Phoenix Suns 102, Indiana Pacers 94 – Snub this

They say the NBA is where amazing happens. Well for the last five days, amazing happens wherever Goran Dragic and the Phoenix Suns come to play. Their 102-94 win over the Pacers is just the latest in a string of incredible performances.

Tonight’s victory was the Suns’ fourth in a row, and it moved them to 4-0 on their Eastern Conference road trip. Phoenix led for all but the first two minutes of this one despite the fact that this was their fourth game in five nights. This was the Suns’ second win over the Pacers in nine days. Indiana is currently tops in the Eastern Conference standings and trails OKC by only two games for the best record in the NBA. The Suns scored more points in a half than any other Pacers’ opponent this season. They shot 53% from the field in the first half and led by 17 points at halftime. Their early success was mostly due to another incredible performance by Goran Dragic.

Though he missed out on an All Star selection (for now) the Dragon came out breathing fire. He had already netted 21 points and handed out five assists by halftime. Despite a litany of bumps and bruises, including a very swollen left elbow and a bruised knee, Goran was aggressive and quick from the jump. He pushed the ball up the floor every chance he got. He set the Pacers back on their heels and found teammates in great spots. Dragic was responsible for half of Phoenix’s first half baskets, and looked like the best player on the floor, despite the presence of Paul George and Roy Hibbert.

The Pacers clawed their way back in the third quarter, outscoring Phoenix 25-11 in the period. The Suns looked fatigued and frustrated as their shots stopped falling and the officials tightened up what had been a very physical game. The increase in whistles led to technicals for both PJ Tucker and Dragic, and spurred the Pacers to erase Phoenix’s double-digit lead.

Heading into the final frame, Indiana had all the momentum and trailed by just three, but the Suns never relinquished their lead, thanks primarily to the Morris twins. Marcus and Markieff combined for 16 of the Suns 25 points in the quarter. Their jumpers were falling, and they both were able to get to the rim and draw contact. When the Suns were backed up against the wall, the twins came through and saved the day.

This win and this road trip as a whole are major statements by the Suns. After their last road trip resulted in four close losses, to win four straight away from home is a big step for this team. For more analysis on tonight’s game, let’s look at our three preview questions.

Will the Suns become the second road team to score 100 points against the Pacers?

Yes sir. Phoenix is just the second team to defeat the Pacers at home this year. Indiana is now 21-2 on their home floor. After putting up 66 points in the first half, 100 seemed like a foregone conclusion for the Suns, but their impotent effort in the third quarter put the century mark in serious doubt. Phoenix broke triple digits with less than a minute left when P.J. Tucker corralled a long rebound off a Paul George miss and quickly underhand flipped a pass to a streaking Dragic who had just enough left in his legs to dunk it home. That breakaway put the Suns up by six, and put the nail in Indy’s coffin.

Can George Hill contain a banged-up Goran Dragic?

Not even a little bit. Despite carrying more than one injury into this game, Goran was unstoppable in the early going. He abused George Hill in transition and in the high pick and roll. Even with Hibbert protecting the rim, Dragic got clean looks at the hoop in the key and made the most of his opportunities going 8-of-12 from the field. In the second half, the Pacers switched Paul George onto Dragic which really slowed him down. After his big first half, Dragic managed just seven points and two assists in the second. But the added defensive pressure didn’t keep Dragic from contributing. Late in the fourth and leading by only two, Dragic was being guarded by George, which left George Hill on Gerald Green. Dragic smartly got the ball to Green who scored four straight points and kept the Suns’ lead intact.

Will Phoenix see Good Roy or Bad Roy?

