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Kevin Love trade rumors: Suns dangle Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe?

As Kevin Love trade rumors float about Boston, Cleveland, Chicago and Golden State, those in Phoenix might wonder why the Suns and their many assets to offer aren’t as often discussed as potential trade partners with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

But the latest rumor might make Suns fans feel less excited and more queasy about what Phoenix might have to do in order to trade for the All-Star power forward.

From Spears’ tweet, we get another confirmation Bledsoe will be breaking a team’s bank.

On to the more surprising issue, the Suns’ rumored willingness to hand over one of their two best players. Before losing your lunch, know that this could all be a smokescreen, as Kurt Helin of NBC Sports points out. There are a couple things to consider, however, if this is indeed something general manager Ryan McDonough is contemplating.

What is the maximum the Suns should give up for Love?

With so many draft picks that could be thrown into the gift basket heading to Minnesota in such a trade, it would seem that the Suns should only be open to trading one of Dragic or Bledsoe. That might be obvious, but Minnesota surely is going to push hard for a Carmelo Anthony-like trade, where wiping a team’s roster of talent is perhaps plausible — though we can thank the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for that being hard to fathom these days.

But which one of Dragic or Bledsoe should go?

Sean Highkin of USA Today gave his thoughts on a potential trade.

Highkin brings up a very good point, but while Minnesota might rather have Dragic than Bledsoe, there’s reason to believe the Suns see Dragic as the better value, thus refusing to make such a deal. Dragic is older, but it seems that both marketing-wise and on the court, there is appreciation for the Slovenian point guard. There’s a reason he wasn’t included in the busy veteran-dumping last offseason.

Bledsoe’s 2013-14 season of course was far from poor, but it felt hard to argue he’d completely answered the two big questions about his health and ability to lead.

How Dragic or Bledsoe fit with point guard Ricky Rubio and the T-Wolves might be irregardless at this rate, especially since Rubio seemingly plateaued this past season. It might simply come down to which player the T-Wolves would like to have more, and if that is a shared opinion in Phoenix.

This is often how trades go down, or fail to. If the Suns like Dragic’s value and the Timberwolves think Bledsoe is worth a max contract — a completely debatable thing, in my opinion — or vice versa, that’s what could seal a Kevin Love trade to Phoenix.

Then again, the Warriors, Bulls, Celtics and Cavs may have something to say about it.

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    For arguments sake, lets agree that it will take a max contract to retain Bledsoe. That would infer McD might be willing to move him. The Wolves would love to get a “star” in return and Bledsoe would fit the bill. Maybe the Suns could expand the trade to include Frye and Rubio. Throw in a couple of picks and maybe McD pulls it off?

    That leaves Bledsoe’s spot open for Green and Goodwin. With 4ever’s profound belief that Goodwin is the “real deal” I don’t see this as a bad trade for Phoenix.

    • Eddy6705

      Interesting so could you give us the proposed trade with Rubio?

      • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

        Doing a superficial financial calculation it would appear that the Suns could do a sign and trade of Bledsoe for Love while adding Frye and Rubio. I’m not sure at this point if a sign and trade player can be part of a multiple player transaction (DBreezy?) but if not I believe the trade would still work by doing two trades, sign and trade of Bledsoe for Love and Frye for Rubio.

        A Bledsoe and Rubio backcourt does not appear to have much upside so Rubio becomes expendable. Despite his flaws he would be an upgrade for Ish as Dragic’s back-up. Wolves have a huge hole at PF if they move Love so they get a one-year rental of Frye and then salary cap relief for the next group of free-agents in the summer of ’15.

        • 4everis2long

          EBJM, would you trade Bledsoe knowing Love is going to exercise his option to be a free agent next summer even if traded to Phoenix?

          • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

            Great question. My answer is based off of several variables. First I’m only considering moving Bledsoe IF it will take a max contract to keep him. IMO that could have a domino effect in regards to Dragic. Secondly, Dragic and Love are already in their primes and peaking as players. Do those two get you farther than Bledsoe/Dragic? Well it is your profound belief in Goodwin that makes me say yes.

