Michael Beasley arrested on marijuana charges

Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley was arrested by Scottsdale Police early Tuesday morning on a marijuana charge. Per the release from the police department:

On 08/06/13 at 1:15 am SPD made a stop for a traffic violation in the area of Scottsdale and McCormick Roads. As the officer approached the vehicle he could smell marijuana emanating from within the car. A search of the driver’s area recovered marijuana that was impounded. The driver, identified as Michael Beasley, was booked pending charges for possession of marijuana and released.

It’s the third time Beasley has found himself in legal trouble since joining the Suns just more than a year ago. The forward was investigated for an alleged sexual assault and also had a brush with the law after being pulled over on a separate traffic violation. Both incidents occurred in January, and though neither led to any punishment, it was a bad sign of things to potentially come.

Charged or not on this third strike, the Lance Blanks experiment has gone completely awry. No longer is Beasley going to receive the benefit of the doubt.

Beasley was fined for his involvement involving marijuana at the rookie transition program after being drafted. With the Timberwolves, he also was found with marijuana on a traffic violation.

The next interactions between Beasley and the Suns might involve the word “stretch.”

Beasley took on his demons when the Suns made him their first free agent signing in the post-Steve Nash era. Blanks called him a “big kid” and said his personality was contagious.

“I want to take my past head-on,” Beasley said during his introductory press conference. “What happened, happened. It was part of a growing process. I’m still a young man, I’m still learning today. The mistakes I’ve made in the past are hopefully behind me.”

“I’ve realized what I have to do,” Beasley added when asked about his marijuana use. “And I’ve realized 10 minutes of feeling good isn’t really worth putting my life and my career and my legacy in jeopardy. I’m confident to say that part of my life, that part of my career, is over.”

Beasley averaged 10.1 points and 3.8 rebounds per game in 2012-13.

  • Foreveris2long

    I have never liked the guy for a variety of reasons. However I could have tolerated him this season again if he put forth a reasonable effort to be a decent citizen, defend, rebound and play within the system. However when a player’s indiscretions outweigh their performance, it is time they move on before they become a cancer to the locker room. With the post Blanks upgrade of youthful talent MINUS the off court issues, IMO the Suns cannot risk Beasley being a negative influence on the kiddy core. GET HIM OFF PLANET ORANGE IMMEDIATELY!

  • Lucas

    He must have really bad glaucoma..

  • http://none Keith

    Yesssss! Finally we can get rid of the bum. So long, sucker.

  • Shocker

    At least now it makes since why he looked high & lazy most of the time on the court last year …

  • http://ultimatesimbaseball.com Brenton

    A few things…

    1) Who is surprised by this? We all knew he was smoking pot, it was just a matter of time before he was caught. At least it happened in August and not November.

    2) Thank god next year’s contract is only partially guaranteed. More than worth $9M to waive this idiot.

    3) If Beasely is waived… that is probably what, like an extra 3 or 4 wins during the season? How can the Suns make up for his terrible play to avoid winning extra games? Maybe more playing time for Goodwin and Marshall?

  • JimmyShwaggert

    Do the suns not have any stipulations in his contract that state if he has any issues with drugs his contract can be broken and they won’t have to pay? Not sure if that is something they are allowed to do but with three previous weed issues, I don’t see how it wouldn’t have at least been a consideration. Further more. Instead of being out at 1am. Go to bed early and hit up the courts and polish them skills mr. #2 draft pick. SMH. WHAT A WASTE.

  • Daniel

    I honestly see this as a good sign. I mean, when he was smoking in Miami he had a really good rookie season. Once he stopped his game declined lol. You guys have to calm down and get off his back. He had a bad season let’s just wait and see what he does this season coming up. He is the best locker room guy in the team right now to be honest because it seems he’s a guy all the players like to be around and there has not been a complaint by his teammates just the fans.

