you do it. Otherwise, a big risk.

          • 4everis2long

            Coach, Absolutely it is a risk. While personally I think Dragic or Bled will be traded by next summer, your concerns are well warranted. Coro has a recent article on Len’s summer that you should read. It appears he is getting stronger and his perimeter game is improving.

  • DBreezy

    Assuming Lebron and player X are out of the picture, I imagine the financial criteria for replacing Frye would change dramatically. There will probably be an emphasis on maintaining maximum financial flexibility going forward. That could mean a one year deal or even a two year deal with partial guarantees or a team option. That could possibly leave out young guys like Davis or Jordan Hill who are looking for their first payday over opportunity. Perhaps one of them doesn’t get the expected interest on the market and elects to take a one year deal in a place where they can prove themselves as we’ve seen several players do under the new cba.

    Hill or Davis probably represent the best of the players they could be going for and even they would likely be coming off the bench. It doesn’t seem likely that they would start Plumlee with another guy who can’t score or stretch the floor-especially if PJ is back and starting. Goran would be the only reliable shooter in that group. Since it’s most likely that whomever they pickup would be a bench guy beyond Markieff, I think they widen the net on who they look at if they can’t get a good deal on Davis or Hill. They could also use this pickup to try and add some veteran presence with Frye leaving. Brand, Davis (former Celt), Dante Cunningham, Andray Blatche, Matt Bonner, Shawn Marion, Marvin Williams, Udonis Haslem, Drew Gooden, Dejuan Blair, Rashard Lewis, Al Harrington, Jason Maxiell, Trevor Booker, and Anthony Tolliver all are forward names that wouldn’t surprise me if they were under consideration. Most are decidedly unexciting, many are old. However most of them can shoot and if not they fill a role as an energetic rebounder/hustle types off the bench. That might be an additional consideration if PJ Tucker moves on. Several also fit the bill as veteran locker room presences. Many of these guys will end up on deals that should be cap friendly for trades and future flexibility. Ultimately though I think absent a James signing, the initial replacement for Frye on the roster won’t be all that exciting of a pickup.

    • coachj


  • Luka

    How should we replace Frye? With someone who doesn’t suck. Lol.

    Suns need to get a bruiser in the paint. Markieff can still provide the Suns a stretch option.

    Ed Davis would be a solid choice IMO.

  • southphilly

    OMG Frye was great when he was hitting his three’s,unfortunately it was not often enough to make up for his lack of defense and rebounding. He is a decent end of the bench player. Gasol,Bosh,and several power forwards are available.I am glad to see him go. I became very frustrated watching him stick his foot out on pick and rolls acting like he was actually playing D.

    • FejsFuk Čekić

      nailed it to the point

  • coachj

    Let’s look at this a different way… Instead of who should we sign, let’s take a look at who we didn’t sign:

    Dirk: 3/$38 never had a chance, best signing of Summer besides Duncan.

    Kyle Lowry: 4/$48 This guy has always been somewhat of a malcontent, played out of his head in a contract year and got paid A LOT. Would you rather pay him $12 per or Dragic?

    Gortat: 5/$62 Good job McD. Dodged a bullet by a year. Cannot believe they will be paying a guy that will be 35 by the time his contract is over $12.4 M. Sure, he had a decent year [about 2011-12 levels] but again, on a contract year. Watch him diminish before our eyes. Produced just 2 rebounds more than Spenser Hawes and couldn’t hit a shot outside a dunk. Gortat $12+ or Plumlee $1.1???

    Boris Diaw: 3/$22 Over $7M might be a stretch for SAS, but Diaw is riding a wave of Championship fever. Having him back on the Suns might make some happy, but me? I would have to seriously consider murder-suicide. Especially if he is EATING over $7M of our cap space in three years from now and all we can do is dump him as an expiring deal [which is sort of out of favor in this new CBA]. Diaw $7+ or Oliver Miller?

    Avery Bradley: 4/$32 Good defender, sure. Improved offensive player? maybe Again, playing for a BAD team, getting minutes and HAVING to produce can inflate some numbers. Will admit he would be a good pick up as a backup, but not at $8M per. YIKES! Rather have Diaw and his added weight. At least you know he will produce every fifth game.

    Josh McRoberts: 4/$23 Holy crap. This guy is terrible. I watched him play in at least 9 games and only thought that BJ mullens might be worse [or better]. Apparently there is a “Stretch” big bubble out there and it will burst next season when McRoberts gets about 20 mpg, shhots 30% from 3 and grabs a whopping 2.5 rpg. Now, all we will every see are any kid over 6-9 shooting perimeter shots and never EVER stepping into the painted area. McRobert at $6 or Kieff $3.0?

    Spencer Hawes: 4/$23 Hawes produced in a contract year on the worst team in the NBA [then the second worst CLE for 25 games]. He has never shot above 35.6% from 3 until last year. He did outperform McRib by a long shot, yet managed to only get the same deal. WAAA WAAA WAAA. Gortat should be whistling dixie out of his butthole [produced about the same numbers without the shooting]. Him or Kieff?