            So I admit my reasoning is a bit more selfish than most because if the Suns don’t upgrade at PF or center with a bona-fide star, I don’t see the Suns progressing if they have to max Bledsoe and with Dragic possibly opting out. They will remain an exciting and competative team but not serious contenders.

            So I would throw the dice and see what happens.

          • DBreezy

            How much McD believes in Goodwin and Len probably will have a big effect on what he’s willing to offer for Love. I agree on the Bledsoe contract domino effect with Dragic, especially if this team doesn’t make the playoffs next season-no easy feat as is.

  • Jared3636

    I would definitely keep the known commodity which is Dragic. Although Bledsoe can be an amazing player, health is obviously a concern. I don’t see him as a max contract guy and if we could center a trade for Love around him.. You do it.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    I don’t know if the Wolves would give Love to the Suns, because they would probably want him out of the Western Conference. That’s why I think Boston would have the best chance to get him because they have a lottery pick plus contracts that are near to expiring. Both Gerald Wallace’s and Jeff Green’s Contracts have just two years left. Add a young player like Jared Sullinger in the mix and you probably will have a deal.

    • Kevin Zimmerman

      Conference/rival things don’t matter as much as people think. Wolves will be trying to get the best package to be competitive — it’s worrying about yourselves more than anything.

      Amin Elhassan had a few thoughts on this:

      • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

        The difference being the Wolves are rarely in the playoffs so there isn’t a need to worry. but if it were the Lakers……see how happily they gave the Lakers a way past his prime Steve Nash who is still paying dividends by eating up a large chunk of their salary cap!

      • DBreezy

        So the question I guess becomes, does this get resolved on draft night? With Flip moving down to the bench, you tend to think no, and that means that we’re probably looking at the trade deadline or beyond if you’re playing the odds.

        • Kevin Zimmerman

          Never know how it’ll pan out, but I feel like there will be a lot of talks on draft night since the picks will matter a bit. But could also happen later … you know, if the T-Wolves want to work out a sign a trade for a Bledsoe or otherwise.

          • DBreezy

            I do expect there to be a lot of talk on draft night and would generally prefer the Suns to see if they can find a way to get themselves for Randle or Vonleh while keeping the Dragic/Bledsoe tandem for at least one more season. If the Love trade doesn’t get resolved on draft night then prospective teams will make their picks for themselves not the Wolves. Besides those guys not being who the Wolves may have wanted, a lot of teams fall in love with their picks after they make them even in a weak draft. For this and a few other reasons it seems like post draft summer trades of star players seem to get really complicated. Not impossible, just lower odds and before you know it camp is here and teams don’t want to rock the boat. I think Matrix was a good example of that when his summer extension talks with Kerr went rocky.

  • DBreezy

    I don’t know if Zimmerman et al have access to those advanced stats/breakdown’s from places like Synergy, but anecdotally I think that Goran played more effectively with a screen and pop guy like Frye while Bledsoe was more effective with a roller like Plumlee. When you’re talking about Love possibly being here for the next 4 or 5 seasons, this definitely has to be considered if Bled or Goran must go in the deal. There’s also the question of durability and the knowledge that even when Goran opts out of his deal in 2015, he’s unlikely to get the max deal that Bledsoe is apparently seeking.

    • Kevin Zimmerman

      Right, Dragic will be more of a value player. Also right on the pick/pop vs. pick/roll. My version of synergy doesn’t break down rolls vs. pops but based on eye test and assist #s I’ve looked at after the season, Bledsoe certainly worked better with Plumlee while Dragic and Frye worked out. Off topic, but think Dragic learning to work with Plumlee and rollers is one thing he needs to improve upon.

      • DBreezy

        I definitely agree that Dragic needs to learn work better with rollers. Regardless of whether they get Love or not, I think this offseason is going to be sneaky tough on this front office.

