Phoenix Suns 104, New Orleans Pelicans 98 -- A third of threes

A 37-point third quarter led by starting shooting guard Gerald Green pushed the Phoenix Suns past the New Orleans Pelicans Tuesday, and more solid defense led Jeff Hornacek’s team back into the game after a slow start without point guard Goran Dragic, who sat out with an ankle sprain.

Who else but Eric Bledsoe would end up leading the Suns? The young point guard continued with his erratic decision-making but once against made up for his miscues with his dynamic attacking of the rim. Unlike past games, when teams would sag off Bledsoe on pick-and-roll action, he refused to launch second-guessed jumpers and instead attacked the paint. He scored 23 points on 12 field goal attempts.

On to Dave Dulberg’s pregame questions.

Who wins the starting point guard battle?

Jrue Holiday might be the closest example to what signing a still unproven point guard to a big contract could mean. And even though he has an All-Star game under his belt, Tuesday showed that the NBA is an unforgiving game. Holiday exited the game early in the first quarter after picking up two quick fouls, and struggled offensively.

Holiday did record nine assists but had six turnovers and shot 1-for-7 from the field.

Bledsoe struggled early on and ended with five turnovers, but he calmed down to score eight fourth-quarter points and finished with five dimes and three steals while playing his most efficient game as a Sun.

The Suns’ late free-agent offer sheet signee, Eric Gordon, scored 20 points on 7-of-17 shooting and the Pelican’s big summer pickup, Tyreke Evans, added nine points and three turnovers while sitting behind Brian Roberts and Anthony Morrow as New Orleans went with a four-guard lineup in crunch-time minutes. Not really worth $44 million over four years, eh?

Do the Suns hold Anthony Davis under 10 rebounds?

Nope. Davis showed how a rookie season shouldn’t tell the whole tale. The second-year forward was the first overall pick in 2012 because of his defensive prowess, and that showed with his 17 points, 11 rebounds and five blocks. He got going against the Suns bench, as the Morris twins did something they do little — attempt to impact the game from inside out — but against a player they had no business shooting passive fadeaways and layups against.

The Morris twins, however, got going in the second half and especially while playing with backup point guard Ish Smith. Smith seemingly ran a more fluid offense than Bledsoe, poking and prodding the defense until it broke. He caught the defensive players’ eyes looking as the Morris twins slipped to the bucket off of Smith’s in control penetration.

Markieff Morris finished with 17 points, five rebounds and four assists, and Marcus Morris tallied 16 points and nine rebounds. Both did their best to score in the paint and combined to shoot 3-for-5 from three-point range.

Additionally, Miles Plumlee also had a decent-enough game following a rough outing against the Thunder. He scored 10 points and grabbed five rebounds.

Where does the offensive come from for Phoenix?

Gerald Green got hot after hitting the Suns’ first basket in the second half. He went 4-for-5 from three-point range in the third quarter and started getting into unconscious mode to finish with 18 points and six threes made.

Phoenix exploded in the third, hitting 68.2 percent from the floor and a scorching 7-for-10 shots from three-point range, that after hitting 40 percent overall and 41.7 percent from deep in the first two quarters.

That burst had a lot to do with Smith. Now it’s clear why the Suns were OK shipping off Kendall Marshall. His replacement backup finished with eight assists with had four straight within a two-minute period in the third, the final being a behind-the-back pass to P.J. Tucker for a corner three off a low dribble drive.

  • Richie Benincasa

    Are we a prooving side or just coming up against mediocre teams??

  • hawki

    Amazing….the Little Team That Could.

  • Sunsn7

    Forget the tank, this team is fun to watch!

  • Russell’s Suns

    The Morris Twins showed up. Somebody told Bledsoe to stop shooting all those jump shots, he is much better driving to the hoop, but Bledsoe had still way too many turnovers.

    Overall if this team is semi- competitive through the first 30 games they will have to trade some of those 1st rounders for a star Power Forward

  • Luka

    The Suns should look to move the Morris twins, two first rounders, and Dragic if necessary, to the Pistons for: Monroe, and Stuckey.

    The Suns then have two stars to build around with Bledsoe, and Monroe. They can still use their two remaining draft picks on drafting a few wings.


    Horn Attack has these SUNS eager to spill the blood of supposedly superior foes.

