Donald Sterling ruling by Adam Silver has Sarver’s support

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Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver has announced his support in the wake of NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s punishments placed on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Sterling’s voice was verified to be on an audio recording of racially-charged discussion between Sterling and his girlfriend, Silver announced Tuesday. The NBA has placed a lifetime ban on Sterling from NBA and Clippers ongoings, fined him $2.5 million — the maximum fine allowed — and will seek a three-fourths vote from NBA owners to remove Sterling.

“I applaud the actions taken today by Commissioner Silver in response to the disturbing comments made by Donald Sterling,” Sarver said in a statement. “Commissioner Silver’s decision upholds the principles of diversity, tolerance and respect for all people that the NBA and Phoenix Suns represent. The Commissioner has my full support.”

The Suns joined the Clippers, among others, in making a “We Are One” splash page.

On Monday, Sarver condemned Sterling’s comments from the audio recordings first published by TMZ — Silver said during his press conference that Sterling admitted to him that they included his voice.

Silver said during his press conference in New York that he fully expects to earn enough votes to push Sterling out of ownership.


Following an emotional press conference from Silver, former Suns guards Kevin Johnson and Steve Nash spoke out on behalf of the players’ association.



  • EBJM

    Oh, the hypocrisy of Kevin Johnson!

    K.J. has gone through two allegations of misconduct with under-aged girls. One in phoenix in 1995 and a second twelve years later in Sacramento in 2007.

    Here is a site that details the incidents within K.J.s life-long obsession, er, advocacy for under-privileged

  • EBJM

    Adam Silver is quoted as saying he and the league will oversee the sales process of the Clippers. This has to be the crowning jewel in President Obama’s legacy!

    After allowing the same racist Sterling to maintain control of the Clippers while they were bad for thirty years, Magic Johnson will now get an opportunity to seize the Clippers while at the pinnacle of their value and success through Socialist Idealism.

    Collective ownership (NBA) seizing the franchise for the common good of the league!

    I wonder how badly Adam Silver screws Sterling’s family in the process?

    Are Sterling’s estranged wife and daughter going to have to pay for the sins of Donald Sterling?

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    Silver made it clear during the presser that the penalties are only on Donald … though financially it’s a bit complicated because of the marriage, I would imagine. No idea how that works.

  • JD

    EBJM, the Clippers team is not an island — it is part of a 30-member organization and the other members will likely vote to remove one of its members. Steve Jobs was once voted out of Apple. George Zimmer was voted out of Mem’s Warehouse. That’s just two examples. It’s not like high-profile executives haven’t lost their companies before. Those families also suffered from the fallout, fair or not.

  • EBJM

    JD I’m not saying it is good or bad, right or wrong. There are a lot of deep thinkers that post here and I just throw this stuff out there to get some good conversations going during the slow summer.

    Conspiracy? You be the judge. Magic Johnson had attempted to purchase the Lakers along with Guggenheim Partners but the Buss family flatly told him they were not for sale.

    Vanessa and Magic post their Instagram photo of them together inciting the wrath of the mentally deteriorating 81 year-old Donald Sterling who has already given the NBA a thirty-year foundation of racist actions to build upon.

    What was the real motivation behind handing that audio tap over to TMZ? Doesn’t it make more sense for a Gold-digger like Vanessa to use it to secretly blackmail millions from Sterling than to simply try and embarrass him?

    Doesn’t anybody find it a bit conspicuous that in less than 24 hours after the tape made the news, Magic Johnson along with the Guggenheim Partners made it well known they wanted an opportunity to purchase the Clippers?

    The Lakers along with the Knicks are the flagship franchises of the NBA because they are located in the two biggest stages in the world. Again look at the timing of this extremely hostile take over.

    The Lakers just finished with their worst record since moving to L.A. in 1960! It doesn’t appear that Mitch Kupchak can turn them around in one summer.

    The Clippers can be re-branded with one of the most popular Lakers and NBA players of all-time with Magic. Are the Clippers destined to become the new Lakers?

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    What the hell are you talking about EBJM?

    Sterlings comments and beliefs have no place in society, or any society for that matter.

    David Stern probably was unable to kick sterling out, you need owner approval for that, and you need undeniable proof that he did something or said so awful you could justify it

    him getting taped saying these things just nailed the coffin on decades of bad behavior

    some kind of magic johnson, kevin johnson players union conspiracy has nothing to do with it

    Hell, the Kings have been terrible for something like a decade now, and they were sold for $535 million

    Sterling apparently bought the team for $18 million in 1981, and the franchise is worth alot more now than it was then, but thats with any NBA franchise

    if Robert Sarver sold the Suns right now, they probably be worth half a billion dollars too

  • Luka

    That’s an interesting conspiracy theory EBJM. It wouldn’t surprise me honestly. Stiviano is unscrupulous. She didn’t have to leak the recording to tmz. It’s pretty obvious her intent was to manufacture a controversy and profit from it.

