A dizzy Goran Dragic runs circles around the Warriors

PHOENIX – Phoenix Suns coach Jeff Hornacek called a win over the Golden State Warriors a goofy one because Mark Jackson’s team was without two starting big men, but the Saturday night game was even more goofy for Suns guard Goran Dragic.

Phoenix’s leader welcomed 3-month-old son Mateo to U.S. Airways Center for his first Suns game, and throughout, Dragic battled a dizzy spell.

Whatever that combination did to the Suns point guard, it worked.

“I was a little bit hyped, trying to show (Mateo) what his daddy can do,” Dragic said. “I look at the stands and I saw (wife) Maja, and she was like grabbing Mateo’s hand and waving it at me.

“You know, he’s not going to remember this game of course, now, but I can show him on YouTube probably.”

A battle for playoff positioning, a matchup of two of the league’s most dynamic point guards — at the end of it, the story was the non-All-Star in Dragic with a statement against All-Star starter Stephen Curry.

That made the likely YouTube highlights all the more special.

Dragic poured in a career-high 34 points on 10-of-13 shooting while adding 10 assists.

Perhaps most impressively, he took on the assignment against Curry with gusto, hounding the quick-hitting point guard around screens and off the three-point line. Curry finished with 28 points and nine assists but made just 3-of-10 three-pointers for the short-handed Warriors, who were suckered by going with a small lineup and switching the pick-and-roll.

The latter was often the point at which The Dragon burned them.

“If they want to try to switch, we’ll throw the big down – whoever set that screen – he’ll go down there in the post and you got it cleared,” Hornacek said of Dragic. “It’s like us trying to guard Curry with a big. That’s what he’s supposed to do. He’s got great confidence he can do anything he wants when he gets those switches.”

Really, Dragic did do anything he wanted.

At one point, Dragic’s bad pass found its way back into his hands, and as the shot-clock expired, he hit a three from the right wing. Against Andre Iguodala another time, he pulled up with his cool-but-quick fadeaway to splash it over the Warriors’ best defender.

He scored 13 fourth-quarter points to turn a close 104-100 Suns lead into a 122-109 win.

Curry’s defensive woes individually shed light on why the Suns put up 122 points and 53.8 percent shooting on Golden State as a whole. The Suns hit 11-of-21 threes to boot after Dragic got going.

Gerald Green was one beneficiary. A four-game slump ended once Golden State started Klay Thompson on Dragic, leaving the 6-foot-2 Curry to fight against Green on the block. It didn’t work. The Suns shooting guard went 10-of-15 from the field and found confidence inside the three-point arc.

“I just kind of want to start off the game strong, try to be aggressive,” Green said. “I knew that I wanted to not settle a lot as far as three-point range. I seen that Curry was on me in the very beginning, I wanted to see if I could get a couple easy baskets in the post.

“But when you get to play with somebody who draws all the attention to you…”

Yep, we know.

Dragic played 40 minutes, hit 6-of-7 three-point shots and, with his son on his mind, helped his team grind out a win of great necessity considering Phoenix had lost two in a row.

“I told him, ‘Take that dizzy pill again, then,’” Hornacek joked afterward.

  • Lance

    Who is AS guard.
    You showed it in direct comparision to Curry.
    You proved it to all.
    Keep fight Gogi.

  • David

    Hypothetically – Let’s say the suns run off an 8-10 game win streak somewhere in these last 30 and finish somewhere in the 52 to 56 win range without Bledsoe. Could Dragic receive MVP consideration? Has anyone received even a single MVP vote when they missed the all star game? How can you not look at his numbers and this teams turn around without at least considering it? Crazy to think that this team is a win streak away from this being a real conversation.

  • Chad

    David, I know where your coming from. His last month has been incredible, MVP incredible but guys like durant just do too much. I often wonder if there is a player better for his team than dragic, he makes this team click and does it so efficiently. A lot of the credit for some of these guys career years should go to him.

  • Luka

    This is the trade McDonough needs to make:

    Suns Send:
    Okafor, Markieff, Marcus Morris, 1st rounder.

    76ers Send:
    Young, Hawes, Lavoy Allen

    The Suns take on some money to do this trade, but Young could thrive in Phoenix. He’s capable of playing both forward positions, and would fit very well in an uptempo system.

    Hawed meanwhile could replace Plumlee in the starting line-up. He’s a great shooter, and pretty decent passer for a big man. Exactly the kind of big the Suns are looking for.

