VotS Live: Suns busy as trade deadline approaches

Join Ryan Weisert, Dave Dulberg and Kevin Zimmerman of Valley of the Suns as they discuss the Phoenix Suns’ success and what they’re looking at as the trade deadline nears.

  • sunsn7


  • Martin

    PLEASE don’t slow down & throw money away by picking up someone else’s liabilities, i.e., Pau.

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  • SouthernSun

    I think the position we should upgrade is at SF, or maybe C. Frye is exactly what we need. The system we have in place now is geared to Dragic and Bledsoe’s strengths, and it needs a smooth 3 point shooting stretch 4.

    Seeing as there are only 3 elite players in the NBA who I could see being a significant upgrade over Frye, while still allowing our offense to continue the way it has been (Love, Dirk, and Bosh), I would look at other positions to upgrade and push us into contention territory.

    My main list of players to go after is:

    Rudy Gay (if he opts out of the final year of his contract)

    Joakim Noah

    Luol Deng (would still rather Rudy..)

    Gordon Hayward

    Obviously Love, Bosh, or Dirk would be great, but I don’t think they are attainable.

  • SouthernSun

    Also, my comment above mentioned Rudy.

    I want us to go after him this coming free agency, not via trade before the 20th..

    Hayward could be gone after in the offseason as well, but that runs the risk of Utah matching our offer, since he is a RFA.

    We could trade now for Joakim.

    We could either trade now for Luol, or go after him in the coming free agency.

    I wouldn’t mind nabbing Pau Gasol for nothing more than Okafor’s expiring and Indy’s 1st rounder to see what kind of noise we can make in the playoffs this year with him. I’d rather do that then risk not making the playoffs this season. He is an expiring so it is nothing more than trading an expiring who cant do anything, for an expiring who averaged 20 and 10 in the month of January….

  • Neil Oshey

    So Southern Sun, if I called Ryan and offered him Lamarcus Aldridge for Okafor and three of your 1st rd picks this summer and the Suns and Lakers pick in ’15 you would expect him to tell me no?

  • Gary Sacks

    Hey Southern Sun, if I offered Blake Griffin in place of Aldridge you would still prefer Frye?

  • Sam Presti

    Southern Sun, how about Serge Ibaka and Ryan can keep two of the picks?

  • Chris Wallace

    Ryan only offered me two picks and Okafor for Zach Randolph but you would still say no?

  • Bob Meyers

    I’d stick with David Lee over Channing Frye any day of the week. At least David knows what a rebound is.

  • Tim Connelly

    Southern Sun, how about Javale McGee and Kenneth Faried for Okafor and two picks this year?

  • Darryl Morey

    Southern Sun, would Terrance Jones & Omer Asisk for Frye, Slava and two picks work for you?

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Good stuff -

    I like Young, but would prefer to save the money for a big star at either the trade deadline or in the off season.

    If Bledsoe comes back this year, this team can be real good as it is constructed right now.

    Don’t deal for Gasol. Plumlee and Len need the minutes.

  • SouthernSun

    To the guys who mentioned Blake and Aldridge. Guys, I was mentioning mostly trade or free agent prospects that are within the realm of possibility. Neither of those are. Given the chance, I would rather keep our current style of play that gears itself to Bledsoe and Dragon’s strengths, and add a star small forward than a power forward who would clog the lane for our guards whose bread and butter is driving inside, and dishing out or getting to the rim (they THRIVE on spacing).

    To the gentleman who mentioned Omer Asik and Terrence Jones. I think we need a better presence than Asik as far as a third head to our current two headed beast in Dragic and Bledsoe. Terrence Jones is a nice prospect, but I don’t think he can spread the floor in the necessary capacity for our current system (which is an EXTREMELY good offense). As I said earlier, I would much rather add a star SF to the lineup. Also, Asik may only take up 8 mil in capspace, but he is also due an extra 7 million that ownership must pay next season on top of that, and Sarver is already paying Childress and Beasley just to not be Suns.

  • silver

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!

    Love the VOTS Live vids. They’re why I come to the site. It’s been too long.