This was Better Roy, but definitely not Best Roy. In the first half, Hibbert missed 8 of his 12 shots and had just one rebound. The Suns did an excellent job of making it tough for him to score and get clean looks at the hoop. In the second half, he was much more effective. He used his body to get great position and went 5-for-5 from the field. The Suns tried multiple defenders on him, but nothing short of his teammates refusing to pass him the ball could slow Hibbert down in the second half. He finished the game with 26 points and six rebounds. Under the circumstances, the Suns did their best against Roy, especially when you consider that he played nearly 38 minutes, yet Alex Len and Miles Plumlee combined for less than 28 minutes played. Phoenix actually hung with the Pacers on the boards, narrowly losing the battle 47-46. Indiana gave Hibbert no help on the boards. On both ends, he was often the only white and yellow jersey within 10 feet of the hoop.

And 1

  1. Lance Stephenson had a triple double – his fifth of the season – with 14 points and 10 rebounds and assists.
  2. Gerald Green’s decision making is much improved. Earlier in the year, he tended to get jumpshot happy, but now he is making the right decision on whether to drive or shoot nearly much more often.
  3. Two honest questions: 1) Is Goran Dragic the best guard at scoring in transition in the NBA? Is there a better trio of player in transition than Dragic, Green, and P.J. Tucker?
  4. Phoenix got 40 points from three bench players: Marcus (16), Markieff (15), and Leandro Barbosa (9). The second unit’s offense is much improved. They have introduced several new offensive sets, including a 1-4 high set with multiple screens on the block that produced several easy baskets.

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  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    Very impressive indeed. Pacers tried to pound it inside with Hibbert taking 17 shots and West 18.

    Miles and Alex hung tough despite giving 7 fouls between them and Hibbert 11 FTs where he connected on 8.

    Green, and both Morris brothers came up big though.

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    Hey BCrayZ just for fun, how do you interpret West and Hill having the highest +/- stat of both teams with 17 and 15 respectively yet they lost the game?

    The Morri came in 2nd with 12 and 10.

  • hawki

    Incredible win….can’t believe I missed this game…fell asleep around 3pm for what I thought would be an hour nap…woke up 5 hrs later….may Bob Pettit have mercy on my soul.

    espn showed all pacer high(low)lights until finally showing Kieff hitting 3 & Dragic breakaway dunk with less than minute left.
    No respect from national media….seemed all they cared about was Stephenson’s triple-double

    Thanks for all the info Ryan W.

  • BCrayZ

    West was a solid defensive presence when Indy came back in the second half.

    Frye led our team in boards to keep that overall team battle dead even. West was held to only 3 boards for the game.

    Hill was lights out from the field, with by far the best shooting % on their team for the game & even better than our Brazilian Blur. Speaking of Barbosa, this makes 6 out of 7 wins, since he came back, for our Suns. Eric who? Will be even more effective when playing with Gogi & Frye. Make it so Jeff.

    MUST start & ALSO finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • Dave:f32
  • BCrayZ

    West was a solid defensive presence when Indy came back in the second half.

    Frye led our team in boards (nearly as many as both Roy & West combined) to keep that overall team battle (56-56) dead even. West was held to only 3 boards for the game.

    Hill was lights out from the field, with by far the best shooting % on their team for the game & even better than our Brazilian Blur. Speaking of Barbosa, this makes 6 out of 7 wins, since he came back, for our Suns. Eric who? Will be even more effective when playing with Gogi & Frye. Make it so Jeff.

    MUST start & ALSO finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • foreveris2long

    Hawki, lay off the hard stuff on game day. Great win but I too feel no one is taking the Suns serious. Let us get a defensive minded power forward and no one will want to play us in the playoffs. Yeah Dave I said during Bledsoe negotiations the Lakers would likely offer Bledsoe the max if necessary to get him. They will be begging for a young potential star. Hopefully McD /Babby anticipated this as well.

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    Watching the Clips getting blown out by the Warriors and Turkoglu and Dudley on the court with Matt Barnes on the bench. Funny how they love the Suns SFs. I wonder if they would like Frye for Griffin?

  • Russell’s Suns

    Dave:f32= trol poster.

    Meanwhile The Suns continue to send a message to the rest of the rest of the league. The Pacific division title is getting ever so closer!