    The 76ers do the deal to clear salary, and get an extra first rounder for the draft. The Morris brothers get a chance to play for their hometown which may inspire them to play harder.

  • EBJM

    Luka, the Suns success this year has been the result of the sum of their parts are greater than the individual players. Despite the deficiencies of the Morris Twins that have driven literally everyone crazy this year, they have embraced their role and in exchange for being able to play together do not complain about coming off the bench.

    They in addition to Barbosa make up Hornacek’s short rotation of eight players.

    Miles has been an integral part of the Suns success despite having zero offensive game. While Hawes does possess a better offensive game, he lacks what Miles brings every night, hustle, defense and rebounding. IMO a combination of Hawes and Miles is what Alex Len will become, hopefully sooner than later.

    Remember the Kings traded him to Philly looking for a Miles type of player in Dalembert. Philly decided it needed a more complete center and signed Bynum. They then traded their All-Star PG Jrue Holiday for Nerlen Noels who is projected to be a Dalembert type of center.

    While Young is a decent player, he is a good 4″ shorter than Markieff, who has the right size to be an effective NBA PF. Markieff has teased us with flashes of greatness and has helped Phoenix win a lot of games in place of Frye.

    How are you going to trade the Suns two main bench players and replace Miles in the starting line-up with a player other than Len and not expect to disrupt the teams greatest attribute, chemistry?

    I’m jumping on board with those who do not want to make any changes unless a Super-Star becomes available and it doesn’t look like any will be before the 2oth.

    Forever what do you think about acquiring Derrick Williams from the Kings? You are the one who observed that his best position is SF where he was excelling at before the Kings traded for Rudy Gay. If the Kings are going to keep Gay they will have to come big for him and that means D-Will’s qualifying offer of $8.7 might be a bit high for Gay’s back-up.

    Is D-Will>Marcus Morris?

    I’d rather not give L.A. any picks. McD should just use all of them if he can’t package them. You never know which pick is the star player until you get him into camp. Four picks give you greater odds. Who cares if the star player is picked at #30 and you waive the guy taken at #15?

  • john

    If the Suns break the 50-mark, Dragic absolutely deserves MVP consideration. Of course, he won’t deserve it over KD or LeBron, but he deserves consideration. Outside the top two guys in the league, Dragic does as much as anyone out there for his team, and he has them winning at a rate no one expected. Give the man his due, NBA, writers, and fans!

  • Luka


    You mention the sum being greater than the parts? The problem I have with that statement is it hasn’t always been the case especially since Bledsoe got hurt.

    Dragic has largely been carrying this team on his back. I’m worried he’s going to wear down towards seasons end. I don’t think the Suns can afford to stand pat by Feb 20.

    A player like Young fills an immediate need. I’m not saying he’s a long term solution at PF, but he’s a major upgrade over Frye at that position.

    Hawes definitely would help the Suns. Maybe you don’t start him right away, but bring him off the bench. As great as Plumlee has played, he’s becoming an offensive liability. With Frye and Morris not really willing to drive or post up and Plumlee’s offense needing work something has to give.

    Suns can still re-sign Bledsoe and attempt to move up in the draft and land a PF.

    I see Thaddeus Young as a complimentary piece. A solid all around scorer who could probably become an all-star with a team like Phoenix.

  • BCrayZ

    Gogi, we need Mateo to come to more games.

    Back 4 years ago, when you were a vital part of “that killer bench unit”, you told Chris Montgomery that I was your source of inspiration, screaming loud & standing up for each & every defensive possession (like Spike Lee) from the beginning of the game, regardless of what those stuffy so-called fans near me thought or said, from across the visitors bench, with my son Jacob, “sitting” court side.

    Clearly, Mateo has replaced my inspiration & then some. Make him a regular for each home game. As a player & a competitor, I know the value of being inspired by the crowd at home. Frye told me how much he appreciated me when I met him at his first Suns game. When Barbosa had a fund raising event in his late mother’s honor, he told me the same. Now it’s Mateo’s turn. Speaking of Barbosa, Jeff finally had him finish the game (like he did in New York) with Gogi & Frye. That combo is what gave us that Q4 performance that helped our Suns pull away. Suns have now won 8 out of the 11 games since LB came back (from being out with his separated shoulder) to play. Eric who? Make it so Jeff.

