Stein: Sources confirm Suns to release Michael Beasley

This isn’t anything more than confirmation of something that remains surprisingly unofficial. ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that sources say the Phoenix Suns will release Michael Beasley sometime this week. Stein’s report echoed the expected and Paul Coro’s timeline of the Beasley shedding coming this week.

Maybe it’s only surprising because it has all along appeared that Beasley would be waived immediately as the calendar rolled into September. That would give Beasley $6 million owed to him this season and will allow the Suns to stretch the remaining guaranteed amount of his three-year, $3 million deal over the course of the next several seasons.

Stein adds that new Suns general manager Ryan McDonough has been “eager” to end the Beasley experiment after one year that has included three off-the-court incidents involving the forward. While cutting Beasley just adds to the list of sunk costs — hello, Josh Childress, et all — for Suns owner Robert Sarver, the team has finally appeared to have found an end to the financial bleeding. Now it’s on to player development and the future.

And to recap, the Suns’ trade of Caron Butler to the Milwaukee Bucks isn’t a related part of waiving Beasley, but rather a simple move that saved money, regardless of the Beasley situation.

  • Ty-Sun

    I was just reading that article. I can’t help but wonder if any NBA team will be willing to make him a minimum contract offer after he clears waivers. Possible but unlikely I think as his stats have dropped every year he has been in the NBA and I doubt any other teams want to risk the bad press they could get from another run in with the law from a bench player that already has a bad reputation.

    The really sad thing is that I really don’t think that Beasley will have a clue as to why no other NBA team picks him up after the Suns waive him.

  • Foreveris2long

    Good move to rid itself of the dead weight. Coro wrote a pretty good article about the recent Suns moves prior to McD. Since those moves obviously cannot be undone, the next best thing is to minimize the collateral damage by releasing or trading the dead weight. Other than Bledsoe, Len and Goodwin, in my opinion no one should get too comfortable on Planet Orange. I know Scott thinks Bledsoe will likely be trade bait but I respectfully disagree with his assessment.

  • Scott

    @Forever -

    It’s just speculation (about Bledsoe). To me, he doesn’t seem like Suns material. It seems more like this is just a rest stop for him, kind of like J-Rich, Vince Carter, Pietrus, Telfair, and so on.

    I don’t know much about Bledsoe, though. Maybe I will be wrong. (Heh, right. Like that ever happens!)

  • Foreveris2long

    Hey Scott absolutely I have you down in The Speculation Department, which I think is the DNA of all of us when discussing the Suns.