The Phoenix Suns have a quiet NBA trade deadline

A rumor here, a whisper there, and suddenly silence. This 2014 NBA trade deadline was more active than the last, but aside from one surprise move between Indiana and Philadelphia, teams did little more than fiddle with the back end of rosters.

It’s all about financial flexibility and acquiring draft picks nowadays, and the Phoenix Suns didn’t see enough reason to sacrifice what they already have. Knee-jerk moves are no longer part of the NBA landscape, and even big buyers like the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks can’t play that way. They’ll be laughed at.

The Suns did their due diligence and made all the calls. When Pau Gasol and Zach Randolph didn’t seem like possible moves, the Wednesday rumors swirled around Jordan Hill. The forward ended up remaining with the Lakers, who couldn’t even sell Hill or center Chris Kaman for a second-round choice, according to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger.

The value of a second-round pick has never been so high and Mark Deeks of ShamSports and SB Nation explained the value of late second-round picks earlier this season.

Philadelphia, who like the Suns are rebuilding by way of draft picks, gobbled up second-rounders in dealing center Spencer Hawes to Cleveland and then getting in on a three-way trade that helped the Wizards acquire Andre Miller from Denver. I thought Hawes would be a fun addition to Phoenix as an inexpensive poor man’s Gasol, by the way, but the price for him showed just how stingy of a market it is. The Cavaliers sent two second-round picks, former Sun Earl Clark, and center Henry Sims to Philly in exchange for Hawes.

So with the second-round pick of such high value, why Phoenix was not willing to hand the Cavs a first-round pick for Luol Deng makes sense. Deng, who ironically was originally drafted by the Suns for the Bulls, is on an expiring contract worth $14.3 million and would have been a perfect fit for the Suns’ Emeka Okafor contract in terms of the financials.

But as Ryan McDonough made clear speaking on Phoenix radio Wednesday, he wasn’t about to give up future picks if there’s a chance it’s only for a rental. Deng wants to test the free agent market, and without his willingness to sign an extension with any team, Cleveland failed to trade him to the Suns or anyone else.

Such was the trade deadline.

The Pacers and Sixers surprised at the buzzer by swapping Danny Granger for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen as the rich get richer and Philadelphia, well, stands waist deep in second-round picks over the next few years.

The Suns moved 11 games above .500 with a win against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. Cap space, savings with insurance paying for most of Okafor’s contract henceforth, and keeping picks for down the road remain the priority.

Chemistry is the reason the Suns got to where they are, and the biggest acquisition this season is already on the Suns’ roster.

  • DZ

    As always at this time of year it was fun to the think “what if…” about potential trades but I’m good with the Suns simply playing the hand they already have for the rest of the season.

    With possibly four 1st round draft picks this year, I’m sure McD can use those and the cap space the Okafor’s expiring contract gives us to make everyone say “Wow!” again during the off season.

    Now we should all hope that Minnesota ends that season as the best team to NOT make the playoffs. That would give them the #14 pick in the draft and it’s only top 13 protected.

  • the real al

    Glad they stood pat and not bring in middling players like Jordan Hill for a pick of some sort. These draft picks the suns have warrant A STAR! If they dont get a star, best to keep those picks to have ammo WHEN the opportunity truly presents itself.

    Remember fans, the suns are in playoff contention based on chemistry amd playing hard – why disrupt it by bringing in a “middle of the pack” player? Also, dont forget the team has a “close to an all star” type player in Bledsoe whos soon to return.

    The suns are in a great place most teams envy and im happy they didnt ruin their flexibility “just” to make a deal.

  • Solarion

    Good. I’d rather they stand pat then do something for the sake of doing something.

  • Matt

    The biggest acquisition this season is in the front office!

  • sunsn7

    Props to the Suns for not buying other team’s bulls***. No looking back

    “Always forward”

  • DZ

    the real al, I think you do Dragic a disservice by not saying that the Suns have TWO “close to an all star” type players.

    I was almost certain that McD wouldn’t make a bad trade with Okafor’s contract (bringing in a marginal “star” with a lengthy contract) but I would have been okay with him bringing in a half season rental that could have helped the team this season. But everyone wanted draft picks too and McD was too smart to deal any of those away.

    And we should also all be very happy that the Lakers were stupid enough to NOT make even the slightest of trades to get under the luxury tax line. With that “salbatross” of a contract that they signed Kobe to they will either have to suck very badly next season or pay the repeater tax just to make the playoffs as probably a 7th/8th seed. We get thier 1st round pick next year and, from what I’ve been reading, next year’s draft may be as good as this year.

  • Eric

    I don’t know whee you read that but it is not going to be the case this draft is once in 25 yr draft next years the will not

  • Foreveris2long

    Eric I agree with some who have gone on record as saying this draft is overrated. While there are probably some allstars I do not see any superstars like LBJ, Kobe, Wade, Howard, etc. It is certainly better than last year but I would not say it is the best in the last 20-25 years. I have not heard about next years draft.

