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Things Amare Stoudemire couldn't buy if he was a Sun

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Back in 2010, forward Amare Stoudemire had an easy decision to make. He could work out a max deal with the New York Knicks worth $100 million over five seasons. All of it would be guaranteed. Stoudemire’s other option was to return to Phoenix, where a five-year, $96.6 million deal sat on the table. It came with restrictions, as ESPN reported that Stoudemire would need to play 2,200 minutes in his third and fourth seasons for the final two years to pay out in full.

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reported that only $71 million of the Suns’ contract offer was guaranteed, and so Stoudemire took New York’s deal. Had Stoudemire taken the Suns deal, it’s unlikely he would have surpassed the guidelines in place, though the Phoenix training staff may have helped. With the Knicks, the forward only played about a third (682) of the required minutes in 2012-13 and about two-thirds (1,466) in 2013-14. He didn’t even make the 2,200 minutes in his second season with the Knicks, playing 1,543 total minutes.

Stoudemire didn’t exercise his early termination option in the final year of his Knicks contract this week, and that $23 million for next season will secure the $100 million made since leaving Phoenix.

What can Amare do with the extra $29 million in his pocket from spurning the Suns for the Knicks?

Pretty significant stuff.


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