Notes: Markieff's POW honor, Dragic to play Wednesday

Yesterday it was announced that Morris took home his first Western Conference Player of the Week award as Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George took home the Eastern Conference honor. Morris is the first Suns player to take home POW honors since Amare Stoudemire in 2008.

Morris was surprised to take home the award even though he averaged 22.7 ppg in the team’s four games last week along with two double doubles.

“Our record means more than that,” Morris said on the meaning of being named POW. “I actually thought they would give it to Kevin Love.”

The hot start that Morris had may not have happened if not for the elbow he threw on Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka in a preseason game that forced him to miss the first game against Portland due to a suspension. Channing Frye started that game for Morris, who has been coming off the bench ever since.

“It happens,” Morris said on losing his starting spot. “I missed that game due to the elbow and I am enjoying it now, except for the money that they took.”

Goran Dragic is expected to play tomorrow

On Monday afternoon Dragic’s wife gave birth to their first child, a healthy baby boy named Mateo. Dragic has missed the last two practices, but Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said that he expects him to play tomorrow in Portland. He will not fly with the team and will fly either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when his wife and baby are allowed to leave the hospital.

Slava Kravtsov to get more playing time?

Back-up center Slava Kravtsov has seen limited action this year, but did get some praise from Hornacek after practice and is working hard to earn more minutes.

“He gets it done, he had a couple nice blocks in practice today and a couple nice moves,” Hornacek said on Kravtsov’s improvement.  “When we see practices like that it gives us the confidence that he can get it done.”

Another factor that is giving limited minutes to the big man from Ukraine is the emergence of Morris off the bench. Morris has been playing a number of minutes at center as the Suns have had little issue in going with a small-ball look.

“We have gotten into a rhythm with Morris at that spot with how he has been playing,” Hornacek said. “We just put him there and he takes advantage on offense where he can drive around people and we have forced teams to go small.”

Hornacek did mention that Kravtsov could be used more when they play bigger teams, but of course he’ll need to make an impact in a few games in the near future with center Alex Len assumed to take back his backup center role when his ankle soreness subsides.

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  • tthecat

    They might be able to use Slava against the Nets – that’s a team with a lot of size and toughness inside.


    Hoping that Len’s injury is not more serious than expected. I have seen several big men that never totally come back from similar injurys.

  • Mel.

    Nuts, man. Just nuts.


    Speaking of Black Jesus, both Him and Nash have seen better days..I think they had another couple great seasons together had Sarver not sent Amare away when he did, but it’s hard to argue the prescience of Sarver’s decision in hindsight.

    And the Suns are in the top 10 in several defensive categories. Lindsey Hunter and Blanks and B-Ezy and Gortat are all gone. I feel I’ve awoken from a 4-year-long bad dream. Is this reality?

  • JK

    Hopefully Markieff keeps this play up all season long. It sure would be great to see one of our draft picks prosper into something great considering how bad the Kendall Marshall experiment went. I’m thinking that the Suns keep Markieff in his role as the 6th man because he provides such a huge mismatch against team’s 2nd units.

  • EBJM

    Is it possible that Bledsoe, Plumlee and Markieff finish 1,2,3 in most improved player?

    Hey Forever I got your point about Lamb just don’t see any difference between the Rockets giving him up for Harden in a sign and trade or simply signing Howard out-right or if they manage to trade Asik and Lin for a 3rd star. They still “bought” their title team.

    The Heat’s signing of James, Wade and Bosh is so rare it is a statistical outlier. I challenge anyone to name another team that signed three Stars of equal magnitude outright as free agents all in the same summer.

    Almost every team trades for another star or two to add to their own star because as the Thunder and Suns proved and the Warriors will support in another summer or two that by the time all of your “home-grown” talent develops to the star stage you cannot afford to pay all of them.

    While the Pacers are clear favorites out East they signed David West and were trying hard to acquire Eric Bledsoe to add to Paul George and Roy Hibbert.

    The Pacers and Thunder both are the beneficiaries of poor drafting by many teams ahead of them on the board. How far did Hibbert drop? How many of us hated the Lopez selection with Hibbert still on board?
    Paul George was taken #10.

    Blazers gift-wrapped Kevin Durant for the Thunder. Westbrook taken #4. Ibaka was selected with the Suns 1st rd pick.

    I just find it humorous that some want to compare the Nets TRADING all their established young talent for three over-the hill players as just like the Heat signing three free agents.