  • DZ

    Partially the reason next year’s draft may be as good as this year’s draft is that some of the players we are expecting to be in this year’s draft may decide to stay in collage and wait until next year to enter the NBA draft. I wish I could remember the article I read and give you a link to it but I can’t. It talked about at least one top 5 prospect that was considering staying in collage for at least one more year because he had read that past a past NBA star had spoken about how much staying in collage had helped him transition to the NBA.

  • Suns Fan in Portland

    Ya good point about not helping out the Lakers. I was ok with bringing Pau on for the rest of the season for no other reason than I think it could have been fun to watch play out. Possibly a really entertaining playoffs. Only if it was just for Okafor though, not worth a draft pick… But now that you mention it, I was on the fence anyway, and not helping out the crappy Lakers… Totally worth it. Sorry Nash, but hopefully they really suck next year.

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    Clearly the Suns are waiting around free agency and the draft to make their big moves, as it should be

    The Suns should throw everything they got after Kevin Love who looks like he will opt out and become a free agent

    The Suns need to free up more than the $20 million they could theoretically have if they are gonna sign Bledsoe and Love to deals

    i imagine they will using those draft picks as leverage, we have a ton next 2 drafts, its time to put them to use

    Add a good prospect or 2 in this draft, then resign Bledsoe and sign love that would make us very good, and young for a long time

    A lineup of Dragic, Bledsoe, Kyle Anderson (my pick for the Suns)Love and Len would be just awesome

    we already have a good bench, where is Lou Amundson? get him back here Mcmiracle!

  • Luka

    Frye and Morris need to step up right now. The remaining schedule isn’t easy and it’s unfair to expect Dragic to put up 30 a night. The coach has to get through to these guys. At the bare minimum play defense and box out.

    I still think the Suns should’ve tried to get Hawes and Young even if it meant sacrificing a pick and Okafor to get it done. I realize they don’t want to tie up finances, but Young would’ve been a nice fit here.

    Hopefully with the picks this summer, they can make a trade that would include Frye’s expiring contract.

  • sunsn7

    Heat @ OKC

    Kevin Durant looks like a star struck punk next to Lebron. It’s too bad he hands the reigns to Westbrook after calling out an EXHIBITION game. Now that it counts, he SEEKS second fiddle.

    Im sure EBJM will solve this riddle! ; D

  • sunsn7

    Btw, dont get this “love” affair with Kevin Love..he fills up the stat sheet but I liken him to a more athletic Tom Gugliotta. Suns dont need him, his ceiling is now plus the price is one to walk away from.

  • sunsn7

    K-Zim’s final sentence sums it up

  • sunsn7

    Kevin Durant is destined to be to basketball what Peyton Manning is to football.

    Regular season superhero, sinks when the stakes are high. Lebron owns his ass, pains me to say it but the nation is seeing this.

    Skip Bayless is gonna tear KD a new ass in the morning..Stephen A. Smith will be there to be KD’s apologist lol

    Someone tell me im lying

  • sunsn7

    Lol big assed Lebron nicked in the nose, saw blood and GOODNIGHT!

    LOL Tha NBA Tooday

  • sunsn7

    Safe to say Lebron doesnt have a future in …women’s MMA lol

  • CART jeff

    Focus on getting Green and Plumlee great. Sign Bledsoe and hit on one of the draft pick to be the next Dwayne Wade. This team is something special. Go Suns !

  • Luka

    I don’t think anything could be worse than the Suns wasting money on Tom Gugliotta.

  • Animan

    Glen Davis is available, I think we should invest in him.

  • hawki

    Colangelo fell in love with Gugliotta’s homemade marinara sauce.

    Nice rant Sunsn7…..Once they announced that Westbrook would play in this game, OKC had no chance.

  • Luka

    Glen Davis has a bad attitude. Suns don’t need any knuckleheads in the locker room disrupting team chemistry.

  • EBJM

    Sunsn7 I doubt I will ever figure out any of your riddles.

    Gugliotta was a great 2nd choice signing. He and Danny Manning are the two best free-agent signings in Suns history. Suns just have never attracted the top tier free-agents. Can anybody think of a better signing?

    Clifford Robinson perhaps?

    Gugliotta was an All-Star the season before he signed with Phoenix. He and Garnett both while with they Wolves.

    Lets see, bone spurs, then torn ACL, MCL, and PCL after Suns teammate Livingston fell across his leg. The GBL seizure that nearly killed him.

    “Googs” started his Suns Career playing like an All-Star, 20 points/9 boards/4 assists/1.5 steals per game.

    You can hardly call him a bad signing because of all the injuries. “Googs” injuries, along with the bad trade for Penny Hardaway and Stephen Marbury. Poor drafting, remember PF Alton Ford,a 2nd rd pick?

    That all contributed to Suns drafting Amare Stoudemire who replaced “Googs” in the starting line-up 11 games into his rookie season.

    B. Colangelo then gave Utah two 1st rd draft picks to take “Googs” contract which helped clear the cap space than led to Nash’s signing.

  • Luka


    What about Nash? Or Tom Chambers?

