NBA free agency: Suns must address Eric Bledsoe, P.J. Tucker

Lon Babby is searching for the Suns' next star but will not tank to find him. (Photo by Michael Schwartz/ValleyoftheSuns)

(Photo by Michael Schwartz/ValleyoftheSuns)

PHOENIX — Even heading into the summer of 2012, Suns president of basketball ops Lon Babby thought Phoenix was a prime free agent landing spot. Then, there was little to sell.

Now, the Suns can sell themselves, regardless of the intangibles.

“Great history, great infrastructure, great weather – never to be underestimated in the free agent process,” Babby said on Friday. “We have a better team. We have a coach that I think every player in the league wants to play for. We have one of the brightest young executives as our general manager. Free agents, when they come here, will have faith that what we say will come true. Sure, we’re in a better place than we were. If I put my former agent hat on, where else would you rather go than the Phoenix Suns right now?”

These days, the sell is especially more important for dealing within the organization.

Two summers ago, the Suns could only aggressively chase a player nobody else wanted (Michael Beasley), a player who was unproven but already had loyalties in Phoenix (Goran Dragic) and a guy nobody else had their eye upon (P.J. Tucker). In July 2014, it’ll be about re-signing Tucker and fellow restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe.

Bledsoe could earn a max contract while Tucker is looking for a pay-raise that could earn him the mid-level exception. According to ESPN Insider’s Amin Elhassan, Bledsoe’s projected annual average value as of February sits around $11.5 million including incentives, while Tucker’s is at $3 million, which is a solid chunk of a taypayer’s mid-level exception that sits at $3.278 million for 2014-15.

Bledsoe raised eyebrows when meeting the media for exit interviews by ducking questions about his future, only going as far as saying his only focus this offseason is getting to 100 percent. He wouldn’t even address whether he’d want to return to Phoenix.

“He’s well-represented and well-advised,” Babby said. “If I were representing him and advising him, he would say the exact same thing he said yesterday. We don’t read too much into that. We have every reason to believe he likes it here. We know we like him. I wouldn’t read anything more into his comments than that. He’s just being appropriately cautious and strategic. I admire that in his representation and accept it accordingly.”

The Suns have been adamant about retaining Bledsoe, and general manager Ryan McDonough said there isn’t much difference in attacking Bledsoe’s free agency as there is when it comes to Tucker.

“His emotion and spirit and energy was really infectious and helped us out this year,” McDonough said.

All this could, like Bledsoe, be simply a part of the negotiating strategy.

It’s not the worst thing for players’ values to be high as restricted free agents. At worst Phoenix could force a team into a sign-and-trade deal if the front office doesn’t agree with the market price.

“Restricted free agency is a beautiful thing for teams,” Babby said, addressing Tucker’s free agency. “We place a value on him. The market will place a value on him. If there’s a disconnect, it’s something we have to address at the time. But we have those rights and we’d be foolhardy not to utilize them.

“Ryan’s made the essential point, which is, we recognize that in many ways he’s the heart and soul of our team, and beloved by his teammates and an important part of this organization.”

Of course, if the Suns really want Bledsoe and Tucker back, they will ideally negotiate contracts before other teams can get the free agents to lean another way. But if that does happen, Phoenix still holds the cards and can match.

Cap space becomes more clear

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the NBA salary cap will increase by about $5 million this year, to $63.2 million in 2014-15. The Suns could sit at about $21 million under the cap at around $42 million in salaries and cap holds (including draft pick cap holds) heading into the free agency period once Emeka Okafor’s rights are renounced. Of course, the Suns could open up even more cap room by renouncing the Bird Rights of Bledsoe and Tucker, who will both likely make more than their current cap holds.

Getting political

The Suns enter the postseason with a majority of players having surpassed any previous career year, and as such, the NBA’s Most Improved Player award could be headed to Phoenix.

Leave it to Babby to conjure up a fitting metaphor.

“We have numerous candidates for most improved,” Babby said. “It’s a little bit like a political convention where you have too many candidates from one party, I think we’re going to split the vote. But we have Goran and Miles Plumlee, and Bledsoe … any one of those could really win most improved and maybe even some others should be candidates.”

  • JK

    I believe that Tucker is an absolute lock to play for Phoenix again next year. His hustle and tenacity is infectious, and he’s really developed into a nice 3 and D type of player that brings everything that someone like Luol Deng brings to the table at a cheaper price.

