Phoenix Suns Opinion: Weekly Writers Roundup February 13 Edition

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Jun 28, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough (right) introduces Alex Len (left) during a press conference at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

3. What do you think the Suns will do before the deadline?


Other than trying to get rid of the Emeka Okafor contract I don’t think the Suns will be in the mix for anyone big and even that premise, that there is someone big out there that the Suns have a chance in acquiring is a stretch. Hopefully we can hold on to the draft picks we have going into the draft.


Nothing. The market for players who meet the Suns specific needs and are available is small. Going into next season, the Suns will want the most available money possible , meaning they won’t want to make any long term commitments unless they can get a star, and the current climate doesn’t feel like one primed for the Suns to make a blockbuster deal. I think they’ll show off their assets in case anything comes along, but I would bet the Suns will end up staying pat at the deadline.


I agree with my colleagues on the premise the Suns won’t be wheeling and dealing before the deadline. They’ve been rumored with a couple big names. But that seems to be non-phoenix sources leaking rumors for their own reasons. The Suns will in all likelihood stay pat, and hopefully be geared to make one or two big time, deals this offseason that would change the landscape of the league.


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