  • Suns Fan in Portland

    I liked Googs… he was fun to watch. Googs however, didn’t avg over 12 & 18. Love is among the best rebounders in the league.. if not the best, in addition to being an elite scorer. K Love is my dream matchup to see play with Dragic… I think they would make sweet show time out there. If Len can turn himself into a real rim defender that could be a great team…

    Dragon – Bledsoe – PJBruceBowenTucker – Love – Len

    Maybe Green or a draft pick or ??? at SF with PJ coming off the bench to play d and hit corner threes… but I like the defensive specialist guy in the starting lineup with a mad scorer as 6th man ala San Antonio…

  • SJose

    Googs was awesome. Sweet jump shooter, a bit David Lee esque but more physical. And Cliff was just cool. Never rattled, always looked like he could go for 30 and probably ended up underachieving since he was talented as heck.

    Even though those were .500 teams, those were fun.

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    Some people may not agree with me, but only a precious few players do similar numbers to what kevin love does

    rebounds, assists, scoring, accuracy from the 3 point range, gets to the free throw line

    theres no team in the NBA that doesnt want him

    its not like he is playing on a talent starved team in Minnesota either

    They have Rubio, they have Pekovic, they have Kevin Martin

    so its not like hes is the only option and is one of those guys that only puts up good numbers because he is on a bad team

    here is how he did against some of the best teams in the NBA

    Against Houston 29 points 12 boards a game

    Against Indiana 31 points 17 boards a game

    Against OKC 23 points 13 boards 3 assists nearly 2 steals

    Against Portland 22 points 14 boards 6.5 assists

    the guy is a monster and would be a great fit here

    and its not like this is some fluke the season before last he averaged

    more than 20 points and 15 boards in 35 minutes a game

    and before that it was 14 and 11 in only 28 minutes a game

    every NBA team this summer is gonna knock on his door if the rumors are true and he does leave Minny

  • Suns Fan in Portland

    Ya good times. Spliff Robinson… still one of my all time favs.

  • SarverHater22

    Miracle boy McDonough became McDontknow during trade deadline , this means McDontknow is still definitely in rebuilding mode . lol

  • sunsn7

    EBJM, Gugliotta’s signing wasn’t out of preference but necessity. Antonio McDyess bailed to Denver after the lockout, so Pippen and Isaac Austin were out of the plans following the new CBA at that time.

    Desperate, they turned to signing Tom Gugliotta who could fill up the stat sheet but did not fit Kidd’s run n gun style nowhere near as well as McDyess.

    So I dont see the Tom Gugliotta signing as “great”

    No go ahead and accentuate the positives of his numbers while dismissing what I said above ;)

  • EBJM

    Actually Sunsn7 I have refrained from naming people just so they don’t take offense. I felt compelled to post in “Googs” defense after reading Luka’s post, not yours!

    If YOU had read MY post without bias you would have noticed my qualifier, “a great 2nd choice signing”; SECOND CHOICE.

    The relevant and most important topic of my post i; “Suns just have never attracted the top tier free-agents.”

    B.Colangelo was indeed desperate for “Star” power. Gugliotta was another Tom Chambers who was immensely popular.

    Now let me go read what you said about Gugliotta, hold on.

    Well yes, I agree that he is similar to Kevin Love who I had compared to Tom Chambers on a previous thread.

    But I agree with the Kevin Love fans, despite his flaws, he is probably the best “Star” player that Phoenix has a realistic shot at obtaining.

    Do you see the pattern? Hornacek has them playing the same type of ball that Phoenix has almost always played. Chambers-Gugliotta-Love.

    All very similar and the type of players that Phoenix can actually bring in.

    IMO Love added yesterday without giving up a major piece and they could have made the Finals.

    I’m not arguing with you, just adding my two-cents like usual.

  • http://none Go Phx

    Tom Gugliotta the best signing? A certain two-time MVP might have something to say about that.

  • EBJM

    Was Steve Nash a two-time MVP in Dallas BEFORE he came to Phoenix? The only reason this is being discussed is the Gugliotta detractors have based their opinion’s on HINDSISIGHT.

    Nash was available despite being a two-time All-Star because he has spondylolisthesis and Mark Cuban didn’t think he would be walking by the end of the contract Nash was asking for.

    Gugliotta didn’t have any such serious health chronic conditions.

    ANYBODY can play armchair G.M. using only hindsight.

    Lets take your MVP comments to another level. We all know Nash is the worst statistical MVP in history and earned them because of D’Antoni’s SSOL.

    D’Antoni has turned Raymond Felton, Jeremy Lin and now Kendall Marshall into “Stars”.

    Knick and Rockets tried hard to trade Felton and Lin respectively but to no avail.

    D’Antoni turned to Marshall after FIVE other players playing point for him got hurt. Does ANYBODY really believe Marshall is the second best PG behind Chris Paul this season? The statistics say he is.

    So sure, in HINDSIGHT Steve Nash is the greatest individual to have ever donned a Suns uniform. But was he a wise and prudent signing at the time? Mark Cuban didn’t think so and he has made some good decisions in his life.