    The spurs are lucky Goran is taking it easy tomorrow.

    If the taller Morris can blow more pepper up his own skirt like tonight, he might just get his current coach to forget the name Blanks.

  • foreveris2long

    For a team perceived to be tanking they have the swagger of a team who knows nothing of its limitations. Even the Morris twins showed tonight. Smith, what a spark off the bench. Green plays so well with Bledsoe. Defensively their athleticism takes a backseat to no one. Even Smith got a block, I think, tonight. Regarding Bledsoe, I think Eddie Johnson says it best when he discusses his demeanor in that he is so even tempered. He plays like he has done this before. He goes about his job with reckless abandon but yet is very professional as he assassins defenders. No one can stop him from penetrating and he defends very well.

    Considering it is looking less and less likely we will be a top 3 seed in the lottery meaning Randle being a Sun is improbable, I too would explore what it would take to get Monroe. However I question if they want Dragic after drafting a point guard and trading for B. Jennings this past summer. If they had a power forward like Monroe to play with Bledsoe, it could make this team something special sooner than later.

    Watching these guys play is a riot. They think they are really good and I suspect some of their opponents have new found respect for the Young Suns. The Suns defeat two playoff hopeful teams, Pelicans and Trailblazers in the first week of the season.

  • john

    I’m enjoying this before the wheels fall off. This is a fun team to watch. I love what Horny is doing with them.

  • Scott

    The Suns are doing well, and they do have 3 pt shooters.

    Looking at the rest of the NBA, I thought this was interesting: the #1 pick, Anthony Bennett, has played in four games this season but has failed to make a single shot. This from a player who is all offense and no defense!

    Some people wondered at the time if Bennett was prepared to be a #1 pick, or if that might “break” him. While I never had high hopes for him and would have only drafted him if he dropped into the 2nd round, I do hope he’s able to snap his streak of misses and get his head into the game.

  • Scott

    @john -

    The Suns’ wins have been against non-playoff teams early in the season. They’re credible wins.

    But it could be that the Suns may win more games than expected if McD doesn’t continue to deal.

    I suspect the Morri are probably on the block, and maybe Green, and of course Okafor. Kravtsov and Smith would be available as filler, if needed.

    The ability of the Suns to win games is fairly fragile, IMO. So if the Morri and/or Green get traded … if they get traded for young talent that isn’t ready to play, the Suns will probably tip over into the losing column.

  • Evan

    We didn’t sign Bledsoe because he wanted 10 mil a year…with how he’s playing now we will be lucky if we can keep him for 15 mil a year…Joe Johnson all over again..freekin Starver.

  • Scott

    @Evan -

    That’s not entirely true. It’s believed he asked for AT LEAST $10m. It could have been more. Some have speculated it was $14m.

    Anyway, there’s a theory out there that the Suns didn’t sign him because this keeps their cap hold on him low, which in turn means that instead of signing just one star (Bledsoe) to a contract this year, this summer they will have the flexibility to sign two stars.

    They just need to sign the other star first, then the numbers will work.

    So, who do you think the Suns should sign first? Greg Monroe? Gordon Hayward?

    And then they can sign Bledsoe.

  • Bam

    @scott, will be funny if Jazz and Suns both try and obtain each other’s restricted free agent, and then both match each other’s offer…

  • FredoinAZ

    This team looks like it has lots of potential, I feel like Dragic and Bledsoe are both auditioning to see who will be the face of the franchise.Bledsoe not getting a deal has nothing do to with Sarver being cheap (Childress 6Mill per year is not cheap!!!!!!! LOL).

    If both emerge, great, lets look for a top caliber PF and develop one of these C’s and then we can talk championship in a few years…. All I have to say is I hope Dragic comes out playing out of his mind once that ankle heals up.

    Again if Bledsoe doesn’t pan out and Dragic plays like he did after the All-Star break, better believe Bledsoe gets similair deal to Dragic or less

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Bledsoe yet with another excellent game, I can’t believe the Suns didn’t sign him. He is clearly the best player on the team.
    Green and Smith both are nice surprises. Watching them play is a pleasure. And Smith is 10x better than K. Marshall.
    Plumlee seems to fall down to his usual shape, which means nothing special can be expected. Alex Len of course is a bust (in comparison: look at Davis and what he is doing). With Okafor healthy the Suns could do some real damage. I wonder what their game would look like if they hadn’t given away Gortat.
    Think of such a starting lineup: Dragic – Bledsoe – Green – Tucker/Plumlee – Okafor/Gortat. That sounds pretty decent. In other words: the Suns are one good PF/C away from being a playoff team.