  • Barry W. Frick

    Enjoy this SONS fans haha because next year when the lakers take away ome of your prized possessions in Eric Bledsoe, we’ll be back to kicking your a**es and taking what’s ours – the west. Everyone damn knows he wants to play with Kobe instead of a fluke goran tragic LOL and can’t wait till he will be bearing purple and gold.


  • Steve in LA

    Yeah Bledsoe is as good as gone. Everyone knows he’d prefer LA and Kobe than Phoenix, who wouldn’t? Who would turn down the greatest professional sports franchise I’m sports.


  • LakersForLife

    Ain’t no one gonna turn down the LOS ANGELES LAKERS and we all know Eric Bledsoe will play for them. He will force his will like Eric Gordon did, and he ain’t gonna like wasting his career away on a second rate garbage franchise. can’t wait to watch him drop 40 next season on overrated Tragic LOLOL



    ERIC BLEDSOE will wanna play and get some CHAMPIONSHIPS and he gonna do that playing for the GREATEST SPORTS FRANCHISE IN THE WORLD, the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Blee dat. He won’t do that with some garbage franchise like the SONS.


  • LoveSOSA

    Can’t wait to see Bledsoe dropping buckets and dimes on the sorry a** Suns next year.

    Back to the celler you go after Bledsoe goes to THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS


  • BledsoeFan

    ^^^^ YES!

    Bledsoe in purple and gold would be amgic

  • LoveSOSA

    ^ Yeah bruh he gotta go back to LA that where he belongs


  • VivaMexicoVivaElTri

    Just forcing the SONS to pay 14 million for Bledsoe, an injury riddled guard made fo glass, will be enough for us Laker fans to put up a smile.

    You’ll get suckered into paying 14 million for Bledsoe and proving again why MITCH KUPCHACK is the best GM in the LEAGUE

    Do it Mitch!


  • Anze.Kopitar

    Dodgers taking a piss on the Dbags pool

    Lakers stealing the Suns most prized possession.

    LA’s dominance over Eastern outer Los Angeles continues.



    LOLOLOL love the Laker takeover





  • Dave:f32

    Already ordered my Bledsoe Lakers jersey!


    The visions of Kendall Marshall throwing bounce passes to a driving Eric Bledsoe next year making Dragic look foolish on defense just gives me boners and I know it will happen.


  • hawki

    One drunken, delusional laker fan with a hundred different web names ? Hilarious

    No one wants to play with washed up, one-legged kobe….not even his bimbo wife.

    ps…thanks for taking kendall marshall & wes johnson off our hands.

  • hawki

    Forever….can’t get any hard stuff ’till tomorrow…Payday…Hooray !
    also…I knew you had pull Forever, but getting a stamp named after yourself (The Forever Stamp)…now that’s Impressive !.

    EBJM…Nice post over on Bleacher Report


    Kendall averages more assists than your new messiah and so-called All Star snub (lol) Dragic.

    Kendall is also a way better playmaker than Dragic and Bledsoe combined.

    Thanks for Kendall


  • ShanMan

    I used to enjoy posting on this site. It used to be intelligent, respectful conversations. Now its full of trolls and agressive and disrespectful comments. I’m pretty sure I’m done posting here.

  • Michael.Bradley

    ^ At least they aren’t trolls taking the name of Nazis. That was just absolutely disgusting.

  • LakerNation

    LOLOLOLOL these Suns fans riled up.

    Can’t wait to see their reaction when Bledsoe signs July 1 and gets unveiled as a Laker July 11.



  • Dave:f32

    “Dave:f32= trol poster.

    Meanwhile The Suns continue to send a message to the rest of the rest of the league. The Pacific division title is getting ever so closer!”

    @Russell’s Buns – oh contrair ZMoonFrair, it is thee that bestow all the laurels of trollster,

    and All the other regulars to this site know that i rep purple and orangeyougladididntsaybananas, My Phoenix Suns fangood still intact!!!