  • Adam

    I have been saying all along that we should be trading Bledsoe to try and get Love. Bledsoe is a nice player….Love is a legit super-star. You do whatever it takes to get him, and if we put together Bledsoe + the Lakers pick next year…we would have to be near the top as far as offers go. The only question would be if Love would play here long term. If that answer is yes, then I think we should be super aggressive, with Dragic and Len as the only guys I wouldnt trade.

    Ideal next month:
    Trade – Bledsoe + Our 1st rounder (2015) + Lakers 1st rounder (2015) for Kevin Love.

    Trade: #14 + #18 (2014) to move up and select Gary Harris or Nik Stauskis (whomever they like more..I like Harris)

    Draft #27 select Mitch McGary

    Lineup next season Dragic, Harris, Morris, Love, Plumlee
    Bench: Len, McGary, Frye, Morris, Green, Goodwin, Smith

  • 4everis2long

    I am not enamored with K.Love the way some are so I am not breaking the bank for someone who cannot defend his shadow. He would be a nice free agent acquisition because he is an excellent rebounder but I am not trading The younger and better defensive guard Bled plus 1st round picks. The only reason I would consider trading Dragic is his contract will be up next summer and his age. I am perfectly fine keeping Dragic and Bled and let Love go elsewhere. Some fans forget Green will be a free agent next summer and if he has another stellar season he too will get a big contract next summer.

    • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

      I like the Dragic, Goodwin, Green, Love and Len line-up. Let the Wolves pay Bledsoe $12 million per for half a season of ball. Suns did just fine with a couple of PFs who couldn’t defend, Amare and Barkley.

      • 4everis2long

        Barkley was not a bad defender and K.Love is no Barkley. The difference in my opinion is Barkley had good lateral foot speed and was a far better athlete than Love. So while neither will be on all defensive team, I would not mention Love and Barkley in the same sentence.

        • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

          Barkley was in the same situation that DBreezy explained about Love being paired with Len/Plumlee as opposed to Pekovic. Barkley needed that shot-blocking center to help him from the weak-side because he simply was too short to do anything with the Karl Malone’s and Kevin McHale’s of his era.

          While I’m not saying Love is anywhere near the player Barkley was, Barkley averaged 25.6/12/5 dimes in his MVP year in Phoenix at age 29.

          At age 26 last year Love put up 26/12.5/4.4 dimes.

          The reason both of them are so effective is their +/- stat. The old D’Antoni model of making the other team out score you. Also twelve rebounds per game is still twelve rebound per game regardless and is over twice as many as what Frye gets you. In fact is more than what Frye and Markieff combined get the Suns at PF.

          Acquiring Love reminds me of the Suns signing Tom Chambers. He couldn’t defend either but he put up 27 points per game as a Sun one season.

          Would I prefer someone else? Sure! But my preferred player most likely will not come to Phoenix in my lifetime.

          • 4everis2long

            So EBJM you would make this deal knowing Love will be a free agent next summer? While I give you the fact Barkley was shorter and had problems with longer power forwards, his lateral foot speed and athleticism allowed him to be a fairly good defender in that he made opponents shoot over him instead of blowing by him for a layup or dunk and he could provide much better help defense than Love offers. I just place a lot of value in lateral foot speed and anticipation when talking about defense. I continue to believe G. Monroe, E. Davis or J. Hill would appreciably improve the team without giving up significant player personnel or draft picks. I just do not think the Suns need an all-star power forward who will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.It will be a financially wise decision on his part to become a free agent as he will earn more money by exercising that option. Love will not make the Suns a championship team next season so why part with all the assets for a possible one year rental?

          • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

            I fully understand your concerns with Love defensively but Phoenix has historically always played uptempo and twice before have had strong rebounding PFs who could also score and overall their respective team’s defensive were good.

            Back in ’79-’80 after they acquired 6′-7″ Truck Robinson the Suns under John MacLeod had the 5th best defensive rating with little Alvan Adams at center next to Truck. They won 55 games.

            After acquiring the 6′-4″ Barkley at PF the Suns under Westphal who coincidently was the starting guard on the aforemetioned team, had the 9th best defensive rating while leading the league in scoring. They won 62 games.

