Apr 16, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol (16) watches from the bench against the San Antonio Spurs during the second half at AT&T Center. The Lakers won 113-100. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Remembering the Suns' interest in Pau Gasol

Poor Pau Gasol. The Spaniard always seems to be linked to trade rumors every year and this one was no different.

Reports indicated that he could end up with the Phoenix Suns at the February trade deadline as a short-term post threat to help them with its playoff push.

The Suns could have used a viable post threat; Markieff Morris was probably the best inside option on the team, but he came off the bench and shot a lot of mid-range shots. Phoenix wasn’t going to do anything to inhibit landing a superstar to get Gasol, even though it’s fun to think about Gasol joining the Suns.

Immediately after the trade deadline, he returned from his groin injury that had the Suns wary about a trade. Gasol played in 15 straight games, averaging 18.9 points, 8.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists on 51.6 percent shooting. The end of that streak came as the Suns began tailing off just before Eric Bledsoe returned from his knee injury. But Gasol then failed to appear in 12 of the final 13 games of the year as he struggled with severe vertigo.

It’s fun to wonder if the Suns would have earned an extra couple of victories with Gasol in tow.

But Gasol is now a free agent. As an aging player, he might want to look for a chance at another ring. Right now, the Phoenix Suns apparently aren’t on his list.

Throwing out names of contenders makes sense. Of course Gasol would be happy to play with his brother in Memphis, stay with the Lakers if they get the right pieces, or play for a Chicago or San Antonio. Would the Suns still be interested in wedging their way in there if the other options are off the board? It might not hurt to pay Gasol for a single year if the Suns think he could stay injury free under their training staff, but with his career winding down it’s unlikely Gasol would even listen. He’ll be looking for a multi-year contract, which could likely be his last.

I for one am glad the Suns didn’t trade for Gasol, because it wouldn’t have solved their problem. They need a superstar. Gasol isn’t that, at least not anymore.

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  • Milich Kosanovich

    I wonder if the Suns famed medical and training team could repair Andrew Bynum’s knees? Could you imagine the Suns with the ’11 version of Bynum?

    • KlausFlouride

      They may be able to fix his knees but no way in hell they can fix his head. I can’t believe someone is actually suggesting that AB would may be a good fit for the Suns….smh

      • Milich Kosanovich

        Yeah, because when healthy he won two titles and was an All-Star and 2nd team All-NBA in ’11-’12. He is only 26 years-old and a true 7′-0″ 285# center. Did you listen to Roy Hibbert’s interview regarding Bynum when the Pacer’s released him? Nothing but good stuff to say about him.

        If the Suns were willing to give Joe Barry “Just Barely” Carroll a shot, I’d have no problem taking a flyer on Bynum. It would cost the Suns only $1.3 million. If Bynum was willing to play mentor to Hibbert, well Plumlee and Len could learn a lot from a willing Bynum. He was tutored by Abdul-Jabbar for many seasons.

        Plumlee and Len are not going to learn much from West and Gattison.

        Suns have thrown away $13 million on Childress and Beasley. Whats another $1.3 million?

        • KlausFlouride

          Look, if Hibbert is your go to guy for all things Bynum, so be it.

          • Milich Kosanovich

            Did you skip the first and second sentences? The Pacers and Hibbert were Bynum’s most recent encounter and the only bad thing to come out of Indiana was that Bynum’s knees are shot.

            His knees were shot in Philly and Cleveland as well. I take the issues in Cleveland with a grain of salt. That locker room was so dysfunctional the Cavalier’s traded for Luol Deng to provide veteran leadership in the locker room. The level of dysfunction was so high it all but guaranteed Deng will sign anywhere BUT Cleveland.

            IF Bynum wants to continue playing ball, Phoenix would be an ideal destination for him for three reasons. First and foremost is Aaron Nelson. Secondly he would not be the focal point and he knows it. Thirdly he wholeheartedly accepted his role in Indiana as Hibbert’s back-up.

            Too bad Bynum’s knees are shot because the way Hibbert has played Bynum would have been given an opportunity to play.

            Suns are so weak at center that Hornacek was forced to use Markieff at center during crunch time when the game was on the line. Bynum is about a career 70% FT shooter and during his best season in ’11-’12 he was shooting 5-6 FTs per game. He wasn’t getting fouled shooting jumpers.

            The source of his bad attitude isn’t drugs or criminality. He has been immature, unprofessional and demonstrated what seemed to be an indifference to playing ball. Suns center coach Mark West was given the assignment of keeping a keen eye on then rookie Amare Stoudemire to help him not turn out like Bynum.

            If DeMarcus Cousins can be mentored into a professional player then why couldn’t Bynum?

            Quality true centers are so hard to come by Pat Riley claimed a bigger project than Bynum in Greg Oden.

  • coachj

    I vote no!