Watch: Slovenian comedian makes a Goran Dragic music video

Greg Esposito of uncovered this gem of a music video and its meaning:

According to Dragic, the video is from a Slovenian comedian and impersonator named Klemen Slakonja … The guard said a lot of it, including the scenes with the stone dragons, are filmed in his hometown. And, while we couldn’t get him to sing it, the Dragon told us the lyrics are satirically praising his evolution as a basketball player.”

The Dragon’s fame in Ljubljana and across Slovenia is great, but so great he gets to hoop with the FIBA mascot on the daily? That he wears his jersey and shooter sleeve into clubs? And where did Slakonja get the Bledsoe, Dragic and Hornacek bobbleshead and their questionable-resemblance?

I honestly have no idea what is going on throughout this music video, but Slovenia seems pretty swell.

  • Serek

    My bro Goran Dragic! Small white boy from an even smaller country, balling with the best and lighting them up like a true Dragon!

    Gotta love Slovenia… I was only passing through, but felt right at home…

  • emonec
  • john

    Anyone able to translate? We gotta have some Slovenian fans in the house.

  • sunsn7

    RudeCerveza, where art thou?

  • sunsn7

    Fun stuff..back to business at hand Goran…

  • sunsn7

    It’d really be something if both Paul and Griffin get in early foul trouble…

  • hawki

    Well….the Cheerleaders looked pretty Hot

    btw…that’s the Zmajski Most (Dragon Bridge) spanning the Ljubljanica river…..I think.

    Sunsn7….that dirty old dog Rude is probably drinking beer (and who knows what else) with half the cheerleader squad.

  • Serek

    In the meantime, there are English subtitles in the video :)

  • Solarion

    All hail the Dragon.