            Both of those teams had a strong perimeter defender in Don Buse and then Dan Majerle. Defense is supposedly Goodwin’s strong suit isn’t it?

            The only true defensive stud at PF was Maurice Lucas and that was thirty years ago. He also played alongside Larry Nance.

            Sometimes you just have to go for it.

        • DBreezy

          I tried to put the following in your post about Monroe, but for some reason it keeps getting knocked out awaiting moderator approval:

          I still have concerns about Monroe being more suited for the 5 than the 4 on both ends of the court. Also SVG, has been posturing to keep Monroe so the cost would likely be very high to get him and if you’re gonna go to what it would take in terms of $$$ and/or trade assets why wouldn’t they consider Love instead?

          Looking at some of their respective numbers on 82games, Monroe and Love played a similar percentage of their team’s minutes (68 vs 70). As a 4, Monroe posted a PER of 18.3 vs 20.6 as a 5. His opponents posted a PER of 21.2 vs him at the 4 vs. 17. 2 at the 5. Looked at another way, he had an O-rating of 100.6 with a D-rating of 105.5 at the 4 vs an O-rating of 103.5 and a D-rating of 102.7 at the 5. His team win % was 50 with him at the 5 and 43 with him at the 4.

          Because of the injury to Pek, Love played 29% of his minutes at the 5 last season. Interestingly enough he posted a PER of 35 at the 5 vs 26.1 at the 4 with opponent PER’s of 14.2 at the 4 and 17.3 at the 5. At the 4 he had an O-rating of 110.9 and a D-rating of 103.7 with a win % of 58. At the 5 he had an O-rating of 111.8 and a D-rating of 108.5 with a win % of 50. Obviously the win % are affected by the Wolves winning 11 more games than the Pistons, but then again the West is a tougher conference and Love had a lot to do with those W’s. They’re pretty much the same age, but Love looks like the superior player at the 4 or 5 on both ends.

          • 4everis2long

            Oh I agree Love is better offensively and is a better rebounder but I do not think the Suns have to depart with all of the assets to get him. Stan has recently implied Monroe’s numbers do not suggest a max deal. I do not see any way the Pistons can match a max deal for Monroe unless someone takes Smith off their hands.The Pistons want a home town discount which I doubt they receive.

          • DBreezy

            The numbers also seem to suggest that Love’s better defensively than Monroe or at least a wash at the 4 or 5, and that’s with Monroe having two incredible shot blockers beside him in Drummond and Smith. I’m sure the Nets will find a way to take Smith off the Pistons hands.

    • WLX(AL)

      The thing with Green is that other teams will still be wary of his
      character even if he does have another great season. Green is a product
      of the system in which he plays in. Plus he is a bit of a head case a la
      JR Smith and Lance Stephenson?…Phoenix could lock him up for 5-6
      Million per year for 4 year – 5 years. Then there is Dragic; he just
      about hit his Prime. He will be serviceable for the next 4-5 years. If
      he takes good care of himself he could play at a good level for a longer
      time, kind of like Andre Miller. Dragic for 9-10 million per year would
      be a good deal.

      • Kevin Zimmerman

        Probably shouldn’t put Green in the same character label as those two guys. Maybe he plays like them by being a tad bit reckless, but he’s not a locker room or trouble child in the locker room, etc.

        • 4everis2long

          I agree Kev. While he plays with an edge he seems to be very coachable and is a good locker room guy.

    • DBreezy

      I wouldn’t trade the season they had for a worse one, but the cold hard facts are that they’d be in a better position if they had played hard but ended up with a top 8 pick. This is a going to be a sneaky tough summer for McD. I say sneaky because this is a young team coming off a feel good season, so there’s going to be an upbeat feel to whatever they do. However, the West remains tough, they aren’t sneaking up on anyone and at a minimum need to improve their front court play to go further. If I was in the front office, it would be hard to forget the last stretch of the season where teams seemed to have even the Goran/Bledsoe version of the team figured out and they needed more help up front.