  • Azbballfan

    Beasley needs to get with a real treatment program that will help him figure out why he makes these kinds of decisions and how come his judgement is so poor

    The root of this could be anxiety disorder, depression, personality disorder or trauma

    Suns need to get rid of him and hope he hits bottom and gets treatment

    Or be empathetic and do what the rockets did with meta world peace

    I hope they start paperwork today to release him or arrange for treatment

    Have Caron butler talk to him atleast

  • Ty-Sun

    It all boils down to bad publicity for the Suns. If they do decide to dump Beasley they can always blame it on another bad decision by Blanks. I was all for giving Beasley one more shot this season, hopefully with him spending more time playing at the 4 instead of the 3, but it won’t bother me a bit if the Suns cut Beasley loose now. And it would actually shock me if any other NBA team picked Beasley up if the Suns waive him.

  • Scott

    It would be great if the Suns had the (minimal) foresight to have included an “arrested for possession of marijuana” opt-out clause in Beasley’s contract. But they probably didn’t.

    If the Suns have to use the stretch provision, and actually pay Beasley another $10m or whatever for nothing, it should hopefully be a BIG lesson to Sarver about the necessity of selecting managers and players who are serious, intelligent, and of top character.

    The best outcome, though, would be that McD ascends to the top of his tower and uses his awesome magic to convince some less-adept GM that now’s the time to get Beasley in a trade.

    Is Isiah Thomas working for anyone right now? David Kahn? Lance Blanks?

    Maybe Beasley and Marshall could be traded to Sacramento for Ray McCallum, Jimmer Fredette and Travis Outlaw.

    “Pete D’Allessandro, GM of Sacramento, … you are feeling very sleepy …” ;)

  • http://none Keith

    Daniel? Why do you assume he stopped? I don’t think so! I think he’s high about every day.

  • Ty-Sun

    @Azbballfan – The root of his problem could also simply be that he just isn’t very bright (and I’m trying to be kind by putting it in those words). Add that to the fact that he’s been payed millions of dollars for several years to play a game – even when he wasn’t playing it very well – and you have to wonder if he just wasn’t motivated to try harder.

    Perhaps the only thing that might wake him up is spending a year or two out of the NBA.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com Troy

    C’mon MAN!!! …….

  • Jordan

    one bad thing about this is the fact with him getting playing time you’re bound to lose.. at least he was a major part in the tank for wiggins ha

  • Ty-Sun

    @Daniel – Are you being serious or sarcastic?

  • Azbballfan

    In a perfect world, these kind of problems dont happen to players that make millions of dollars a year

    But this world is far from pefect, and the causes of his behavior could probably happen to almost anyone

    i would love for Beasley to go all robert downey jr on us and turn it around and make a miraculous comback

    but he needs to have people around him that are commited to helping him through this process

    clearly he cant do this by himself (really, who could?)

    he wouldnt be the 1st athlete to have depression or a anixety disorder

    if the Suns give up on him this will likely be the end of his career in the NBA

    regardless if the Suns keep him or not, Beasley needs to get into a serious treatment program that isnt a joke

    i give the Suns, and Sarver and Babby and even Blanks credit for trying this experiment though

    the fact that they were trying to help him not just as a player but as a person is a good sign

    however considering the Suns zero tolerance policy with Beasley and their history of cutting or shipping off players with these kinds of problems (echoes of the drug scandal in the 80s?)

    i think the Suns will stretch his deal

    although i would really like them to consult real experts and not just yes men on how Beasley can turn his life and career around

  • Jeff From Jersey

    let the man smoke, let the man play, hes better when he smokes anyway

  • Mel.

    At least we’ll always have his crunch time performance against the Lakers last season.

  • azbballfan

    Yep at least we have that

  • NOitall

    Who cares about Beasley. He obviously doesn’t. He has been handed millions to play a game and has consistently thrown away opportunity after opportunity. So for all of you who believe yourselves to be forgiving and loving people, you are simply being silly. After so many blunders, he has been afforded more than enough chances and nobody should feel sorry for someone that cannot seem to appreciate what he has been given.

    As far as voiding the contract, IMO it isn’t going to happen. Voiding a NBA contract has never successfully happened because the CBA, which is written vaguely enough to allow the NBAPA to squash attempts. Teams know they aren’t going to win that and focus on other ways to deal with the player. Heck, even Gilbert Arenas, who was actually convicted of a far worse crime than weed, did not have his contract voided.

