Eric Bledsoe injury: Suns guard could return this season

Eric Bledsoe underwent surgery to repair meniscus cartilage and will “pursue a possible return to action” this season, the Phoenix Suns announced on Friday. As Paul Coro reported more specifically, the surgery repaired a torn meniscus in Bledsoe’s right knee, the second such injury to that knee.

While every injury may be different and the exact severity of a tear is vague — if it was a complete tear, it seems Bledsoe would face a longer recovery — the timeline for the past recovery from a meniscus injury shows that Bledsoe could indeed return. Bledsoe’s first surgery performed in October of 2011, initially was said to have kept him out six to eight weeks, and indeed he returned during the lockout-shortened season almost exactly eight weeks later. Bledsoe played his first game back with the Los Angeles Clippers on Feb. 11, 2012, and received spotty minutes for quite some time playing as a second-year backup behind Chris Paul.

The Suns will likely be without Bledsoe until at least March 10, let’s say. That’s two months Phoenix will need to stay afloat, and if they’re still in the playoff hunt at that point a Bledsoe return could perhaps be discussed. If not, let’s just say there’s a reason the team didn’t put a timetable on a recovery. Or maybe they’re just not wanting to play the timetable game at all.

Considering the Suns’ training staff, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Bledsoe has seen his last game of the year. But a lot probably depends on how well his teammates do without him in the coming weeks.

As a restricted free agent this upcoming summer, it would seem smart for Bledsoe to take it easy if there’s not a postseason to play for. Then again, he would help his free agent stock if he feels healthy enough to return and prove the injury won’t hamper him moving forward.

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