      If they had a top 8 pick, they’d have a lot of great options here. They could easily stay the course and grab one of Randle or Vonleh or they would have stronger assets for a trade if they felt that was the better course. Instead they’re faced with no easy option for fixing their problem up front. They can and probably will try to move up on draft day and get someone like Vonleh or Randle, but if not it’s easy to see why they’re in the Love sweepstakes whether any of us are enamored by him or not. They’re looking at max or near-max dollars on Bledsoe and something big for Dragic next summer with several other free agents for a team that at best is probably a 7th or 8th seed unless they get better play at the 4. T

      his whole thing is also a test of something that we won’t get to see until later in the summer and that’s Goodwin. If the Suns feel that he’s good enough to become at least the 6th man this season and possibly be a starter in 2015-2016, then they’ll probably feel more comfortable letting one of Goran or Bled go now. Green handles the 2 guard spot for at least next season and they fix their PF problem. That probably interests them more than hoping the Lakers pick is high in 2015 and also hoping that impact 4′s are available in the 2015 draft. Same thinking goes for Len, who’s improvement could go a long way to shielding Love’s defense inside of Longabardi’s schemes. Pek is a big body, good rebounder and low post scorer, but he isn’t the shot blocker that you need next to Love which Len and Plumlee can be.

      I’m not really enamored with Love, but I can see why they’re staying invoked in the talks. Even if they make a deal, I don’t expect McD to unload all of his picks in it nor do I expect him to make a deal without Love committing to being here long term. I imagine he’ll have some other things in mind to round out the roster.

      • 4everis2long

        DBreezy, I do not think I disagree with you in that the Suns should explore Love trade options as we badly need front court help. I just would not consider giving up Bled for the guy. I would also hate to give up Dragic as well but understand to get talent you have to give something.

        While EBJM and no doubt others are concerned about Bled’s health, I am no more concerned about his knee than the Clippers were when they signed CP3 or the Warriors were when they signed Curry to big contracts. Their prior injuries were not an obstacle. I think if the Suns had to choose between Dragic and Bled, if they looked at their respective performances when both were 24 yrs old, they would likely conclude Bled has more upside and probably is a better defender.

        The reason I would not go overboard for the guy is there are other options that would improve the Suns at a fraction of the cost. I think we agree a Love trade should probably only be looked at in greater detail if Vonleh/Randall cannot be acquired. I would rather the Suns acquire J. Hill or Ed Davis, both whom are better rebounders and defenders than what we currently have on the roster without giving up anything.

        • DBreezy

          I do have some injury concerns with Bled, but they really wouldn’t be a huge factor in my decision if it came down to choosing Goran or Bled. I view the Suns medical staff as a big plus with stuff like this and if they’re good with it, I am too plus we now live in a NBA world with shorter contracts that can be stretched if worst comes to worst.

          Personally, unless something can be pulled off for a Randle or Vonleh, I’m still of the opinion that the Suns will ultimately choose between Dragic and Bledsoe it’s just a question of when. While Bledsoe may indeed get the mini-max this summer, I’m not sure that Dragic will be too far behind in 2015. I see at least 9 teams other than the Suns firmly in the mix for the WC playoffs next season with at least two wildcards in there. If they don’t make the playoffs and/or really struggle if they get there, I find it hard to believe that McD is going to commit somewhere in the neighborhood of 25M of his cap to two players who alone can’t move the Suns into at least the middle of the WC playoff pack. I think this Love discussion partly reflects this realization within the front office and I’m happy about it. Not specifically because of Love, but because they’re trying to be proactive about it. Previous front offices would have made the decision not to pay both guys early, but would have done nothing about it until a last minute attempt with a lowball offer.

          I think your notion of getting guys like Hill or Davis is only on the table for the front office if all else fails. Defense will not be the reason they pass on Love if they do so imo. McD will do what Ainge did in Boston and what several others have and that’s rely on his staff to get the defense in shape and accountable. The Spurs only have one plus individual defender (sorry Timmy) on their roster these days. The Grizz have 3 (sorry Tayshaun) but still go long stretches hiding Z-Bo and Mike Miller. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were not considered good defenders before Doc and Tibs. Love’s rebounding alone would have improved the Suns defense last season and he’d be the best they’ve had since Barkley on the glass.