  • SouthernSun

    I think Javale McGee is overpriced. Also, his basketball IQ is VERY suspect. You don’t become known as the star of Shaqtin a Fool for no reason. Kenneth Fareid is good and all, but he is essentially a smaller Miles Plumlee, all energy effort and athleticism, no skill (also he is a pretty shoddy defender, and again, would clog the lane if paired with Plumlee OR McGee.

    Serge is intriguing, mainly due to his ability to hit the corner 3 at a fairly decent clip. Not the ideal piece I don’t think, but he could certainly spread the floor more than some power forwards, while also helping our defense. I’m not sure if he is gettable though.. Thunder are in Win Now mode, not asset gathering mode.

  • Rocket fan

    Asik is a bigger and better Plumlee.

    T-Jones killed Frye in their last game. while not a stretch four he manages to stay out of Howard’s way while scoring 12/7 boards/1.5 blocks/1 steal per game while being twice the defender that Frye is. Plus he is only 22 years age.

  • Gary Sacks

    Southern Sun, I’ve had discussions with Steve Mills about a Griffin-Carmelo trade. Do you you believe I’d take Channing Frye instead of Carmelo? You sure place a lot of value in a seven-footer who does nothing but jack threes and only makes TWO per game.

    Suns score 105 points per game and Frye’s two three-pointers account for a mere .02% of the Suns offense.

    I see where you dismissed Terrance Jones lack of three-point shooting as being detrimental to the Suns offense.

    Rockets play the same style as Phoenix as Beverley, Harden, Lin, & Brooks all drive to the rim and either score, drop it off to Howard or outside to Chandler who can also handle the ball as well as Terrance Jones.

    Rockets are two spots behind the Suns in pace and score a bit more points at 105.5. Difference between the two teams is the 19 points they get at the rim from Howard, better rebounding and a bit better defensively which is attributed to the one-two defensive combo of Howard and Jones inside.

  • Smovich

    EBJM is at it again.

  • SouthernSun

    Again, we have a certain system set up. Our best offensive players are our guards, and our system plays to their strengths. It would be easier and more seamless for us to improve by adding a star stud SF than a PF.

    Frye is important for more than his individual numbers. His presence on the perimeter helps our offensive engine go my being a constant threat for a quick release 3. We beat the Pacers by discombobulating their vaunted defense by stretching the floor on them and forcing their great defensive bigs into trying to cover our 3 point shooting bigs, and while they did that, our guards sliced and diced them to pieces, doing what they do best. Frye is a big part of that, and I think we would be better served by having that expensive star presence at the SF instead of the PF position.

    I’m not saying Frye is better than most of those guys you mentioned, he is not. I am saying he is a better fit, and that he and a star SF would be better for this team, than a star PF and a role player caliber player at the SF position.


    Frye + Star stud SF

    Better for Suns than:

    Star PF who clogs lane, has no 3 point shot + role player caliber SF

    You don’t seem to grasp the difference between that and the notion that Frye is better than Aldridge, or Griffin, etc. He is not.

  • SouthernSun

    To the Asik guy.

    Yes, Asik is bigger and better than Plumlee. Plumlee gives us 75% of the production at a fraction of the price though, which leaves us plenty of money to give to a Star at another position.

  • andrewbrown3232

    We need to stay the course and allow our talent to gain experience. Hopefully Plumdog can get it turned around. I would only do a trade if love was involved. If not just keep the picks and progress. Please do not blow cap space unless it works for now and the future.

  • Eddie Johnson

    Southern Sun you don’t seem to grasp why McDonough is looking for a young POST scorer for when the game slows down during the playoffs and the Suns need to score in their half-court sets.

    In the Pacer 1st game Frye only hit two three-point shots and was out-scored by five of his teammates including his back-up who scored twice as many points while matching Frye’s two three-pointers.

    In the rematch both Morris twins put up twice the numbers as Frye as did Green ans were led by Dragic’s 28.

    So yes the Suns have the Pacer’s number. What about the teams built like them? The Spurs (two losses), Thunder, Heat, a healthy Warrior team that blew them out, Dallas? A healthy Grizzlies team that has been playing some great ball with Marc Gasol back?

