Archie Goodwin has another successful D-League stint

PHOENIX — As a scorer first, second and third, Suns rookie Archie Goodwin needed a run with the Bakersfield Jam to build up his confidence, and through five D-League games is averaging 26.4 points on 49.4 percent shooting. Goodwin returned to Phoenix for a Tuesday night showdown against the Miami Heat, and he said it was good to see the ball go in the hoop over the course of two successful D-League stints.

“It definitely boosts your confidence, but I never really lost confidence because I am a confident player,” Goodwin said.

The Suns have wanted Goodwin to work on is his jump-shot, which is still suspect. With Phoenix, he’s shot 3-of-28 from three-point range this season but has hit 39 percent on 10-of-26 shooting with the Jam.

Still, Goodwin is at his best when he’s driving to the basket and getting to the hoop. He doesn’t necessarily agree with the assessment about his poor jump shot, but that reflects the rookie’s confidence that makes him such a dangerous scorer.

What he is now looking for is an opportunity to succeed in the Suns’ rotation.

“I know I can score, jump shot is questionable, I guess,” Goodwin said. “I shot ball really well down there and shot a good free-throw percentage, so I think it’s a matter of getting an opportunity and once I get the opportunity, to take advantage of it.

“When you don’t play, you’re not able to show what you’re learning, and once you get in with spotty minutes, it’s hard as well because you don’t have the time being able to play for a long duration.”

Goodwin, who the Suns eyed in the 2013 draft as a future point guard, has a ways to go in that regard. In 177 total minutes in Bakersfield, he’s recorded six assists to 21 turnovers. A 2:1 assist to turnover ratio is considered great for a guard, but Goodwin’s sits at 0.29. Goodwin puts up just 4.5 assists per 100 possessions.

It can be easy to forget that Goodwin is still just a 19-year-old kid, and the second youngest player in the NBA. Being on a team that has a 30-20 record with as much depth as the Suns have makes it a tough rotation for Goodwin to crack. It’s a good problem for the Suns to have, but on the flip side, it can hinder the development of a player like Goodwin.

The Suns have a good idea of what Goodwin is doing — or not doing — with the Jam. For each trip to Bakersfield, they send at least one person from management to keep an eye on their rookie.

And while there’s work to be done, Phoenix won’t fault Goodwin’s efforts to get better. Suns coach Jeff Hornacek has been happy with the progress that Goodwin is making, especially on defense.

“There’s some things he’s been doing better, being ready defensively on the weak side, I thought he did a much better job with that,” Hornacek said. “He’s a great kid in that he’s listening and trying to improve.”

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  • EBJM

    I love Goodwin and don’t intend this to be a knock on him BUT remember the last 6′-4″ athletic phenom with a suspect shot that used to get sent down to the D-league?

    His first stint he scored 25, 40 and 32.
    2nd stint 33, 39, 26, and 29.
    3rd time he played 21 games and averaged 28 points.

    He has played in Russia, Puerto Rico, and currently Bulgaria. He was drafted #29 just like Goodwin.

    He was the kid who broke Wisconsin’s all-time scoring record held by former Sun Michael Finley AND Finley’s vertical jump record.

    He was drafted ahead of the reigning DPOY Marc Gasol.

    Anybody remember that guy?

  • EBJM

    The latest Suns trade rumors:

    Sources said that the Suns have Carlos Boozer, Josh Smith, Larry Sanders, Omer Asik, Anderson Varejao, and Spencer Hawes on their wish list.

    Carlos Boozer is currently the top choice followed by Omer Asik. I’m actually shocked to see Josh Smith on the list. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind Dumars would make that trade in a heartbeat.

    Larry Sanders? Seriously?

  • Foreveris2long

    EBJM Alando Tucker who was never as tall as his listed height.

    Do not panic Suns, we do not have to make a trade. Ok I think I get it, throw out a bunch of suspect names and make the Suns beg for Pau Gasol. I would rather Gasol over any of those names.

  • Scott

    IIRC, Alando played as an undersized PF in college and had difficulty adjusting to the SG spot.

    Goodwin played both point and shooting guard in college and is noted for his excellent defense.

  • Scott

    As for the “wish list,” I doubt the Suns have any huge interest in those players for themselves. Most of them have contracts that would be unfavorable for the Suns. However, other teams may have interest in those players, and the Suns probably want to facilitate a trade, just like they did with Clips/Bucks last summer.

    On the trade front, I’ve recently read that the Bobcats would like to make themselves better through trade … which is something I’ve expected. Early this season I’d been hoping for a trade of the twins for Zeller and MKG, which would give the Suns hopefully another defensive stopper and a big man with lateral quickness. However, probably the only thing the Cats want to trade is Gordon’s expiring contract.

  • Ellensburgbballfan

    If we arent trading for a young super star, then dont even bother

    trading for veteran guys gets you basically nothing down the road, and your going to be in the same place you are now, a marginal playoff team in a brutal conference

    a trade for boozer, or sanders or any of those guys EBJM mentioned would just make this team marginally better now, and worse in the future because their going to get playing time at the expense of our young guns like Plumlee and Len

    The NBA is ran by superstars, and to get one you either gotta be bad enough in the right draft, or be Miami, or have a ton of assets like the Clippers did a few years ago so that you can go get Chris Paul and still have a team on the floor that isnt D- League guys

    hopefully the Suns arent really thinking of trading for any of those guys

    I would rather the Suns find out who are Lebron James freinds, trade for them, then sign James this summer

    is that going to happen? probably not

    but Bosh and Wade and James were all buddies and they came together

    so did Bostons big 3

    get a superstar, or play the draft thats your only real options unless you just want to be a crappy team that barely makes the playoffs every year and does it by short sighted trades and overpaying free agents

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