          I don’t think we know who the Suns would choose between Dragic and Bledsoe, and to me that’s the real smokescreen here not what the article refers to. They may not be able to move either player so why telegraph their preference with Bled a RFA now and Goran a FA next summer? I know what your choice would be Foreveris and why, but I’m not so sure that it’s as clear cut for the front office.

          • 4everis2long

            Oh absolutely it would be a tough call DB as to who to trade because both are really good guards, i also would not trade these assets and 1st round picks for someone who will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, which is financially in his best interest. I could see if a Love trade would make the Suns a championship contender next season but it is unlikely, so I am trying to justify the high price of the one year rental. IMO all the Love deal does it put us in the 5-8 playoff discussions next season which Hill, Davis or Monroe would do at a fraction of the cost.

          • DBreezy

            I don’t see them doing it unless Love commits, something I’m betting he’s willing to do in the right situation. It was Love and his agent that started this process rolling right now, and they both have to know that the Dwight Howard thing is fresh on people’s minds. I’m sure they have a plan to assuage those concerns, especially since the word is that Love’s agent has been doing a lot of the searching and talking for a deal.

          • 4everis2long

            I think the implied promise any team will or should want will be reserved for playoff teams like Houston or Golden State, whom both have expressed interest in Love. The promise is likely more justifiable for those teams as the main piece they would be offering would be the 3rd or 4th best player on their current roster in Parsons for Houston or Barnes for G.S. It is extremely unlikely the Suns, only a potential playoff team, would get such a promise when they would be trading one of their two best players in Dragic/Bledsoe. Unless some team trades for Love without a promise, I think Love holds all the cards.

          • DBreezy

            It’s hard to say which teams he’d reserve a promise or even sign an extension for. His orchestrated visit was to Boston, a team that’s much further away than the Suns. To be fair, it’s not even clear that he wants to leave Minnesota because it’s a small market team. There are two sides to every story and I think the Wolves are pimping that angle to some degree as it makes Love look bad in Minny (especially relative to KG) and it gives a dysfunctional organization some cover on the inevitable. I don’t know that Love is trying to force his way out if the Wolves run a better ship and/or made the playoffs in the last few years.

          • 4everis2long

            I do not equate a K. Love Boston visit to him giving them an implied or oral promise he will sign a new contract with them. I just do not see a guy becoming a free agent near his prime, to play for a rebuilding franchise like Boston. Logic dictates any promises will likely be reserved for teams who are playoff teams who will have at least two stars remaining after a proposed trade to Minny. Absolutely I could be wrong but I think if he was going to go to a losing or rebuilding franchise like Boston why not wait until 2015 and sign with the Lakers, his hometown? Always enjoy the dialogue DB.

          • DBreezy

            We’re both reading tea leaves here for sure, but that visit was orchestrated for a reason. Love visiting Boston alone shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but he and his agent made sure it was with a bunch of leaks and coincidental public meetings. There was an article from the Oregonian the other day talking about how Love has carefully orchestrated everything he’s done going back to high school where he supposedly purposely broke a backboard at an advantageous time.

            So why I personally wouldn’t give a promise to a team that was rebuilding just ahead of my prime, but I’m not Kevin Love and I don’t know his motivation for doing this now. I haven’t read anything that has more than topical speculation on what he wants. Stepping back from it a bit, the only common threads I see between the teams most commonly listed as potential trade destinations are well run organizations with good trade assets.