    Gerald Green is the same size as SF Paul George and it was his three-point shooting that killed the Pacers, not Frye. Suns best scoring line-up when Bledsoe comes back is Dragic, Bledsoe, & Green on the wings and they need someone to score from the post.

    When Tucker is your best post scorer, you need a post scorer, not another wing.

    That is HOF coach Hubie Brown’s assessment.

  • SouthernSun

    Alright Eddie, agree to disagree. I’m worn out from answering everyone who has attacked my views already tonight.

  • SouthernSun

    See ALL of my previous answers as to why a post scorer who clogs the lane would be a bad idea, and would cause us to have to completely change our offensive identity that has thus far worked so well.

  • SouthernSun

    (drops the mike)

  • SouthernSun

    (picks back up mike with an afterthought)

    Oh, and the only way we should go after a post scorer, is if he is a dominant two way center who defends and also scores at a high level, thus allowing us to keep a stretch 4 at the PF position to give us the spacing our offensive attack is predicated upon.

    (re-drops aforementioned mike)

  • Dedicated 0N3

    SouthernSun I completely agree with your views. Why fix what isn’t broken, instead enhance our tempo/offence by upgrading our SF position with someone that also can play defense. If not upgrade our C/PF position only for the right player that can offer the same attributes as Frye but at a superb level without compromising the future (salary) and success of the Suns.


    First let me say that Frye would be a great bench player. But as a starter he provides very little more than a three point shot. His defense and rebounding are poor and when he is off he is horrible. How can we not try and get Gasol? If healthy, and I think he will be, he provides a low post presence in crunch time at the tune of 18pts and 10 rebounds a game. He can start at 4 and when Frye comes in move to the 5. He brings us to the next level. Do not buy into he cannot play in our system. He has played in many systems throughout his career and been successful,

  • SouthernSun

    Thanks Dedicated ON3

    We have great chemistry and flow now, and our offense is a problem for the vast majority of teams in the league to deal with, so why change it? Keep the spacing and the slashing guards, and upgrade our SF from a player who can just defend and hit corner 3′s, to a versatile, athletic scoring threat who can hit shots from anywhere on the court, as well as defend, and let Frye continue to provide the spacing our offense thrives on.

    Or, as both you and I have mentioned, upgrade the Center position with an elite center who can provide high levels of both offense and defense. That way our offense still stays intact while also adding the post scorer so many people crave.

    Either of these scenarios I think would work out fine

    (or of course nabbing one of the elite stretch 4′s I referenced in some of my earlier comments, though those players seem to be less likely acquisitions)


    This is Plumlee’s first year and he has quickly developed. He protects the rim well and I would not sacrifice his presence to quickly. It seems that SouthernSun puts way to much value in Frye’s 3 point shots, and does not look at how many points the man he is guarding or his inability to ever help on D is costing the team. Frye must come off the bench and act as a spark, not a space saver. We need a go to guy quickly. A player that can create his own shot and play some low post. A CRUNCH TIME PLAYER

  • SouthernSun

    SouthPhilly -

    I said earlier in the comments that I am perfectly fine nabbing Gasol since he is an expiring contract that wouldn’t take much to get. I don’t think he, nor any other slow, lumbering post scorer with no 3 point shot is part of our future, but I wouldn’t mind getting him for very little, and seeing how far we can go in this years playoffs.

    In the future I think we need to continue the system we set up that is predicated on spacing and bigs who can shoot the 3, but I certainly don’t mind rolling with Pau for a couple of months for nothing more than Okafor’s expiring and the Indy 1st rounder.

    Maybe we catch fire in a bottle.

    If it appears that Gasol is hurting our team, we simply won’t play him, or bring him off the bench.

    I would like to see what he could do in the Center position alongside Frye.

    However, if somehow our system could still work with him playing PF alongside Plumlee, then ok. I just see how our offense is designed, and we NEED spacing. Hornacek isn’t going to totally reconstruct this offense just because people wrongly think we NEED a low post scorer. Low post scoring is essentially dead, and the teams that rely on it tend to have pretty awful offenses (see: Grizzlies, Pistons).

