Apr 9, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; Phoenix Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek yells from the sidelines in the second half against the New Orleans Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center. The Suns won 94-88. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NBA mock draft: Majority sees Suns picking Clint Capela

We rolled out a mock draft roundup three days ago, but it’s worth adding to that on Tuesday considering four pretty important mocks were updated since. Nationally, Jonathan Givony of Draft Express and ESPN’s Chad Ford both updated their mocks. So did more Suns-centric folk Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic and Kris Habbas of NBA Draft Insider.

Two general themes remain. The Suns are expected to go after wings and forward Clint Capela.

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  • Six of 10 mock-makers have the Suns selecting Clint Capela at some point.
  • T.J. Warren is picked by the Suns in four of the 10 mock drafts.
  • Adreian Payne, James Young, Jerami Grant and Kyle Anderson, are all selected by the Suns three times each in the mocks.
  • Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix oddly has Phoenix picking three wings: Rodney Hood, James Young and Kyle Anderson. That’s probably not going to happen but it shows the depth of this year’s draft.

2014 NBA mock draft

No. 14 pick

Draft Express: Gary Harris, sophomore guard, Michigan State
ESPN (Chad Ford): James Young, freshman guard, Kentucky
Arizona Republic (Coro): Nik Stauskas, sophomore guard, Michigan
NBA Draft Insider: Adreian Payne, senior forward, Michigan State
Sports Illustrated: Rodney Hood, sophomore swingman, Duke
ESPN (Goodman): Zach Lavine, freshman guard, UCLA
NBADraft.net: James Young, freshman shooting guard, Kentucky
CBS Sports (Gary Parrish, Zach Harper, Matt Moore): T.J. Warren (N.C. State forward), Kyle Anderson (UCLA forward), Clint Capela (international forward)

No. 18 pick

Draft Express: Adreian Payne, senior forward, Michigan State
ESPN (Chad Ford): T.J. Warren, sophomore forward, N.C. State
Arizona Republic (Coro): Clint Capela, forward, Switzerland
NBA Draft Insider: T.J. Warren, sophomore forward, N.C. State
Sports Illustrated: James Young, freshman shooting guard, Kentucky
ESPN (Goodman): Adreian Payne, senior forward, Michigan State
NBADraft.net: Cleanthony Early, senior forward, Wichita State
CBS Sports: Clint Capela (international forward), Zach LaVine (UCLA guard), T.J. Warren (N.C. State forward)

No. 27 pick

Draft Express: Jerami Grant, sophomore forward, Syracuse
ESPN (Chad Ford): Clint Capela, forward, Switzerland
Arizona Republic (Coro): Kyle Anderson, sophomore forward, UCLA
NBA Draft Insider: Jusuf Nurkic, center, Bosnia
Sports Illustrated: Kyle Anderson, sophomore small forward, UCLA (or trade)
ESPN (Goodman): Clint Capela, power forward, Switzerland (plays in France)
NBADraft.net: Clint Capela, power forward, Switzerland (plays in France)
CBS Sports: Jerami Grant (Syracuse forward), Kristaps Porzingis (international forward), P.J. Hairston (North Carolina/D-League guard)

No. 50 pick

Draft Express: Dwight Powell, senior forward, Stanford
NBADraft.net: C.J. Fair, senior forward, Syracuse
NBA Draft Insider: Markel Brown, senior guard, Oklahoma State

  • 4everis2long

    I think we have to give Coro’s opinion a little weight. He obviously feels the Suns were fairly high on Capela if he thinks Suns take him at 18. If have no problem with securing a defensive minded 4 at 18. If they take him at 18 and Payne is available, they obviously feel Capela has greater upside. As I was sharing with EBJM on the K. Love discussion, I am all for the Suns getting a defensive minded 4. I thought he might be available at 27 but perhaps the Suns like him too much to risk it. Another Ibaka? We could do worse.

    • DBreezy

      To me Coro’s picks would be all about setting up for 2015 and beyond, while obviously leaving the door open to trades before then. By 2015, Goodwin and Stauskas replace Green and whomever they choose between Dragic and Bledsoe. Capella addresses the 4 situation with a look to the future upside wise and Anderson provides Marcus/Tucker insurance at the 3 likely with a hope of unexpected upside due to his unique Diaw type skills. Even if nothing else happens, it could help them keep the cap situation in order flexibility wise as they continue searching for the big move to put them over the top.

      • 4everis2long

        Yeah DB. At least Coro isn’t buying into the stash a player somewhere concept.

  • Hawki

    Stauskas did not visit the Suns, so he seems unlikely…but I guess ya never know.
    A trade would not surprise me…especially if Randle starts to fall.

    • 4everis2long

      Hawki, I am not a huge Stauskas fan because guys with slow lateral foot speed just kill me. However he can shoot it with the best of them so I could live with the pick. Personally I would rather J. Young or even Hood..I am definitely pulling for the Randall trade should he slide to 7 but I hope the Suns do not give Lakers draft picks and Goodwin. IMO Goodwin is close to being untouchable.

      • Hawki

        Forever….I have my binoculars on as the horses round the clubhouse turn & enter the Final Stretch…it appears Hood has a slight lead over Young & Stauskas but there is a horse coming up on the outside & I can’t tell who it is.

        • 4everis2long

          Hawki, Must be California Chrome but this late in the game he will likely fade.

    • DBreezy

      There’s still time ahead of the draft and it’s often tough for teams at the back of the lottery to get certain guys to come in because of their agents. I don’t think it would stop McD from taking Stauskas as nobody really seems to have a good idea of who will where on the board from 10-20. You really have to be ready for anything. In fact there hasn’t been much board talk about the international guys, some of which could be in the mix at 14. What do they do if a guy like Saric falls to them?

      • Hawki

        DBreezy….Does Saric actually exist ?
        Thought he was a myth :)

        • DBreezy

          I was thinking the same thing Hawki and I started wondering yesterday if there’s a reason for that. I don’t know anything about Saric (where’s Rude!) but I’m wondering if some of the late lottery and beyond teams are being quiet about him and that foreign center that DX has rated highly hoping for a quiet drop. Especially with Saric, I think if he stays in past June 16th that he’ll have a promise somewhere in the lottery.

    • DBreezy

      Hawki, in the words of Clyde Frazier you must be omnipotent. I see Stauskas is working out for the Suns.

      • Hawki

        DBreezy….just got my crystal ball back from the repair shop….been meaning to fix that thing for years.
        Clyde & Pearl….my favorite backcourt of all time.