    What Sterling said is bad there’s no denying that. Having said that, Sterling wasn’t making these comments publicly. He was having a private conversation with a woman who was manipulating him into saying specific things. It’s bad judgment by Sterling. As to whether he was possibly senile or under the influence of drugs or alcohol that remains indeterminate.

    I just don’t think given these circumstances that this punishment should be so severe. A suspension and a fine perhaps. But why can’t the board of goveners ask Sterling to make public ammends for this situation? Can he not be forgiven for past transgressions with a sign of good faith? I think some level of due process is necessary here.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Luka -

    Not only are Sterling’s comments bad on a human level, they badly injure the brand of NBA basketball.

    Silver did the only appropriate thing that he could have done. The punishment does fit the crime.

    Why do you think that employers do background checks? They need to determine if the person has character problems. Who would hire such an idiot?

    Sterling is a bad character. He is getting what he deserves. And don’t let the door hit him on the way out!

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    By the way. Sterling’s wife and girlfriend both attend Clipper games. It would take an act of God to change this dude.

  • melon man

    This whole thing just seems like a shakedown. Clearly Sterling is a POS but I don’t really care for the way this is all playing out. If Sterling were smart he would have acted quickly to transfer ownership to someone else. If fans were smart they’d have boycotted the team until Sterling stepped aside instead of crying for the NBA to take action. I also find it interesting that more often than not Sterling is simply referred to as white and seldom identified as being Jewish.

    Ultimately the whole situation stinks and it will be nice to move on from it quickly I hope.

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    Sterling has a long history of this kind of thing, and he had been getting away with this kind of stuff for years

    Like Earl Hickey says “Karma Karma Karma!”

    the only way he could have been setup, is if the recording was faked by his girlfriend

    the NBA did its own investigation, and according to Adam Silver, Sterling was interviewed (watch the press conference for that)

    and which he admitted he said these statements and that it was him, so the people with the conspiracy theory stuff, while interesting, just dont have much to convince me he was set up

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    Hey Lloyd

    i am pretty sure Sterling is a Narcissist.

    It would be really nice if sterling changes his views and came out and said “Hey i was wrong”

    but people like him very rarely do that

    especially when theirs very little reason for him to change

    he clearly didnt care about the team or the players, and looked at owning an NBA team as something fun to do, and liked the prestige that comes with it

    but anyway, this is a great day for the league, for adam silver, for the players, and the fans.

    You cant be a jerk to people your whole life and get away with it, even if you are rich and own a team

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Ellensburgbballfan -

    You state, “especially when there is very little reason for him to change.”

    Actually there is a very good reason to change. At 81 years old he will be meeting his Maker sooner rather than later.

    It would behoove his soul to quit counting his money for a few moments and to think about that.

  • JK

    Black people make hateful comments about white people in the comfort of their own homes all the time, but never get exposed about it on TMZ. I believe that what Sterling said was wrong on all accounts, but on the same note, Mark Cuban was write that it’s a slippery slope when you set precedent for being able to run somebody out of office and cost them millions of dollars for comments made in a private setting.

    Sterling was obviously setup, and EBJM brought up an interesting point about a conspiracy revolving around this situation. Magic has strong ties to the Laker organization, so he could have possibly used Stiviano to sabotage the entire Clippers franchise. There’s rumors that all of the Clippers players will be able to become free agents after this season with the addition of Doc Rivers being able to end his partnership with their organization early. This could just very be the godsend the Lakers were looking for. Imagine Chris Paul and Blake Griffin sporting purple and gold next year. That would be awful considering that Phoenix is hoping that the Lakers suck enough to the point where we can get a top 10 pick out of them since we currently own their 2015 1st round pick.

  • JK


  • Ellensburgbballfan

    Hey Lloyd

    That would be nice if he changed, but given my experience of living with two narcissists for 30 years, until i finally was able to move away, has taught me anything,

    its that these kind of people have no insight into their behavior at all

    I am sure Sterling thinks he is perfectly justified in what he said

    its very unlikely he takes a dramatic turn on his deathbed or something, people that harbor his views usually go to the grave with them, which is sad

    so JK or EBJM or whatever your name is, what happens if magic johnson doesnt buy the Clippers?

  • melon man

    Magic isn’t buying the Clippers, Malcom in the Middle is. I read it on Ball Don’t Lie so I’m sure it will happen!

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    JK -

    I think that the NBA is going to step in and run the Clippers until a buyer is found. Perhaps potential buyers would be the owners of the Dodgers, Angels or a group from Anaheim, which has a beautiful arena ready to go.