    The Heat situation is so unique I doubt we ever see the same thing again. Even the Lakers gave up Andrew Bynum to acquire Howard, Vlade Divac to acquire Kobe, Marc Gasol and some change to acquire brother Pau, TWO 1st rd picks to acquire a rapidly aging before our eyes Nash.

    Interesting that the Lakers gave up some great centers to improve. They gave up the guy I mentioned before, center Elmore Smith to acquire Abdul-Jabbar.

    The consensus on this board is too develop Bledsoe into a star, draft another star and then go sign an established star to build a championship.

    Look at Bennett being benched after shooting 1-21 and Michael Carter-Williams being selected #11. Williams just matched Oscar Robertson’s rookie numbers for the first seven games; 130 points and 50 assists.

    Philly is “homegrown” with Williams, Young and Turner and but gave away All-Star Jrue Holiday to add rookie center Nerlens Noel. Historically all teams have to buy at least one star but usually trade for them, not sign them as free agents and almost never in a “three-pack”.


    Do you live in PHX.?..I’ve inherited season tickets and have just moved back..I love the posts on this site and don’t really know people in phx. so who wants to go to some games? doesn’t cost us anything…great seats

  • DB73

    Does anyone know the last time a bench player rec’d the POW award?

  • foreveris2long

    Randle at Kentucky is a BEAST, I mean a BEAST!!! Oh yeah I absolutely agree the Suns will have to supplement this roster EBJM separate and apart from the draft within the next year or two.

  • EBJM

    Shazam thanks for the offer. When I’m in Phoenix I’d be thrilled to go but I’m sort of a vagabond right now and I’m currently experiencing a cold spell in Houston. Houstonians were not very happy with their beloved Texans losing again to the Cardinals but great win for the Cards!

    But Hawki and Smovas live there year round and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t have to twist their arms to go see games with you. BTW Hawki is a cheap date, buy him a few beers and………

  • dave:f32

    Randle is The Accelerator. Suns get him and a supporting F A vet and they easily have a Dynasty ala S A Spurs.

  • KDW

    Any chance we could get Monroe, this year, in exchange for some of our shiny shiny draft picks?

    I’d give up two picks for Monroe, no question.

    Monroe + CV for Okafor + 2 picks, works in the Trade Machine.

    Any chance DET would go for that? It lets them really really start over, this season, loaded for the draft and with a huge expiring contract.

    And it would give us a kick-a** starting PF.

  • hawki

    Don’t lie EBJM….you know I require at least six imported beers, a shot of Drambuie & a bowl of ‘dro…..then it’s GAME ON!

    All 3 frosh (Randle, Parker & Wiggins) looked great…plus, this draft is so deep that a great player can definitely be had in the 10-15 range of the draft.

  • dave:f32

    @KDW… Could you be related to EBJM? Lol Will the real Slim Shady… Monroe, Monroe, Monroe. You are either on his management team, or on his… Suns (plural;). Lol

  • dave:f32

    Besides, Monroe doesnt have more ceiling than Randle, and is inferior talent compared to the UK star. Suns have picks AND nba vets to deal. What do you think McD does? Shows you how its done to win a championship…nuts!:)

  • BCrayZ

    Win this one for Mateo, Gogi!!!!

  • EBJM

    Hey, if Markieff continues his play I’ll be Monroe who? No way I give up two picks in a deep draft for Monroe with Markieff suddenly knocking on the door of an All-Star appearance.

  • EBJM

    Monroe has proven himself in the NBA. What has Randle done in the NBA? NBA professionals picked Anthony Bennett #1 overall and how low has his ceiling dropped after shooting 1-21 so far?

    Maybe you need to get off of the real Slim Shady? Or is that get the real Slim Shady off? Lol

    At the rate the Suns are playing Randle will be long gone so you better hope Markieff continues his Anthony Davis impersonation.

    BTW stop picking on me! I’m old and it was Veterans day Monday. Show a little respect.

  • Ty-Sun

    Enthusiasm can be contagious. There wasn’t a lot to be enthusiastic about Kieff’s first 2 years in the Valley… not to mention Gentry trying to turn him into Frye 2.0.

    Horny and his staff are doing a great job with this team and if the Suns finish the season with at least a respectable record, could Horny be a candidate for COY?


    Not sure what Frye was doing out there at the end of the game let alone shooting a three with six seconds on the clock. You would think a play would be set up for either Bledsoe or Dragic to drive and shoot or pass with little time on the clock. Hornacek”s coaching has been OK BUT HE HAS MADE SEVERAL SUBSTITION MOVES AT THE END OF GAMES THAT HAVE KILLED US.