  • Steve

    That works for us. A nice young core and great building blocks, and we can use Charlie V’s awful expiring contract as trade as well.

  • EBJM

    I forget the exact quote or where I read it but Babby says the Suns will happily pay Bledsoe if he produces because they plan on having him around a long,long time. So it seems they just wanted to make sure before committing a max contract and I agree with Scott that by waiting it allows them to offer someone like Monroe a hug contract and then re-sign Bledsoe.

    I definitely don’t trade Green, he is doing great at SG, he rained three-pointers last night, something the Suns desperately need.

    Disappointed Slava didn’t do more to earn more minutes but at least he got some burn.

    Nice to see so many jumping on my acquire Greg Monroe wagon only after 4 games.

  • EBJM

    Something we aren’t used to but the Suns rank 2nd only to the Pacers in fewest points allowed. Horny brought that Jerry Sloan toughness with him from Utah. I for one am happy Horny decided to coach. He really wasn’t all that interested after retiring. Sloan convinced him to be a shooting coach for him and then former Sun Tyrone Corbin convinced him to take a more prominent role on his staff.

    Convincing Horny to move back to Phoenix has to be McDonough’s best move to date.

    “Hopefully, I can take Jerry’s toughness, Cotton’s enthusiasm and confidence-building and blend them together,” Hornacek said, “and become a great coach like some of the great coaches that have been here in the past.”

    I’d say after four games he has suceeded.

  • dave:f32

    Cotton was special. Miss him doin color to Al McCoy`s play-by-play… They were a great team.

  • foreveris2long

    EBJM, Absolutely I am a late subscriber to your Monroe acquisition. I was initially opposed to it because I thought we would be in the sweepstakes for Randle, which is looking more and more improbable. Anyway it is an excellent idea.Keep working the backroads to get us to the top.

  • john

    @Scott – I’m with you that they’re credible wins. The Suns have done what’s necessary to pull out wins against bad teams/teams that aren’t playing up to their potential. It’s good stuff, and that’s why I gave credit to Horny for preparing them correctly to get wins on an NBA court. I’m just expecting the wheels to fall off because I don’t believe the talent the Suns have can last 82 games. Outside of Dragic, Bledsoe, and Frye, I don’t think there’s anyone on the Suns who is highly desirable to more than half the league. It’s a band of misfits and outcasts, and I love that.

    @Evan – Like Scott said, we don’t know what Bledsoe wanted, just that it was more than $10M. And, to be honest, unless it’s Chris Paul or Derrick Rose, I don’t think I’d want to pay a PG more than $10M per when there are SO many great PG’s in the league making right around that kind of money. I would be SHOCKED if Bledsoe gets a max deal from anyone. PGs are plentiful, and it’s not a position that has been proven to lead to team success at the highest level when it’s your best position on the court (Rose, Nash, Paul, for instance). Point being, the Suns aren’t going to have to hand Bledsoe much more than $10M this offseason even if he has a breakout season and makes an all-star team and an all-NBA team. PGs just aren’t worth that kind of money in today’s NBA.

  • EBJM

    Wheels coming off the Lakers already after two road blow-outs? Too bad we don’t have their ’14 pick instead of ’15.

  • john

    @EBJM – I totally agree about Horny being McDonough’s best decision. And to think a bunch of Suns fans were all up in arms about the whole Majerle situation last year. I never thought Majerle was the guy, and giving him the interim position would have all but guaranteed him to be the head coach right now. I think Sarver/Babby deserve a little bit of credit for realizing Majerle wasn’t the guy, as that was a disastrous move from a PR standpoint, but probably the right move from a basketball standpoint.

  • EBJM

    Sorry John but I respectfully disagree. History has shown that teams desperate for “star” power grossly over-pay. You only have to look at Eric Gordon and Phoenix.

    Some teams will come big for Bledsoe not so much as being a PG but a star PG. Star PGs are not as plentiful as you claim. The Lakers are already trying to dump Nash and only have Farmer as a decent replacement.