    Stretching Beasley makes little sense. He is owed 6 million for one year [his last year is unguranteed, so i don't believe it counts as once he clears waivers, that unguaranteed season goes away]. Stretching him allows you to pay him that over 3 years, bringing his cap to 2 M over the next 3 years.

    But why would we do that. We still have to pay him his $6M. The only thing that does is guarantee he gets his money over 3 years, and puts $2M toward our cap over that time. That would be dumb. The better option is to pay him his salary this season, then at the trade deadline, trade his expiring $6M to someone looking to clear space for next summer [remember, he is unguaranteed, so he is an expiring deal].

    The Suns don’t need cap space this year. Certainly, they don’t need Beasley’s $2M on their books for 3 years. They are better off paying him to stay home and not even practice. Next year, he comes off our books, or better, we get a 2nd round pick for him…

  • Ty-Sun

    @Azbballfan – I was a worthless, useless drunk for about 5-6 years. The reason why is irrelevant. The reason I no longer am one is was because I drove everyone away and eventually came to the realization that I was wasting my life. Yes, people tried to help me before that but that just didn’t work. No one can be helped if they don’t want to admit that they need help.

    I don’t think that Beasley is there yet. Just the fact that he can make millions of dollars to play crappy basketball every year “enables” him in believing that nothing is wrong with him.

  • frenchysunsfan

    What a dumb ass, he’d better work on his D and rebounding instead of smoking pots. The worst is that we don’t need this guy in our roster. Guys like Tucker, the Morris twins or Plumlee deserve to play even if they have less talent than Beasley. I hope McD will find a solution, maybe trading him with Gortat but no GM in the NBA is stupid enough to take that guy …

  • Ty-Sun

    @NOitall – Beasley’s contract is partially guaranteed next season so the actual amount the Suns owe him is $9 mil instead of $6 mil. Waiving him now makes little since monetarily but it does make sense as a PR move AND it sends a message to the younger players that the FO won’t tolerate too much crap.

  • Foreveris2long

    Noitall, The owners cannot void a contract for off the court issues but it really has nothing to do with the CBA. Contracts are voided due to concealment and or misrepresentations that induce a contracting party to do the deal. Generally what some owners would like to do is enforce the contract when there is a morality provision likeI suspect the New England Patriots invoked a similar in not paying Aaron Hernandez. However I think I get what you mean in a team attempting not to honor the payment provisions in the contract due to the player materially breaching a contract provision (morality). Difficult, absolutely but it is possible. Highly doubtful in a marijuana situation.

  • Noitall

    @Foreveris2long – not correct. owners CAN terminate a contract. Every NBA contract has a moral terpitude clause, and the CBA has language that covers this as well. My point is that nobody has ever successfully terminated a contract and probably never will. Owners will end up in arbitration with the NBAPA and will more than likely lose. My suggestion was for those that are thinking this, give it up. I am not suggesting it.

    @Ty-Sun correct. forgot about that. even further evidence that you don’t use the stretch provision for him. In that case you end up strapping your cap for 5 years. It would be dumb to use the stretch provision. As far as PR, no team in the league cares enough about the positive PR when it affects their cap situation. I seriously doubt they would make that move based on PR.

  • Bill-in-Tokyo

    Doesn’t use of pot violate the NBA substance abuse policies?

  • foreveris2long

    Noitall you could not be more wrong. There is a huge difference between an owner or ball club being excused from performing a contract (paying contract price) and a contract being void. Talk to an attorney well versed in contract law and they will explain to you being excused from performing under a contract is far different than a contract being void. Void means the contract was never enforceable. That would not be the situation with regards to a morality issue.

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  • Scott

    Years ago, wasn’t Cliff Robinson caught with marijuana while playing for the Suns?

    I don’t recall all the details, but I think he got a suspension from the league and was subsequently traded to the Nets, or something like that.

  • azbballfan

    Yep that sounds right about robinson

    If Beasley has a personality disorder there is very little you can do

    However, anxiety and alcohol problems or depression can be treated

    It could be a lot worse really at least he isn’t a murderer like javaris crittendon or Aaron hernandez