            I’m sure Love and his agent sat down and talked about viable options before embarking on this course. I think the Dwight Howard situation is fresh on everyone’s mind, but it’s somewhat of an outlier for several reasons. Howard basically only wanted to go Brooklyn and possibly Dallas if they had won the DWill sweepstakes. Before that trade, there were numerous rumors that Dwight didn’t want to go to LA or play with Kobe. ESPN talked it about endlessly, but despite that the Lakers arrogantly felt that just being in their franchise would change all of that. That’s probably a bigger franchise killing mistake than the more often talked about moves of Mike Brown and D’Antoni. Dwight was ambivalent from the start about resigning in LA in a manner that was very different from the likes of Melo or CP3. It was clear from the comments of Kupchak, D’Antoni, Nash and Kobe throughout the year that there wasn’t a high level of confidence in him staying.

            You really just don’t see superstars force trades with a year left on their deals to teams that they aren’t intending on resigning with as it leaves money on the table. You can’t get the extra year in sign and trades anymore and I’m not sure but I don’t think you get the higher % raises in sign and trades anymore either. If you’re willing to take less money to get a real choice of where you play, it seems like you play the string out quietly as Melo or even Kyrie Irving have. If Love goes to any of the continuously leaked squads, my bet is that he gives assurances to get the deal done. Now if a wild card team like the Kings get involved with no assurance like the Lakers did with Howard, that’s another story.

    • DBreezy

      In case it wasn’t completely clear what I was getting at with the Goodwin/Len thing, I was thinking of the Celts. Ainge showed a lot of faith in his young players when he made the deal for that big 3 and pretty much during their run. He acquired Posey and House, but he was perfectly fine going into the season leaning heavily on Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins. He also had no problem letting Posey go in favor of a young Tony Allen. Guys like Avery Bradley, Leon Powe, Big Baby etc all got called into roles that outsiders didn’t expect them to have. I’m sure that isn’t lost on McD as he looks at this or any other trade-especially after he found guys like Green and Plumlee last season.

  • WLX(AL)

    Phoenix can’t and SHOULD NOT give too much for Love. Kevin Love will opt out next year no matter what. The Timberwolves can’t do anything to make him stay. Love doesn’t just want to make the playoffs with Minny and get bounced in the 1st round. He doesn’t want anything more to do with that organization. What Kevin Love does want… is to be Wined and Dined…by all the teams with cap space that THINK they can convince him to sign with them next off season.
    So, what should the Suns offer Minny for a ONE YEAR All Star rental: The Morris Twins, 14th pick and 27th pick. That’s it. Anything more would be over paying for his services. However, Phoenix could give Minny the Laker’s pick and their next year 1st round pick if Love opted in for the last year in his contract.
    Dragic and Bledsoe should be untouchables. They are the heart of the new system of the Phoenix Suns. The first thing Phoenix should try to do before attempting to trade for Kevin Love should be to persuade Bledsoe to convince Lebron James to come play for the Valley of the Suns.
    So, even if Phoenix is unable to trade for Love, the team would still have the best SF in the league along with serviceable PF in Markieff, long center (Len), and the Slash Bros. Otherwise, Phoenix should look to draft and SF (Hood) and a PF (Payne) with the 14 and 18th pick in this draft.

    • 4everis2long

      WLX IMO you make a lot of sense. Do not let Minny hijack the Suns for K. Love.

  • Luka

    Suns Send: Bledsoe, Frye, Morris twins, #14, #27, Lakers 2015 pick.

    Wolves Send: Love, Barea, Brewer, Turiaf.

    Then use the 18th pick to get a back-up PF.

  • 4everis2long

    Considering I strongly doubt Love will sacrifice his 2015 free agency status, I would explore 25 year old Greg Monroe who put up 15 and 9 on a losing team with a selfish point guard, as well as E. Davis and J. Hill. I would hate surrendering all of those assets for a one year rental (see Lakers trade for D. Howard).

  • DBreezy

    I think another factor to consider in the Goran/Bledsoe deal is the dark hand aka Lon Babby. While McD and crew seem to have free reign on assessing talent, I’ve seen zero indication that it’s anyone other than Babby making the decision on how much that talent is worth $$$ wise. I don’t have a problem with that as I think Babby is pretty accurate there as long as he’s presented with appropriate talent which Blanks couldn’t do. With Bledsoe reportedly seeking a mini-max deal, how will Babby value him in general and vs Goran?