New Suns uniforms will be revealed on Aug. 15

The Phoenix Suns will debut their new jerseys Aug. 15 during a public fashion show at Scottsdale Fashion square.

The public reveal will take place at 7 pm inside Fashion Square on the east end of the first level, just outside of Barneys.

Suns players Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len, Archie Goodwin and P.J. Tucker will reveal the new look, with Suns Ring-of-Honor members Alvan Adams, Tom Chambers, Walter Davis and Dick Van Arsdale, as well as alumni Eddie Johnson, Steven Hunter and Tim Kempton all scheduled to participate.

Aug. 15 will also include the debut of a short-sleeve jersey alternate. According to HoopsWorld’s Steve Kyler, five NBA teams will include a short-sleeve jersey as an alternate and 20 squads will wear sleeved jerseys at least once. The majority of the one-time appearances will occur on Christmas and St. Patrick’s day. The Suns donned short-sleeve jerseys during summer league play, likely to the dismay of point guard Kendall Marshall.

I can’t say the short-sleeve jerseys are a good look. Adidas has all along been trying to keep up with Nike, which has made the University of Oregon a testing ground for trying new looks. But where Nike comes across as pushing flashy looks, adidas has often been turning in special jersey alternates that burn the retinas. Hopefully that’s not the case with Phoenix’s everyday jerseys, no matter whether you like the new sun logo that’s already been printed on caps and shrits.

Anyway, the team has used social media as a platform to tease the new jerseys. They’ve released snippets of the new jerseys on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Paul Coro posted this video of Goran Dragic getting ejected from a Euroleague friendly after getting in a tussle with a Turkish player. Dragic’s Slovenian national team is gearing up for Eurobasket 2013.

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  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Haha, the Dragic video is too funny :D !! Although in my opinion there was no foul at all and the Turkish player made a legit play. But Dragic lost his temper in a second and got ejected after 3 minutes of the first quarter! Too good…
    Btw. it wasn’t an Euroleague game, because Euroleague is a club competetion whereas in the video we saw two national teams playing a scrimmage ;)

  • Jeremiah

    Someone posted on BSOTS that it has been very hot in that arena (like 90 degrees) and that a lot of people have been irritable because of it.

    As for the uniforms they seem like they are going to be drastically different than what we had last season. The main question I have is whether there is going to be a sun on the jersey or if it will just be the sun rays streaking across the front.

  • Ty-Sun

    I’m curious about the new unis but not too concerned about what they look like. New unis are symbolic of change and a new beginning which is fitting for this team.

  • Suns critic

    It’s great to have a new fresh look but, it doesn’t make sense to buy any of the current player’s jerseys.

  • Jeremiah

    Except for probably Len and possibly Goodwin. Both of which I think are likely to be with the team for quite a while.

  • Scott

    Yeah, a Goodwin jersey, rookie year, would be an excellent choice. :)

  • tim

    a goodwin jersey would be a good choice .. basically its a good win for the suns you could say .. u wear it when they win so they next day your suns jersey boom .. good win lmao

  • suns68

    New unis! That means the old ones will sell for 10 cents on the dollar. Clearance rack here I come!