    Like I mentioned earlier the Magic were extremely interested in Bledsoe this summer and are dumping Jameer Nelson to make room for him. The Magic IMO are going to be the team that forces the Suns to pay Bledsoe the max.

    Dallas just signed Jose Calderon and while he is a solid player his time is close to being over.

    Bucks are going with Brandon Knight.

    Greivis Vasquez is a great play-maker but I doubt he could start on a contender as he couldn’t even beat out Mike Conley and N.O. traded for Jrue Holiday.

    The Pacers also came big for Bledsoe and inserting Bledsoe into George Hill’s slot and bring Hill off the bench might have been enough to get them by the Heat.

    The Raptors are stuck with Kyle Lowery.

    The Rockets with Jeremy Lin and Aaron Brooks. Dragic would have been so much better and now many are predicting Dragic will be traded in favor of Bledsoe.

  • john

    What PGs in the past 10 years have made significantly more than $10M per? The only ones I can think of are Rose, Paul, and Westbrook, and there’s no way in the world anyone is crazy enough to believe Bledsoe is on their level.

    Rondo makes $12M
    Nash made $10M during his time with the Suns
    Brandon Jennings got $8.5M
    Curry is making $10M
    Tony Parker is making $12.5M
    Mike Conley is making $8M
    Ty Lawson $10.5M
    Kyle Lowry got $6.2M
    Jrue Holiday $9.2M

    The PGs make max or near-max in the entire league. If someone is crazy enough to give Bledsoe the max, I say let ‘em. PGs aren’t worth that. If you told me I could have Mike Conley for $8.2M or Chris Paul for $19M, call me crazy, but I’d take Conley and spend the other $11M on another position.

  • john

    That last paragraph should read *Three PGs make max…*

    Btw, none of those guys you listed got anywhere near max deals.

  • east coast

    People calling Len a bust or looking to trade assets for Monroe clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. The plan hasn’t changed just because the team is hot out of the gate. And the idea that Bennett is a bust in Cleveland is also nonsense. The season is one week old – gain some perspective. This team will not be playing in the playoffs this year, and probably not next year, either, unless Riggins is in the desert and he’s all he’s made out to be, two things that afte not terribly likely together.

  • east coast

    Edit: Wiggins, not to be confused with Tim.

  • Foreveris2long

    John my Money says absolutely a team will offer Bledsoe more than $12m/yr next summer. NBA General managers are pretty irresponsible so I would not count on them being logical if they think they can get Bledsoe. The Lakers would love to have him and they know they will never get him for $10m/yr. He is way better than George Hill and could conceivably help make Indiana a champion. At age 23 he has so much room to get better.

    In my opinion either CP3 or Westbrook will get his team to the NBA finals this season which will add more value to the point guard position. An example of the position not declining in value, is the Lakers two years ago gave up two 1st round picks for 38 year old Nash. While the Heat are on a nice run without a great point guard, too many teams have won championships with great point guards,i.e., Tony Parker, Isiah thomas, Magic. While the Mavs could not win anything with Nash they beat the Heat with an aging J. Kidd.

    We will likely agree to disagree but a 24 year (next summer) old point guard who can get into the lane virtually anytime he wants, is strong enough to withstand the contact in the lane, is a good free throw shooter and can defend will get an offer sheet over $12m/yr. As I think EBJM just said, we offered Gordon, an undersized two guard almost $15m/yr while he was still injured.

  • EBJM

    John I’m not arguing about specific amounts only that the Suns will be forced to pay Bledsoe whatever the max for him is under the CBA because teams are currently and will be this summer looking to upgrade their PGs.

    I’ve never liked paying players the max under the previous contract because I agree it takes to high of a percentage of the cap.

    Bottom line is I believe Bledsoe will continue to look great and a team is going to force the Suns to pay the max.

    I think Conley sucks and is part of the problem in Memphis. Of course none of the guys I mentioned make near the max, I was pointing out the weak PGs that teams want to upgrade from.

    If a team has a James, or Kobe or Jordan then sure you can get by with a weak PG. But when you are a team without a star how do trade the only one you have.

    Yeah, I think Bledsoe will be a top five PG soon.