    Bledsoe is the question mark. He’s surely established himself as an up and coming future All-Star guard, so there will definitely be teams out there pursuing him. I’ve always been really against the idea of trading him because we practically got him for nothing, but perhaps McD made a move for him last summer only to setup a future move this summer. Imagine a blockbuster sign and trade on draft day that sends a star player and a high draft pick our way in exchange for Bledsoe.

    Regardless of what happens this summer, the Suns are in a great position moving forward. I believe the Suns will be an elite squad again soon with McD and Hornacek running the show.

  • EBJM

    Hey Forever, check out this site for a great article on Robin Lopez. I thought you would really appreciate it.

    Although Terry Stotts chose to let Robin defend Howard straight-up without help with Howard obtaining the expected results, it was interesting to see three former Suns centers all get wins in their respective 1st games.

    Robin’s play allowed Aldridge to have a monster game, 46/18/3.

    Gortat playing alongside Nene had a great game because Noah was guarding Nene and not him.

    Even our old friend Boris Diaw is contributing in the Spurs quest to get get back to the Finals as he plays a lot of center for Pops.

    Anybody notice that Babby didn’t mention the one player who many consider the front-runner for MIP, Gerald Green?

    Bledsoe missed half of the season so he isn’t getting it.

    Has Plumlee improved from last season when he only played 55 minutes? Nobody knows.

    That leaves Dragic and Green but Dragic has the “make-up award” going for him because of the All-Star snub.

  • DZ

    Signing Tucker to a $3 mil a year sounds like a good and fair deal to me. $11.5 mil per year for Bledsoe “including incentives” doesn’t sound outrageous either. I was reading that next year’s NBA salary cap will be raised by about $5 mil which will give the Suns even more room to deal.

    I doubt that the Suns will do much in the free agent market this year other than perhaps making a play for RFAs Monroe or Hayward. And they might actually make Pau Gasol a one or two year offer.

    As for the draft, probably the easiest way for the Suns to move up a few spots is to offer a trade with Philly. They have the 2nd and 10th picks and in a draft this deep they might trade the 10th for the Suns’ 14th and Indiana’s 26th. That would give
    Philly three 1st round picks instead of two which I think would be more important to them than to the Suns. That would also give the Suns a good shot at drafting McDermott who I think could be a valuable contributor off the bench in his first year.

  • EBJM

    I doubt Tucker is an absolute lock. He is 29 and has no upside. He is who he is, a very limited, skill-wise, player that is a high energy player.

    McD is not going to allow Babby to make the same mistakes that he has in the past like over-paying mediocre players.

    Wolves signed Corey Brewer for three years and $14.1 million and many thought that was way too much.

    I think the contract that the Clips gave Matt Barnes is in line with what the Suns should give Tucker. they extended him to three-years at around $11 million.

    Remember they signed Jared Dudley for five years at around $22.5 million. I think Tucker would love that contract but I don’t think it is in the best interests of the Suns. What did he play, two years at that price before McD came in and dumped him?

  • DZ

    At least Babby did say, “… and maybe even some others should be candidates.” He was referring to other Suns players and I doubt he intentionally left out Green even though Green should have been mentioned too. Hell, almost everyone on this team had a career best year this season. And even though I agree that Bledsoe doesn’t really have a shot at MIP, that mention by Babby was probably just him kissing up to Bledsoe before he starts getting contract offers from other teams.

  • DZ

    Tucker is actually 28 although he will turn 29 in two weeks. I don’t count on him being a “lock” but he also improved his offense this year so I wouldn’t say that he has no upside, just a limited upside. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, Tucker is basically an iron man player. He has missed only 4 games in his two seasons at Phoenix and one of those – the only game he missed this season – was because of a suspension.

    He is not and will never be an all-star player. He starts for the Suns because he is a high energy player that plays very tough defense. Should the Suns keep him at all costs? No. $3 to $3.5 mil per year on a 3-4 year contract is reasonable. If some other team made him a $5 mil per year, 3-4 year contract offer then I would reluctantly wave goodbye as PJ gets on the plane to take him to his new team.

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    Re: Babby quote. I think he just got lost in his words … I cut out that he said both Dragic and Goran and I just assume he meant to include Green.

  • Foreveris2long

    EBJM, Man what a cool article.I did not know they kept stats on an opponents success rate of scoring in the paint against a particular center. I think it makes sense considering a good defensive center will alter and or otherwise make shots tougher for the opponent who penetrates. Considering how bad Hibbert was looking toward the end of the season, Robin should at least get some consideration.