    Russell’s Puns or Hawkeye posers as closet Lakers fans … Classic! ;)

  • Dave:f32

    And Russell , just a bit of advice that you dont incriminate yourself by calling me a troll right before you unleash your troll beast upon this site Lol You LoooooooosR

  • Lance

    What performance by Dragon. Gogi shattered Pacers, brave hearted play.
    Go Gogi, Go PHX

  • Dave:f32

    “..the rest of the rest of the league!”

    Lol Sufferin suckatash! Looney In Tune indeed… Ebedeebede thats all folks!!!

    Russell or Hawki or ShanMan. Stay away from my namesake. If ur not articulate, insightful, witty, engaging and artistically creative like me, to fake it like me just is disservice. I like service! So suck it haha

  • BigPapa

    Go fuck yourself lakernation troll motherfucker get a life

  • Voqar

    Great game to watch.

    As well as the suns played, I’d say vogel pooched it. If he had put Paul George on dragic earlier we may not have been able to build such a huge lead. Hill just couldn’t handle Dragic at all (and hill isn’t exactly a bad defensive player – just shows how good dragic is playing lately).

    Hard to complain about a 4-0 road trip. Good stuff.

  • vtsunrise

    Some random thoughts on a delirious mid-night…

    Phoenix SNUBs. Snub us some more. We like it like that. Could you snub a little harder…oooh, like that. Yeah, you missed a spot.

    Goran the beast could probably only be stopped by a double-headed three-named monster, something like a Paul George Hill.

    Bench saved the day. The Morri. Hats off. Suns bench outscored Pacers’ 40-7.

    This team is for real.
    Coach of the year.
    Best set of guards in the league.

    Suns rising. Sky’s the limit.

    And what suddenly happened to this board? Reminds me of the bad-azc daze…

    Oh, right, just a single shooter with many names and too much time on its hands, hiding behind the knoll, jealous of the Suns’ grass being greener.

  • vtsunrise

    You missed a good one. I missed the first half and got to squirm, sweat and curse through the second half on a private thread with SueB, just like in the SSOL good old days. But they hung tough, incredibly.

    This was a statement game.

    Suns belong.

  • hawki

    VT….Been reading Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx & Crake” Trilogy….my eyes are pretty bad these days so any extended reading makes me real tired….like doing a couple bowls of Hindu Kush….ha…if only.

    Tell SueB I said Hi & I’m sure Rude is beaming like a proud papa over the way Goran is playing.

  • Russell’s Suns

    I guess there is no moderation for trolls on this site, I would have banned him and his 25+ user ID’s by blocking his IP…

  • john

    @ShanMan and those calling for bans/moderation

    Most threads avoid this type of trolling, and all the regulars around here give each other respect (even when we disagree) and seem to genuinely like each other.

    Moderation has proven unnecessary in all but the worst cases (like using old nazi names). Trolls go away if you don’t feed them, and we have a strict “don’t feed the trolls” policy around here.

    This site is as good as ever, and I’d hope you wouldn’t let one troll ruin that for you.

  • vtsunrise

    Atwood, nice. Reading books – how old school. Kind of like listening to LPs! Enjoy.

  • RudeCerveza

    Yeah Hawki, I was really struggling trying not to cry from happiness. Man, what an amazing game.

  • foreveris2long

    The Lakers, what a joke. Their late great owner, Dr. Buss is turning over in realization what his son has done to his once proud franchise. You have given away 1st round picks for Nash and Howard and have nothing to show for it. You have broken the bank for way past his prime Kobe. The Clippers took your house and made you a tenant while you live in the basement. Not even Jeannie Buss is on board with the Travesty Nation.
    No good player (ask Dwight) wants to play for that bum franchise with over the hill Kobe. Laker fan(s) are delusional. The Suns pimped you like never before taking multiple 1st and 2nd round picks for Nash. Get a life whoever you are. Remember today we own you and the corner you work on. We hold all the cards.