  • Foreveris2long

    East Coast I cannot speak for others but I think the Suns could have interest in Monroe as a power forward, not to be a center. At least that is the only way I would want the Suns to entertain his acquisition.

  • john

    Two of the top five PGs don’t make the max. And seven of the top ten don’t make the max. That’s my point. PGs rarely get max deals. If someone offers Bledsoe the max, I will be amazed.

    And a lot of championship teams will have great PGs. Championship teams often have great players. But the position where it is easiest to make up for deficiencies is undoubtedly PG, in my opinion, and the position where it hardest for one person to truly dominate the floor is PG. The equates to PGs rarely being the transcendent player on championship-caliber teams.

    And btw, if Westbrook goes to the Finals this year, NO ONE will remember it being a result of Westbrook’s play. And OKC paying Westbrook (a 1) the max looks to me like the wrong move when they could have paid Harden (a 2) the max and turned Westbrook into assets and/or simply paid another great PG less money. I’d much rather have Harden than Westbrook. Harden’s relative value at his position is through the roof. Westbrook is replaceable.

    I’m just saying the same things over and over again, I know, but I can’t believe that you guys think someone is stupid enough to give Bledsoe the max when there are three PGs in the NBA who make even close to the max. ESPECIALLY after only seeing four games of him. I’d call that a rush to judgment. Either that or you’ve been to the future.

  • EBJM

    East coast we are all entitled to our opinions but your opinion is in the minority which infers that you do not know what you are talking about.

    Nobody has claimed the plan has changed but the results have. A lot of people thought the Suns would be the worst team in the league. Sure it is only 4 games but anybody that knows basketball can see the potential to sustain the success, even if it is only moderate.

    The Suns can’t make the roster any worse to induce intentional tanking. As far as trading assets, Dragic is pretty much the last one besides the picks and the results of playing the 6′-8″ Green or 6′-5″ Christmas alongside Bledsoe has made even Dragic look expendable.

    Suns need an inside stud like Monroe and Detroit needs a guard. It is a no-brainer for both teams.

    As far as Bennett being a bust, he had deficiencies coming in and history as being a classic “tweener” against him. Cleveland made the fatal error of drafting for need instead of best available talent. Anyone would expect better results from a #1 overall pick. 76ers traded their starting PG All-Star Jrue Holiday to obtain Nerlen Noels and found his replacement at #11 in Carter-Williams, currently on the path to ROY.

    Now THAT is good scouting and player management. Bennett can’t even beat out former Sun lottery pick Earl Clark who has gone from Phoenix, to Orlando, to China, and then to Cleveland in only five seasons. Sorry but bust at this point isn’t that much of a stretch.

    Most fans here who have issues with Alex Len are basing their fears on history also. Drafting an injured project center rarely works out but the optimistic fans have fully supported the pick despite using a #5 pick on him.

    Drafting Wiggins doesn’t guarantee a team anything unless it is a team like the Grizzlies whose weakness is at SF.

    LeBron James rookie season the Cavaliers won 35 games and finished fifth in the central division.

    Thanks for sharing though.

  • Foreveris2long

    John if a team can be stupid enough to offer Gordon the max while he is recovering from surgery why is it such a leap to believe another team would offer a healthy and improving Bledsoe more than $12m/yr? Would you have imagined in your wildest dreams a team would offer the Suns 2 1st round picks and I think a 2nd round pick for an aging Nash? With the new television deal the Lakers have and only two players under contract, money will be no problem for the Lakers next summer.

    Anyway we won’t resolve it now but I will tell you while you have only seen Bledsoe play for four games I have seen him play live and on tv a lot more than 4 games. Therefore it really is not called rush to judgment but foresight. We’ll see next summer.

  • john

    I’d argue that the masses are often far more stupid than the minority. Calling Len a bust, Bledsoe a superstar, MCW the rookie of the year, and the Suns a playoff contender after four games is… I agree that at least one of those things is likely to come true, but you’re a hyperbolic time machine, and east coast saying “gain some perspective” doesn’t seem out of line at all to me.

    Btw, Monroe has a far lower PER and WS48 than Mike Conley. And Conley sucks, so…

  • john

    Oops, meant to just say far lower WS48 and nearly equivalent PER.

