NBA All-Star 2014: Goran Dragic not chosen as reserve

Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic was left off the list of seven Western Conference All-Star reserves voted in by league coaches, leaving him out of NBA All-Star weekend but with a slight chance he can be selected for the game as an injury reserve.

LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, James Harden, Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki filled in the bench.

There is still one and potentially two NBA All-Star spots to fill.

Fans voted Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love into the starting lineup, but Bryant is likely to miss the game while he continues recovering from a knee injury. Paul is recovering from a shoulder injury but is expected back before the All-Star break.

The NBA will select an injury reserve for Bryant and potentially Paul.

But Dragic, seemingly the odd man out — the TNT studio guys certainly saw it that way — will have to be chosen in an already guard-heavy class and against the statistical juggernaut Anthony Davis, who is likely considered a lock to replace Bryant.

DeMarcus Cousins is another impressive resume left off the West team, and Tim Duncan’s second absence in two years is also a mild surprise.

As for the Suns, the snub of Dragic acts as another motivating factor for a team that also didn’t see starting center Miles Plumlee make the Rising Stars Challenge as an NBA sophomore despite his near double-double averages and 1.53 blocks per game.

  • DZ

    I hope these snubs just serve as fuel for all of the Suns’ players.

  • Dave:f32

    Repost becuz im watching the game:

    Snubby snub.. Dragic is having an All-Star year, indeed. Will the League and media recognize it though? Most likely a passing mention, but the Phoenix Suns are a historically-despised franchise. Its sad but true that in order to be considered an “All-Star” not just having an all-star season, the media has to deem you their darling. Its ironic that so much of the time the media hype turns a player into a bust, but rarely does a relatively low-profile player like a Dragic turn into a media darling in one season! Had Dragic rode into the league on a high horse most likely his designation into the all star game would be a moot point.

  • john

    Lillard and Harden over Dragic is garbage. Absolute BS.

  • Sonic

    Tony Parker have a averege season, but they had to give Spurs 1 allstar for their record. It’s hard to choose West allstars so I don’t blame coaches too much. Let’s hope Dragic will get in for Kobe.
    Speaking of allstar snubbs I have no idea why Joe Johnson made it over Kyle Lowry.

  • Dave:f32

    All-Star Game is a popularity contest of top players. Some will get in that shouldnt and some wont get in that should.

    Dragic is having an all-star year so he should have been invited, over a couple players but the flipside is he gets 5 days of rest to finish the 2nd half of the season strong for the Suns, in the pursuit of playoff fortunes paying off!

  • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

    Dragic should have been chosen over Lillard or Harden.

    More surprising is Miles losing out to Jonas Valanciunas in the Rising Stars challenge or even Andre Drummond.

    His brother Mason was chosen as a rookie.

  • BCrayZ

    Dave -

    Good of you to focus on his needed rest.

    What I say is “sometimes rest is best; so if you want to be blessed, don’t put your body to the test.” Give LB more time along side Gogi. This will not only bring out the best in both of them, it will also make life easier on them, as they are both playing hurt. Make it so Jeff.

    MUST start & ALSO finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • Dave:f32

    Thanks B!

  • sunsn7

    The league is on notice:

    It’s the YEAR OF THE DRAGON.

    Great job Goran, keep that fire stoking!

  • SJose

    Big let down, especially since we were projected to win anywhere from 11-24 games coming into the year. Alas, disappointment is part of life, and it’s how you deal with it that counts. You’re an all-star in our book Dragon.

  • Lance

    Biggest dishonesty about Gogi droped out of AS list.

    Shatter this decision in pieces, play so good and hard.

    Stats says everything.