Photo gallery: Phoenix Suns unveil new jerseys

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — After months of anticipation, the Phoenix Suns unveiled their new uniforms tonight in Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall.

As you can see from the accompanying photos, the Suns will wear a white home jersey with orange lettering, a purple road jersey and a sleeved all-orange alternative jersey. Oddly enough, of the five current Suns who took part in the fashion unveiling, three said the orange, sleeved alternates were their favorites while the other two said the purple road jerseys stood out.

Alex Len said he was comfortable with sleeves after playing with Under Armour versions at Maryland, while Caron Butler added he practiced last season with very similar sleeved jerseys with the Clippers as Adidas slowly brought them along.

The Suns introduced the jerseys in a ceremony MC’ed by long-time broadcaster Al McCoy that featured Suns players from every era wearing their jersey from that time period.

As Greg Esposito detailed, the Suns are optimistic that the new jerseys along with a new coach and general manager can tangibly provide the organization with a fresh start as the rebuilding process post-Nash continues in full force.

Overall, the reaction to the new threads seems leaning toward the negative side of things, but we suppose a good bit of that is to-be-expected?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • phxsunsfaninla

    I like the home ones but not so much the orange sleeved ones . Wish the road ones were black idk haha

  • New Jersey Hater Here

    They are hideous!!! An eye sore of a bland attempt of an update. Seriously unfashionable and uninspired creativity. I d k maybe they will grow on me once we start winning again but… Where is the purple at?!?!

  • Sunsn7

    Boy these jerseys are fugly. All this manufactured hype by the Suns just to release the worst looking, most unimaginative designed uniforms in Suns history.

    The Suns screwed this up big time. What a major disappointment

  • Scott

    It always takes a while to get used to new jerseys.

    IMO, the white one looks best.

  • Sunsn7

    The worst thing the Suns could of did was unveil these attrocious looking unis while also presenting the other uniforms from Suns history. Makes these new ones appear stand out.

    And that’s NOT a good thing. My brother could’ve designed a much better jersey…and he would of did it for free too.

  • Sunsn7

    Btw the sleeveless uniforms look like they picked them off of the clearance rack at Walmart!

    Anyone agree?

  • Luka

    They look boring. All this hype just for them to slap the new font on the front and add some stripes? They might as well went for comic value and had Sarver’s kids scribble “Suns” on the front in orange crayon with a letter or two reversed.

    The minimum they could’ve done was to add an updated starburst to the front. Their marketing department clearly didn’t get the memo when people said they really liked the mid 90s Barkley era unis.

    Maybe they’ll grow on me with time.

  • Bill

    HUGE :(. I had such high hopes and they let me down again.

  • Alex Parisi

    Where is the sunburst and why is everything so low on the chest?

  • Robert Sarver

    Good evening Suns fans Robert here. We were really excited to unveil the new uniforms tonight, and we’ve gotten some tremendous feedback. We feel this is a cutting edge style you will love for years to come.

    We wanted to go with a simple and clean look, yet one that embraced the Suns rich history and tradition. We feel we’ve done just that.

    Just want to leave by saying if you visit the Suns team shop and punch in promo code ‘SARVER’ you’ll pay an additional 2% on the purchase of our newly unveiled authentic jerseys. Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Sarver

  • Clay

    ” pay an additional 2%”..pardon me? That’s insulting man. Good luck giving these things away chief

  • New Jersey Hater Here

    Lol Robert Sarver, you can stuck it! Bout to go Gorilla ape shishhhh for flipping my entire Phx Suns fan experience… You just might get me o convert to Kobe-liking and Flaker-rooting…………………………….. Never! No matter how much you jack up this organization. We shall soon find out by next draft.

  • New Jersey Hater Here

    Its almost like he doesnt know about business or hes trying to eliminate the Suns fan base before Sarver decides hes way in over his head, and jumps ship… Can you say “quick ssale”, please!?!!!

  • Scott

    The designs are very minimal. Is that “in” now?

    While I would have gone with a black home jersey, I think the white ones here would have been improved if they had wide grey stripes with orange borders on the sides and no butt stripe. (I think the butt stripe is probably the worst design element on these.)

    Likewise, you could improve the away jersey with wide black side stripes (and no butt stripe). The orange jersey – which probably should have been more creative overall – could have been something like orange in front and purple in back, with black bordered grey side stripes and black sleeves.

    Ehhh … or something. ;)

  • Scott

    On seeing the new unis, Justin Verrier on ESPN notes:

    Bledsoe is a few swatches away from a onesie.

    Also, can we stop making jerseys that are refurbished versions of successful old ones? Those new sunburst designs are dreadful.

  • Scott

    BTW, it was fun to see Jacobsen, Hunter, and Pat Burke again. :)

    I still remember that the first thing Jacobsen did on the floor as a Sun was he drove baseline on an in-bound pass and scored a bucket on the Spurs. (Take that, Spurs!)

  • Chad

    I don’t think they’re that bad, a little boring but they’re okay. I quite like the purple. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of reading fellow sun fans rip on sarver. Get over it and believe in what McD is building. Time to be positive.

