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Suns Near the Bottom According to Vegas Superbook

Recently, Las Vegas Superbook released their over/under marks for betting on NBA teams. Predictably, the Suns were toward the bottom of the list with the enormous amount of young, raw, and inexperienced talent on the roster. It’s actually worse than that. Phoenix is slotted for the second-least number of victories (Philadelphia is projected worst at 16.5) during the 2013-14 season with the over/under set at 21.5.

This is a low point for the franchise.

If the Suns hit that mark it will be the second-lowest win total in the team’s history, only rivaled by the obscenely bad 16-66 inaugural season that one would expect from an expansion team. They have been so good over the years they have only had four, count them four, seasons with less than thirty wins. They are: the first season in 1968-69 (16-66), 1987-88 (28-54), 1998-99 when they made the playoffs in lockout season (27-23), and last season 2012-13 (25-57).

So really, if you take away the horrible expansion season that is to be expected, and the lockout season when they actually made the playoffs, the Suns have only had two really bad years. No wonder they have the FOURTH highest winning percentage in NBA history!

Unfortunately, one of those miserable seasons was last year. Phoenix is currently wandering leaderless (in terms of elite talent on the floor), but that will all change. If the people in Las Vegas are correct, then Phoenix will have the second-best odds at the number one pick and certainly a top-5 draft choice. All the players projected at the top in 2014 are going to be All-Stars to Hall-of-Famers. While nothing in basketball (or life) is a sure thing, this draft class next summer is the closest thing for NBA franchises.

This year of basketball in Phoenix will be difficult, with fair-weather, casual fans leaving the arena in disgust as a young team gets blown out by a superior force. Just over 20 wins sounds about right for this Suns team, although I could see them sneaking up to 25 victories by season’s end.

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