    Portland and the Rockets had a great game last night as did Wizards and Bulls. It is funny but if the Suns had either Gortat or Lopez still, they would have likely made the playoffs. However considering we received a 1st round pick for Gortat I do not regret that move. As you know I will always regret the Lopez move at least until Len can show his worth.

    IMO the biggest hurdle to keeping Tucker is sooner or later the Suns have to let a wing walk so Goodwin can get quality time. I like Tucker a lot but Green has more upside and the defensive intensity the Suns would lose if Tucker left could be picked up by a power forward like J. Hill, E. Davis or G. Monroe. However $2m or $3m/yr is certainly reasonable for a character guy who raises the intensity level every night.

  • http://none Go Phx

    Bledsoe is a lock to be a Phoenix Sun. Anyone still questioning that is most likely a troll. The only question is the price. As for Tuck, 3 mil is certainly too low. It will be closer to 5. While I think we are the most likely ones to give him that contract, it’s kind of a tossup because there are other guys out there and we might move on. But most likely he’ll be back. Maybe 60/40 or 65/35 chance.

  • DZ

    Thanks for the update about Babby saying that both “Dragic and Goran” were in the MIP race. I’m sure he meant Green too. Perhaps it would be best to not edit quotes when someone says something that doesn’t seem to make sense?

  • DBreezy


    I think the Goodwin issue may end up affecting Ish and Marcus long term more than Tucker-unless Tucker gets an offer sheet that’s too rich.

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    I wouldnt mind trading Bledsoe to Orlando if they gave up Tobias Harris and their lottery pick, interestingly, i think Harris is Channing Frye’s cousin

    i would do a deal like that, but im not the GM

  • DZ

    No one knows what plans McD has for this season but it would take a lot for him to shock me… like him somehow bringing LBJ, Love or someone else at that level to the Suns this season. Melo might be the biggest FA player available this season but I wouldn’t want the Suns to make more than a token offer for him. He’s a great player but he’s not a team player and NBA championships aren’t won by one-on-one play. That is ALL that Melo is really great at.

  • Roger

    Is this workable?

    Sign Bledsoe to max and trade him + 14th + 18th picks for Kyrie Irving. Heard KI is not too happy in Cleveland.

  • Foreveris2long

    D’Breezy you might be right regarding Marcus/Ish being a casualty of Goodwin getting more time. However Marcus is a tricky situation with him and Markief being tied at the hip.

  • EBJM

    Hey Forever since you and DBreezy both showed up I just wanted to point out the contested rebound percentages from that article about Robin. Remember when he was just a “in his space” rebounder?

    That has to be one of his most impressive improvements, 6th in the league with 4.3 and 1st in contested rebound percentage with 51%!

    Did you see his follow and monster dunk in overtime?

    At least someone is showing Robin some love.We got to send Maxwell Ogden some “likes”!

    BTW, there is no place like Texas for the playoffs!

  • KDW

    Tucker is not a $5 million dollar man. If he gets $3 mil, he should count his lucky stars.

    He’s a nice locker room presence who brings good D and chemistry. All pluses.

    He’s scoring 9 ppg and grabbing 6 rpg this season. And it’s his best season, by far. He’s never been this good before.

    This season, he is shooting 43% from the field, and has a 13.5 PER. That’s not terrible, but it’s definitely below average. Among SFs who played significant minutes, he’s currently ranked 21st in the league — that is, in the bottom 1/3 of the league.

    (See )

    And this is the best year he has ever had, and he’s highly likely to regress to his historical mean (most players do after having a best season).

    Yes, he’s a good fit and a good presence. But he’s a significantly below-average offensive player, and likely to be even worse going forward.

    We’re not paying for the season he just had. We’re paying for projected production going forward.

    3 years, $10 million, and that’s being generous.

  • EBJM

    Roger, if McD offered that deal to former Suns executive David Griffin he would jump all over it.

    Why would you throw in two 1st rd picks with Bledsoe?

    Irving’s biggest flaw at this point is his immaturity. He pouted so much coach Brown had to bench Dion Waiters.

    Despite Bledsoe’s two knee surgeries I like him more than Kyrie Irving. Bledsoe showed A LOT by doing his best to share the ball with Dragic.