    Frye: 4/$32 Look, I like Channing, he was a good teammate, good chemistry guy, good community guy and every once in a while he got on a hot streak and hit a lot of 3′s. But let’s get real, the guy has hit over 40% from 3 only ONCE, shot 35% in 11-12 and 37% last year. For a starter, 11 points and 5 rebounds is not good enough, and certainly paying $8 M for that is just flat out silly. AND, he was in a contract year and managed not to play at any level above his reality – AND STILL GOT PAID. What the hell? Frye $8 or Kieff $3?

    Shaun Livingston: 3/$16 Last season as a starter at PG [54 of 76 games started], but only 26 MPG and he put up 8 ppg, 3rpg, 3apg on 48% FG% and 17% from 3. He just go the midlevel. Another guy who started and played almost 31 mpg, put up 9.4 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 1.7 apg, shot 39% from 3 and was a defensive stopper. What should he get paid? That is what I am afraid of… Livingston $5.3 or Ennis $1.3?

    CJ Miles: 3/$18 Let’s see, 10 pts, no other significant contribution, 39% from 3 and $6M. Pacers might have signed Morrow to a lesser deal. Not sure i pay Miles $6 for what he brings, but OK. On the Suns? not a chance. Miles $6 or PJ $6 [made up number]

    Patty Mills: 3/$12 Other than getting hurt, a great signing. $4M for a backup that proved himself in the championships, solid.

    Patrick Patterson: 3/$18 I know a lot of you are big on this guy and think this would have been a great signing. I just don’t agree. Patterson is a big young dude that started chucking it from long range in his third season after he realized he has absolutely no skills to stay in the NBA if he didn’t. Can’t post up, can’t defend, can’t rebound. As such, his stretchiness has allowed him to get a good contract. He has become less efficient and produced less after the trade to SACTO, maybe they expect a jump after leaving that hellhole. I am not convinced. Patterson $6 or Marcus Morris $3 [who actually outproduced him]?

    Jordan Farmar: 2/$4.2M Probably a better backup with more experience than most teams, so very solid signing for just over vet minimum.

    Thabo Sefolosha: 3/$12 Went from promising athletic young player to a 30 year old washed up has been very quickly. Goes to show when you rely on the 3, you die by the 3. Not sure I would pay him $4 per. Seems he was ripe to get vet min for a year and prove himself valuable. Sefolosha $4 or Goodwin $1.1?

    Jodie Meeks: 3/$19M On a contract year and thrust into “guaranteed minutes no matter what he does because everyone is injured and they have nobody else to play” syndrome. Well played Mr. Meeks. Almost 16 a game on 40% 3 point shooting in a starting role. That would command certain payday. At $6+ a year, one would think underpaid. I suspect, however, that last year was HIS year, and that Detroit will get the 9 ppg on 35% shooting we have always seen from him. Meeks $6+ or Goodwin $1.1?

    Danny Granger: 2/$4.2M Injuries raped him and he should probably retire. Might as well cash some checks. At $2 m per, he actually produces more than many on the list above, so this was a solid signing. I wouldn’t want to burden the Suns with this decrepit stiff, but the Clippers are desperate. Granger $2 or Amare’s knee cartilage?

    Chris Kaman: 2/$10M The guy from the movie “Wrong Turn” has consistently been an overpaid player based on his big season in 09-10. He has run downhill faster than a cannibal chasing a Kardashian in the woods. Midlevel money for a 10/5 guy? Blazers are loving that Fropez guy aren’t they. Kaman $5 or Plumlee $1.2?

    Darren Collison: 3/$16 What is the market for a guy going sideways? I guess the midlevel. Collison is a decent backup and this probably isn’t a bad signing with the exception that he will probably end up starting over Thomas after Thomas gets shipped out [assumption]. Collison $5 or Ennis 1.3?

  • Sam

    How would you replace someone who can’t rebound, can’t defend the paint, can’t hustle or be dominant? Bring someone who can, like Haddadi at 1/6th of price. Just getting rid of Frye by itself means 10 more wins! Ofcourse Morris Twins are liability too because they’re not tall enough to rebound or fast and wide enough to defend.

    • Jshmizzle

      You seriously have no idea what you’re talking about. Haha

    • FejsFuk Čekić

      lol haddadi is a bit steap, but i agree / i couldn’t written it any better the guy lost us at least 5 games in the last second because he’s totally pathetic on D

  • Luke Jardine


  • Phil Shultz Landscapes

    We’re not going to get Lebron, Love or Melo so I say we go after Ryan Anderson whom was in the top 5 for 3 pointers made per game last season and is younger, faster and more confident than Frye for just a tiny bit more money. Going this route would allow us to have the majority of our presently available cap for next offseason. Ryan is great in an up-tempo offense as well. This is how to improve on Frye’s absence…no brainer.