    Hawki, as usual funny stuff about the stamp. I am mad I did not buy more of those doggone stamps. VT my man good stuff. Yeah that bench came through again. Whatever is going around is contagious on that team. Everyone is raising their level of play. Len, who I think has really good form on his set shot, just no results yet, plays tough inside.

    Great game by all.

  • Rengaw

    The Suns are truely the NBA surprise of the year. With Plumlee wearing down and the Dragon banged up, they still dig deep and and win four on the road.

    If the vote for coach of the year was held today, Jeff would be the man. With Vogel and Stotts being his closest competition, the Suns have beat both teams twice this season.

    I’m not too concerned if the Suns lose Bledsoe as I have faith the Suns would be able to find a replacement. Bledsoe is still iffy healthwise as he has missed a lot of games so far in his career. And, with the Suns success this year and having a bright future, many a quality player may be enticed to play for us.

    As to the Lakers, these guys won’t be contending for years. Kobe is going to become an albatross around their necks until he retires.

  • Elviro (Italy)

    just amazing what this team is doing …!
    I am beginning to convince me that Hornaceck is a magician!

  • Solarion

    Guys, don’t feed the trolls, ignore them and they go away. The thing I love about this site is that everyone is respectful and knowledgeable, lets keep it that way.

  • BCrayZ

    Suns may have already found a replacement for Eric.

    More cap space will be available if we have to trade for or sign a healthy star.

    Last night’s win was the 6th in 7 games, since the return of the Brazilian Blur. Keep in mind that these 7 games have included 2 convincing wins vs. the NBA’s best defense which “held us to an average of “only” 113 points per game & 4 of the games were back to back on the road. What was that forecast the “fans” were making, saying that our schedule will be too hard? Gogi plays better knowing that Barbosa is back. Frye plays better also. Even on an off shooting night from deep, he led the team in boards & boxed out Roy & West. That dreaded battle of the boards went 56-56, dead even. West & Roy combined barely approximated Frye. What about blocks? No block party this game. Still, who led the team in blocks in last night’s game? None other than Channing Frye. Last night he had as many blocks as the whole rest of the team combined for the game. Even Barbosa himself is working his way back from ACL surgery & even with a separated shoulder is improving his game & had the best shooting % of any player in the game not named George Hill. What will take the Suns to the next level & possibly make Eric’s situation moot will be the combination of the trio of Gogi, LB & Frye playing at the same time. Make it so Jeff.

    MUST start & ALSO finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • vtsunrise

    Funny to see EBJM take the offensive on the trolls’, I mean Lakers’ board:

  • SarverHater22

    This 2014 Draft is one of those drafts where the team that drafts second will be more thrilled than the first . Embiid or Wiggins ? Tough .

    Suns 4ever

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    After West lit up Frye in the first half, Hornacek moved Frye to center where Hibbert killed him during a Pacers 18-3 run that made the game close in the final minutes.

    The Suns best line-up prevails though has Markieff comes through in crunch time with the big three!

    The Suns best line-up of Dragic, Green, Markieff, Marcus and a combination of Miles and Len lead the Suns to an impressive 4-0 road trip.

    Next summer the Suns will finally get Frye’s $6.8 million off the books and use it to keep the future of the Suns intact!

    Summer of ’16 former Suns Frye, Nash, Barbosa, Marion, Amare, Quentin Richardson, and Raja Bell travel to malls throughout the Valley reminiscing about the good ol’ days and autographing purple and orange nerf balls for the kids.

  • RudeCerveza

    Hey Mihajlo, I was wondering if you’re still alive. You don’t call, you don’t mail… I had limo waiting for you, hoping you’ll reach out. Had I known you’re still being a dick about Frye I would’ve probably reconsidered, but I never got a chance…

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    Markieff gets a +10 to Frye’s +6 proving once again Hornacek is taking a play from Popovich’s playbook using a starter as his sixth man.

    David West gets another impressive +17 in another losing cause feasting off the poor defense of Frye which in turn drops Frye’s +/- to a lowly +6.

    Meanwhile Marcus joins his brother in leading the Suns to victory with a +12.