    MUST start & ALSO finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • BCrayZ

    Luka -

    Obviously, you did not watch last night’s game.

    Jeff asked Frye to post up & he does what Jeff asks. Frye posted up, over & over. Fact is that he took 77% of his shots from inside the arc. Made half of them. Frye led the team with a plus 20 (+/-) for the game. Gogi was next with plus 19.

  • BCrayZ

    Luka -

    Obviously, you did not watch last night’s game.

    Jeff asked Frye to post up & he does what Jeff asks. Frye posted up, over & over. Fact is that he took 77% of his shots from inside the arc. Made half of them. Frye led the team with a plus 20 (+/-) for the game. Gogi was next with plus 19. Gogi led the team with 10 assists (a weak spot for our team) & Frye was next with 5, with only 1 other player (Ish) even getting just 1. Clearly Frye was helping the team, as Jeff asked, by passing to the shooters & cutters with an inside out game. Next time you decide to disrespect Frye, which you are famous for, at least watch the game. Frye & Gogi were able to finish this game with their long time bud, “The Brazilian Blur.” Make it so Jeff.

    MUST start & ALSO finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • EBJM

    Well Luka actually it has. While Dragic obviously has been carrying the team, the wins have come when other players have had big games also. The Suns losses have come when nobody steps up big to help Dragic.

    Markieff and Green have played like All-Stars for stretches then disappear for the same length of time. Tucker comes through big like Barkley on the boards and outplays Harden and Iggy but then comes back down to earth. Even Frye has the occasional huge game.

    I’d rather not give away any picks for old players like Pau, or average players like Young. Look at Philly, they went into full rebuild after Bynum didn’t work out. Why? They still had Hawes, Young, Turner and drafted real well in picking up William-Carter. they also traded for Nerlens Noel.

    Brett Brown even has them playing real well despite trying to give away their players.

    Suns are not going to get that player that is going to take them to the promised land before the 20th, my preference is too see who McD can find in a deep draft with the odds of having four picks rather than to pick up some so-so players instead.

    There has been many great players found late in the draft, Phoenix has passed on many of them for draft busts. Just look at the last deep draft of ’07 when Hawes and Young were drafted.

    That is the year Phoenix took Alando Tucker while Carl Landry, Glen Davis, and Marc Gasol were all still on the board. All selected in the 2nd rd.

    McD has just started, have a little patience.

  • the real al

    I was at the game last night, watching that last three pointer Dragic made was really icing on the cake!!!

    When he launched it with such incredible arc (and it was so far out) that I laughed when he shot it … and then laughed even harder when he made it. Insane … just an insane cap on an incredible, career, superstar performance.

    And they make Mike Conley an All-Star .. pffft give me a fricking break!

  • SarverHater22

    Stern/Silver is biased against East Europeans in the ASG , Hope Dragon doesnt opt out after 2015 and leave , SUNS the most awesome name in pro sports ! Go Dragon !

  • the real al

    Oops let me clear up that last statement … the league even “THOUGHT” about selecting Conley over Dragic as replacement for Kobe a few weeks ago.. eventually selecting c’mon, Anthony Davis?.. Shaking my damn head**

  • Russell’s Suns

    Luka, Thaddeus Young will never be an all star anywhere, he is a bench player starting on a bad team. First, Young is one of the worst defensive players in the league, he is too slow to play the 3 and too small to play the 4. If you read the forums on Philly pages, all they talk about is possibly finding a team (they call it a sucker) to give up a first round pick for Thaddeus Young. He would be destroyed in the Western conference by all the PF’s.

    And his contract is not good one either, if he was making $5 million a year you can make an argument that the Suns can part with a 2nd round pick for him, but at his salary the suns should get a pick to take him off the 76ers books.

  • GoSuns

    Thaddeus averages over 2 steals a game and has a career per over 16, green tucker and frye don’t even have that considering career years, if he’s a bench player at best he would be one of the best guys to have coming off a bench for any team

  • EBJM

    Young has earns $9.1 million next year and has a player option of $9.7 in ’15-’16.

    Suns want to resign Bledsoe this summer and Young would eat up whatever is remaining under the salary cap.

    In the summer of ’15, the Suns once again can be big players in free agency as Goran Dragic has a player option of $7.5 million and he and Bledsoe would be the only two under contract.

    After finally dumping Frye why would you negate that by adding an even worse contract in Young’s?

