Dragic is no fan of sleeved jerseys, Len & Morris fined

Caron_BledsoePHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns will debut their orange, sleeved jerseys Friday night against the Dallas Mavericks. Neither the Suns’ own sleeved jerseys nor the All-Star versions released Thursday have garnered much support, to put it lightly, and Suns guard Goran Dragic is with that camp.

“I am not a huge fan of those jerseys,” Dragic said. “I have never imagined a basketball game that I would wear sleeved jerseys, but if we can win tomorrow then I will be a fan.”

When told of the recently revealed All-Star uniforms looking like soccer jerseys, he was very puzzled until asked if would he wear them if he made the game.

“I don’t care what kind of jersey in All-Star game. If I made it I would be happy,” a laughing Dragic said. “It’s just a weird feeling having those sleeves.”

For the record, Alex Len has said he’s OK with the sleeves since he’d played in similar gear at Maryland. So was Caron Butler, whose biggest contribution as a Sun was donning the sleeved jerseys in the Suns’ fashion show this offseason.

Fines come down after Nick Young altercation

The NBA announced that Lakers guard Nick Young would be suspended a game for throwing an elbow at Dragic, and the good news for the Suns is that rookie Alex Len, who was ejected after a Flagrant 2 foul on Young’s dunk attempt Wednesday, would only be fined.

The league is charging Len $15,000 for the foul, which is less than Marcus Morris’ $25,000 fine for “escalating the altercation” once Young picked himself off the deck and attempted to shove Len.

After the game, Suns guard Gerald Green thought it’d be unfair for the NBA to fine the rookie.

“I hate for that to happen to the rookie, Len,” Green said. “I don’t think that was intentional. I hope the NBA don’t do anything, but if it does, I’ll take care of it.”

No word yet on whether Green will cover Morris’ payment.

Barbosa Update

Leandro Barbosa did not practice today and Suns coach Jeff Hornacek is hopeful he can go tomorrow night. He had yet to talk with trainer Aaron Nelson and did not have an update for how the shoulder is progressing. The team had a light practice today with the starters just walking through some stuff and the bench guys getting in conditioning with up-tempo drills.


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    Plus picks…Completely improve the roster and gives 76′rs more picks to rebuild…Win Win…

  • Scott

    I understand Barbosa has a slight shoulder separation.

    Here’s a link to what a shoulder separation is:


  • EBJM

    I was just curious where someone saw the Michael Carter Williams wanted to be traded rumor. Last I heard the 76ers are rebuilding around Williams. That is why they traded their All-Star PG Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans for rookie center Noel Nerlens and the Pelicans 1st rd pick in this draft coming up.

    So far that pick is at #11 and the 76ers own pick is at
    #4 or potentially a #1.

    I can’t get used to the soccer style jerseys. It just doesn’t feel like NBA ball.

  • Solarion

    The NBA came up with the sleeved jerseys in an attempt to boost jersey sales because they trail the NFL quite a bit in jersey sales.

    The typical sports fan is heavier then usual, and the NBA did some research and found out that the heavier fans didn’t feel comfortable in a tank-top top of jersey, but if they added sleeves to the jersey those fans would be more likely to purchase and wear the jersey. And fans in cold weather states purchased even fewer NBA jerseys. So, this was their attempt to cash in on those fans. But I don’t see it working, especially since they’re almost made of a spandex material.

    So, I understand their intent with the new style of jerseys, I just think that they were poorly executed.

  • Foreveris2long

    EBJM, I had not heard the Michael Carter Williams rumor that he wanted out. Strange for a rookie to make that demand but your sources seem pretty reliable so there is probably some credence to it.

    Solarion good insight as to what may have motivated the NBA for the costume change. The effort makes sense.

  • EBJM

    Forever, I have NOT heard of the rumor. Someone posted it on a previous thread and has been posting trade scenarios with Philly revolving around swapping Bledsoe for Williams.

    I was just curious because he had been out with a knee injury and the only thing I read was that he only wanted to prove that he was worthy of the #1 overall pick.

    Of course Cleveland didn’t need another PG but I think Williams still would have been better than Anthony Bennett. With the Cavaliers trading for Deng it would seem they might have realized they wasted a #1 overall pick.

    Then you factor in Dion Waiters ego might send him packing to a new team, Carter-Williams and Irving might have worked out since Williams is 6′-6″.

    Kendall Marshall is probably the most unique player that I have ever seen in the NBA. While I completely agree with you that he cannot shoot and is too slow to defend anybody, the fact that he can pass the ball as well as any HOF PG is simply, well, unique.

    I can’t think of one other player that is similar to him in respect to his skills and attributes or lack of them.

    I liked Ish Smith as a 3rd PG specifically as a “pinch hitter” to go against the 6′-0″ PGs. I was hoping he might break out similar to Isaiah Thomas of the Kings did.

    I don’t care about the Alex Len naysayers, I like the fact that he took that smug Nick Young down by his face. Once again in limited minutes, a little over four, he grabbed three boards, blocked a shot and had that great take-down. He has a nose for the ball and will eventually be a double-double rebounder and shot-blocker IF his ankles hold up.

    Speaking of Len’s ankles, I find it a bit conspicuous that there still hasn’t been any word on Okafor’s health as Len gives his ankles another try. I’m sure we will hear something about Okafor in the next 33 days.

    I’d kind of like to see him suit up as a Sun for the rest of the season.

  • Bandwagon Fan

    EBJM, you may have already seen but…

    Paul Coro Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:20 PM:

    Okafor non-update

    The Suns spent two days here, where center Emeka Okafor has been living with his family while doing rehabilitation for a herniated disk with a cervical spine specialist since last summer. He is indefinitely out. He did not meet with the team.

    Okafor, 31, is in his final contract year on a $14.5 million salary. Insurance would cover about $5.8 million for the Suns if Okafor does not play this season for health reasons.


  • Foreveris2long

    Thanks for the clarification EBJM on Williams. I definitely agree Bennett is a major bust so if Cleveland finds a taker they will jump at it. I think I mentioned pre-draft that one of my buddies who is a Division I assistant coach for a good team thought Bennet and Shabazz were both extremely overrated. He was not lying.

    The more I see of Len the more I like. As you know you kind of need a nasty disposition if you are a center. Now I am not a proponent of hitting a player in the head while he is in the air (hopefully he will learn), I am glad he appeared ready to stand up for himself when Sloppy P wanted to fight.

    As for Okafur, I think sometimes agents play a big role if and when their clients are ready to showcase their recovery. I hope I am wrong but I do not expect to see him before the end of March where he will have minimal chance of re-injuring his back.

  • sunsn7

    Hey Solarion???

    THEY were wrong.

  • sunsn7

    Keep the posts coming regulars! Way to hold it down!

    You all know who you are ;)

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