  • john

    You have one potential suitor in the Lakers. I don’t know if I can really see anyone else being a player in the whole Bledsoe sweepstakes. Maybe Indiana, but they’ve got a hefty payroll already, and a core of Bledsoe, George, and Hibbert would require the rest of the roster to be gutted and reworked. Maybe Orlando, but I think their GM has a brain.

    Could someone be stupid enough? Yes, it’s possible. Two first rounders plus $10M per for Nash was as idiotic as it gets, so we know there are dumb people in high places in the NBA. But the fact remains that it would be stupid (assuming Bledsoe doesn’t keep up his torrid pace and earn All-NBA first team honors).

  • EBJM

    John, this is a comment section full of opinions. That is what it is for. Having two-way dialogue. I have no problem with “gain some perspective”. It is the unnecessary comments like “clearly have no idea what they’re talking about” that I take issue with.

    My saying Conley sucks wasn’t a shot at you. I’ve never liked him and preferred Kyle Lowery and Grievis Vasquez but the Grizzlies like Conley. They pay Conley a little more than Dragic and I like Dragic a lot more.

    Just like your comment “I’d argue that the masses are often far more stupid than the minority” didn’t slip by unnoticed.

    You seem to like stats John so here is a little brain teaser for you. If Monroe and Conley have similar PERs but Conley has a higher WS48 couldn’t someone interpret the difference to the fact that Detroit sucked and Memphis made it all the way to the WCFs?


  • EBJM

    One potential suitor in the Lakers? The Magic will be around $26 million under the projected cap next summer and have a team option on Jameer Nelson who they coincidentally put on the market for a 1st rd pick right after the Suns failed to extend Bledsoe.

    The same Magic who offered the Clips Aaron Affalo, Andrew Nicholson, and a 1st rd pick for Bledsoe this past summer.

    So they won’t interested in Bledsoe this upcoming summer?

  • john

    I apologize for the reference. I was thinking of that line from MIB where TLJ says “a person is smart, people are stupid” (or something to that effect), and it was a poor choice. You’ve definitely got your reasons behind what you’re thinking, and while I don’t agree with some of them, a lot of this is subjective.

    Regarding the WS differential, if I know what I think I know about the formula for win shares, it doesn’t take team record into account. Offensive win shares are (marginal offense)/(marginal points per win), neither of which take record into account, and defensive win shares are (marginal defense)/(marginal points per win), neither of which take record into account.

    (the above formulas are considering the basketball-reference method of win share calculation)

  • http://none Sillmarillion


    of all the things you mentioned it could very easily happen thtat all of them come true.
    Alex Len is a bust. He is weak and has a lot of injuries. He doesn’t seem motivated to me. When I hear developing bigs it makes me cry. Look at R. Lopez. He was 29-0 (yes, 0!!) vs. Dwight Howard yesterday. R. Lopez, another Suns project.
    As for now Bledsoe is a star and fore sure he is the biggest star on this team.
    Right now the Suns play very well. With another wise trade they could make the playoffs. Why not?
    MCW is the best rookie at the moment.

  • JK

    The Suns have played 4 games total this season. It’s way too early to determine that Alex Len is a bust. Big men usually take time to get acclimated to the NBA, so only time will tell whether McDonough made the right choice on draft day.

    As for Bledsoe, he has been amazing so far and could possibly be the next face of the franchise for several years if he sustains this kind of play and continues to improve in the years to come. My prediction is that he will earn the max this year from another team and Sarver will match the offer because he is simply too good to let go.

  • john

    As for Alex Len, I’ll take the wait and see approach. I’ve seen five minutes of the guy. That’s not enough.

    Bledsoe is playing like a star right now, I agree. He’s playing FAR better right now than he has at any point in his short career. He’s shooting the ball better, he’s rebounding better, he’s dishing out assists at double his career rate, his usage has skyrocketed… to me those are all signs that he’s bound to come back to earth, not that he’s made the leap, ESPECIALLY his shooting numbers.

    Why couldn’t the Suns make the playoffs? Anything is *possible,* not all things are probable, and the Suns making the playoffs would certainly be most improbable. Gerald Green is out of his mind. Markieff hasn’t been playing completely atrocious basketball. Plumlee opened far stronger than anyone could have anticipated, and he looks like he’s crashing just as fast. They have a ton of guys producing like they never have before. That’s usually a sign that things are going to come crashing down, not that it will continue.