  • Jason

    What is going on with the new sunburst design on the shorts? Why does it stop at the top? Is it supposed to look like a combination of the sun and a phoenix? I think I hate it/

    Also can we please eliminate the grey. Orange, purple, white and black that should be a sufficient palette.

    And the butt stripe is beyond terrible.

  • New Jersey Hater Here

    How difficult would it have been to round up 3 or so lifelong Suns fans, sat em down, got their input and fabricated some awesome, on-another-level jersey designs… My imagination is goin goo goo for Gaga!

  • julius jamal

    these jerseys dont have that sunburst haha! im just happy i aint a pelican fan thoe…

  • New Jersey Hater Here

    STFDUUB Chad! Been thinking positive for quite a while now. McD has done sm good moves but the jury is still out on how it all turns out. Lets hope Len and Bledsoe fit with The Dragon… We are still a couple years away from winning bball, and thats okay. AZ Cardinals are looking up these days! We always have the Cards!

  • Daniel

    I like the jerseys. The hype in your head is what leads to disappointment.

  • James

    I agree with New Jersey Hater. New jerseys are booooottttteeee

  • Sunsn7

    Ok, i’ve given it a couple hours and they’re even worse than I originally thought. And glad to see most Suns fans on the internet are equally disgusted with these cheap looking uniforms.

    Somewhere out there, Andrew Wiggins is upset ;)

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    The orange jersey is the best and the other two are fine as well. After all, it’s just a jersey.
    It bothered me more that Len behaved like an arrogant douche all evening long, I really couldn’t watch him…

  • wandai wrection

    God Awful. :/

  • d_sel1

    My sympathies guys about the jerseys.

    Sunsn7, I thought about bad Wal Mart t-shirts when I saw those jerseys.

  • http://vots Sad Suns Fan

    I’m so disappointed in all of these jerseys. I hated the court last year, and i knew the jerseys would be changed….but seriously…to this! Not only are they gonna be one of the last teams in the west, theyre goin to be the laughing stock of the league…these are worse then the pelicans! If you look at the suns Jersey History….these will by far be the worst ever…and I thought the last ones didnt do the suns justice these DLEAGUE unis ate just sad…I love this team but WTF why are they making it harder and harder to even say thats my team and be proud :(

  • Azbballfan

    I dont care what the uniforms look like as long as the team continues to make good moves for the future

    Yeah they are not amazing, i would have liked them to do something a little more………i dont know edgy?

    but whatever

    i like the road jerseys, the orange ones are ok

    i am a suns fan because of the team, not because of what they wear on the court

    it could be better, but its not the end of the world

  • frenchysunsfan

    What a disappointment … The white ones seem to be OK but the orange ones are just awful. Why is there no Suns full logo on the jerseys, even a small one on the back ?

  • suns89

    The jerseys are not that bad, and are sure as hell a lot better than the wnba uniforms we wore the last 13 years. I swear, suns fans bitch more than any other fan base.

  • hawki

    Eh….not bad

    The real ? is what will Len be wearing on opening night ?

    A Suns jersey or suit coat & tie ?

  • Brenton

    Hopefully Len will be wearing a different team’s jersey, but that is just wishful thinking…

    Anyway, the uniforms are hideous. I dont know why we keep changing the uniform, other than to sell more jerseys. But you know what sells jerseys? Having good players! I would be more likely to wear the fugliest jersey of all time if the team was winning playoff series and players were being voted to the all-star team, than if the jersey was freaking awesome, but it said PJ Tucker on the back…

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  • Azbballfan

    Len had the walking boots off, as far as i know he should be ready to go for training camp, so unless something happens between training camp and opening night he should be ready to go

    i know ESPN said the Suns will finish 20-62

    i dont think they will be quite that bad

    i think they will finish 28 wins 54 losses

    Beasley i heard is on his way out, that alone should give us a few wins

  • Suns Critic

    I like the white and purple jerseys. I think if the orange alternate jersey was black where the orange is and orange where the black is it would look really good!

    Still no reason though to buy a jersey. All the players have uncertain futures with the Suns. Even the young guys… you don’t know if they are going to be good or not.

  • john

    I just puked.

  • http://none @Mikel_hAz

    Seriously Stop dissing our team!! If your a SUNS fan support your team!! Haters! Jump on some other teams bandwagon if u hate the unis soo much! I for one am buying a new jersey! There better than the jerseys we had!! Bandwagon fans! Why don’t u go root for the Lakers or spurs! Ugh!

  • dave:f32

    I really really DO NOT LIKE the new uniforms!!! They are a major letdown after they hyped up the official reveal… I bet they are for this tank season only

  • Thunder Dan S.

    I think they’re OK…couldve done alot better. They should’ve put the logo somewhere on the jerseys and I agree with Sunsn7…they kinda do look like something off a Walmart clearance rack, haha.
    I have no idea who’s in charge for designs and etc. within the organization but everything new they came up with looks pretty crappy…the court is terrible, and the ‘Suns’ letters are really ugly too. I have no idea why the court is surrounded in black…I thought this is Planet ‘Orange’, should’ve went with that instead, lol

  • Thunder Dan S.

    Suns fans should organize and petition to change all of the bad designs…court, jersey…etc, haha

  • http://VOTS Troy A

    Thunder Dan S. get to organizing…