    I don’t see a scenario where Clipper players become free agents. That is probably wishful thinking by a desperate Laker fan.

    The Lakers now have incompetent ownership with the lady in charge and will soon be the Raiders of the NBA.

  • Serek

    Of course the dude was set up. If you believe he wasn’t, you are disconnected from reality as badly as Sterling is. The private conversation that was recorded? Is that commonplace now? Plus, the tape didn’t reach the media by itself. Of course it’s a set up. It’s only the question is who did it and how much they will profit from it (and how).

    Interesting fact from Melon Man, that the guy is Jewish but the story is covered as a vintage “whites vs blacks”. I find it amazing how people and nations who admittedly were on the receiving end of racial/ethnic persecution can quickly turn around when they feel safe.

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    i hope Alex Len puts up similar numbers to Jonas Valencuinas, who is giving the raptors 12 points and 12 boards a game so far on 65 percent shooting from the field

    Dude is only 21 and looks to be a future stud, now only if they could get him to not drink and drive

  • DZ

    The truth is beginning to emerge. Magic was just a pawn. Oprah is the true mastermind behind the conspiracy. The story is on the ESPN website.

  • EBJM

    Excellent comments all around. I just heard an interesting comment by Julie Chen on The Talk. She has interpreted Sterling’s comments as Sterling NOT wanting ANY Blacks to go to Clippers games.

    I guess this is why I’m shocked at the level of outrage over Sterling’s relatively minor comments on that tape. I say minor because he has said and done a lot worse in the past thirty-some years.

    I might be one of the few who actually heard what he was saying based on my own life experiences. Sterling didn’t want V Stigliano to attend games with Blacks because in Sterling’s mind it would embarrass HIM to his friends.

    Sterling didn’t want anybody to know he was with a woman who is also with Black men at the same time. You have to understand Sterling is 81 years old. He was raised racist just like almost every other white person his age.

    Sterling was practicing law BEFORE President Johnson signed the Civil Right Act of ’64. You have to take Sterling’s attitude within the context of his life experiences.

    EVERYBODY already knew long before this tape that Sterling wasn’t too fond of people of color. But there is plenty of documentation of him saying far worse things in the past when the Clippers weren’t worth much and losing.

    BTW his will is set up to pass control and ownership of the Clippers to his estranged wife should he pass away before this plays all the way out.

    I’m not wishing him bad health but I wonder what would happen if he did happen to pass and Shelly inherited total control?

  • EBJM

    There are several great articles on ESPN but I like this one in particular. It is written by Jason Whitlock who happens to be Black, which makes his take on the situation very good reading.

  • foreveris2long

    “Removing Donald Sterling from the NBA solves nothing.” Huh? How could Whitlock intelligently make that statement? He should spend one year in a Human Resource Department for a Fortune 500 company and then re-visit this issue. Could you imagine if it was learned a general manager or CEO of a major company had expressed extreme racist views and the company did nothing? The next discrimination lawsuit against the company the plaintiff would have direct as opposed to circumstantial evidence against the employer, most attorneys could only dream about. I think Jason really missed the boat on this one.

  • JK

    Realistically, I see the group in Seattle that’s been desperately trying to pry an NBA franchise from someone go all in on the Clippers after the vote is cast to send Sterling out. All this conspiracy talk is just a fun topic of conversation. Nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box!

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    The players union is apparently ecstatic about Sterling being banned for life, looks like the players union and nba owners have a good thing going, thats great, i dont want anymore lockouts

    i am excited for Suns basketball, and NBA in general hopefully these goods vibes last

  • sunsn7

    Glad the Sterling situation is on the way towards being resolved. Agree with Silver’s verdict wholeheartedly but the way the media capitalized in making the entire situation theatrical would be a head scratcher if one couldn’t read between the proverbial lines.

    It seemed everyone got carried away with having their “celebritorial” (is that a word?) names attached to the situation. Hashtag this and hashtag that. Not too eloquent or “lucid” for the most part..but that’s the way twitter wants it right?…

    Adam Silver deserves a nod of acknowledgement in his swift, decisive, and just decision. Although he is just doing his job, he deserves the credit for doing the right thing and not letting the media completely run away with it.

    Lost a measure of respect for one of my all time favorites, Magic Johnson, over his reaction to recent events, namely putting his name out there as a potential suitor for the imminent sale of the LA Clippers. EBJM? Where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Although I do agree with Mark Cuban as far as his comments go towards Sterling and the fact he was making these comments from, what he thought was the privacy of his own home and the legitimate debate that issue entails….the fact that he is an employer of people and a known figure in the community makes this decision a true no brainer.

    Anyway, Hispanics are the new “negroes”, for those who aren’t paying attention.

    But nobody is buying THEIR “jersey” so guess it doesn’t matter.

    With love,