  • EBJM

    Excellent post KDW. My sentiments exactly. Many don’t seem to realize the difference between Phoenix and the elite teams is the Suns start Frye and Tucker.

    Both are great guys but for Phoenix to take another step forward they need to come off the bench behind much more talented players.

  • Foreveris2long

    EBJM, absolutely I saw the put back dunk by Lopez.. The entire game had me on the edge of my seat. Lillard and LA were really impressive. Batum stepped up nicely as well. there are some really good playoff series in the first round.

    KDW, I agree with that Tucker is a really good fit for the team but I am not paying him $5m-$6m/yr. The Suns can get that defensive intensity elsewhere if he leaves.

  • DBreezy


    Nice article on Lopez. he has definitely improved his game, consistency, and his comfortability. He was an excellent pickup by the Blazers and a big loss for the Pelicans this season. I missed the 2nd half of that game last night as I went out to play myself.

  • DBreezy


    Marcus is a tough situation with his brother, but I think McD will ultimately roll with the best talent even if it means splitting up the brothers. Kieff has to show that his improvement this season can be maintained consistently to get a good RFA deal anyway, if the Suns ultimately move Marcus it would be just another test of that maturity.

    A lot of the guys around the range of the Suns picks are SF, so there’s a pretty good chance that they pick one. In a deep draft with a good front office, there’s a solid chance that they get good prospects with all of their picks. A guy like James Young for example, probably doesn’t beat out Marcus in camp next season, but could show enough through the year that the Suns know that they aren’t going to keep Marcus long term. Especially if they’ve already resigned Tucker.

    If signed affordably($$$ and years) Tucker seems like a guy who could be a nice long term fit. He may not remain a starter long term, but he seems like a guy who could be an important role player on a contending team as a professional defender, energy guy/rebounder, and locker room guy who hits open shots.

    As an aside, with this draft already looking deeper than ones in recent years, I wonder how long before McD starts salivating at who he may be able to get with his picks. Every year at this team, most of us know the ‘usual suspects’ on draft boards, but we all know there are always surprise players who rise and fall. In a deep draft, the trickle down effect should really benefit the team’s that scout and draft well. Over the next few months, this will probably affect some of his feelings about the current roster.

  • KDW

    ESPM is projecting the Suns will take McDermott with one of their picks. I think I like that. Suns have some space to gamble. McDermott isn’t a sure thing, but he could be good. Flip a coin, heads he’s Kyle Korver 2.0, tails he’s Adam Morrison 2.0. I can live with that gamble.

  • ACS

    KDW – McDermott is a second round pick at best. The old suns would pick him because he’s white. I am hoping the new suns will forgo the thought of drafting him since he is not the second coming of dirk. Learn from the Morrison and fredette mistakes.

  • EBJM

    KDW several mock drafts have McDermott going before the 14th pick. Philly at #10, Minny at #13, Cleveland at #9, Denver at #10.

    He is all over the boards but still in the lottery.

  • EBJM

    Yeah, because the old Suns blew so many picks on white guys; Alvan Adams, Jeff Hornacek, Dan Majerle, Nick Vanos, Neal Walk, Don Buse, Mike Bratz, Kyle Macy, Steve Kerr, & Steve Nash.

    How many high draft picks did the Suns blow on Black players? Armon Gilliam, William Bedford, Malcom Mackey, Mario Bennett, Earl Clark, Alando Tucker, Kendall Marshall, Oliver Miller, Jayson Williams, Anthony Cook, Tim Perry, Ed Pinkney, & David Thirdkill,

  • foreveris2long

    Speaking of the draft, the 2008 draft was pretty impressive. In the top 10 selected were allstars D. Rose, K. Love, R. Westbrook and B. Lopez. In the 10 to 25 range were NBA starters, R. Lopez, R. Hibbert (allstar), S. Ibaka and N. Batum. In the 2nd round taken were D. Jordan, N. Pekovic, M. Chalmers and the one and only Goran Dragic. If this draft comes close to that the Suns could get rich. I personally do not think it will be as good as 2008 but I hope I am wrong.

    Yeah D’Breezy I would not let the twins hold the Suns hostage but it is something McD will likely give some thought to.

  • EBJM

    Remember how people were souring on Kevin Love leading up to the draft? Too short to play PF and not quick enough for SF.

    His height kept shrinking also. He was being listed at 6′-10″ but at Orlando he didn’t even reach 6′-8″ barefooted. He was rumored to wear lifts in his shoes to get up to 6′-10″.

