P.J. Tucker ejected for tussle with Blake Griffin

P.J. Tucker earned a personal, technical and ejection Monday in the Phoenix Suns’ 112-105 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. In the second half, Griffin went after an offensive rebound and took down Tucker to earn a forearm shove below the head. Excuse the homer-ish analysis, but unless the pixels lie, Griffin’s head jerking back was not because Tucker threw a punch — semantically we could debate what a punch is, I suppose.

Griffin wasn’t penalized for the play but fouled out minutes later as the Suns cut in to a 25-point deficit but couldn’t pull off the comeback.

It could be interesting to see how the NBA handles this situation. Clearly, the league office already has eyes on Tucker, who earned two flopping violations in consecutive games earlier this season. But will they deem this as a punch? The bets are that it will.

And how will the NBA see Griffin’s involvement? The Clippers forward certainly had some unnecessary jabs of his right arm that didn’t connect with any Suns player at the 13-second mark of the above video.

Look to the Suns for an example of the borderline penalties for scuffles such as this. Marcus Morris earned a $25,000 fine earlier this season for escalating an altercation with Lakers guard Nick Young, and rookie Alex Len was fined $15,000 for the flagrant on Young that began that altercation.

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  • Anonymous

    Good shit Tucker. Shoulda hit him harder.

  • Trent

    What gets me watching that video is Tucker’s left leg when Griffin takes him down..if his foot had been an inch or two further back then it wouldn’t have popped out like it did and Tucker probably would have been out for some time with either a broken leg or torn ligaments. All because Griffin decided he wanted to tackle him and try and get a foul call. I don’t blame Tucker at all for what he did.

  • Mike

    Yeah, just saw that. And instead of getting up, Griffin is trying to appeal to the refs… all I can say is this stuff happens with Griffin so often that it’s not a coincidence.

  • JK

    How crazy would it be if the Clippers got the 1st seed and the Suns got the 8th seed? Doesn’t matter if it’s the Lakers or the Clippers, there’s always bad blood between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

  • bill_thomas

    We need to get more players in here with some skills to lay some nasty wood on people like Griffin, Zach Randolph, Ayres on SA, Marion and Dalembert on Dallas, JR Smith on New York, Draymond Green on GS, Bogut on GS, Koufos on Memphis, and so on.

    After Griffin and Randolph they are all
    basically dirty scrubs who like to get physical.

  • sunsn7

    PJ you’re the man! Wish our bigs would follow that example!

    (Not you Channing Frye. You’re clearly not capable of manning the paint defensively)

  • bill_thomas

    We need more guys to lay serious wood on filthy scrubs like SA, Clips and GS like to bring. Ryan Hollins, et al.

  • bill_thomas

    Big Baby is a Scrub, knock him down. Ryan Hollins. Doc Rivers dirty scrub.

    Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut SCRUBS. Ayres ans Bonner on SA.

    Perkins always injured SCRUB. Derek Fisher SCRUB.

    KOBE SCRUB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.ucrebelradio.com Rebel 2

    This is the type of dirty foul that is being allowed without a whistle in the NBA of today: Griffin clearly held on to Tucker and then slammed him to the ground with him on falling right on top of him. Yes, Tucker acted against NBA rules by retaliating, but the NBA should take a closer look at this dirty tactic. James Harden, just like Griffin did, seems to be enjoying doing this type of dirty play in almost every game. Is this what the NBA is about now? MMA style rules NBA?

  • clipsy hustle

    News flash haters:Griffin did exactly what he’s supposed to do. Playing aggressively within the rules. While you continue to spin, clips continue to win.good luck with that moral victory. Lol.

  • DZ

    Wow! A Clipper troll sighting!

  • Stu Pedfawker

    Griff took him down and “tried” to punk him…bet he doesn’t do that again…lol

  • DZ

    I don’t blame PJ at all. It looked like Griffin was trying to rape him to me. Pervert!

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