    Suns could theoretically offer Greg Monroe a max contract to lure him away from the Pistons and then resign Bledsoe as the Suns hold his Bird rights.

    The qualifying offers to both Morris twins in ’15 would be a bit less than Young’s salary and could probably be signed for a lot less than what Young makes, especially with their well-known desire to remain on the same team.

    If the Suns keep Dragic, Bledsoe and a Star to be named later in ’15 then Young would make too much money for the Suns to fill out the bench with decent players.

    So you basically are swapping Frye with a more expensive Young through ’16. No thanks.

  • JK

    Not a fan of doing any trade with Philly. Would much rather stay the course and keep our draft picks that we have allocated until a trade for a legit star becomes available.

  • vtsunrise

    Dragic’s present is the Suns’ future.

  • DZ

    I don’t see any benefit with trading with Philly either. Young’s contract is too long and too bloated to be worth it for the Suns.

    It should be very interesting to see what does and doesn’t happen as far as trades go in the NBA in the next 11 days though. But wouldn’t be disappointed if he Suns do nothing.

  • foreveris2long

    Ok you guys have twisted and practically broken my arm to the point Young, while I think is a good player who is on a bad team, I probably agree has a cost prohibitive contract.

    EBJM, Williams could be a really good idea to play the 3 spot and would be much more affordable than Young. He just needs a chance IMO. He would be an upgrade over Tucker. It would be a really good summer acquisition. I admit I have not thought of him as a Sun but it has possibilities at the 3 spot.

    Absent someone like Monroe, I too am in the camp to stay the course this season and not trade our 1st round picks. Lakers fans everywhere are begging the Suns to part with a 1st round pick to help them rebuild. I vote for letting them suffer in 2014 so we get another 1st round from them in 2015. Let’s not feed the suckers.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    Markieff > Thaddeus

    I like Frye, but if he goes then Monroe would be a nice pick-up.

    I see the Suns going SF in the draft…most likely:
    1…Kyle Anderson (UCLA)
    2…Doug McDermott (Creighton)
    3…Melvin Ejim (Iowa St.)…Pronounced (Edge-em)

    Adrien Payne is still by far the best stretch 4 I’ve seen in the college ranks & is a definite possibility.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    ps….Keep Tucker
    He is the tough guy, enforcer that every team needs, even if he is coming off the bench.

  • Luka


    At least one person in here noticed that stat.

  • SarverHater22

    Really hoping that this year’s All-Star Game will include a Robert Sarver’s Ass-kicking competition , Steve Nash and Matrix will be the first 2 contestants in that field…Pls Silver , add a special Robert Sarver ass-kicking contest alongside the Slam Dunk and 3 Point contests .

  • SarverHater22

    Fellow Suns fans , pls dont even think Sarver will ever sign a big-name free-agent , cuz he wont , Sarver will fire McDonough if Ryan’s head gets too big with fancy free-agency dreams lol , after a reluctant Sarver was badgered and harried into extending Amare’s deal in 2005 only to shortly see Amare lost for the season due to knee-injury which was only a slight tummy ache in Sarver’s eyes , Sarver no longer wanted to sign any free-agent outside of Pike and matters only aggravated when Sarver reconsidered his miserly ways and resigned pillow-soft Doris Diaw to a big contract only to see Miss Diaw come into camp a fat blimp and out-of-shape , never mind if Miss Diaw won Game 1 vs Dallas Lmao , Sarver said neverr again !

  • john

    1. Why would Steve Nash have anything against Robert Sarver? Sarver signed about $100M worth of checks to Nash. I’m pretty sure Nash should be grateful, not spiteful.

    2. Yeah, Robert Sarver would never pay big money for big name talent. Forget the fact that he signed Nash originally, extended Nash and Amare, and brought in one of the top 10 players in NBA history (who was the highest paid player in the league).

    I know you’re just trolling, but try to do better next time. That was pathetic.

