Video: Gerald Green touches neck to rim

The Flagstaff air is awfully thin, apparently thin enough for Phoenix Suns forward Gerald Green to cut through it and touch his head neck to the rim. Point guard Kendall Marshall caught the act on Vine. He also got a Green dunk with a little help from Marcin Gortat.

  • hawki

    @ DBreezy from earlier

    Compelling case for taking the Under

    Aside from the 16 win expansion team….the Suns have only fallen below the 30 win total, 3 times in their history.

    And each time made an unbelievable turn around the next season.
    1987-88…28 wins……..88-89…55 wins
    1998-99 ..27 wins………99-00…53 wins
    2003-04 ..29 wins……..04-05…62 wins

    Suns hit bottom last year with 25 wins & this year the once proud comeback tradition comes to an end.

    I’d actually like to see Bledsoe at the point with Brown & Green on the wings….don’t know if they’d do any good but that’s as athletic as it gets.
    Combine with Kieff & Gortat.

    Relief squad…..Dragic with Archie & Tucker on the wings….Frye & Len at the 4 & 5.

  • DBreezy

    At today’s practice we will have the Bearded Lady!

  • DBreezy


    There was more top notch talent overall back in those days and the rules tended to make rebuilds easier even if teams made mistakes along the way. It also didn’t hurt the last time that the Suns got a little luck in the poor rookie performances of Curry, Brown, Chandler, and Diop allowing Amar’e to drop to them.

    Even if they get Wiggins and he is as advertised, at best I’d expect a Durant type ascension taking a couple of years because the West is so stacked. McD is playing catchup and likely will be for awhile despite our hopes. The Celtic team he and Ainge had was more akin to the current Mavs than the Suns. They had one star player to try and make the rebuild around. The Mavs are obviously choosing to try and do it with free agents on short term deals as they search for a new mix while the Celts went the youth route. Even then the Celtics had a whole bunch of impactful young players around Pierce who didn’t develop enough before the KG and Allen trades. Jefferson and Rondo became all star caliber. Perkins and Allen played all league level defense. Big Baby and a Pre injury Powe were rooks that were better than either Morris twin at that stage. And it still took more in an Eastern conference that was pretty weak outside of Detroit and Miami.

  • Robert Sarver

    Hey fans, Robert here. We’re extremely excited about this season of Suns’ basketball. We’ve made some big changes and we want you along for the rude.

    I just talked to Lon and Ryan in an executives meeting and they have informed me of how excited they are for the future of Suns’ basketball. I know that with our culture of winning and presence in the community we will inspire success in everything we do.

    Best wishes,
    Robert Sarver