    The Wolves snagged O.J. Mayo who the Grizzlies actually wanted so they could flip him for something extra.

    Many scouts thought just like ACS, Love was just another over-hyped White guy.

  • hawki


    Kyle Macy brings back a lot of memories….mostly bad ones….he could shoot though.


    Morrison was a terrible reach at #3 by Michael (Dummy) Jordan.
    There were huge arguments over Fredette a couple years back at AZC…the consensus was he was too small to play SG & not quick enough to play PG. …yes, he was over-hyped.

    McDermott has a great all-around game & is a terrific shooter. He reminds me of Chandler Parsons. The Suns could do worse than take him at # 14.
    However, if James Young (Kentucky) falls to 14, I would probably take Young over McDermott.

  • foreveris2long

    Yeah Hawki I remember the the hype over Fredette. A number of fans wanted the Suns to draft him. I agree if Young is available at 14 the Suns should take him but I would not have a problem taking McDermott/the kid from Witchita State if Young is gone.

  • EBJM

    Yeah Hawki Macy was a limited player but he was the best choice at #22 and unlike Morrison or Fredette he was a rotation player for the Suns for five years.

    Suns didn’t pass on anybody who had a more significant career. Macy actually averaged 10-11 points while with Phoenix. He played in the playoffs every year while with Phoenix which turned out to be about 37 games.

    The one thing I remember about him and Rod Foster was they had to pick up the slack that the trade of Dennis Johnson left. Magic Johnson simply destroyed them in the ’83-’84 WCFs.

  • EBJM

    Hawki do you remember why Macy became expendable and signed with the Bulls as a free agent?

    Suns selected PG Jay Humphries with the 13th pick in ’85.

    Do you recall the irony of that draft pick and the reason we are having this conversation?

    Humphries is black and had a solid journeyman career BUT the Utah Jazz selected John Stockton three picks later at #16.

    A little six degrees of separation. While in his prime at 30 years of age Humphries was traded to the Jazz to back-up up Stockton and Jeff Malone.

    So how is that drafting by color theory panning out for ACS?

  • EBJM

    Hornacek loses to Popovich 339 to 380 for COY.

  • DBreezy

    Good for Horny, COY is not an award a newer coach should want karma wise.

  • ValleyoftheSuns

    Funny how I’ve had the screen name of valleyofthesuns for nearly 10 years…on espn, eBay….etc etc etc…whoever runs this site recently contacted me asking me if he could offer anything to give them up…like I did

    Come up with your own name

    Signed, the original

  • DBreezy

    As someone who has been a part of a bunch of these draft debates, the same thing always gets me from a team standpoint. Some guys are overhyped, some are under hyped for a variety of reasons. I just want to see the team bring all the guys they can in and get a look for themselves before they decide. The previous front offices with Kerr and Blanks did a very poor job of that imo.

    Foreveris and I went back and forth over Lopez and Deandre Jordan back in the day, but in the end what bugged me most is that the Suns really didn’t give Jordan, Hibbert and few others good looks that season. For them from the beginning it was all about Brandon Rush if he fell to them or Lopez. I’m much more comfortable with the way McD does business. He may not be able to get many of the top lottery picks in this season because the Suns pick at 14, but I expect that he will still have a huge range of players come in again.

  • EBJM

    Yeah, coming up with ValleyoftheSuns was such a stretch from Valley of the Sun which Phoenix was known as back in ’68 when my parents moved us there from the chilly weather of Chicago.

    You get credit for being the first person to claim it and that is about it.

  • hawki

    good stuff on Macy….

    actually Suns drafted Ed Pinckney in ’85….overreacting to Villanova’s miracle win over Georgetown & passing up Karl Malone.

    Humphries was drafted in ’84….I actually talked to Colangelo that year & pushed for Vern Fleming…we were both wrong….nobody knew about Gonzaga & Stockton back then.

    ps….moved to PHX in 1968 also

  • Foreveris2long

    Yeah D’Breezy i remember those discussions that summer.. The Suns did summarily dismiss potential draftees for one reason or another. I think Kerr’s mind was made up considering he had seen a lot of Pac 10 basketball and Lopez was his guy. The present management team invites everyone who might interest the Suns which is certainly a more intelligent approach. I wonder what the Suns backup plan would have been if R. Lopez was not available.

