New Suns jerseys: Who likes them and who doesn't

Forget any amateur design tips. The biggest sign of progress for the Phoenix Suns as they moved into a new era during Thursday night’s uniform unveiling was the presence of four newcomers and the most marketable player in the league signed as a 12th-man — P.J. Tucker.

But of all the old and interesting enough faces in Scottsdale for the Suns fashion show — Dick Van Arsdale, Pat Burke, Steven Hunter and Casey Jacobsen, among others — it was Alex Len walking onto the runway without two cumbersome protective boots around his ankles. That means he’s on track to return for training camp.

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Caron Butler, who might be assumed to be watching his wristwatch that’s ticking down to his free agency, said the showing of fans was a good sign; at least, it was better than hearing crickets.

All is well — consider that the Suns’ uniform reveal was probably the lowest P.R. moment of the offseason and there have been worse days.

CBS Sports’ Matt Moore had a funny take on the unis with a fun quote-bubble-filled picture at the bottom. Sports uniform and logo expert Chris Creamer isn’t a huge fan.

But what did the fans think? It didn’t go over all that well. But, hey, worse things have happened.

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