  • SarverHater22

    hey @john , I know you are Sarver’s numero uno booster , so I aint gonna bash you for licking his ass , (though your unabashed love of Sarver boggles the mind) ,but as for Steve Nash , the money , sure , but from your pov , Nash should thank Sarver for refusing to re/sign players , trading away first round picks and generally ruining Nash’s chances at a ring , and as I said , after resigning Amare , your favorite owner SARVER lol signed only Pike , and pun intended . lmao

  • SarverHater22

    @john , dont defend Sarver for never signing a LeBron , its expected of Sarver not to sign anyone not named Hakim .lol ,

  • john

    1. Teams don’t win championships without playing defense. Steve Nash wasn’t going to win one.

    2. Who did Sarver refuse to re-sign? Joe Johnson? Do you realize it was literally impossible to keep Johnson, Marion, Nash, and Stoudemire together from a cap perspective? Someone had to go. Would you rather have had Stoudemire walk? Would you rather have gotten rid of Marion earlier? Really?

    3. Trading first round picks isn’t a way to save money. It’s a way to “win now.” NBA vets are more expensive than first-round picks. The notion that Sarver was pinching pennies by selling those picks is a joke, and completely misinformed.

    4. I don’t like Sarver. I’m openly apathetic to his existence as the Suns’ owner. It is what it is, I have no say in the matter, so I accept that the Suns have an owner who is often openly stupid and seems like a jerk. But you know what I like even less than Sarver? Idiots. Idiots who know nothing about team operations and try to pin every little thing on a convenient scapegoat who had very little to do with the plethora of problems this team has faced over the past decade. I hate it when people like you can’t educate yourself before opening your mouth. I hate unabashed stupidity. I hate it when people who are obviously wrong refuse to admit it, as if entrenching themselves even further in their fault will somehow make them right again. I don’t like Sarver, but I hate people like you.

  • SarverHater22

    lol , well @john , I dont hate YOU for coming to Sarver’s defense , Im not here to argue with Sarver’s hacks , Im not here to bash anybody except for you-know-who , and contrary to your earlier comment elsewhere that posters on this site are respectful to each other even if they disagree, your name-calling kinda contradicts your statement eh ? I wouldnt stoop so low as to bash you ..as for JJ , Robert Sarver confessed that failing to resign Joe Johnson that summer was his biggest regret and that he should have done so, the cap be damned. So you’re saying Sarver was wrong ? By saying Suns can not fit Johnson is an excuse that Sarver would love . But fortunately for Sarver fans like you , just like when the time came for Matrix’s deal , Sarver conveniently traded him just to avoid paying Marion . So that people such as you wouldnt be needlesssly worried sick that Matrix will implode the Suns cap! lmao

  • john

    Right, because calling me an ass-licker isn’t name-calling. I get it.

  • SarverHater22

    haha , that was unfortunate , but hey , you started it .lol

  • john

    Lolzorz indeed.

  • SarverHater22

    Go Suns !

  • EBJM

    SarverHater I’m going to hate myself for chiming in but what the heck, its raining again.

    Steve Nash is a grown man and he made the decision to leave Mark Cuban and his billions for ONE reason, MONEY!

    With the then 29 year-old Nash running Coach Nelson’s offense for his Mavericks, they had just come off a 52 win season. The Suns were coming off of a 29 win season.

    Nash had Nowitzki, Finley, Antoine Walker, Antawn Jamison, & Josh Howard. Unfortunately for Nash and the Mavericks, they ran into Adelman’s Kings of Divac, Webbwer, Peja and Bibby in the 1st rd.

    Nash’s shooting percentages dropped by 10% and Mike Bibby was the Kings 2nd leading scorer in the series with 18 while holding Nash to less than 14.

    So it would seem that Nash’s best opportunity to win a title would have been with the billionaire Cuban who had already spent like $400 million extra above the salary cap since he had purchased the Mavericks.

    The real irony of your complaint is that Cuban refused to over-spend on Nash, who he thought wouldn’t be walking by the end of the contract that Nash DEMANDED.

    Nash made the decision willfully to leave a contending team with established Stars AND a Super-Star in Nowitzki to go play for a guy who was more interested in making money than spending it.

    The Mavericks made it to the Finals in ’05-’06 with Jason Terry and Devin Harris playing point and won the title in ’10-’11 with 37 year-old Jason Kidd playing point.

    So it would seem to the unbiased basketball fan that if Nash had chosen a title over money he would have won a title in Dallas. So what that means to you is that Steve Nash himself is the one who gave away his best opportunity to win a title, not Robert Sarver.

    But then even the then 37 year-old Kidd could play defense, so with Nash in place of Kidd the Mavericks probably lost.

    But look at the glass as being half-full. By going to play for Phoenix and D’Antoni, Nash earned more money and two MVP awards. See the irony? The guy who is recognized as one of the all-time best play-makers passed on the greatest assist afforded him in exchange for personal gain.