  • SouthernSun

    *lightning in a bottle (not fire, my bad)

  • Kevin McHale

    Have you even watched my Rockets this year? EVERYBODY keeps saying we NEED to swap Asik for a “stretch four”.

    Well I’m not trading Terrance Jones or Asik for a Frye clone!

    Terrance DEFENDS, REBOUNDS and despite only shooting the occasional three, he and Howard do NOT clog the lane to the detriment of my own two-point guard attack.

    Ryan and Hornacek are NOT trying to fix what isn’t broke. They are trying to IMPROVE the team from being good and competitive to the upper tier of true contenders.

    The Warriors have the same pace as Phoenix and play Bogut and Lee up front and Lee REBOUNDS the ball.

    In fact pace spots 5 through 10 are the Warriors, Phoenix, Houston, Clippers, Blazers, and Thunder. Dallas and Spurs are at #14.

    All of those teams have a dynamic PG and a true PF matched with a true center that both rebound and defend.

    So why exactly do you think that my choice for coach of the year, Hornacek would struggle fitting in a true PF in place of Frye? Markieff has had some fantastic overall games because he doesn’t stand there doing nothing but wait for the ball at the three-point line.

    Are you saying Hornacek isn’t as good a coach as Jackson, Brooks, Rivers, Stotts, Carlisle, Popovich, or myself? The key to being a successful coach in the NBA is the ability to adapt on the fly.

    Look at Popovich this season. He has lost Splitter, his starting center, Danny Green his starting SG, Kwahi Leonard his starting SF, & Ginobilli his 6th man.

    He is now forced to join the two point-guard attack of his rivals with Parker, Corey Joseph, Patty Mills and Nando de Colo rotating with his only healthy SG Marco Bellineli.

    Did anybody quote Popovich complaining about having to change his offense? Of course not, that is why he has been to five finals and has won four rings.

    Watch and learn.

  • SouthernSun

    Kevin McHale guy.

    Dragic and Bledsoe are different than Curry and Thompson. NEITHER of those two guys would rather go to the rim than shoot a jumper. They are a shooting backcourt, whereas Dragic and Bledsoe are a slashing backcourt. They are best when attacking the basket, not shooting. Our guards attack the basket, we have one big guy on the floor who they can do pick and roll with, and Frye they do pick and pop with.

    The warriors can have two bigs who clog the lane because their guards are jumpshooters first.

    Do YOU even watch?

    Go try and be condescending to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, because I do…

  • SouthernSun

    Markief is our go to guy for iso offense whenever Dragic and Bled are tired.

    When they are both on the court and doing their thing, it is better to have more shooters on the floor creating space (which Markief starts doing when Dragic and Bledsoe are running the show)

  • SouthernSun


  • SouthernSun

    Plus, why are people coming at me all upset…

    I have been nothing but polite when addressing peoples questions/arguments.. yet people come at me in what seems to be a very confrontational manner…

  • foreveris2long

    I understand the desire to keep the floor spread and some do not want a true power forward clogging the lane. I strongly suspect if the Suns could land power forward Randle from University of Kentucky or Monroe from the Pistons they would do whatever is necessary to secure them within reason. It was already reported last week the Suns contacted Memphis about Randolph (you cannot find a slower power forward). I could be wrong but I think the areas of concentration for the Suns will be power forward for interior scoring and rebounding and small forward.

    In addition to the Suns wanting more rebounding, I think they are projecting that Len by next season will be able to hit the 15 footer keeping the lane open to some degree. I wish we had a crystal ball and knew for sure but it will be fun to watch the upcoming weeks and months.

  • Good discussion

    Nobody is mad at you Southern Sun. You post a great discussion. Now with that said, how do you think Curry gets his nine dimes per game? David Lee who hasn’t taken a single three-point all season scores a third of his 18 points on assists from Curry.

    Fine, Frye is the heart of the Suns offense. Keep him and let him stand at the three-point line until he makes his two three-point shots and grabs his meager 5 rebounds while his man eats him alive.

    No big thing.