Feb 8, 2013; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley (0) check the scoreboard in action against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the second half at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Michael Beasley Situation

Eight months into 2013, the Phoenix Suns’ forward Michael Beasley has already had his third run in with the law. Early Tuesday morning in Scottsdale Beasley was arrested on suspicions of marijuana possession. 

Of course this wasn’t the first time Beasley has dealt with marijuana issues. When Beasley was dealt from Miami to Minnesota, former Minnesota Timberwolves general manager described Beasley as “a very young and immature kid who smoked too much marijuana”.

On top of Beasley’s current situation, he was pulled over by law enforcement this past January for speeding, operating a vehicle that did not have a license plate, and for being in possession of a loaded gun in the backseat. Beasley was handcuffed that night but ultimately wasn’t taken into custody.

Then there was the incident which took place during this past May when Beasley was investigated for an alleged sexual assault case. According to USA Today, the police said that the case is still open but no formal charges have been brought against Beasley.

So the question now remains “What should the Suns do with Michael Beasley?”

The answer for the question is actually quite simple, CUT HIM!

Since Beasley’s arrival in Phoenix, he has been nothing but bad news both on and off the court. During his one season with the Suns he’s already had three different run ins with the law not to mention he has been less than impressive on the hardwood.

The Suns under newly hired general manager Ryan McDonough have underwent quite a few changes in terms of personnel, and Michael Beasley has to be the next change. Change as in GONE!

With all the additions the Suns have added to their roster, young players such as Alex Len and Archie Goodwin, the Suns don’t need an influence like Beasley hanging around in the locker room.

Beasley has shown us all that he hasn’t grown up since his rookie days, and his lack of improvement throughout his five seasons in the NBA suggests a poor work ethic.

According to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic, the Suns currently have the option to waive Michael Beasley and stretch his contract. The Suns would then pay Beasley $9 million dollars over the span of five years as opposed to two.

It’s time for the Suns and Michael Beasley to part ways. Let the guy go play basketball somewhere else, accept the fact that signing him was a mistake, and move on.

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  • afannaz

    unfortunately this guy takes trouble with him everywhere he goes (has gone). i won’t be surprised when the suns cut him. there should also be criminal charges for wasting his own talent! there’s no rehabbing for that mistake…

    • Matthew

      My point exactly…The time for wake up calls passed two or three years ago. The Suns don’t need someone like Beasley plaguing their young locker room.

  • Freeman

    I agree he doesn’t do much for chemistry due to these continued faults. However, if he were playing for Denver or any California team, he would have whipped out his medical card and this would be a non-issue. The kid is in his off season, nothing about weed is a player enhancing drug, and h3ll, his opposition would probably rather him take the court high rather than focused. He’s insanely talented without proper guidance. He needs continued counseling for guidance and to continue to work on his game. By no means do I think he’s a lost cause. Once he’s able to relatively get himself back on track, then you TRADE that ass!

    I for one, would like something back for Lance Blanks’ poor decision (and Robert Sarver’s for the hiring Lance), in the signing of Beasley. He had a track record of this behavior, proved it last year with his speeding, and continues to be consistent with his behavior. Now suck it up and try to fix the mess you brought to the valley.

    Unfortunately, my honest opinion of him is that he’s a gifted athlete with a low IQ. It’s up to him to prove me wrong otherwise….