    Kind of funny actually.

    Look at him now. If he decides to play out his contract in L.A. his $9 million severely hampers Kupchak’s flexibility within the salary cap thanks to his outrageous extension to Kobe.

    But who are the greatest beneficiaries of Nash’s decision to play? Well Nash of course and PHOENIX!
    Nash’s greatest assist to Phoenix would be while he was a Laker!

    How can you not LOVE Steve Nash?

  • john


    I absolutely love that Steve Nash is still destroying the Lakers. Perhaps this was all part of a master plan? Is Sarver paying Nash to sabotage the Lakers in order to gain a quality pick from them next year?

  • Al

    I think if Phoenix ends up keeping the first round picks they should draft Adrian Payne, Kyle Anderson, and Glen Robinson III.

  • EBJM

    I was watching Nash and his Lakers playing Chicago and Kendall Marshall actually looked better but D.J. Augustin looked like a little kid running circles around his grandpa (Nash)

    It was a bit sad. Nash should seriously retire EXCEPT we NEED him to play ONE more season!

    We LOVE you Steve! Suck it up for one more season!

  • Curt

    ESPN is bumping upcoming Lakers/Nets game on Feb. 23rd in favor of Suns/Rockets game in Phoenix. This will showcase Dragic and co. vs. Harden/Howard/Lin. Kobe and co. (now including Nash) are way too beat up to be of any interest to anyone on the national level. Time for Suns to shine again on national TV!

  • Al

    Hopefully Phoenix will have their new Star player (25 or younger) playing next to Goran. ;)

  • Dan Smith

    I’d really like to see Monroe go to the Suns but the Pistons apparently don’t want to trade at all…which is puzzling because they don’t even seem to utilize him that much. Although I don’t know if he’s a good idea considering his agent wants a max contract (20 mil) and he averages only 13/8/3 Lol

  • SarverHater22

    well put , @ebjm

  • SarverHater22

    @ebjm , Sarver was both Nash’ best friend and worst enemy . After signing Nash , Q , Amare and Doris , Sarver regressed and got cold feet , lowballing TT , GHill , Matrix and selling first rounders NOT to save money but to make money ! lol , sure , Sarver has improved a bit since then , like signing Eric Gordon to OS , well if Donald Sterling can change , so can Sarvie .

  • john

    Ah, so I disagree with you, give you reasons and facts, and I’m an ass-licker (btw, you called me that before I ever dropped even a hint of an insult your way). EBJM disagrees with you (and agrees with me), gives you reasons and facts, and his argument was “well put.”

    You just get odder and odder.

    And btw, Donald Sterling didn’t change. Blake Griffin was the most obvious keeper he has ever been gifted and he was gifted Chris Paul (who, thankfully, isn’t a Laker right now because David Stern is the evil tyrant we all love to hate).

  • SarverHater22

    lmao , well @john , have you forgotten that you called me a clown and pathetic w/o any provocation from me ? my my….I know @ebjm since the Central days and I do agree with what he said about Nash , even though that wasnt really the subject at all. Im not an inflexible boor after all, and @ebjm is polite and not into name-calling unlike a certain someone, @ebjm mildly disagrees with me when he said Nash jumped to Phx for the pay after Cuban deemed him not worth the high salary , hey, no problem with that, even though I never said anything about Nash coming to Phx for any altruistic reasons, and Nash had better title chances with Dallas , I agree, but after Nash came on board and a few noteworthy signings by Sarver ie STAT , Q , Sarver regressed.
    Well, Sterling did change when he shockingly matched the offer for Elton Brand and even signed Baron Davis and Cat Mobley , CP3 , DeJordan and Don’s been on a roll since ! If thats not change , I dont know what is !
    Sarver of course has changed for the better too and now more willing to sign or re-sign guys as I mentioned ,like the Eric Gordon OS , thats a surprise . See ? I can be flexible and give credit where its due , lets see if Sarver re-signs EB to the max , injury-prone as he is and gets another star player. Whats odd about that ?? I even agree with you about Stern being the evil overlord .

  • john

    I have forgotten. Go ahead and point me in the right direction.

  • SarverHater22

    heheh , just curious , but which of Sarver’s buns tasted better ? The left or the right ? Just kidding .lol

  • john

    Didn’t think you had anything more to say.

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