2013-14 Phoenix Suns schedule released

The NBA released its full schedule on Tuesday and though times and national TV assignments could change, it’s unlikely for the Phoenix Suns unless they surprise. Just one Suns game, a Feb. 28 battle against a new-look New Orleans Hornets team, will be televised nationally. That will be on ESPN.

The Suns will also appear four times on NBATV.

Phoenix tips on Wednesday, Oct. 30 against the Portland Trail Blazers. The toughest stretch of the schedule might be December, when Phoenix faces nine Western Conference playoff squads in 13 total games.

Here’s a look at the entire Suns schedule for 2013-14. Times all all local Phoenix time, national games are in bold and CAPS represents home games.

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  • KayGee19

    This is the first time in my life that I want the phx suns to have a terrible record.. I mean a horrendous record! I need them L’s so they can get that W! Iggins

  • Scott

    I’m we all know that the Suns may not get Wiggins, even if they have the worst record.

    As for the rest of the 2014 draft being “strong” … after doing a little poking around, I’m also not sure it’s as great as people have been saying.

    At the moment, it looks to me like the 2013 draft was not as weak, or the 2014 draft as strong, as has been said. We’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

    The main thing is that the Suns have to continue to pick well. If Len isn’t hampered by injuries, the Suns might have got 2 of the best players available in 2013.

  • Scott

    ^^ I’m SURE we all know … yada yada … ;)

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Only ONE game broadcasted nationally? Ouch… Not even one Suns-Lakers or Suns-Spurs game??

  • http://ultimatesimbaseball.com Brenton

    Continue to pick well? Len is going to be a disaster… We can only hope they ping-pong balls bounce in our direction this time…

  • Scott

    @Brenton -

    From what I can determine, Len has good athleticism, high IQ, and unlike a lot of big men he’s not a stiff. He’s too young to have much more. If he can avoid the injury bug that plagues a lot of big men, so far as I can see he should be a good player.

    Vucevic has similar physical traits, and after a couple years in the NBA has a higher PER than anyone on the Suns’ current roster. I can see where Len may follow in those footsteps.

  • Mel.

    Just out of curiosity, when does the preseason schedule drop?

  • Andy

    I thought this was a pretty good analysis of our upcoming season:


  • Mel.

    LOL. The Valley has officially cracked the Onion’s rotation: this is a pretty banner-class day.

  • Scott

    Haha! Good article on The Onion. :)

    “The schedule gets a little easier during the All-Star break, but after that there isn’t any let-up.”