    I still cannot believe two years ago they chose Marshall over J. Henson. I will never get over that one. It is kind of funny, I saw an interview with Marshall last week and the announcer was asking him if he was going to work on changing his shot. He essentially said not too much as there are a number of guys who have played in the NBA with questionable form on their jump shot and he named Shawn Marian as an example.

  • HushPuppy

    For some reason I see Tucker with the Spurs next year. No reason in particular, other than they always get guys like Tucker at a bargain.

  • EBJM

    Hawki, regarding the Suns passing on Stockton because nobody scouted him or Gonzaga at the time. Another bit of irony IMO because the following year when they drafted Pinkney they also drafted Georgi Glouchkov from Bulgaria.

    Suns find a player in an obscure (basketball-wise) Eastern bloc country but pass on both Stockton (Gonzaga) and Malone (Louisiana Tech).

    Glouchkov’s failure led to the Suns passing on Vlade Divac four years later in ’89.

  • ValleyoftheSuns

    EbJm….your selective reading skills missed the part where I was asked to relinquish that which was already mine. I’m an Arizona native still living in the zip code I was born in so an Arizona history lesson isn’t needed.

  • Roger

    I remember Suns drafted Kyle Macy and kept him in college for a year I believe before he started his NBA career just like what Red Auerbach did with Larry Bird. This was before NBADL came about. I’ve mixed feelings about NBA cba because on one side, players have the right to earn their living whereas on the flip side nothing better than getting a good education to fall back on which is probably true for majority of the collegiate basketball players who can’t make it to any professional basketball league. My best days of life were the 4 years of college where I made lifelong friends, matured and got educated for a great professional career in technology.

  • EBJM

    ValleyoftheSuns it seems your lack of reading comprehension skills are causing you the anguish you are experiencing, not me.

    The parts of your post you claim i missed are simply irrelevant to my reply. The additional information you have supplied only reinforces my point, who cares?

    So apparently you are so arrogant you are now laying claim to the “Valley of the Sun” nickname given to Phoenix. The Suns were the most popular sports draw in Phoenix for many many years.

    What are you seeking? Recognition as some sort of literary genius for some diluted belief that you alone out of the some half a million Phoenicians at the time the Suns franchise was created to have thought of expanding “Valley of the Sun” to Valley of the Suns”?

    You are simply an Internet domain name speculator. Congratulations! Like I said before, nice job of being first to register it.

  • EBJM

    Excellent post Roger. Macy had to sit out a year when he transferred to Kentucky from Purdue and that gave him an extra year of eligibility. So instead of leaving early he actually stayed an extra year.

    I agree with your thoughts on college. Without college I would have never heard of jobs such as a “soil scientist”, a job a friend of mine has with the Natural Resource Conservation Service in the United States Department of Agricultural.

    For any young people reading that is a federal government job that pays between $65,000 to $100,000 for running around the country side obtaining soil samples and preserving nature.

    That is with a Masters in Science. With a PhD. you would probably earn substantially more and be the person who keeps developers from encroaching into the remaining open areas in our country.

  • EBJM

    Oh wait! ValleyoftheSuns if you had actually registered it as a domain name than Michael Schwartz wouldn’t have been able to use it here on HIS site.

    I think we have gotten to the bottom of your issue! Mr. Schwartz has successfully used the name while you wasted the opportunity away!

    ROLMAO! Now that is hilarious!

  • DZ

    Yeah, EBJM, this guy has been using valleyofthesuns as a user name on various sites including ESPN which probably creates some confusion over there as whatever this guy posts there might be attributed to the VOTS staff.

    And since he also admitted to using the same nick on eBay… well, I’m sure you can dream up you own ideas as to what Phoenix fans might think if he is actually selling anything over there… especially if it is sports related.

  • ValleyoftheSuns

    I accidentally found this shithole.enjoy steeping boys

  • Dave:f32


    Don’t sweat it. I know what you mean and what you are talking about.

    Eventually, in time, may they grow on you like they have on me. They’re boogers but they are all Phoenix Suns all the time. Hope they didnt scare you away.

  • EBJM

    Scare him away? He said he came here by accident and then only to bitch and moan how Mr. Schwartz has used the name to earn money while he was left staring at shitholes while steeping boys.

    His words not mine.

    • Michael Schwartz

      For the record, I’ve never contacted anyone about giving up any sort of ValleyoftheSuns screen names. Although when I created my site-related ESPN user name I did notice that “ValleyoftheSuns” was already taken.