    MCW is the best rookie at the moment indeed. At the moment being the key.

  • JK


    Liked your comment about Sarver not being cheap because he signed Childress to 6 million a year. For years I have thought of Sarver as this cheap ass owner who was screwing us out of winning championships here in Phoenix. However, lately some his actions have me thinking otherwise now that you brought Childress’ contract to light. Letting Beasley walk for nothing was also a bold move that I applauded. Didn’t think Sarver had it in him to pay someone to not play for his team anymore. Maybe he is changing his ways…

  • Thunder Dan Smith

    I don’t know why they didn’t get Bledsoe’s deal done, why did the organization want him so bad but didn’t think he would play like this and put up this kind of numbers? They should’ve signed him for 10 mil, now they’re gonna have to pay more..which probably isn’t going to happen…

  • Lindsey Hunter

    The Suns will beat the Pacers in this years finals 4-0

  • Ty-Sun

    Wow, lost of stuff to read for someone coming into the conversations late…

    First, great win for the Suns!

    As for Bledsoe, yep, he’s looking great… so far. There are 78 more games to play this season so I’m inclined to hold off on proclaiming him the Suns savior at this point in time. As for not signing him to an extension, as has been said, we only know that he wanted at least $10 mil and not exactly what he asked for. I doubt he was really excited about being traded to the Suns in the first place and could have asked for an amount that he was sure the Suns would decline just to keep his options open.

    As for Sarver, to me he doesn’t seem to be cheap until the words “luxury tax” come into the conversation. He’ll pay Bledsoe what he’s worth at the end of the season but that may mean that a few years down the road that he will balk at paying someone else what they are worth.

    I would hate to see Dragic go but if Bledsoe continues to perform as he has been then it would probably be best for him and the team if they trade him. I’m not sold on the idea of trading for Monroe yet but it’s a possibility.

    If the Suns’ season does turn out much better than expected, their best option might be in packaging some of the draft picks they have to move up in the draft order. But the way things are going in the NBA so far this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team with the worst record this year has somewhere between 25-30 wins and the bottom of the pack could be pretty crowded.

  • Mel.

    As much as I’m loving Bledsoe’s arrival, I still can’t help but to feel like the Suns “wait and see” approach was still the way to go. If he continues this coming-out party all year and proves that he’s worth that figure that he was asking for, then I don’t see the FO suddenly deciding that it’s going to let him walk: instead, the guy gets a well-earned payday and the Suns gain assurances that he wants to be here (And rewards it accordingly).

    Were our cap situation similar to the one that Bledsoe LEFT (i.e. paying Nash and STAT thirty-million dollars for next season–as the popular Sarver-hating “party line” would imply would have been better to do–and then having to figure out how to keep Bledsoe on top of that), then I’d be a lot more pessimistic. As it stands, the point of completely burning down our existing roster was to foster new talent: THAT’S where this year’s contract negotiations are different than all of these straw-man comparisons to letting Joe Johnson walk. That iteration of this franchise felt it could afford to based on the other contacts in hand: this FO has no such cards to play.

    So, anyway: in knotting up this rant… you gut your payroll for the purpose of fostering new contracts with the right players, when the time comes. Save some desperate squad like Orlando or the Mavs dangling a Wade-level contract in front of Bledsoe, I don’t see any scenario where he continues this level of play and the Suns DON’T try to keep him.

    I mean, seriously: the Eric Gordon situation was brought up by some pretty legit folks. Far be it from me to hope for consistency in the FO’s thinking, but… if they deem that guy worth the figures that they were floating, how does a 12 million dollar pickup for Bledsoe NOT make sense?

  • Russell’s Suns

    The wait and see approach is the best for the Suns with bledsoe. I guarantee one thing if continues averaging 6 turn overs a game, not one will offer him anywhere close to a max deal. he is dynamic, but 6 turn overs might mean he is more of a #6 player off the bench that should play 28 minutes a night. Of course, it’s still early he can bring those turn overs down over the course of 82 games. I think that if he has a great season he will get at best a 4 year $50-52 million offer, he and his agent will come to the Suns and ask for the 5 years, and according to the CBA the Suns are the only team who can give him those 5 years. Bledsoe is a lock to be a Sun beyond this year. No worries. Let him play out the season and play at a high level over 82 games first.